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GCP Server Crashed

1. If your Server crashed Please Reformat The Drive C: of your Server. 2. Install all the nessesary Driver's / Software you needed. We highly recommended Install teamviewer 7 For remote assistan 3. PM us back to remote your Gcafepro Server for Configuration.

Other Options is to recloned the server harddrive to another client PC and removed Gcafepro client Please do intall teamviewer for Remote assistance

Guide on how to step by step Format of your PC 1 Turn on your PC and Insert Windows XP SP3 on your CD/DVD Drive 2 Boot First the CD/DVD Drive 3 allow set up to finish.

Guide on how to clone a HArddrive 1 insert a blank hardrive on the source pc you will use as a master. 2 use acronis/hdd clone to cloned the harddrive 3 Remove the Cloned harrdive and insert to your blank pc and Configured PC name/Ip address

GCP Server not Connected On your GCP Client(gray ICON) 1 Please check if your FIREWALL is ON To OFF your Firewall, Start menu-Control Panel-Windows firewall-click off and apply. 2 The Server IP Address is changed or obtain In order for us to let know, what we will use For Server IP First Go to 1 of our client pc and navigate to Start-all programs-gcafepro-gcafepro client configuration and look for SERVER ADDRESS or For example:

3 is our server ip Now that we got our Server ip lets go back to our gcp server in order for us to change the server ip please navigate to Start - Control Panel -Network Connection(right click Properties) Select TCP/IP - Properties Click use the following IP And input what we got to our server address or For example: Use the following IP: Ip address: Subnet Mask: Default Gateway: Prefered DNS: Alternate Dns: And click apply- close CLIENT Count Exceed Please check if theres an message on your gcp server saying Client count exceed cannot accredit Client count exceed cannot accredit Client count exceed cannot accredit Client count exceed cannot accredit This usually happens when you add another client which is not the total number of PC you apply on us Solution: Kindly Pm us on YM (gcafepro_ts) to expand your Caf size Delete some client that you know no gcafepro installed You can see this on Ungroup clients. Just Right Click the client and delete.

eamviewer 7 For remote assistance

e/Ip address

of PC you apply on us

GCP CLIENT Client Crashed: The best way is to cloned another PC /Client In case we do not know how to Cloned a harddrive We highly recommend To format the C drive only And install all the nessecesary driver's/software you needed and pm us back for remote assistance. Step by step on how to install Gcafepro Client Side: Make sure the client computer has fulfilled the following requirements:
1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Client must have 3 partitions in NTFS format, C Drive: System Drive for storing all system files D Drive: File Drive for storing temporary files. Size must be larger than 8G. Please do not save any file in D Drive, as E Drive:Game Drive for storing all game installation files and games for the client.

Make sure you have all 3 partitions as above, or "Fatal Error" may occur during installation, and installation will fail.

Instructio ns Run the installation file of GCafePeo client Click Yes to continue installation

There are 2 options for Installation Type A.Single Mode B. Replicate Mode

Basic Settings Introduction Virtual MemoryDefine the size of virtual memorythe default is system managed size Server AddressEnter the server address Windows Auto Login SettingSet the Windows settings for auto login A. Install Single Client

Select Install a single client and config the IP now(s) and press Next(N), A new configuration window will appear as below

How to Disable / Enable Restore On GCP Client We have 2 options on how to Disable/Enable Restore Of Gcafe pro

1. On The Gcp Server navigate to group client and select the number of pc you want to disable just Right Click and An X mark means Disable An arrow up & arrow down means ENABLE restore 2. On the Client side Just look for the G Icon on the Right Side on your screen on system tray

Right Click System setting a box will appear to enter your client password default is 123456

Just enter your password and select either you want to disable it or enable

do not save any file in D Drive, as everything will be wiped after a reboot.

stallation, and installation will fail.

tion window will appear as below:

want to disable just Right Click and Disable/enabled Restore And restart the client pc

system tray

Some Client PC Games are not working on Gcafepro? when you open a game you will see a Run Now button And Update button, Click Update button and choose the 2nd option file comparison for the client to comapre what is the missing file on the local server In case problem persist please choose the third option to redownload the game on the local GCP server a message bow will appear and enter your game rest password (default password is 123456) Please wait until download is finish.

