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N eri Parish

The Northwest Paulist Center

for Evangelization & Reconciliation
i Portland, OR |97214-5334 WWW.$i'phiIipneripdX. org Parish Office 503.231.4955 I Fax 503.736.1383

2408 SE 16" Avenue




Committed to the mission of Jesus and dedicated to be welcoming to all, we the community of St. Philip Neri strive to reach out, to reconcile and to promote unity for all of God s creation through worship, education, and service toward the common good.

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Thirty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time

November 18th 2012
Mark your calendars now for the Advent Ideas event on Sunday, December 2, 11:30 p 1:00 in Carvlin Hall. Before Christmas --- comes four weeks of Advent preparation and this year we would like to share some ideas with you. There will be tables with projects for children to do throughout Advent, and some ideas for adults too. We will serve soup, crackers, cider/hot chocolate and coffee.


Once again we are honored to have Michael Allen Harrison and guest, Julianne Johnson, in a benet concert here on the Monday following Thanksgiving. This

year it falls on November 26, at 7:00 p.m.


Tickets are available at the ofce, and through Mary Schleich (503.236.6458). Regular admission tickets are $15.00 and reserve tickets are $25.00. Tickets will be

sold after Mass on Saturday the 17", and then at

the French mast breakfast en 5"deV'

This year the concert money will be set aside in a fund to replace the carpet in Carvlin Hall. It will take a few concerts to do this. If you cannot attend and you would like to donate to the fund, please send a check to the Altar Society, noting that the funds are for the carpet fund. Mailing address is Altar Society, st. Philip Neri parish, 2403 5_E_ 15* Avenue, parkland, QR 97214_

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The l-ltUl9Y WI" be T|_1UF5daY, NQ\/ember 2? fit 1939- IVS o good way to boom o day of thonks9ivm9- You are invited to bring non-perishable items to take to the Table of the Lord during the Offertory. These items will help those in our area at this time who are facing economic


One of our parishioners, Jack Portland, will share his experience followed by a discussion of what this means for our faith, prayer and spiritual lives, led by Fr.,.Michael Evernden, CSP, Wednesday, November 28, 7:15 p.m. in canes Hall. if

ha"e"9e5- Al-59 bring Your Qiad WT aP/ labeled) to have them ble5d3


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This Week's Calendar and Mass Intentions
Monday, November 19" Tuesday, November 20" Wednesday, November 21 Thursday, November 22" Friday, November 23" Saturday, November 24"
Sunday, November 25"
8:00 am Mass 8:00 am Mass 8:00 am Mass 8:00 am Mass 12:10 pm Mass 8:00 am Mass 4:00 pm Mass 8:30 am Mass 10:30 am Mass 10:30 am Mass


Chapel Chapel Chapel Chapel Chapel Chapel Church Church Church Chapel

tMary Toitorice
rJoanne Scadi (B) tRobert Steven Salta fFred Westford

tGeorge Evans

fWalter J. Pietrak (A)

fMabel Mace (B) People of the Parish TFlora Rigotti Deaf Community Mass

Call the ofce

if you would like a

Mass celebrated

for you, for an anniversary of death or marriage, birthday, etc.

Church Cleaning Novembere19e (through November 25": Siobhan Daly and Dan Summerfeldt



St. Philip Neri is hosting its second annual Thanksgiving dinner from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on November 22"d. The dinner, for homeless guests in our southeast Portland

9:00 am


Tuesday thru Friday:

9:00 am



Pastor, Director of the NW Paust center
Fr. Charlie



Associate Pastor
Fr. Michael Evernden, CSP, x111

neighborhoods: '5 ln Partnorshlp Wlth New Seasons Market's deli staff. We can use both volunteer help and donationsNew Seasons is providing most of the food, but we can use vegetable dishes and salads as well as juice.

Assvqiate Pastor F 3" ""Ca'eY'



Director of Adult Faith Formation

Barbara Harrison, X107

Business Manager
Jeanne Mcphersonl X103

Receptionist /Bulletin Editor

star studomvicl X101
Rose Wolfe, X101

rosew@StphmpneripdX Org

Receptionist /Administrave Assistant

Maintenance and Grounds Manager
Edward Danila

DONATIONS to partially reimburse New Seasons for the meal are also needed. We can DEFINITELY use volunteers to serve and clean up, and volunteers to hand out flyers at the New Seasons bottle return station in the days prior to Thanksgiving. We also need volunteer drivers. Peace and Justice members will be at the table at the front of the Church to sign up volunteers and take donations following Mass on the weekends of November 11 and November

Bulletin Submissions. If you wish to submit something for the bulletin, _please remit to For the bulletin published on November 25 , we need any bulletin items submitted by the latest, 10:00 a.m. Monday, November 19" as our printer will be printing the bulletin early for the holidays.

Persons who do not have Thanksgiving plans and would "ke to eat and sociauze with our home|ess guests are

Wemme to attend our dinne,._


The Catholic Campaign for Human Development is the single most important collection for implementing Church social justice teachings through deeds as well as words. We need to practice what we preach. The CCHD works to break the cycle of poverty by helping low-income participate in decisions that affect their lives, families and


for 2013

t'me,tt0 reguest Miss Ilntgnuogstfohr 2013' Ems fyear we aren sen ing ou a e er u ave ma e orms available in the racks in the foyer. Please take a form and return it to the of-ee, or 5tQp by the Ofee to fil| one out


Next Sunday's Scripture Readings:

Our LOi'd JESUS Christ the King (NOVember 25) D0 7113-14/RV 115-3/J0 13i33b-37 (151)

cmmumt'es' CCHD offers a hand up not a hand out This most impoitant second collection will be taken up this weekend. If it is your custom to leave Mass immediately after Communion, we urge you to use the envelopes that will be in the pews and place your offering in the basket during the regular Offertory time, or mail your Offering to the Parish Ofce. Thank you for your paiticipation.


