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A newsletter for Contempo Dance Academy students and their families Don't forget to "Like" Contempo Dance Academy on Facebook and add to your approved email senders so that you receive all important news quickly.

Winter Term (Nov 26-March 10) begins soon!

Invoices for Winter Term are being distributed in classes this week, with payments due no later than the first week of Winter Term classes. If you are planning to join additional classes, please see the attached brochure for class times (and our official vacation schedule). There are several new classes offered this term, including 2 for adults, so tell your friends and qualify for a referral credit. Thank you for helping us to share the joy of movement!

Our dancers need your help--be a "Sweets" show volunteer!

Come and be a part of the behind-the-scenes fun! We are looking for volunteers to help as dancer chaperones, ushers, backstage runners, costumers, etc., for dress rehearsal and both performances. You will have a chance to see your child perform, be entitled to early seating for your family, and be a part of this unique holiday show. Please let us know as soon as possible (before Nov. 28th) which days you are available to help. We appreciate our awesome volunteers!

"Nutcracker Sweets" tickets & DVDs are now on sale

Tickets are available for cash or check purchase (no credit cards please) for both shows. All seats are general admission. Performers do not need to purchase tickets. The cost is $8 for adults and $5 for children purchased in advance--in person (during office hours) or by dropping off a check and request (date, # of adult tickets, # of kid tickets) in our drop-box on the brick wall outside the studio. A limited number of tickets will be available at the door for both performances for $10 (cash only) purchase, but don't wait. Last year's "Sweets" was sold out! Classic Media Productions of Downers Grove (a new vendor for us) will be doing a professional 2-camera recording of the Saturday performance for a special price of $25 per DVD, thanks to your advance reservations. If you completed a green DVD advance reservation form, please make the $25 payment by cash or check payable to Contempo Dance Academy by December 1st. If you did not reserve a copy, you can still order one now. (Recording of dress rehearsal or performances by anyone other than Classic Media Productions is prohibited.)

-------------------------------------"Nutcracker Sweets" Updates------------------------------------------December 14th-December 15th-Mandatory Dress Rehearsal, All dancers @ 3:30 p.m. Performance #1 @ 6:30 p.m. (Dancers check in at ticket table by 5:45 p.m.) Performance #2 @ 11:00 a.m. (Dancers check in at ticket table by 10:15 a.m.)

Location for performances and dress rehearsal: Grounds for Hope Cafe Auditorium, 2701 Maple Ave. near Green Trails in Lisle. It is in a strip mall/shopping center and the building says "Trinity" in large lettering. Costumes, Hair, Makeup, Shoes: o Most costumes will be distributed in the next few weeks. Tutus should be hung upside down on a pant hanger (with clips) for maximum fullness. Wrinkles in knit skirts/dresses/pants should be steamed out--not ironed. Hanging the costume in the bathroom while taking a shower may provide enough steam to remove the wrinkles, so try that first. o Students should arrive at the theater in costume, with hair and makeup already done for dress rehearsal and both performances. There is not enough time or space to accommodate dressing at the theater. Students with costume changes (and their moms only) will be given access to a group dressing room between show numbers. However, it is highly recommended that these students purchase a skin-toned "nude" leotard to wear under their costumes for speed and modesty during costume changes. You can purchase one at Contempo for $16 until we sell out, or find one at a local dance store. (Our dancers have reported that Kay Clay charges $30 for a skin-toned leotard). Hair: Ballet classes must have hair pulled into a high bun, no bangs or stray hairs in the face. Flower clips are worn to the right of the bun. Scrunchies are worn over the bun. A video on making a bun will be posted on the "Contempo Dance Academy" Facebook page for your convenience, or suggestions may be found on November 2012

the Internet under "ballet bun." Creative Dance and Jazz/Hip-hop classes must have hair pulled into a high ponytail or bun, no bangs or stray hairs in the face. Use a lot of hairspray and/or gel with bobby pins to help. If you are in both ballet and jazz classes, you must keep your hair in a bun for all performances. This is most professional AND costume changes will be very quick so no time is allotted for hair re-dos. o o Make-up for all students includes eye shadow, mascara, blush, and true red lipstick (no pink or orange toned lip colors--they look terrible on stage). No face, hair or body glitter! Shoes for jazz/hip-hop must be tied & double-knotted; for ballet, shoes must have drawstrings tied in a bow and tucked into the shoe. Pink convertible tights (the ones worn weekly as part of the uniform) are required for all ballet costumes. If you need tights, purchase an extra pair in advance.

Miss Kim at the Joffrey

Recognized in print by her colleagues in the Chicago dance community as a Master Teacher several years ago, Kim Kovacevich continues to be an esteemed instructor in the greater Chicago area. Her first priority is always Contempo students, but she will be teaching as a guest instructor once again at the Joffrey Ballets school in downtown Chicago on Sunday, th November 18 .

Contempo Dance Company at Lights of Lisle

Youre cordially invited to a preview of two Nutcracker Sweets pieces at the Villages Lights of Lisle celebration, on Saturday st December 1 at 6:30 p.m. at Lisles Village Hall. Our Company members serve as dance ambassadors in the community, and will be performing a classical ballet piece called Waltz of the Flowers and a lyrical piece called Turning to Peace. This is the first collaboration between our junior company (ages 8-12) and our senior company (ages 13+). Several of the dancers just began taking ballet this summer, and are excited to share their new skills. We hope to see you there!

Studio reminders
Dress code: Please remember to adhere to the dress code information posted online and in our brochure. For example, tutu net skirts are fashionable this season, but are NOT appropriate for class, as they can hinder movement and obstruct a teachers view of safe body alignment. Single-layer, solid color chiffon skirts are allowed, as long as students do not play with them in class. And dancewear colors should be solidno prints or decorations (rhinestones, decals, words, etc.) Thank you for your cooperation, as inappropriate dance attire can be disruptive to the learning environment. Effort and practice: Professionals make dancing look easy, but in reality it takes years of repetition of the same steps and practice beyond a once-per-week class to create the beauty and illusion of ease that is characteristic of fine dancing. The rewards of self-esteem and confidence that come with practice are just a few of the many benefits of learning to dance. Young students dont know how much potential is within them, but we see it! And theyll never know their potential if they dont keep trying when things are new or challenging. Thank you for encouraging your dancers to practice at home and to keep trying even when things seem hard. If they need extra help, just ask. . . .

During this Thanksgiving month, we at Contempo thank you for continuing to support our mission to provide outstanding, affordable dance training to Lisle and its neighboring communities! We feel blessed to have you as part of our dance family!

November 2012