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(Madrid, November 7th 2012) Gestamp Solar, the photovoltaic solar division of Gestamp Renewables, has signed the power purchase agreement (PPA) and the financing agreement for two projects in South Africa for a total power of 30 MW. These two projects were selected as Preferred Bidders in December 2011 under the REIPP. Both projects will be located in Northern Cape, South Africa. They are part of the 28 projects selected in the 1st round of this program. As a requirement before signing the PPA, Gestamp Solar has sign the financing agreement for both projects for a total amount of 80 million. This financing agreement has been signed with two local financing firms: Nedbank and IDC. With these two projects, Gestamp Solar will contribute to the economic development of the areas where the photovoltaic plants will be located. In addition, there have been acquired several commitments with the Department of Energy, such as the promotion of local employment and purchases. As part of these commitments, Gestamp Solar will become shareholder of the projects with a "Community Trust", which has been established in the areas where each project ise located, contributing with their benefits to the development of local communities. Jorge Barredo, CEO of Gestamp Solar has stated: We are very proud of being the first company to sign a PPA under the REIPP in South Africa. These projects will increase Gestamp Solar internationalization, which is already present in every photovoltaic solar market.

About Gestamp Solar Gestamp Solar (, the photovoltaic energy branch of Gestamp Renewables, specializes in the development, construction, operation and maintenance of utility-scale photovoltaic plants in the United States, India, South Africa, Peru, Chile, China, Japan, Italy, France and Spain, and has developed over 500 MWs photovoltaic solar energy projects to date.

About Gestamp Renewables-Corporacin Gestamp Corporacin Gestamp (, parent company of Gestamp Renewables, is a multinational leader in Europe in the steel, automotive components and renewable energy sectors. It is currently present in over 25 countries throughout Europe, the Americas and Asia, with over 130 plants. Composed by a global workforce of over 35,000 employees, Corporacin Gestamp had total revenues of over $9 billion in 2011. Gestamp Renewables (, a division of Corporacin Gestamp, is an industrial group that operates and supplies components within the renewable energy sector. Since 2005, Gestamp Renewables has aspired to position itself as an international leader within the renewable

energy sector, using a unique and integrated business model encompassing the entire value chain from the manufacture and supply of components, to the development, construction, maintenance and operation of wind, solar and biomass energy projects.