Ordinary Time

November 18 "7 2012

Advent is a Liturgical season (four weeks)_that helps_us look forward to the coming of Jesus at Christmas. During

Biblical apocalyptic literature can be summed up this way; it is a word of hope to a people in crisis. In this style of Writing, the message is yes things are tough but hang in there and things Wiii get betteh We nd this styie or

the .t'.me'

W? are

e"F'a9ed to Prepare ourselves for

"-e"_'"9 Chest at eenstmes by preymg each day leedmg

the B'P-" and by. demg eeed deeds fer,,ethers' The year we will be offering an Advent Event after the 10:30 d . . Liturgy on December 2" (11.30 12.45) in Can/lin Hall.

writing at the times of hardships and persecutions both for the Jewish people or the early Christian communities. It is writing that asks us to trust in the transforming power of Gods iove for U not so much that We Chan e other S, 9 peopiel but that We change Ourseh/es_

We will have several tables on display with ideas for the


Aeint Seasen fe;


ehlheizien and bfeh Agents Sgmie tablies ave preleets ere '. re" to egm ere an t en ta .e Eenilehanie egmggetedeuring the Advent SeaS_n' There Wm e '9 t 9 9 ere Peas? Come and eegm the Advent Season Wlth fnenes and fam'ly'

. .

Saturday December _15t from 9'30 _ Lee pm m earvlm Ha" led by Fr eharlle and Barbara Hamsem The theme Eel; yezihls eiieiyling egrth tefhsi ehget Withln'"'__en_AeVent a yrin wi aso e avaia e. ive yourse time or Peace and invite a friend!

ty-six years ago two people gave me an apocalyptic message; your drinking is out of control and there is a P lace where You can ex p erience new life. True apocalyptic messages state the truth life seems out of control, and they also always offer a way out and it is always about personal transformation into a new way of living. Twenty-six years ago is when I entered the living and healing community of AA. This is the kind of healing community our P arish is called to b er to be new life for all those who feel out of control unwanted or unloved This parish, any parish ought to, be a place of healing and growth in the rife Jesus Christ
Last weekend Barbara Harrison shared her stow in trying a street person. Life for this person seems impossible, in trouble with much tribulation, but her message to this person also included positive steps toward a new way of living- True abooalvotie messages are never condemning, never hopeless, never conditional but based on the unconditional love of God for each of us, showing us that there is a path to new life, and that we can always do together what we cannot do alone, that together God will do in us what we cannot do for ourselves. This is the

Aimost tweh


to assist

we will be selling Advent Wreaths (brass ring) and/or the Advent candle sets after the Liturgies on the rst

weekend Of Advent, December 15, and 2". You will find Us ih the Vestit,u|e of the hureh_

Over the ne><t couple Of weeks, as we end one liturgical year and begin a new year Oh the rst guhdey of Advent, we will hear of lot of a certain kind of literature in our scripture readings. It is called apocalyptic literature. The most popular and most familiar is found in The Book of Revelation. It is easy literature to spot. Anytime we hear about the ultimate end of things, we are hearing
ePeelYPh llteFaEi-lFe-

Vel'Y GCl NeWs We Qathei


This weekend we hear from Daniel at that time there shall arise Michael.... It shall be a time of unsurpassed in distress... ultimately the wise shali shine brightly, like the



to eeleblete edeh

ehel eVel'Y



Thank you, Father, for having created us and given us to each other in the human family. Thank you for being with us in an . and io mfort in Sadn JOY rr ws, r your co ur ess, your companionship in our ioheiihess Thank ou for yesterday today, tomorrow and for the Whore or our riVoS_ Thank you for friends, for health and for grace. May we live this and every day conscious of all that has been given to us.

stars lh the 5l<Y- Ih this Weekehd s Gospel Jesus saYsr lh those days... the sun will be darkened... and ultimately the Son of Man Wlll be seen Cmhlhg lh the Clouds-H We Wlll hear similar things for the next three weeks. Trouble, tribulation, There is trouble right here in River City to Cite ah Old POP!-llar sh9 Whleh ls also a form of apocalyptic literature.

Cat/70/icPraKerB00k, camp//ea'b;/Msgr. Michael Buckley.


thanks for your overflowing the blessings of the food we eat and especially for this feast today. Thank you for our home and family and friends, especially for the presence of those gathered here. Thank you for our health, our work and our play. Please send help to those who are hungry, alone, sick and suffering war and violence. Open our hearts to your love. We ask your blessing through Christ your son. Amen.
O Gracious God, we give you generosity to us. Thank you for

There .Was a lot .of ap"?"YPt' telk durmg. the recent eampalen _ beth Sldes eaueenmg dlre results lf one er the other '5 or '5 hot eleCtedMuch of advemslhg '5 aP9CalYl3tlCr Y9" Wlll QT Wh't succeed lf YOU d0 0| dh't buy a certain product. We are surrounded by all sorts of warnings, alerts and cautions day in and day out. However there is a difference between popular and biblical apocalyptic literature.

From Celebrating Faith: Year-round Act/'i//t/es For Catholic Families,

by Mao, Cmnk Fa,,o,,