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A BYTE OF LIFE Wednesday, January 28, 2009

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E-learning makes inroads Uniq for accessories


New hit on the block

Saranya Mohan of Yaaradi Nee Mohini fame on new releases, Nayanthara and Fazil
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02 NAMMA CHENNAI ERGO Wednesday, January 28, 2009

View from Ladakh

Wander Lust – an exhibition of photographs on canvas by
Varun Gupta during his travel to Ladakh – will open today
at Goethe-Institut/Max Mueller Bhavan. The exhibition is
on view till February 14 at Goethe-Institut, No 4, Rutland
Gate 5th Street. Ph: 2833 2343/ 1314

How about some

quick lunch?
S.R. Foods’ light and tasty meals are a hit with office-goers

Movie mania

t’s a blessing to have a restau-
1takemedia calls all rant around one’s neighbour-
hood or office, especially
aspiring filmmakers more if it serves food that
tastes like home food. S.R. Foods
at Karpagam Avenue in R.A. Pu-
Y ou love films? And one day aspire to
become a filmmaker? Here’s your chance., an entertainment jobs and
ram is located amidst a residen-
tial area.
resource portal, has launched the The joint was started in 2005 by film competition. Dhayalan Divakar mainly for of-
The competition is open to all aspiring fice goers, where he started by
filmmakers who wish to make in-roads in serving only South Indian break-
the entertainment industry. The competition fast, lunch and dinner.
will be judged by filmmakers like Ketan “I chose this area
Mehta, Vikram Bhatt, John Mathew because I knew there
Matthan, Jabbar Patel and Mike Pandey. was a huge potential
There are three categories to the for corporates and our

competition: Segment 1 (under 10 minutes), first client was ICICI

Segment 2(10 to 30 minutes) and Segment 3 Bank (corporate of-
(30 to 60 minutes). So if you have a fice), which is down
handycam and an idea, just go on. the road,” says Diva-
Entries must reach by March 31. For entry kar. “Within a year’s
forms and details log on to time, our business picked up and we
started getting many
North Indian clients too from
TVS Infotech, Sundaram Towers, and onion dosai are the most pre- years, says, “The food is tasty and
Tripple C Constructions and a ferred.” While the South Indian very homely. I liked the dry pota-
few more. So we introduced thali is priced at Rs. 30, the North to sabji, raw banana chips and
North Indian thali for lunch.” Indian one is Rs. 35. payasam. The service is very fast
In the evening, they have and the price is reasonable.”
Food galore snacks like samosa, kachori and They also do catering for the
When it comes to breakfast, boiled chundal (lentils). The din- British Council library, Judicial A-
you have idlis, dosas, vada, pon- ner is very light when compared cademy and Ashok Leyland. Ask
gal, suji kichdi, puri with potato – to the lunch. Divakar adds, “We Divakar about his future plans,
served with coconut chutney. change the menu every day to and he says, “We plan to start
Plus, chutney made of ginger or add variety.” cafeterias in offices and venture
onion urud daal and sambar. The What I liked about the food is into outdoor catering soon.” ■
breakfast is priced from Rs. 12 to its preparation – it is not oily or (Too Good for Critics is a weekly
Rs. 25. spicy but very light, served in suf- column to celebrate Namma
Divakar says, “The podi dosai ficient quantity. Vinod Kumar, re- Chennai’s ‘Kaiyendi Bhavans’ and
lationship manager at ICICI small eateries. If you can think of a
Bank, who has been a regular similar place, mail us at
to the place for the last two

How to get there: Walk straight from ICICI Corporate office,

located at R.A. Puram. It is on the 3rd street of Karpagam
Best time to go: From 8 a.m. to 10.30 a.m., they serve
breakfast. Although the lunch starts at 12.30 p.m., and you
are busy in a meeting, don’t worry as this is one outlet where
you get lunch till 3.30 p.m.
My favourite: Potato palak and payasam
Phone: 4203 5000/ 4210 0551
Wednesday, January 28, 2009

At a time when companies are finding it
difficult to keep purse strings tight, green
learning only promises to show the way


icture this: Motorola is launching a new mod-
el, before which it wants to train its em-
ployees across the world about the
nitty-gritty of the new handset.
The typical scenario: A team from the company’s
headquarters flies down to each of their major loca-
tions to take the staff through gruelling hours of
Power Point presentations, written notes, discus-
sions and so on. That’s the traditional classroom
training each of us has got accustomed to. The new
scenario: The mobile major decided to cash in on
something more cost-effective. It got an e-learning
tool developed, which it installed in its main server
whereby all the sales staff were asked to take les-
sons and also undergo tests after that. While for the
staff it was flexi and interactive hours of training
that could be taken at one’s pace and convenience,
for the company it was channelising money, energy
and time on a long-term initiative.

