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Report on Job Satisfaction of the employees in City Bank Ltd American International University Bangladesh (AIUB) Human resource




Report submitted to the department of Human Resource Management in partial fulfillment of the requirement of Human Resource Management Final examination of spring semester 2007.

Course Teacher

Faculty Member Human Resource Management


Prepared by 05-06203-3 05-06070-3 05-00000-3 05-00000-2

Date of Submission: 14 April 2007

Report on Job Satisfaction of the employees in City Bank Ltd

14 April, 2007 To, Mr. Nazmul, Abdul Kader Faculty Member Human Resource Management American International University Bangladesh (AIUB) RE: Report on Job Satisfaction of the employees in City Bank Ltd. Dear Sir,


It is our pleasure to submit the report of Job Satisfaction of the employees in City Bank Ltd. which has been prepared as a partial requirement of the course of Human Resource Management. We have tried our best to complete this report successfully. The whole lesson given by you in the class about Human Resource Management has helped us a lot for writing this report. We will be happy to provide further clarification regarding this report whenever necessary. Yours truly, AHSAN, SAYMA ID#05-06203-3 AHMED, NIAZ UDDIN ID#05-06070-3 SAJID ID#05-00000-3 SARWAR ID#05-00000-2

Report on Job Satisfaction of the employees in City Bank Ltd


Executive Summary

The recommendations in analyzing of the term paper in tilled Job Satisfaction of the employees. In this instance, we were assigned to visit an organization of our choice and write a report about its Job Satisfaction. So, we choose City Bank Limited a bank as our study. Its one of the best commercial bank in our capital city, Dhaka. Our honorable lecturer Mr. NAZMUL KADER approved to make a report about this subject and organization. In this term paper we have tried to collect all the necessary information. We have divided our term paper in to the following parts: In methodology we explain what our sources of data, our research approach, and instrument. In introduction, we have tried to define our topic. In Organization Background we describe the history of the organization. When they started their journey and till now how much they have developed. In analytical parts we illustrate the Job Satisfaction level of City Bank Limited and how they evaluate their Job Satisfaction. We have tried to cover aspect of communication process in Interpretation of Questionnaires. We tried to interpret the questions that we have asked the official of City Bank Limited. After collecting all necessary information, data and visit their bank we write those points in finding. Mainly those are the problem and constrains and we also recommend some points from which they can be benefited.

Report on Job Satisfaction of the employees in City Bank Ltd




The Human Resource management is a three-credit compulsory course for the business students of AIUB. The objective of this component is to provide a hands-on-experience to a student under BBA department of AIUB. After completing of course, B.B.A students have to write a report in any area of business specialization under the or on their own area of concentration.

A) Background of the study

Introducing the Research Report: Weve gathered the information about Job Satisfaction from employees of the city bank in Dilkusha commercial area branch. Origin of the report: For the fulfillment of the requirements of the Course Program of BBA in AIUB, it is compulsory to prepare a report on a particular topic. We choose City Bank Limited, (Dilkusha commercial area branch). Dhaka a bank as our study. The topic of the report is A study on Job Satisfaction of Employees.

B) Scope of the Study:

Scope means the area on which the study has to be done. In order to conduct an efficient activity, the study is defined from two perspectives: To conduct a study on the evaluation of Job satisfaction of City Bank Limited (Dilkusha commercial area branch). We have gathered valuable information from AIUB library and City Bank Limited. We have also got some information from web site.

C) Methodology of the study:

In order to make the report more meaningful and presentable, two sources of data and information have been used widely. The Primary Sources are as follows: Face-to-face conversation with the respective officers and staffs of the Branch. Informal conversation with the clients.

The Secondary Sources of data and information are: Annual Report (2006) of City Bank Ltd. Various books, articles, journals, compilations etc. regarding general banking functions, foreign exchange operations and credit policies. Website. Sample A random sample of (number of employees) employees who work in City bank ltd completed this questionnaire. Variable Employees who responded are (AGE RANGE) years old who work in different position of City bank.

D) Objective of the report:

The report has several objectives: To present an overview of City Bank Ltd. To analysis the five core dimensions of Job Satisfaction which are Recruitment and selection, Salaries, Evaluation and Transfer, Promotion, Training and Self Development.

E) Limitations of the study:

Like all survey works, this research was subjected to a number of limitations: This is a study on Job Satisfaction of Employees. It was very hard to survey the employees of City Bank Ltd. Because the bankers were too much busy with their works. The organization maintains strict confidentiality about their financial and other information. They are afraid of any type of information leakage to their competitors. Todays state of emergency is also one of the problems. So there was always lack to collect all information.

