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Which one of the following digestive system organ secrets HCO3- proteases, lipases and amylase to provide digestion process a. Liver b. Stomach c. Pancreas d. Small intestine e. Salivary gland 2. Which one of the following statement is correct concerning the digestive enzymes: a) Secreted by endocrine gland b) Enzymes work intracellular milieu c) All digestive enzymes are controlled by insulin d) All digestive enzymes hydrolyze their substance e) All digestive enzymes are secreted as inactive precursors 3. Which one of the following peptide stimulate gastric acid, increase gastric motility, and growth of mucosa of stomach? A. Gastrin B. Secretin C. Cholecystokinins (CCK) D. GIP E. VIP 4)Which of the following is exoenyzme? a.pepsin b.trypin c.elastase d.carboxypeptidase e.deoxyribonuclease 9. Which one of the following statements is incorrect concerning the function of nucleotide? a. alternative energy source of body b. acting as metabolic allosteric regulation 5. trypsinogen will be converted to its active form by: A. HCL c. activated precursors of DNA and RNA d. storing moieties structure of coenzyme A. Conjugated with glucuronic acid B. Formed by reduction biliverdin C. Soluble in organic solvent (alcohol) D. Transported to the liver by albumin E. No reaction in the Erlichs diazo reagent B. HCO3 C. trypsin D. amylase E. enteropeptidase (slide 26 digestive system) 6) Monosaccharides will cross the enterocytes membrane heading into blood capillaries via: A) GLUT 1 B) GLUT 2 C) GLUT 5 D) SGLT 1 E) SGLT 2 7. Total serum bilirubin consist of: A. B. C. D. E. Direct bilirubin and biliverdin Indirect bilirubin and bound bilirubin Biliverdin and unconjugated bilirubin Direct bilirubin and conjugated bilirubin Indirect biilirubin and conjugated bilirubin

8) Which one of the following statement is correct about direct bilirubin.

BIOCHEMISTRY 10. The De novo pathway of purine base synthesis is arranged in 1 production of IMP 2 reduction of AMP 3? 4 production of ADP dADP Ans: 3-1-2-4 (note that soalan ni xsama mcm soalan dlm exam tp jawapan die macam dah betul je refer to Nucleotide synthesis) 11. Which one serve as precursor of nitrogenous bases of nucleotides biosynthesis? A)PRPP B)Phospate C)Amino acid D)Carbon dioxide E) Tetrahydrofolate 12.Which one of the following reactions is catalyzed by ribonucleotide reductase A.IMP + Aspartat +GTP B.IMP + Glutamin +ATP C.ADP D.GMP E.dGDP dADP GDP dGTP 18. Which statement best describe methemoglobin? A. B. C. D. E. T conformation of Hb Ferric state of Hb Highest affinity to oxygen Same structure with HbF Responsible in producing red color of blood AMP GMP 15) .which enzyme is the key enzyme for the regulation of Fe-protoporphyrin IX synthesis? a.aminolevulinate synthase b.protoporfirinogen oxidase c.porphobilinogen synthase d.hidroksimetlbilana synthase e.uroporfirinogen III synthase 16. The proportion of cellular elements of the blood known as: a. Hematocrit b. Hemostasis c. Hemosiderin d. Hematopoiesis e. Hemaglutination 17) what is the peripheral protein of normal RBC membrane? Fibrilin, protein 3, spectrin,amyloid, dystrophine

13) Which one of the following reactions correctly describe the pyrimidine salvage pathway.. A) uracil + ATP B) cytosine + ATP C) glutamine + PRPP thymine cytidine fosforibosilamin uridine thymidine a . b . c . d

D) uracil + ribose 1-phosphate E) thymine + ribose 1-phosphate

19. In comparison to this individual, which one of the following combination of hemoglobin percentages is most consistent with the hemoglobin electrophoresis pattern from a normal adult : Hemoglob Hemoglob Hemoglob Hemoglob in A1 in A2 in F in s 3% 95% 2% 0% 4% 55 50% 60% 5% 46% 6% 5% 4% 30% 35% 0%

14) degration of purine nucleiotides(AMP&GMP) occur mainly in: A.liver B.kidney C.adrenal gland D.smooth muscle E.skeletal muscle

BIOCHEMISTRY . e . C. Mediate Hematopoiesis process immunochemistry ) D. (slide 6 -