Green 2009
Welcome to green IT or green 2009 – a mantra
most companies are chanting these days to combat
recession or as a cost-cutting measure. E-learning
has increasingly been found to be an effective train-
ing tool companies have resorted to in these tough
“Green learning has been part of the Indian psy-
che since years, but what is more interesting is to
see companies convert from the traditional Instruc-
tor Led Training (ILT) to e-learning, thus saving on
the training cost, reducing carbon footprint, among
others benefits,” says Dr. Prabal Mall, content head,
Expertus Infotech. “On an average, a company
spends between Rs. 10,000 and Rs. one lakh on a
trainer. In e-learning, around four hours of ILT
training is converted into an hour of interactive
BPOs, IT services, technology and pharmaceu-
tical companies have adopted e-learning in a major
way. The Tatas have embarked on green learning in
a big way.
“Almost all major companies have implemented
green learning initiatives, but it is still at a nascent
stage in India. It has to gather momentum,” says
Shailesh Mehta, CEO, Gurukul Online Learning So-
lutions. “Today, over 15 corporates have adopted
green learning enterprise wise or division wise.”
Go green seems to be the way ahead! ■

Go Green…
■ It reduces use of paper and manual work as
everything is online
■ Reduces cost incurred in classroom training,
which requires companies to invest on travel,
stay, etc.
■ E-learning content is reusable or can be
modified, thus reducing cost of learning
■ It is fun and interactive. Also, there is no
compulsion to sit in a classroom – one can
take it according to one’s pace
■ Social networking sites or blogs can also be
used for training purpose
04 KALEIDOSCOPE ERGO Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cheesecake world record

The world’s largest cheesecake has been made in Mexico
City. 55 cooks spent 60 hours making the massive two
ton cake that contained almost a ton of cream cheese,
the same amount of yogurt, 350 kilograms of pastry, 250
kilograms of sugar and 150 kilograms of butter.

World’s only immortal creature

n what is the first case of immortality in a
living organism, scientists have recog-
nised Turritopsis nutriculaas as the only
known animal that is capable of rejuv-
enating itself.
According to a report in the Times, jellyf-
ish usually die after propagating, but Turri-
topsis reverts to a sexually immature stage
after reaching adulthood and is capable of
rejuvenating itself.
The 4-5mm diameter creature, technically
known as a hydrozoan, is the only known
animal that is capable of reverting to its ju-
venile polyp state.
Theoretically, this cycle can repeat indefi-
nitely, rendering it potentially immortal.
Found in warm tropical waters, Turritopsis
is believed to be spreading across the world
as ships’ ballast water is discharged in ports.
Though solitary, they are predatory crea-
tures and evolve asexually from a polyp
The switching of cell roles is usually seen
only when parts of an organ regenerate.
However, it appears to occur normally in the
life cycle of the Turritopsis. ■


Hackers steal details of 4.5 million

from Monster job site

ackers gained access to cies have risen.
confidential details pro- refused to com-
vided by 4.5 million peo- ment on how much information
ple to, the had been taken but The Times
online recruitment site. understands that the personal
It is the most extensive breach details of millions of people can
of confidential data since HM be downloaded in under an
Revenue and Customs lost the hour once a hacker has gained
details of 25 million child bene- access.
fit recipients in 2007. Security analysts told that the
The victims are mainly pro- plundered data from the site
fessional staff seeking work in would be used by organised
the economic downturn. gangs to open fake bank ac-
쒀 Customers gaze at Japanese auto giant Honda Motor’s convertible sports car
Registrations at the site, counts or take out loans in the
S2000 at the Honda headquarters in Tokyo on Tuesday as Honda announced the
which allows employers to names of unsuspecting custom-
company will discontinue production of the S2000. AFP PHOTO
browse thousands of CVs on- ers. ■
line, have soared as redundan- ANI
Wednesday, January 28, 2009

This exclusive accessory store in Teynampet has an eclectic

mix of funky and chic

he store’s launch saw a lot
of fanfare, what with Shilpa
Shetty endorsing it on her
recent Chennai visit. Uniq,
the three-week-old exclu-
sive accessory store of actor
Sona Heiden (of Kuselan
fame), resists the temptation of becoming an all-under-one-roof
clothes and accessories provider and keeps the accessories (for
men and women) as centrepiece. Situated bang opposite J.B.A.S.
College (S.I.E.T), it cannot be missed.
From pretty trinkets like earrings, neckpieces, bangles and rings to
wrist watches, glasses, handbags, clutches, shoes, hats, head bands,
scarves and boots, it’s all here. So if it is a fuchsia pair of sandals that you pick
here, finding a giant tote or a mini clutch of the same shade under the same roof
shouldn’t be a problem.
Neckpieces range from the bohemian beaded variety to braided leather ones and
the more classic ones in silver and gold. Bags are a
mix of funky gigantic totes in golden and black to
tiny metallic and sequinned purses.
We love the footwear. From suede strappy num-
bers in parrot green and pink to red satin pumps with drama
heels, neon peep-toes and court shoes, wedges and knee-
high boots, choice is plenty. It’s a case of Cinderella’s glass
slippers though. The size you see is the size that’s available, so
you’re either lucky to fit into the pair you like or move on to
the next.
Also, the tie section, though limited, offers some rather
interesting designs (read guitars and smiling suns).
The accessories have been handpicked by Sona herself
during her travels in India and abroad and the store claims to
have no more than one in the same design or colour. So no
embarrassing mirror-image moments. Uniq! ■

59/28, Kavignar Bharathidasan Road,
Teynampet, Chennai - 600 018
Ph: 044 - 4200 0030
Store timings: 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

06 VILLAGE ERGO Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Father of 11 at 111
A reptile in New Zealand has become the proud
father of eleven at the age of 111, five years after
having a cancerous tumour removed.

