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Your global partner in composite industry







Kits for more than 10.000 wind blades in last 5 years.

Tons of glass fibres proccessed in last 5 years.

150,000 m2
of balsa and pvc foams transformed in last 5 years.

Incom is a global company dedicated since 1997 to design and production of kits for the Blade Manufacturing Industry.
We process any kind of material (fiberglass, carbon, polyester, balsa, pvc, pet, pur, etc) to provide our kits to industries as wind energy, marine or automotive. Our main aim is to provide maximum value to our customers offering composite engineering, proved experience and manufacturing solutions, and since our very beginnings we are focused in a proccess of constant innovation and improvement.

15,000 m2
of production areas in Europe (Spain, UK and Poland).

Less than 0,5 % of clients QCR s.

Zero unconformities in ISO 9001 2011 audits.

// 360 KIT SYSTEM //

INCOM introduce 360 KIT SYSTEM, that allows our customers to take a big leap in competitiveness, quality and efficiency.
INCOM 360 KIT SYSTEM is a high-end tool that allow us and our clients important cost reductions. A powerful philosophy inspired in Lean Thinking & Manufacturing principles that superates classical relationship model between suppliers and clients building more efficent ways to get excellent results.

Design, cutting and handling of all types of fabrics and glass or carbon fibers for use as Kits in industrial manufacturing processes of composite materials.
The most modern automatic cutting machines are able to cut large patterns with great accuracy and high quality of finish. During this process, multilayer cutting machines, with direct collection system minimizes manipulation and ensuring quality fabric pattern. The formation of the Kit is done by assembling the layers and their preparation and identification. Even the stitching is made of diferent layers in order to minimize time in a perfect mold and wound with the protection necessary to certify the final product quality on arrival.

Cutting and machining of PVC, PET, SAN, foam cores and balsa wood, assembling them in the form of kits for molding processes.
The transformation of the foam cores is performed under the strictest controls to ensure the accuracy and quality in working areas equipped with humidity and constant temperature environments.
InCom has high technology based on CAD / CAM and 5 axis CNC machines of last generation for the cutting and machining process of these materials with accurate and efficient results. After the cutting and preparation process, pasting patterns are composed to facilitate their subsequent placement in a mold. The Kit is identified for transport and use in the production area.


Auxiliary kits ready for use. Infusion, pre-bag or any kind of kit for improving manufacture processes.

Incom engineers, design and manufacture vacuum & infusion kits that contains all necessary components as in-profiles, sealant barrier, coatings, vacuum bags, perforated films, etc. Our kits are manufactured according to mould shapes, reducing cycle time, improving lay-up and increasing proper handling.

Incom colaborates closely with clients, assisting in the design and development of all types of moulds and composite parts.
We advise our clients in their manufacturing processes of many different parts such as moulds, casing, boxes and enclosures of any size and shape. Our clients introduce us their requirements for products and we help them with design and manufacturing. Endless possibilities: irregular shapes, rounded corners, no sharp edges on surfaces, inert materials, lightweight, corrosion-free, no electrical or thermal conductivity... unique solutions to meet the challenges of our clients. We can produce pieces using different conformation technologies of composite materials, such as compression moulding, resin injection (RTM and light RTM) and infusion systems by vacuum resin transfer (VARTM).

Design, cutting and handling of all types of fabrics and glass or carbon fibers for use as Kits in industrial manufacturing processes of composite materials.
Consumption optimization, management and optimization shapes and patterns.

Lean Manufacturing Implementation JIT implementation Cycle time reductions New NET KIT implementation process Microwave curing Direct resin infusion process Actual projects with other big European companies and universities Powder Bonding Fabrics for better use in vertical moulds System for Balsa placement in vertical moulds Assistance in development for Blade robot project Rolls wide cutting and black guide stitching Optimization for ends of rolls (5% scrap gain) New Core materials in the market New technologies in Machining, grinding and CNC cutting

Efficient engineering means competitive advantage. InCom engineers team manage projects, and develope new manufacturing strategies, material requirements, work instructions and factory settings for the specific needs of our customers.
We offer a full suite of engineering services including structural analysis of composite materials based on the geometry provided by customers. Our engineers use the most advanced tools of analysis, 3D CAD, analysis of composite materials, finite element analysis, flow simulation, etc ... Our business model is strategically oriented to create Value through knowledge, not just manufacturing cutting patterns.

15.000 sqm of production areas in Europe (Spain, UK and Poland). New expansion projects worldwide: USA, Brazil India as shown in InCom Business Plan. Permanent Team for continuous improvement, adaptation to customer needs. and


Internal team of highly qualified engineers and inhouse R+D investigation laboratory. Design and manufacture of moulds for use in manufacturing components of composite materials. Design, calculation and prototyping of parts and structures made of technologies RTM, infusion or manual molding. CNC 5 Axis, cutting machines computerized. State-of-the art-Computerized design and simulation systems. Moulding with polyester resin, fabric and cores ready to use in the plant. Machining of different materials, processed and prepared. Complex parts machined from PVC or similar. Project management following PMI methodology. Quality commitment: ISO 9001 Quality Standards certifications Tolerances according to ISO 2768 Nivel 5sigma Traceability on-line intranet service

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