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Assignment on vision and mission statement on STATE BANK OF INDIA & PUNJAB NATIONAL BANK

Submitted to, Pro. Neha rohera

Submitted By, Amit Vidhani (P1159)

N R Institute of Business Management (PGDM Program) Gujarat Law Society Campus, Ellis Bridge Ahmadabad, Gujarat, India

About SBI: 202 year old bank The presidency bank, bank of Calcutta (1806), bank of Bombay (1840) and bank of madras (1843) supported the public credit of the government raise loan The three banks were amalgamated as imperial bank of India (1921) and then 1st five year plan gave birth to state bank of India. Note issued by SBI alone were treated as legal tender Banker to the government Pioneer in rural lending with focus on rural and semi urban areas Pioneer in SSI lending Largest branch network (10980) and ATM network (8700) One of the largest foreign office (84) across all time zones

MISSION OF SBI (state bank of India):

Develop into a top rate, nimble footed banking institution committed to excellence in-services to its customers, enhancing stakeholders value though care and competence and fulfilling obligations to the community at large. Mission of the SBI is to retain the bank position as premier financial service in India. Another main mission of SBI is to provide the satisfaction to their customer. With their own development they want to develop the whole banking industry.

VISION OF SBI (state bank of India): Attain high standards of efficiency and professionalism and core institutional values comparable to the best in the field. Possess world-class standards of efficiency and professionalism rooted in the core institutional values of the State Bank Group. To be a committed, caring and responsible corporate citizen To provide a satisfying work environment with opportunities for learning, selfdevelopment and self-actualization.

COREVALUE OF SBI (state bank of India):

Excellence in customer service Integrity and confidentiality Belonging and commitment to bank Fairness in all dealing and relation Team playing Learning and renewal Risk taking and innovation

If we co relate the mission, vision, and core value of SBI there main strategy which came out is the customer satisfaction. They try to satisfy their customers by providing them the services. There another main strategy is team playing in which they not only try to develop themselves but try to develop another banks also so banking system of country can

develop.SBI is also known for their innovation, they started many new kind of services in banking sector.SBI is playing a key role in banking sector of India.

About PNB (Punjab national bank):

Punjab National Bank (PNB) is an Indian financial services company based in New Delhi, India. PNB is the third largest bank in India by assets. It was founded in 1894 and is currently the second largest state-owned commercial bank in India ahead of Bank of Baroda with about 5000 branches across 764 cities. It serves over 37 million customers. The bank has been ranked 248th biggest bank in the world by the Bankers Almanac, London. The bank's total assets for financial year 2007 were about US$60 billion. PNB has a banking subsidiary in the UK, as well as branches in Hong Kong, Dubai and Kabul, and representative offices in Almaty, Dubai, Oslo, and Shangha

Mission Statement of PNB (punjab national bank): We are a leading, dynamic Filipino financial services group with a global presence committed to delivering a whole range of quality products and services that will create value and enrich the lives of our customers, employees, shareholders and the communities we serve.

Vision of PNB (Punjab national bank): To be the most admired financial services organization in the country in terms of:

Financial performance rank #1 or #2 in its businesses in terms of return on equity Innovativeness in products, services, distribution and the use of cutting-edge technology Customer perception o The preferred financial services provider o The customer-cantered organization with a passion for service excellence

Social responsibility the employer of choice, a good corporate citizen and partner in nation-building Long-term vision developing competitive advantage on a sustained basis by anticipating changes in customers preferences and in the manner of doing business

Core value

Integrity - It is our foundation, the basis of everything we do. We strive to be professional, honest, trustworthy, confidential and respectful at all times.

Excellence - To do things better, exceeding expectations.

Teamwork - Working together for a common good.

While co relating the mission, vision, and core value of PNB (Punjab national bank) there main strategy which came out is they are mainly focusing on their performance in terms of finance. They want to perform in such way that all their stakeholders can get benefit of that. They had provided lot of services for their take holders. There another main strategy is to provide innovative product and services to their customers. They got the customers tag of customer oriented bank.