Wikipedia may Airports testing radar that could

tighten rules on spot birds
Some of the busiest US airports will soon begin testing
experimental radar systems designed to track flocks of birds

online editing and help pilots avoid the type of collision believed to have
crippled a US Airways jet nearly two weeks ago. Proponents
say air traffic controllers could someday use the technology
to delay takeoffs, reroute flights before they leave the

ikipedia, an encyclope- could delay the publication of ground, and perhaps even radio warnings to pilots to take
dia with millions of arti- some items but said he believed it evasive action. The new technology uses a combination of
cles contributed in was necessary. inexpensive marine radar antennas, much like the kind used
dozens of languages, However, he gave opponents on fishing boats, and powerful computer software to
may soon tighten rules on online two weeks to come up with an- monitor birds as they gather and soar as far as 10
editing after vandals changed en- other proposal. “Those who are kilometers away from an airport.
tries on two US Senators to in the minority who are opposed PTI
wrongly report they are no more. to this are invited to make an al-
Jimmy Wales, the Founder of ternative proposal within the
the site, proposed the new next seven days, to be voted upon
‘Flagged Revisions’ policy on who for the next 14 days after that,” Apple wins patent for iPhone
can edit its pages after the van- Wales was quoted as saying.
dalism of the entries on US Sen- Wikipedia prides itself on al- touch screen controls
ators Ted Kennedy and Robert lowing anyone with an Internet Apple has won a US patent for touch-screen
Byrd, the media reported. connection to contribute or edit controls and gained a potential legal weapon
According to the proposal, content. It attracts roughly six against iPhone competitors. US Patent 7,479,949 is
which was approved 60-40 by million visitors a day. Kennedy, awarded to ‘(Steve) Jobs et al’ for a method of
participants in an online poll, who is suffering from brain can- “detecting one or more finger contacts with the
first-time or anonymous users cer, collapsed at a luncheon last touch screen display” to command computing
wouldn’t be allowed to make in- week after the inauguration of devices. A multi-page patent available online at
stant editing unless approved by Barack Obama as American Pres- the US Patent and Trade Office on Monday details
the trusted users first. ident on January 20 and was hos- iPhone or iPod Touch commands such as finger or
“This nonsense would have pitalised. thumb swiping, twisting, or spreading to flip
been 100 per cent prevented by But he was discharged within pages, rotate views, or enlarge images. The patent
Flagged Revisions,” Wales wrote hours. However, his Wikipedia was issued last week, a day before Apple on
on the Wikipedia user forum entry was changed shortly after- January 21 announced record-high quarterly
page, posted online, sparking a wards to say that he had died, but profits.
heated debate. Wales expressed was corrected within minutes. ■ AFP
concern that the new procedure PTI

Jimmy Wales,
founder of Wikipedia. The day when White House
emails did not work
In less than a week of entering the White House, the technology-
savvy team of US President Barack Obama was stuck for major part
of the day, with their email was not working. They could neither
receive nor send email, thus making them almost dysfunctional. The
Obama Team has been used to doing most of its work through
emails and blackberries. “There’s only one e-mail system at the White
House at a time, and unfortunately, it’s not working,” White House
spokesperson Robert Gibbs told reporters during the course of his
daily press briefing.

UK report suggests hospitals

serve less meat
British hospitals will be asked to offer more patients meat-
free meals to save the planet’s health, a health official said.
A report on the environmental impact of Britain’s publicly
funded health service will recommend that hospital menus
offer less milk and meat and more locally sourced
Jimmy Wales proposed the new vegetables, Dr David Pencheon, the head of the National
‘Flagged Revisions’ policy on who can Health Service’s sustainable development unit said on
edit its pages after the vandalism of Monday. Pencheon said that less pork, beef, and cheese
the entries on US Senators Ted could be good for patients’ health - and good for the
Kennedy and Robert Byrd planet, too. “The NHS has a duty to set an example: that it’s
perfectly possible to eat healthily without as much meat,”
he said.
Wednesday, January 28, 2009
Plumber saves day This day, that year
A plumber was called in to retrieve a It was on January 28, 1986 that seven
distraught woman’s $70,000 astronauts died after the space
(GBP50,000) diamond engagement shuttle Challenger exploded 72
ring after she accidentally flushed it seconds after lift off from Cape
down the toilet. Canaveral.

