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MW Invoice Workflow adding power to Microsoft Dynamics AX

Manage your invoices through electronic approval procedures and automation

MW Invoice Workflow
for Microsoft Dynamics AX

MW Invoice Workflow adding power to Microsoft Dynamics AX

Process and event management

All companies need to be able to automate the progression and execution of different administrative processes. One of the major tasks is to process vendor invoices. This is partly because there are many of them and partly because their layout differs, which makes it time consuming to find all the relevant information. At the same time, you need to know who is authorized to approve the invoice, when limits for invoice amounts have been reached, how the invoice should be entered, etc. Finally, the document must be forwarded to the appropriate employee and it must be returned. If it is not returned in time, maybe a reminder needs to be sent out, you want to find out where the document is in the administrative process, etc. MW Invoice Workflow simplifies this process and ensures the full overview of who is supposed to do what, who has done what, and where in the process the individual task is at any given time.

Workflow definition
In the workflow setup you define how the invoice flows through the company. The workflow could also conclude with the approval of the financial responsible. However, if his/her approval only applies to invoices under/over a certain amount, it can be handled by setting up limits for invoice amounts for approval. A workflow can contain from one to an unlimited number of tasks. A task on the workflow can be set up to be either a mastering task, an approval task or a review task. For each task the responsible is either a specific person, a group of persons or a dynamic person. Dynamic means that the responsible person will be based on information input elsewhere. The responsible person is, when set to dynamic, inserted when importing an invoice file, and can be either your ref from the invoice, the approver on the purchase order, the vendor, or the employee on the financial dimension.

MW Invoice Workflow adding power to Microsoft Dynamics AX

Invoice approval
When vendor invoices have been scanned using an invoice scanning program (for example ReadSoft), there will be a file with the scanned information and an image file available for each invoice. The file is imported into an invoice register journal in Microsoft Dynamics AX after which the invoices are ready for mastering/review/approval. Through the flexible mapping system it is possible to integrate almost any scanning service provider/eInvoice operator, without any additional programming. If an invoice matches the purchase order within a setup amount/ percentage it can be approved and posted automatically. Cost invoices or purchase order invoices that do not match with the purchase order will go through the MW Invoice Workflow module. MW Invoice Workflow is a sophisticated module with all desirable functionalities concerning posting, approval, substitution, redirections, filters, traceability, procuration etc. It is possible to approve invoices both in Microsoft Dynamics AX and on the Web. See list of functions in the end of this document.

Approval in Web Client

MW Invoice Workflow can be accessed by using Web Services. This means that it is not necessary to have a Microsoft Dynamics AX client installed on your workstation and thereby you can save the cost of a license in case you have no other need for the Microsoft Dynamics AX. It is also a very useful tool if an approver travels a lot or is otherwise physically away from the company. As long as you have access to the internet, you can use this component and be logged on with the same rights as if you were working with an ordinary Microsoft Dynamics AX client. Below is an image of the Invoice Overview form on the Web which contains most of the same fields and actions as the ordinary Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Follow up in Microsoft Dynamics AX

MW Invoice Workflow contains a report showing which invoices are to be approved and who the owner of the tasks is. Likewise, a periodic job can automatically send reminder e-mails to employees with invoices that are due to approval. MW Invoice Workflow includes the picture and possible other attachments through the whole process. Therefore it is possible to view these documents in several different places in Microsoft Dynamics AX. You can drill down to the picture from e.g. ledger account, vendor account, approval history etc. It is very easy for all the users to view and add the related documents regardless of which action they perform.

Multi company
Groups of companies with shared services can use the features in the multi company functionality of MW Invoice Workflow. All invoices for the group are imported into a shared table and can be routed to the specific company, where the workflow of that company will decide the approval hierarchy. This can be done either automatically or after a mastering task in the shared service division. All functionality of MW Invoice Workflow is available regardless of running as a single company or as multi company.

In short...
This system provides your company with a framework for approving invoices. The paper invoice is completely gone (or filed immediately after scanning) and you can view the entire approval history of each individual invoice in one single form. This includes e.g. how large amounts have been approved by whom, whether the invoice has been forwarded to other employees and where in the workflow the invoice is at the moment.

MW Invoice Workflow adding power to Microsoft Dynamics AX

List of functions
Approval functionality
Automatic posting of matching purchase order invoices Purchase order matching on header or line level Automatic approval/posting of trusted cost invoices Automatic check-in/-out of invoices Handling of credit notes, on hold and rejections Mastering, review and approval tasks Rights defined on workflow task Managing procuration for approval groups Managing approval per combination of dimensions Procuration per dimension Procuration per invoice type Vendor or dimension search for approver Attaching e-mails or documents to invoice Sequential or parallel approvals Approvals for users or user groups Manual redirection Conditional redirection (lack of procuration) Unconditional redirection For information Automatic change of dates to open periods Substitution setup Different substitute types

External approval (on the Web)

Physical invoice visible Dynamic user setup of display in the Web-client Detailed tab page in the Web-client Flexible filtering on all invoices Visibility of attached documents/e-mails

Inquiries, search and reports

Image of invoice visible throughout Microsoft Dynamics AX Traceability with database log Statistics on time used on approvals Automatic reminder/escalation functionality Filtering invoice overviews on allowed dimensions Revision report Open invoices report Flexible filtering on all invoices Urgent and Blocked marking on invoice Managing and saving all notes Visibility of attached documents/e-mails Full history on all invoices Action filters to help administrators Links to all relevant Microsoft Dynamics AX forms (within AX) All earlier invoices available

Posting functionality
Posting on purchase order or cost accounts Posting on projects, assets or InterCompany accounts Posting on vendor, customer or bank Posting on dimensions Accruals on invoices Split of invoice according to allocation rule on account Split of invoice according to scanned invoice lines Reuse of saved posting combinations Handling of posting amounts incl./excl. tax Periodic posting of invoices Based on invoice register/approval journal Invoice pool conversion Automatic import/posting of invoices Manual registration without OCR

Full integration to Microsoft Dynamics AX Integration to e-mail Flexible and easy workflow setup Multi company functionality Integration to ReadSoft Integration to other scanning software (XML, TXT, CSV) Flexible mapping system for XML, TXT and CSV files EDI integration Automatic creation of non existing vendors Easy create setup buttons Intelligent e-mail templates One click activation of module Offset account groups

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