How to add games on gcafepro Using GCP server

On Gcp Server Navigate to and

Click Local Installed Game in the left sidebar of the Control Panelright click on the game list on the rig

Game Name: Will be filled in automatically after selecting Storage Path Edit Icon: Icon will be selected automatically once the EXE file is selected Storage Path Click Browse to choose the game storage path EXE File Click Browse and select the exe file of the game

Command User can add parameters to the execution command Client Path Storage Path for the clientdefault E:\Single Game\Garena\ will be used if it is left empty

Game version and Last Updated will be set by the system automatically System Type: set the game category Click Confirm

Since the game is new, the Status is Unconfigured. Right click on the game to configure. Right Click and click Game Config local installed games on default group on to your group choices. After we configured the game we must PUSH the Game to client PC. Push games or updates to clients Select Game Management->Push Game from the control panelor click the Push Game

1. Select clients from the list on the left, games that have been configured to the selected clients will appear on the right. 2. Select games to push, or check All under the list. Games can be sorted by clicking ID, Game Name, Size(MB) etc. 3.The default push setting is Fast Speed and Index Comparison. These can be changed by checking the Update Options and change accordingly.

How can I edit a game using Gcafepro Click Local Installed Gamesright click on the game that need to be edited, choose Edit:

Edit Game Info Dialogue windows will appear. Refer to the part on Manual Add Game for explanation of all fie

on the local GCP server rd is 123456)

ht click on the game list on the right. Add Game Info dialogue window will be displayed

he game to configure. oup on to your group choices.

or click the Push Game

gured to the selected

sorted by clicking ID,

These can be changed by

dd Game for explanation of all fields

I Change my Internet Service Provider now I cannot connect gcp server/client on the internet Common cause the local ip of your ISP is change refer to the following list of IP /Router Gateway Configuration For us to know what is our new Ip setting please navigate to Start-Run -Type CMD a black bow xill appear type ipconfiguration Press Enter A message will appear and say We can see the Difference, before we use before we are 254 now we are 1 On server Side Start - Control Panel -Network Connection(right click Properties) Select TCP/IP - Properties Click use the following IP and change the 254 into 1 same thing with your default gateway

On Client Side 1. disable the Restore Function of gcafe pro restart the pc 2.Navigate to START-ALL PROGRAMS-Gcafepro- Gcafepro client Configuration same thing change the 254 setting into 1 or you

Change Gateway and Server address or into 1 or your new ip settings uncheck the enable restore if you want to change again anything for the configuration

eway Configuration

hange the 254 setting into 1 or your new ip settings

For Payment please input on your google chrome or mozilla firefox and follow the 3 simple steps 1. Go to the nearest BDO and Deposit to Fofo Distibution INC with the account no. of

2. Please fill up all the information on step two for your caf ID and sales representative please give us a call(6597270) or pm 3. call us back again for confirmation porpuses only Thanks have a nice day

ase give us a call(6597270) or pm us on yahoo messenger(gcafepro_ts)

How to put a new map on DOTA using Gcafepro server 1. download your new map on 2.paste your new map on your e: Lan Game\Warcraft III\maps 3. open gcafepro server Navigate to Local installed games-LAN game-Warcraft III 4. Right Click Warcraft III and Generate index.(wait to Finish) 5. On gcp server look for PUSH Game, Push Warcradt III on client PC to update all client for the new map. My internet speed is very slow since I use gcafepro 1. open your Gcafepro Server navigate to Basic Setting and look for speed limit change your speed limit to 100 and click confirm.

2. If the problem persist kindly stop for the meantime the gcafepro Services. On your Gcp Server Navigate to START-ALL Programs-gcafepro-Gcafepro management start & stop Service For the meantime lets STOP the services of gcafepro to avoid eating bandwith speed But dont forget to start it when your caf have a fewer customer to automatically download all important updates of the gam

How To Manual Update on GCAFEPRO SERVER 1. Run the Desire Game you want to Update 2. Open the gcafepro server and look for the game you want to manually update 3.Right click on the game and select update mode manually 4.Right click the Game and click GENERATE INDEX(wait to complete) 5.Push the Game on your client pc to update all client pc

the new map.

speed limit to 100

d all important updates of the games.