Booklet advices Brit school kids

about tips on cannabis use
chool kids in Britain have been given
access to a 20-page booklet that pro-
vides them with tips on cannabis use.
Titled ’Know Cannabis’, the book-
let, according to The Telegraph, spells out
how the drug can make you feel relaxed
and makes music ’sound better’ as well as
whether to use bongs or buckets and how
to roll a joint. Titled ’Know
The paper further goes on to say that it is Cannabis’, the
not until page 14 that the document points
out that the drug is illegal but is being booklet spells out
handed out to young teenagers preparing how the drug can
for their GCSEs at schools in the North make you feel
East. It comes as the drugs were yesterday
reclassified from Class C to Class B. relaxed and
Aimed at youngsters, it includes advice makes music
on how best to take the drug.
The booklet begins by telling youngsters ’sound better’ as
to ‘Know the effects, how it is used, the well as whether
risks, and how to avoid them’. The booklet to use bongs or
is produced by Merseyside-based HIT,
which provides ’social marketing cam- buckets and how
paigns’ on drugs and alcohol and sexual to roll a joint
health, which said it did not mean to en-
courage drug use and would be happy to
listen to any complaints.
The Department for Children Schools
and Families said it did not dictate what
children were taught about drugs and con-
tent of drug education are taken at local
level. ■

Woman in California A family matter

gives birth to octuplets
A woman gave birth to eight
babies in Southern Califor-
nia, the world’s second live-
born set of octuplets.
The mother, who was not
identified, yesterday gave birth
to six girls and two boys weigh-
ing between 820 grams and
1.54 kilograms, doctors at Kais-
er Permanante hospital said.
“It’s a surprise,” Dr Karen
Maples said. “Eight newborns blings – girls Ebuka, Gorom,
are in stable condition and Chidi, Chima and Echerem,
they’re doing quite well.” and their brothers Ikem and
Doctors estimated the wom- Jioke – celebrated their 10th
an’s delivery lasted only five birthday in December.
minutes. “They were all Their parents, Nkem Chuk-
screaming and kicking around wu and Iyke Louis Udobi, said
very vigorously,” Harold Henry they are astonished and grate-
told the TV station KCAL9. ful that their children have
The first live-born octuplets grown up to be healthy and ac-
were born in Houston in 1998, tive kids who are now in the 쒀
and one baby died about a fourth grade. ■ A lioness and her two cubs play in deep snow on Monday at the Dyreparken zoo in
week later. The surviving si- PTI Kristiansand, southern Norway. AFP PHOTO
08 SPORT ERGO Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Arshavin on his way to Arsenal

Zenit St. Petersburg says it has agreed with Arsenal on a transfer price for Russia midfielder
Andrei Arshavin, but his move to the Premier League club is being delayed by the player’s wage
demands. Zenit refused to disclose the price agreed for Arshavin, but club spokesman Alexei
Petrov said Monday the price reflects the player’s “real market value”.

Djokovic out
n exhausted Novak Djokov- city is this week heading for its win the title and for him not to
ic surrendered his Austra- worst heatwave in 100 years, with get a fair chance to defend it, it’s
lian Open title on Tuesday 40 C temperatures predicted ev- too bad,” Roddick said, but added
Bhupathi-Knowles advance when he withdrew from his ery day. that he was happy to go through.
On a sweet-sour day for India, Mahesh Bhupathi quarter-final with Andy Roddick, Roddick’s next opponent will
and Mark Knowles cruised into the semi-finals of but it was full steam ahead for Tough act be either 13-time Grand Slam
men’s doubles but the top-seeded mixed ice-cool Vera Zvonareva. The Ser- “People could see that I was champion Roger Federer, who
doubles pair of Leander Paes and Cara Black bian third seed was trailing 7-6 struggling with movement, the has often been the American’s
were shocked in the second round of the (7/3), 4-6, 2-6, 1-2 in furnace-like main reason is cramping and nemesis at major tournaments,
Australian Open in Melbourne on Tuesday. The conditions on Rod Laver Arena soreness in the whole body,” said or exciting young Argentine Juan
third-seeded Indo-Bahamian duo of Bhupathi when he turned pale and could Djokovic, adding that organisers Martin del Potro. Like many oth-
and Knowles overcame a second set deficit to not continue, handing Roddick needed to look again at their heat ers here over the past nine days,
beat the Spanish pair of Feliciano Lopez and his fourth Australian semi-final policy. “That’s something we
Fernando Verdasco 6-1, 2-6, 6-4 in one hour and appearance. have to discuss in the future. Of Russian surge
28 minutes. The quarterfinal clash saw Bhupathi In an Open that has produced course, it’s concerning a lot of France’s Marion Bartoli also
and Knowles break the Spanish pair thrice while plenty of surprises, Djokovic be- players,” he said. “As a tourna- felt the effects of the searing heat
dropping their own serve twice. The winners came the fourth player to pull out ment or as a tennis fan, you don’t in her match against Russian sev-
played a controlled game, committing just four of the quarter-finals either in- want to see a player retiring. You enth seed Zvonareva, bending
unforced errors to 11 of their opponents. They jured or ill, following in the foot- didn’t pay a ticket to come to see double and sucking for breath.
next play Lukasz Kubot of Poland and Oliver steps of Zheng Jie, Victoria somebody retiring the match.” She started strongly but rapidly
Marach of Austria. Azarenka and Gael Monfils. He The seventh seeded Roddick, wilted, crashing 6-3, 6-0 in a one-
However, Paes and Black, the reigning US Open blamed his retirement on cramps looking for another Grand Slam sided drubbing to a player who is
champions, were outplayed 1-6, 5-7 by the un- and the heat, with the mercury title to go with his US Open in her first Grand Slam semi-final
seeded Swiss-South African combine in just 64 reaching 35 C (95 F). crown in 2003, was playing high in 25 attempts. Zvonareva de-
minutes. There appears class tennis when Djokovic clared herself ready to win the
Among the juniors, top seed Yuki Bhambri to be little withdrew and may well tournament. “If I’m coming for
continued his impressive showing as he reached respite in have progressed re- the tournament, I’m pretty confi-
the pre-quarterfinals of the singles and store with gardless. But he dent in myself,” she said. Bartoli
quarterfinals of the doubles with Chinese forecast- said he still had agreed that Zvonareva could go
Taipei’s Liang-Chi Huang. ers a hollow feel- all the way here, where she is yet
PTI warn- ing. “I feel for to drop a set and has held her
ing Novak be- opponents to 6-0 in four of the 10
the cause he sets she has contested. “She’s al-
worked so most like a ball machine, she just
A hit hard to puts it back at you all the time
As befits a man playing the lead role in Shane with interest,” the Frenchwoman
Warne – The Musical, comedian Eddie Perfect’s said. Zvonareva next plays either
first action upon arriving for his interview is to third seed Dinara Safina or Aus-
light up a cigarette. After all, his warts-and-all tralian wildcard Jelena Dokic,
production about the wayward cricketer is who is on the comeback trail
billed as “a new breed of Aussie music theatre after years of depression fol-
that smokes, drinks, carries a few extra kilos lowing the antics of her in-
and still brings home the Ashes”. famous father Damir.
The musical has been a smash hit since it ■
opened in Warne’s hometown of Melbourne AFP
last month, drawing in a blokey audience of
sports lovers who Perfect says would not
normally be seen dead at a musical. Chants of
“Warney, Warney” regularly erupt in the
normally sedate Athenaeum Theatre as the
crowd watch musical
numbers such as “We’re
getting guys dragging their
girlfriends to the theatre,
which is the opposite of
how it usually works,”
Perfect said. “You see young
blokes making their way to
their seats carrying armfuls
of beers for their mates, just
like they do at the cricket. It upset a few of the
traditional musical theatre people but I think
it’s great. It’s like Reformation theatre when
people were buying oranges to throw at the
actors – why shouldn’t they have fun?”

