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I BME-006 I

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Time : 3 hours

Maximum Marks : 70

Note : Answer any seven questions. Use of calculator is allowed.

(a) What is the difference between active and passive sensors ? Discuss briefly the basic requirements of a sensor/transducer. 2x5=10 (b) Describe briefly with the help of block diagram the working principle of Ultrasonic Range Sensors. (a) What is the main advantage of a capacitive proximity switch over the inductive proximity switch ? 2x5=10 (b) Explain the advantages and disadvantages of a transfer system.


1 P.T.O.

(a) What are the advantages of hydraulic system over mechanical system ? 2x5=10 (b) With the help of a neat sketch, describe how the hydraulic system can be used to amplify force. (a) What is the difference between a positive and non-positive displacement compressor ? 2x5=10 (b) Name the three ways of controlling the actuator speed by means of a flow control valve ? What are their relative advantages and disadvantages ? (a) A 6-bit D/ A converter gives an output voltage of 17.25 volts for an input of 010111. What is the step size, the full range voltage 2x5=10 and the percentage resolution ? (b) Why cushioning is provided in the cylinders ? Explain. (a) With the help of sketch, explain hydraulic ) circuit for a large size press. 2x5=10 (b) A temperature probe having a first-order response with a time constant of 1 second is given a step input of 50C from 0C. Calculate the temperature indicated 0.6 second after the application of the input.



(a) What do you understand by inverse kinematics ? What is the importance of path 2x5=10 planning ? (b) A DC motor takes an armature current of 120 A at 480 V. The resistance of armature circuit is 0.22 CI The machine has six poles and the armature is lap connected with 864 conductors. The flux per pole is 0.5 Wb. Calculate : The speed and The gross torque developed by the system.


(a) Explain bit, byte, word and instruction. How many bytes make a word of 64 bit ?


(b) Show the binary addition and subtraction of 150 (decimal) and 250 (decimal).


(a) What are the application of counters in industrial control system ? What are the standard types of counters found in most
PLCs ?

(b) A double acting cylinder has a pressure of 40 bars acting on both sides. The crosssectional areas of two sides are 200 cm 2 and 100 cm2. Find out the net load against
BME-006 3 P.T.O.

which the cylinder can operate. If a pressure compensated flow control valve is put in the return line which allows only a flow of 10 liters/min through it, at what speed the cylinder will move ?

10. Write short notes on any four of the following : 4x21/2=10

Linear variable differential transformer. Ball Screw Hydraulic Pump Intensifier Stepping Motors Relays. -o0o-