Share partial tertiary structural features

E. Share partial amino acid sequence homology 20. Erythrocyte HMP shunt product that serve as coenzyme for glutathione reductase is a) ATP b) NADH c) NADPH d)2, 3-6 biphosphoglycerate e) glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate 21) Which of the following statements correctly describe 2,3-biphosphoglycerate? a) stimulating the formation of T from Hb in its low concentration b) formed from 1,3 biphosphoglycerate by mutase c) stimulating the formation of methemoglobin a) d) inducing the oxidizing agent b) e) by product of HMP shunt c) 22) Some tissue do not require insulin to assimilate glucose, this glucose may be reduced to A)D-xylulose B)sorbitol C)L-gulonolactone D)L-ascorbic acid E)Lactate 23. Molecules included in immunoglobulin superfamily share some characteristics as follow except: A. B. Mediate antigen binding Mediate antigen recognition d) e) determining the antibody class contain hypervariable region antigen binding and recognizing hapten binding & recognizing epitope binding A.Glucagon B.Androgen C.Oxytocin D.Growth hormone E.LH 25. Gluconeogenesis is stimulated by activating hormone 24)

26. Which of the following statement is correct about the function of constant region of H chain (CH) of the antibody molecules?

27. which immunoglobulin can cross placental barrier? A. igA B. igD C.igG D.igE E.igM

BIOCHEMISTRY 28) which one of the following immunoglobulin has secrets form and can be found in body secrets Such as tears and saliva. a) b) c) d) e) igA igD igC igE igM B. bone c. brain D. kidney E. muscle 34. The marker of bone formation is: a. Acid phosphate A. B. C. D. E. CDR Epitop Adjuvant Complement Determinant haptenic b. Hydroxyprolin c. Alkaline phosphate d. Collagen telopeptide e. Pyridonoline cross links. 35) A. Mediators of innate immunity B. Stimulators of hematopoiesis C. Mediators of adaptive immunity D. Form the membrane attack complex E. Regulators of innate immunity and adaptive immunity 36) 37. the synthesis of acetylcholine needed: A. cholinacetyltranferase B. oxygen dehydrogenase 31. the substance can decrease ca2+ absorption at small intestine is... a. calcitriol b. calcitonin c. vitamin D d.PTH e. ADH 32) The main component of bone are a) b) c) d) e) Collagen type 1 and hydroxyapatite Collagen type 2 and hydroxyapatite Collagen type 3 and hydroxyapatite Collagen type 4 and hydroxyapatite Collagen type 2 and proteoglycan 38. the protein isnt found in skeletal muscle A. actin B. myosin C. troponin D. calmodulin E. tropomyosin 39. Resynthesis ATP for a sprinter at 4-5 seconds first taken from A) glycolysis aerobic C. cytochrome oxidase D. katalose 33. Dynamic storage of calcium in body A. lung

29.portion of an antigen that combines with the products of a specific immune response is defined as

30. Which one of the following statements is incorrect describing the function of cytokines

BIOCHEMISTRY B) glycolysis anaerobic C) creatin poshate D) adenilat kinase synthesis E) oxdative phoporilation 40. The true statement about skeletal muscle type 2 (fast twitch) is: A. myosin ATPase is low B. the colour is red C. contraction rate is fast D. duration is prolonged E. energy utilization is low 41. Which of the following is the wrong statement about water? a. it has a bipolar structure b. it has hydrogen bond c. it is in irregular shape d. it has 105 angle e. there is tetrahedral with hydrogen and its centre 42. The function of water is: A. Non stabilizer B. Poor nucleophile C. The ideal biologic solvent D. Distrubed biological function E. The specific transporting media 43.If the water intake from food and drink 2 L/day, metabolism 0.3 L/day so the amount of eliminated water steady state is:a)1.9 L/day C. Fe b)2.1 L/day D. Se c)2.2 L/day E. Mn d)2.5 L/day e)3.0 L/day

44. The main cation of plasma is a) b) c) d) e) K Na Ca Ca Mg

45.buffer is keeping the pH constantly in blood ,there are buffer in blood except a.hemoglobin b.myoglobin c.protien plasma d.phosfet e.bicarbonat 46.The function of minerals are except :A. Cofactor B. Potential Energy C. Acid Base Balance D. Functional Structure E. Muscle and Nerve Fuction 47. Example of macronutrients A. Zn B. Mg

BIOCHEMISTRY B. calcitrol-estradiol 48) the formed storage of Fe in our body is: a) b) c) d) e) Heme Transferin Cytochrom Ferritin Myoglobin C. calcitrol-glucagons D. thyrosine-eritropoeitin E. erythrocyte-epinephrine 54)Laboratory ph 7.8, HCO3 38 mEq/l, H+ 30 mEq/l, C02 42mmHg Refers to which condition? 49. The end product of citric acid cycle is : a. Lactic acid b. Pyruvic acid c. Oxalic acid d. H20 + Co2 a.normal condition b.respiratory acidosis c.respiratory alkalosis d.metabolic acidosis e.metabolic alkalosis 55. the best compensation for acid base imbalance condition is: A. respiratory system B. buffer system (slide 15 & 16 uro) 51. The kidney played a role in intermediately metabolism especially in a. b. c. d. e. Glycolysis Glycogenesis Glycogenolysis glycogenesis Gluconeogenesis C. kidney control (slide 17 & 18 uro) D. hyperdiuratic E. mouth breathing 56) if there are recurrence of urinary tract infection, we think that the ph of urine is : A) Acid B) Base 52. The organic constituent of of urine, except: a) Urea b) Uric acid c) Hydrogen phosphate d) Creatinine e) Ketone bodies C) Constant D) Decreased E) Normal 57. The most calculi type in base urine is: A. B. C. D. E. Calcium phosphate calculus Calcium oxalate calculus Magnesium ammonium phosphate calculus Uric calculus Cysteine calculus