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

They’re (South Africa) doing a lot of things well. As I’ve said we’ve been in
positions every game to try and capitalise on things and we’ve let them slip.
We’ve shown glimpses of some very good cricket but the distance between our good
cricket and our bad cricket is too vast.
Ricky Ponting

set for record double

ce Sri Lankan spinner Muttiah dis at bay in the Test series, said the
Muralitharan is poised to com- team were better prepared this time
plete a record bowling double to counter the Sri Lankan. “We did
during the one-day series not know what was coming out of his
against India starting on Wednesday. hand and how much variations he
The off-spinner is just three wick- had,” said Gambhir. “But when
ets short of surpassing former Pa- you play constantly against the
kistani paceman Wasim Akram’s same bowler, tackling him be-
world record of 502 one-day comes easier. This time, we will
scalps, having grabbed 500 in start on an even platform
324 matches so far. against him.”
Muralitharan, already the Mendis recently became
world’s leading bowler in Tests the fastest to complete 50
with 769 wickets in 125 wickets in one-dayers,
matches, will become only achieving the feat in only 19
the second player after Indian matches. He has also
batsman Sachin Tendulkar to claimed 19 wickets in six
hold two major cricketing one-Dayers against India.
records. Tendulkar is the top Sri Lankan captain Mahela
run-getter in both Tests Jayawardene was happy his
(12,429) and One-Day Inter- team’s faltering batting
nationals (16,422). line-up came good in Pakis-
Muralitharan will once tan where they posted 309
again be the focus during the for five in the deciding
five-match series against In- match in Lahore on Satur-
dia as Sri Lanka pin their day. “The batting has started
hopes on him to avenge their to click again and this is a
3-2 defeat against Mahendra good sign before we take on
Singh Dhoni’s men at home India,” said Jayawardene.
last August.
The off-spinner appeared in Star studded
good form in a recent series in India’s batting will be boost-
Pakistan, taking six wickets in ed by the return of Virender Seh-
three matches which Sri Lanka 2-1. wag and Tendulkar, who both
The spinner said he was focused missed the last one-day series in
more on winning matches for his Sri Lanka due to injuries.
team than the world record. The tourists also hold an edge in
“The milestones are not that im- pace bowling with Ishant Sharma and
portant for me. Winning as a team is Zaheer Khan in impressive form. The
far more important. If these miles- duo were instrumental in India’s re-
tones come along, I am happy,” Mu- cent home Test series wins against
ralitharan said in a recent interview. Australia and England.
“India is shaping well in both forms
Mendis mania of the game,” said Jayawardene. “We
India will have to deal with a pair of beat them in the Tests, but lost the
quality spinners as Ajantha Mendis one-day series.
has formed a formidable combina- Hopefully, we will turn things
tion with Muralitharan since making around this time.”
his one-day debut in the West Indies The Sri Lankan captain is himself
last year. Unorthodox spinner Mendis searching for form with 28 being his
played a major role in his team’s 2-1 top score in the last 12 one-dayers.
Test series victory over India at home The series was finalised to partly fill
last year when he claimed 26 wickets
-- the highest by a debutant in a
Mendis and Murali offer a potent threat the gap created by India’s cancelled
tour of Pakistan in January-February
three-match series.
India opener Gautam Gambhir, to the famed Indian batting line-up following the Mumbai attacks in No-
vember. ■
one of the few batsmen to keep Men- AFP
10 FLICK ERGO Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Surprise b’day party

