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News from

7 Rivers Farm
In Iebiuaiy we shaied the gieat news that Iifi's adoption had
been finalized. We also asked foi special piayei foi Bongeka's
adoption because it was looking quite grim. Well, our prayers
have been answeied and Bo's adoption was piocessed at the
beginning of this month!
October - November 2012
Kelly & Cherise Smith in South Africa
Happy Thanksgiving

We have had so much rain lately, that our
last church service had to be held at the
local sportsfield. We tried to get up the hill
in our truck and our 4WD vehicle, and
neither was very safe. Nevertheless, the
rain held off, as we sang our hearts out to
the Lord in the fresh air, and had another
solid teaching from Pastor Xolani.
Our little Andile has been blessed with
his new home. It was sad to say goodbye
to him, but we are so excited for his
opportunity to have a family who loves him,
and some brothers and sisters his own
Our First Sunday School
Child Evangelism Fellowship
partnered with us to train Angel to be
a teacher of the little ones.
Prayer Need: We have the possibility of acquiring a piece of land in the
center of our community. We would be able to build a facility that is in
walking distance for everyone that we minister to. It could be used as a
meeting place for many of our weekly outreaches, plus a youth center, skills
training, etc. There are complications with this, however, and we just ask
you to pray for God to pave the way according to His will.


USA Here We Come!
We have been cleared for take off with
the finalization of the adoptions. We
hope to return for 4 months during
Summer 2013.
Our last trip home was 2008.
An Angel Soldiers On
God has continued His great work in Angel's life. She has been trained by friends who are with
Child Evangelism Fellowship, in teaching children, and is using her new skills in her Sunday
gatherings at her house.

She has been reaching out to her neighbors, and sharing the gospel, with lots of resistance, as
many families are Shembe (another Zulu religion) and don't want to hear anything about Jesus. In
fact, when one young boy got saved through the soccer ministry, his mother, who is a Shembe
follower, forbid him to come to soccer any more.

But God is faithful, and through much prayer for the community, this very mother came forward in
church and gave her life to Christ. She now attends church with her son, and he is back playing

We are so excited about the growth of genuine salvations and changes in lives in this
community. Knowing God, is offering so much hope to these beautiful people, who seem to
struggle in every area of their lives.

Of course, with growth in Christ, often trials come, and our dear Angel, who seems to be
everywhere all the time, helping, serving and sharing Christ, had a fall that caused a break in her
lower leg. The doctor said that she needs to be in her cast for 6 weeks without putting any
pressure on her leg, and then he will add a boot to it, for another 6 weeks, which she can walk
on. This definitely slows Angel down.

It is interesting how God uses situations to teach us new things. Angel still carries on as best as
she can, but now, people from the community come to her house, to visit, to help, to clean and to
cook. She is being blessed by the people that she blessed, and she continues to share the hope of
Jesus, in her setback. She said that even though it will be hard for a while, "God is still
good!!" Angel understands the love of her heavenly Father.

Please continue to pray for Angel, her witness in the community is so powerful, because she is
Zulu. Her life story is like those around her, and they see what Christ is doing in her life. The
church here is growing, and we are so grateful for your input.

October - November 2012

7 Rivers Farm

Project Christmas Blessing
Thank you for your prayer and financial giving
to PCB 2012. If you'd like to take part in this
yeai's outieach take a look at this shoit clip:
Also you can visit:

Kelly & Cherise Smith P.O.Box 55 Umkomaas 4170 South Africa
The teens at church were wondering what could be available for them, if the
little kids got Sunday school. Bongeka suggested a youth group. So now
there is a teen/youth gathering every Friday night, at a house in the
community. The kids get together, sing, fellowship, and share scripture that
they have been reading through the week.
Please consider showing our PCB
video to your church or home group.