50. officially T_________T




53. The hormone was produced by kidneys are: A. eritropoeitin-calcitrol

BIOCHEMISTRY 58) During prolonged starvation, fuel energy should constantly available in the brain, primarily to maintain the membrane potential for the transmission of nerve impulses. The correct statement in accordance with the energy supplier is: A. Formation of lactic acid through anaerobic glycolysis B. Fatty acids sharing -oxidation to produce acetyl CoA C. Glucose derived from glycogen reserves in the brain that quite a lot via intermediate D. Conversion of acetone, acetone acetate and -OH butyrate into the Kreb-cycle E. Produce glucose from amino acids (wildly available in the brain) via gluconeogenesis e)monoamine oxidase activator 61. Major inhibitory neurotransmitter in brain A)Glutamate B)Acetylcholine C)y-aminobutyric acid D) Dopamine E)Norepinephrine 62.A student was diagnosed with depression are characterised by clinical symptoms of sadness,often melancholy,lack of interest in activities,eating and sleeping disorders,often alone.Provided pharmacotherapy aimed at keeping the levels of neurotransmitters associated with mood improvement so as to evoke the spirit of life.One type of drugs that can be given is inhibitor of neurotransmitters degrading enzyme.The precursor of neurotransmitter described above is A.Glycine B.Glutamate C.Tryptophan D.Alanine E.Phenylalanine

59. To ensure availability of cathecolamine group such as DOPA , Dopamine , epinephrine , norepinephrine and its a precursor which can be obtained as? a. proline b. tyrosine c. tryptophan d. alanine e. phenylalanine 60.A 65 years old man presents with trouble walking in stable gait and a tremor of his hands at rest. Physical examination reveals he have a masklike(flat) and a pill rolling tremor at rest and increased muscular log wheel rigidity .Based on this condition we conclude that he sets Parkinsons/ huntinstonss disease. Drug as least likely to useful in reversing signs and symptoms of patient... a)serotine b)dopamine c)levodopa d)choline esterase inhibitor

63) Which one of the following enzyme is inhibited by the drug.. A) asetilkolinesterase B)choline acetyl transferase C) monoamine oxidase D)tyrosine monooksigenase E) aromiatik L-amino acid decarboxylase 64) A 39 years old woman present with drooping eyelid(pitosis) &double vision (diplopia). Physical examination reveals that she repeatedly contract her eyelid, she is soon unable to keep her eyes open. The synaptic vesicles located in axon

BIOCHEMISTRY (presynaptic) terminal of the neuromuscular junction contain : A.acetylcholine B.dopamine C.epinephrine D.GABA E.glycine 65 ) an anticholinesterase, such as neostigmine, will cause which one of the following effect at neuromuscular junction? a.decrease acethycoline stores in presypnatic terminal. b.decrease size end plate potential. c.increase release of acethycoline from ana axon terminal. d.prolonged effect of acetycoline at muscle end plate. blockage at neuromuscular transmission. 66. Fuel energy use by sperm to move is: a. Glucose b. Fructose c. Galactose d. Fatty Acid e. Amino acid 67? Which substances in cement will cause uterine contraction? Prostaglandin 68. True statements related to vaginal cervical fluid: 1. Acidic pH due to lactic acid 2. Cervical mucus production decrease during menopause 3. produced by bertolins gland 4. cervical mucus more sticky during fertile : Answer: E. All true 69. A statement is true about sex hormones : a. estrogen and progesterones receptors is at surface of cell membrane b. cholesterol is a precursor of FSH and LH C. estrogen is formed from male sex hormones d. human sex hormones occurs in testis and ovaries e. erection occurs through activation adenylate cyclase by nitric oxide

70) In animal experiment, removal of ovaries in early pregnancy lead to abortion. A steroid molecule was found after isolation of chemical compound from ovary. This molecule is a) oestrone b) E2 estradiol c) 17 B-estradiol d) progesterone e) androstenedione 71) Energetic of glycolisis: the aerobic pathway yields a) 129 mol ATP/mol glucose b) 60 mol ATP/mol glucose c) 40 mol ATP/mol glucose d) 15 mol ATP /mol glucose e) 2 mol ATP/mol glucose