On the sets of Mahesh, Saranya
Mattrum Palar, actor Shakthi had
surprised Saranya Mohan by arranging
a small birthday party.

‘Nayan, my
Saranya Mohan on Yaaradi Nee
Mohini, balancing college and
cinema, and playing leading lady
V. HARIPRIYA one. “After taking part in a dance contest during class III,
my family and I were return-
ing home. On the way my

ith plenty of offers dad showed us Fazil uncle’s
in her kitty, Saranya house and my sister Sukanya
Mohan is on cloud wanted to see the director.
nine. The remix of So my dad took us inside the
‘Paalakattu pakkathile’ from gate and a discussion for a
Yaaradi Nee Mohini worked movie was going on there.
wonders for her. Climbing We met Fazil uncle and he
the success ladder slowly yet saw all my certificates and
carefully, this petite girl noted down my address.
from Alleppey reveals Two days later he sent two
Nayanthara was a sister fig- of his assistants to book me
ure for her on the sets of for his next movie, Ani-
Yaaradi Nee Mohini. yaththi Pravu, the Malaya-
“After I was selected for lam version of Kadhalukku
the movie, director Jawahar Mariyadhai.”
asked me to come to the sets After donning sister roles
to get acquainted with the in three movies, Saranya has
stars. I was so tensed that I graduated to being the lead
just kept myself away from lady. In Panchamirtham and
the crowd. Also, I didn’t A Aa E Ee she played the her-
know a single word of Tamil. oine. Her future projects are
I was praying to all gods to Aarumugam, Eeram and
give me strength,” she says. Vennila Kabbadi Kuzhu.
“Suddenly, Jawahar sir A final-year student of En-
brought Dhanush and glish Literature, Saranya
Nayanthara to me. I was re- thanks all her friends who
ally awestruck. To tell the help her pass each semester
truth, I was seeing Nayan- without any arrears. “With-
thara for the first time off out my friends, I can’t juggle
screen. I thought being such college and cinema. In the
a star she would never talk cine field, my friends are
to me. But, to my surprise, Bhavana and Monica,” says
she was so cool and treated Saranya, adding that the
me like a little sister. From first Tamil word she learnt
day one to the end of the was “aama (yes)”.
schedule, she was my sup- On her future plans, Sara-
port on the sets,” recalls Sa- nya says she would continue
ranya, who is also a trained doing movies sans glamour
classical dancer. till she gets good offers. Af-
Introduced by director Fa- ter that she’d be looking af-
zil in Vijay-starrer Kadhaluk- ter the YKB Dance Academy
ku Mariyadai to do the role run by her parents, Y.K.B.
of Shalini’s little niece, Sara- Mohan and Kalamandlam
nya says her introduction to Devi Mohan, in her home-
Fazil was an unexpected town. ■


Stars: Mohanlal, Shobana

Colour: Pink
Food: Chappathi
Movie: Manichitrathazhu
Place: Hometown Alleppey
Wednesday, January 28, 2009
Lindsay Lohan harming herself?
Actress Lindsay Lohan has lost an astonishing amount of
weight in just a short while after her break-up with girlfriend
Samantha Ronson and her friends are now concerned for her
because she has got mysterious scratch marks on her body.

Cine City
to be
Golden mark
Vijay has just hit a half century. Immediately after
announcing his 49th film Vettaikaran, sources say
that the ‘Ilaya Thalapathy’ has also decided the
director for his 50th movie. If Internet buzz is true,
the director would be Raja, brother of Jeyam Ravi.

roadway impresario song’s groundbreaking video, aspect of the creative process,”
James L. Nederlander has in which the former King of Pop said Nederlander in a state- We are yet to hear about the details about the rest
inked a deal with Michael turns into a werewolf while on a ment. of the cast and crew. Meanwhile, Vijay’s
Jacskon to turn the pop date. The production will fea- “I love the idea of making Vettaikaran, directed by Babu Sivan and produced
star’s classic horror spoof ture songs from Jackson’s al- Thriller a musical. Girl meets by AVM, will go underway in February. Let’s hope
Thriller into a stage musical. bums Thriller and Off theWall. boy, they fall in love, boy has that Lady Luck will knock on Vijay’s door with his
According to a press state- “This musical will be the ex- big secret, now what?” said Ne- upcoming releases.
ment issued Monday, the Ne- clusive Michael Jackson-au- derlander, whose company
derlander Organisation will thorised version of Thriller and owns nine Broadway theatres.
produce a musical based on the Jackson will participate in every DPA