F) Definition of the job satisfaction:

Job satisfaction is one of the central variables in work and organizational psychology. On the one hand, job satisfaction is viewed as a dependent variable, which varies dependent on the quality of working conditions (e.g. stressors). On the other hand, job satisfaction is supposed to be an independent variable, which should determine a variety of consequences such as absenteeism, fluctuation, and performance. We have been explicitly dealing with those issues, which have become increasingly important during last few years. Workers, employees contribute the most in the smooth running of on organization. And, to get the best from them, they should consider job satisfaction of the employees. Employees should be compensated and motivated by their Management for having good performance. City bank, as one of the most successful organizations in Bangladesh, obliviously, has to provide job satisfaction. Some aspects of their job satisfaction have been discussed in this report.

G) History and Background:

The City Bank Limited is the first private sector Bank in Bangladesh. The Bank has been operating since 1983 with an authorized capital of Tk. 1.75 Billion under the entrepreneurship of twelve prominent & leading businessman of the country. The noble intention behind starting this Bank was to bring about qualitative changes in the sphere of Banking and Financial management. Today The City Bank serves it's customers at home & abroad with 82 branches spread over the country & about three hundred oversea correspondences covering all the major cities and business center of the world. The services encompass wide diversified areas of trade, commerce & industry which tailored to the specific needs of the customers and are distinguished by an exceptional level of prompt and personal attention. Over the years the Bank has expanded the spectrums of Its Services. The extensive and ever growing domestic network provides and carries various products and services to the doorsteps of millions. For significant performance, The Bank has earned national & international recognition. The City Bank Limited was one of the 12 Banks Of Bangladesh among the 500 Banks in Asia for it's asset, deposit & profit as evaluated by "ASIA WEEK" In The Year 2000. Other than that, The City Bank Limited received the "Top Ten Company" award from the Prime Minister of the People's Republic Of Bangladesh. They have a distinguished Board of Directors which consists of thirteen successful and reputed businessmen. Mr. Deen Mohammad, a top leading businessman, industrialist, pioneer personality & entrepreneur of private sector's Bank in Bangladesh, is the Chairman of the Bank. The other members of the Board are creative entrepreneurs, businessmen and leading industrialist of the country. Bank is operated by a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals beaded by the Managing Director of the Bank who has vast banking experience and at the top there is an efficient Board of Directors for making policies. The expectation of all classes businessmen, entrepreneurs and general public is much more to City bank.


When theyve started, then their objective (2000 or after 2000) Now their objective or what they are doing

I) Application on the workplace:

1) Human Resources:


Managing Director Senior Executive Vice President

. Mr. Deen Mohammad Mr. Dilwar. H. Choudhury (CC) Mr. Md. Nurul Akbar Khan Mr. Md. Abdul Quddus Mr. A T M Najmul Husain

Senior Vice President

Mr. Humayun Shoab Mr. Sheikh Shamsuddin Ahmed Mr. A. H. M. Zahurul Islam Mr. Imam Ahmed Chowdhury Mr. A B M Shafique Uddin Siddiqui Mr. Sk. Md. Golam Mustafa Mr. Md. Mizanur Rahman Mr. Md. Nazmul Islam

Source: Annual Report-2005

4) City Bank Training Institute:

Company Policies for Job Satisfaction

Recruitment and selection:


Evaluation and transfer:


Training and Self Development:


Fulfillment of vacancies:

Some rules and regulations Cases of corporate crimes:

Leaving Standard:

Fringe Benefits Benefits and services:

Facilities in executive level:

Working environment:

Welfare for the Employees:



Process of Decision Making:

Human Resource planning:

Analysis of Answers:

Analysis of Answers:


Very Somewhat satisfied satisfied (Percentage) (Percentage)

Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied (or not answered)

Somewhat dissatisfied (Percentage)

Very dissatisfied (Percentage)

1. Satisfaction with salary 2. Frequency and amount of bonuses 3. Opportunities to discuss career goals. 4. Opportunities for new technologies 5. Opportunities for interesting projects 6. Workload 7. Companysponsored training and seminars 8. Job security


Very Somewhat satisfied satisfied (Percentage) (Percentage)

Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied (or not answered)

Somewhat Very dissatisfied dissatisfied (Percentage) (Percentage)

9. Ability to influence decisions that affect you 10. Ability to influence decisions that affect your department 11. Relationship with your manager 12. Communication with your manager 13. Recognition received from your manager 14. Your understanding of the business mission 15. Flexible work hours 16. Overall satisfaction with your job

Findings from Responses:

We have taken highest percentage compare to the other options of the answer of questionnaires. 01. 02. 03. 04. 05. 06. 07. 08. 09. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16.

Overall Findings:

J) Recommendations:

K) Conclusion:
City Bank is among the best of a number of comparatively new private banks. Since its inception it has grown rapidly and maintained a far healthier financial profile than both the state banks and the other local banks.

L) Reference:
1) 2) 3) 4) 5) Human Resource Management By, Stephen P. Robbins (7th Edition) Principles of Management By, Stephen P. Robbins (8th Edition) Organizational Behavior By, Stephen P. Robbins (Ninth Edition)

M) Appendix: