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Foreword and Reviews on my forthcoming book



Dr. A. Jagadeesh, Director, Nayudamma Centre for Development Alternatives, Nellore 524002, Andhra Pradesh, India E-mail:

Foreword Dr. A. Jagadeesh, who has a doctorate in wind energy, is an expert in renewable energy sources. He provides many insights into renewable energy sources as alternatives to the use of fossil fuel. We urgently need to develop new technologies and implement renewable sources if we are to slow, and hopefully reverse, the direction of climate change. The challenges are great. It is predicted that by 2050 we will need to be producing twice our current amount of food in order to feed the growing population of the world. Emerging economies will need ever increasing amounts of energy to satisfy their higher standards of living. Much is known about how to reduce dependence on fossil fuels but the demand continues to grow. Short and long term strategies and incentives for dramatic change are needed in order to accomplish this global challenge. What is called for is sustainable economic development that increases standards of living while not having a negative impact on our planet. Readers are encouraged to understand and promote alternative energy sources such as solar, wind, water, geothermal, hydrogen, atomic, and biomass. We cannot simply leave it to governments to solve our energy problems. Each of us must do our part, in whatever small or large ways we can, to ensure we dont waste energy. More importantly, we need to use renewable energy sources wherever possible. This book is part of Dr. Jagadeeshs life-long work encouraging scientific and technological innovations that support sustainable development. He shares a great deal of information, including useful technical data and examples of the practical use of renewable energy sources such as wind, biofuel, and solar. He also encourages Innovative Technology including inventions and initiatives by people from all walks of life. Vern Burkhardt, Author and Director, IdeaConnection Ltd. 1027 Pandora Ave. Victoria, BC, Canada V8V 3P6

INNOVATIVE PEOPLE'S TECHNOLOGIES The book is excellent in bringing up important issues, for instance Leaf to Root concept, putting nature first, with accurate numerical details and analysis of many leaf to root crops and uses, taking for example Agave Americana, Annona Squamosa (Sugar Apple), and Water Hyacinth (Eichhornia Crassipes), and giving the reader some idea of the varied and unexpected potential of these plants. It then moves to Wind Power in India of which it gives potential in different states. It also considers the difference in costs and energy output of onshore and offshore wind plants, looking also at wind programs in different countries. The book also illustrates some of the author's own inventions for the poorer people, including a wind power generating Savonius rotor, a system to sterilise water by exposing it in bottles to sunlight, and an evaporative cooling system to allow cheap cooling with a fan only, rather than expensive air conditioning. So, this book will give you plenty to learn, and also clues to have access to cheap variants for living coolly, having clean sterile water, and electric power from a homemade wind rotor. An enjoyable and useful contribution to an ecological way of life. Dominic Michaelis Director Energy Island UK

It is an excellent book. It will provide good examples for future scientists. Congratulations for coming up with such an important book. Prof.T. Nejat Veziroglu President, International Association for Hydrogen Energy (IAHE) 5794 SW 40 St. #303 Miami, FL 33155, USA

In his valuable book, Dr Jagadeesh tells us about several great innovative technologies in the renewable energy arena wind, solar, biomass-, not only as futuristic clean sources of sustainable energy, but as a way to empower poor people and help them out of poverty. The democratization of socially-oriented energy production and usage in the country-side is a must, if we are to survive Climate Change. This book puts us right in the center of the discussion about the need for true Sustainable Development, via the best alternative energy technologies available in the agricultural, industrial and business arenas. As Dr Anumakonda describes it, Innovative Technology (IT) deliberately involving people from all walks of life is the need of the hour in identifying the felt needs in the developing countries and finding solutions. The great promise of Innovative Technology is masterly revealed in this book, bringing hope for the future of mankind. Arturo Velez Jimenez Director, The Agave Project Mexico

Dear Dr. Jagadeesh, I looked with much interest through your new book. Very good. It seems you have been one of these old pioneers. Let me know, please, when your book will be published. Dr. Wolfgang Palz World Council for Renewable Energy (WCRE) Paradijsvogelslaan 71 Brussels 1160 Belgium E-mail :

I would like to congratulate Dr Jagadeesh for his concern on draw backs from conventional energy sources and capturing his thoughts as possible solutions in the form of a book which is so pithy; its is timely that too in view of Global warming concerns. One can see Dr Jagadeesh's passion on how Technology can be leveraged to address the global societal issues. Dr Jagadeesh succinctly explained how we can leverage the renewable energy sources (Nature) including Sun, Water, and Wind for energy generation. This is a small book but wealth of information. V Rajanna Vice President & Regional Head Global Head - Telecom Technology Business Unit Tata Consultancy Services Limited Hyderabad, AP, India