Too t o o t h y
V ogue editor Anna Wintour considered
British actress Sienna Miller for the cover
page but felt that the actress is too “toothy”
and staffs were worried that she had “too
many fillings” and “unruly hair”. reports that these claims
were revealed in a behind-the-scenes docu-
mentary. The documentary also shows how
Miller was airbrushed for the shoot back in
2007 with reputed photographer Mario Tes-
tino. They took one photo of her and super-
imposed it on a separate picture of her body.
Miller’s publicist said: “Sienna Miller is the
first person to admit that her photos are al-
ways retouched - no one is ever that
perfect.” Language switch
Patrick O’Connell, the head of communi- It’s time for Tollywood lovers to rejoice. With
cations, added: “While some retouching is a Abhiyum Naanum being a blockbuster in
fact for any cover, no one is more convinced Kollywood, Prakash Raj’s Duet Movies plans to
of Ms Miller’s beauty than Vogue. The fact remake it in Telugu. Although Trisha will be
she appeared on the magazine’s September retained, Jagapathi Babu will replace Prakash Raj.
cover, our most important issue of the year, As per hearsay, Trisha has been allotted three days
is a testimony to this truth." ■ for the movie and the shoots are said to be
IANS scheduled in Ooty.
12 ERGO Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tuesday’s Question:
Is the movie Slumdog Millionaire worth the hype
■ Definitely! Because it beautifully portrays the dark side of India in an unseen
Raghavendran, Prosper, Dinesh
Cognizant Technologies

■ It was a very good film but of course not as excellent the hype created.
Patni Computers

■ No, Not that much our Indians directed as much good films. But that is not
highlighted by the Oscar
Prasanna Chakravarthi,
Wipro Technologies

■ No, because it’s not realistic. Some parts can be appreciated but certainly
not worth the Oscars. Kannan Dharmalinkam from HCL has nominated his team as
Chital, Partners in Crime. The pic was taken during their trip to
Accenture Pondicherry.
■ No, The initial part is pacy and promises a lot, but fades later, what
disappoints me is, the director has projected India as entirely slum bound in
the entire movie, nothing extra ordinary, can watch once.
Cognizant Technologies

■ People will accept this hype after Gulzar and Rahman win Oscar on Feb 22.

■ Slumdog Millionaire doesn’t deserve 10 Oscar nominations. It was an

ordinary flick with some good performances by the child artists. SDM had a
measure of all things from rags to riches, lovers from puerility. But one is left
flustered of what exactly the movie wants to convey. Though Jai ho isn’t
Rahman’s personal best, it still makes me happy.
Tata Consultancy Services

■ Taare Zameen Par is far better than Slumdog. It’s shocking to see Slumdog
getting awards. City of God and Children of Heaven are true world cinemas.
A.G. Sivakumar,
Anandan T.G from eNoah has nominated his team as Partners
Athena PA/S1
in Crime. This pic was clicked at Queensland.
■ Ya. It’s more than that, simply superb.
Tata Consultancy Services

■ Yes of course. Rahman has given his best. If we need to compare the score
of SM with The Departed then we may need to compare Titanic and Benhar
with more films in the past. As well as they’ve just shown the real picture of
slums in Mumbai and the happenings there. So Rahman and Danny are worth
getting Oscar.
Robin M,

■ Yes definitely. God ARR bgm for the chasing sequences are terrific.

Today’s Query:
Give a punch dialogue to congratulate Vivek for
winning the ‘Padma Shri’ award?
Mahesh and Meenakshi from Cognizant have nominated their
project mates as Partners in Crime. This pic was clicked in
Wednesday, January 28, 2009

■ Dear Chandramukhi Charu

Sambhar Suvaikanum’na paruppu venum
Charu sirikanum’na murukku venum
Wish u many more happy returns of the
Keep laughing and make others laugh –
Team Worldsource
Tata Consultancy Services
Vasu of Tata Consultancy Services has been nominated as
Office Angel by his friends. ■ Hi Jana ( Co-Ordi ),
He is a person who can be spotted with his bright smile and
We the Sonatans wish you many more happy
energizing laughter. Excellent people manager and a great friend
birthday. All cheers for you buddy.
who can be approached at any time for any issues.
From, Dear friends,
Gopi, Arun, Guptha,
Srini, Prabhu & Vivek.
Wipro Technologis

■ Dear Dan-Team Leader

If Wishes come in Rainbow colors........ We
would send u the brightest one to say...........
Hope you have a "BIRTHDAY" that’s as
wonederful as you are !!!!!!!!!!!! We Wish U
A Very Happy Birthday.......
Keep Roking!!!
Wishes From,
Gershome, Srini,
Kevin & ATG Rockers
Art featured in this column will receive gift coupons from Fruit Shop on Vinoth, Praveen, Arun,
Greams Road. Send in your addresses so that we can post the coupons. Shushma, Serena, Sai, Rafia
Allsec tech

■ Hi Thala,
We are looking for you birthday treat.enjoy
you life and take care. Regards. Treat
sangam.Hi Thala, We are looking for you
birthday treat.enjoy you life and take care.
Treat sangam.
■ Dear Murali
Happy 2nd Wedding Anniversary in
Vinothini Pachaiyappan advance!!
of Infosys has doodled Enjoy and have a great time with ur lovely
this. kid…
Sending you warmest wishes on the
upcoming special day!!
Tons of Luv
■ Dear Sathiya priya,
Many More Returns of This Day!
May The Almighty Give U All The Things
May Your Good Time Multiply!!
Wishing U for the Successful Life!!!