72)When neutrophil engulf bacteia,they exhibit a rapid increase in O2 consumption known as A)reactive O2 species B)oxidative phosphorylation C)aerobic glycolysis D)respiratory burst E)-oxidation

BIOCHEMISTRY 73. In diebetic, this reduced molecule from glucose are found with high concentration in: A. B. C. D. E. Brush border cell intestinum Lumen intestinal Lens epithelium Gastric mucosa Adipose Tissue 78) ketone bodies are produced when excessive amount of fatty acid are mobilized and glucose low during? a) b) c) d) e) Fasting Aerobic(once a week) Starvation Diet low calories Duresis

79.ketones body are secreted into a blood plasma as a source of an energy. A. B. C. D. E. Pancreas Liver Ovarium Testis brain

p/s-x dapt cri..huhumaaappp..mungkin jwapan c kot.. 74) 75. Best describe CDR of activating molecules A.Antogenic determinant B.Constant region of L chain C.Constant region of H chain D.Forming antigen binding site E.Synonym at term hinge region 76. The second messenger for hormone insulin is: a) b) c) d) e) cAMP tyrosine kinase serine kinase cGMP diacylglycerol

80. Glycolysis, pentose phosphate and fatty acids pathway are all found in: A. Inner membrane mitochondria B. Matrix mitochondria C. Cytosol

D. Endoplasmic reticulum E. Lysosome 81. The membrane of reticulum endoplasmic contain the enzyme for. a.acyglycerol synthesis b. glycogenesis c. gluconeogenesis d. lactate formation e. pyruvate formation 82) The precursor for the synthesis of long chain fatty acid such as cholesterol also ketone bodies is: a) b) c) d) e) Lactose Acetoacetate Succinate Acetyl coA Malonate

77.insulin affect cells by... A. increase cAMP B. decrease inositol triphosphate C. deactivating serine kinase D. increase thyrosine kinase E. increase glucagon synthase

BIOCHEMISTRY 83. common end metabolic of 3 macromolecules that enter krebs cycle A.lactate B. acetoacetate c. succinate d. acetyl-coa e. malorate 84. Glycolisis is regulated by three enzymes catalyzing non-equilibrium reaction, one of those enzymes Is : a. Pyruvate kinase b. Phosphorylase c. Glutamate dehydrogenase d. ATP kinase e. Na-K-ATPase 85) 86) 87. telomerase enzyme is composed of: A. B. C. D. E. Only DNA RNA primer RNA and protein Packaged into a T-loop Protein and fat B) Ultraviolet C) hydrogen peroxide D) hyperchlorus acid E) nitric acid 90. The steps involves in gas exchange by respiratory are: A. ventilation B. perfusion C. diffusion D.A & B true E. A,B & C true 91. pO2 : a. O2 arterial tension b. O2 tension in blood c. O2 tension at mixed venous d. alveolus tension e. arterial capacities 92. Diffusion process in respiratory system are: A. Cross the alveolar capillary membrane B. A cross the bronchial oxygen C. Exchange gases in alveolar D. movement of H2air in lung E. The respiratory rate moveme 93.Handerson Hasselbach stated that it is acidosis if:a)fall pCO2 and rise HCO3b)rise pCO2 and fall HCO3c)rise pCO2 and fall pH d)fall pH and rise pCO2 e)rise pCO2 and rise pH

88. most abundant free radical in human body A. hydrogen B. oxygen C. Hydrogen peroxide D. super oxide E. triple oxygen 89. hysilogical stimulus tat form free radical is, except: A) superoxide

BIOCHEMISTRY 98) glycogen produced in liver from the non carbohydrate is the process: a) b) c) d) e) Glycogenesis Glicogeolysis Glycolysis Glucogenogenesis Citric cycle

94. Diabetic Mellitus terminal stages for the acid based balance is: a) b) c) d) e) Metabolic alkalosis Metabolic acidosis Respiratory disturbance Ketoacidosis Respiratory acidosis

95.water & electrolyte homeostasis are regulated by: b.brain c.liver d.heart e.kidney 96. Renal compensation for the respiratory acidosis is:A. Increasing reabsorbtion HCO3B. Reducing HCO3- production C. Reducing HCO3- reabsorption D. Reducing H+ secretion E. Increasing H+ reabsorption 97. The storages of glucose, tryglycerides and glucagon is promotes by A. Glucagon B. Cortisol C. Epinephrine D. Norepinephrine E. Glycogen

99. The wrong statement about mineral is: a. Its absorption at small intestine b. Its regulation by kidney c. Its essential nutrients d. It is not changed by digestion and metabolism

100.ATP increase production in muscle by glycolysis process promoted by a)insulin b)glucagon c)ACTH d)adrogenic hormone