■ Dear Adithya,
A smile is a curve that sets everything
straight and wipes wrinkle away.
Hope you share lots and receive lots for days
to come. Kick off your shoes;
Take a break;
Dance and shake;
Sardar’s Letter to Bill Gates: Light the candles;
Dear Mr. Bill Gates, We have bought a computer for our home & we have found some problems, which I Cut the cake make;
want to bring to your notice, It is a day that is simply great.
1) There is a button "start" but there is no "Stop" button. We request you to check this.. Happy birthday. I know that u will give me
2) My Child learnt "Microsoft Word", now he wants to learn "Microsoft Sentence" So when u will provide treat in a big hotel.
that? With Love
One Personal Question : How is that ur name is Gates but u r selling "windows". Kashish
Vishum, TCS
14 TRAFFIC JAM ERGO Wednesday, January 28, 2009

First 3-D porno

The world’s first ever pornographic 3-D movie is set to
start shooting later this year. Producer Stephen Shiu Jr
said his company One Dollar Production will begin
work on 3D Sex and Zen in April.


Manasa from TCS

clicked this picture
during the Pongal
festivities at her home
town in Nellore.
Hobbies: Painting,
singing and

Photographs of the
harvest festival, rural
India and little-
known rituals will be
given preference this
month. Please send
us fresh photographs,
preferably those
clicked by you on a
recent trip, to

All photos selected for clickpick this month KAKURO

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009
Church roof crash Word’s worth
Emergency services had to rescue a man from “Philostorgy” (fi-luh-stor-jee) natural affection, such
his car after he crashed it into a church roof in as that between parents and children. From a
Limbach-Oberfrohna, Germany on Monday. Greek word meaning ‘tenderly loving.’



It’s likely to be an average day for professional
work. Mundane tasks may consume lot of time and
still your concern for quality of work may remain
high. In second part, you may be worried about
pending work. Handle love with care.


At the beginning of the day you might have to do a
lot of hard work. As the day progresses, you may
feel worked up. In second half, you will be more
concerned about love life so you may not spend
long hours at office.


You will be developing good professional skills in
BORN LOSER first half of the day and second part is all about
putting those skills into practice. The day demands
more mental hard work. In second half, you may
need to ensure that your love life is not sidelined.
Ganesha augurs you enjoying good time at work at
the beginning of the day. In second half you have
scope of proving your professional skills. Time is
good for working on new assignments. Love life
may strike better level of understanding.
LEO JULY 21 - AUG 20
Constant thinking process may keep you busy today.
In later part of the day, you may be highly
concerned about domestic affairs and specifically
about relationships. You will be very serious about
matters related to heart, feels Ganesha.
In first half of the day, you may talk more and work
FREE RANGE WORKING IT OUT less, but in the second half you may work more and
talk less. Ganesha finds you exchanging sweet
dialogues with sweetheart. Later, you may enjoy
nice dinner with your beloved or life partner.
At the beginning of the day, your focus will be on
yourself but as the day progresses, you may start
thinking about job security. Your relations with lover
may strengthen up because of a positive event. It’s
day to count on people you love the most.
Even if the day doesn’t begin with any good news,
not to worry, as later part of the day favours you.
You may be appreciated by peers and superiors for
your decision and understanding. You will be able
to share precious time with your beloved.
Ganesha foresees you keeping very busy with
various activities at office. Later part of the day is
unfavourable for important professional decisions
but at the same time it is a good time for love life.
You may spend a good time with life partner.
You may remain energetic in first part of the day
but later your focus may shift to gains. You may
want to be more organised in work. If you apply
same rules in personal life, they may not work. Your
lover may demand lot of attention.
PREVIOUS You will be sharing your views about your work
with the team members. It might be slightly difficult
ISSUE’S to convince everyone on each point but you may try
hard to prove your points. In love life you will be
SOLUTIONS able to strike perfect balance with your partner.
Ganesha feels that your mood may change in
second part of the day. First part is totally
uneventful. Ganesha feels that you will share your
sentiments with someone very close and if you are
in love, you will spend great time with beloved.
Predictions by Bhavesh N. Pattni
16 ! ERGO Wednesday, January 28, 2009

1 Bollywodd actors Nisha Kothari and Punit

Rajkumar enacting a scene during
shooting of film Raj at the Taj Mahal in
Agra on Tuesday. PTI PHOTO

2 Miss India Parvathi Omanakuttan meets

singer KJ Yesudas at a cultural programme
in Kochi on Monday. PTI PHOTO

3 Actress Jessica Alba watches the Los

Angeles Clippers take on the Portland Trail
Blazers at Staples Center on Monday in Los
Angeles, California. AFP PHOTO