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Charities Bureau QUat'


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. In the weeks since Hunicane Sandy battered the Atlantic seaboard and caused unprecedented devastation in New Yark, donors across America and the world have contributed millions ofdollars to help victims rebuild their lives. I know that New Yorkers are grateful for the generous support they art receiving in this time ofneed.

Consistent with the Attomey General's respoD.81Oility to ovetseC charitable activities and fUndraising in New Yark, we are requesting information about your organization's ftmdraising and relief efforts. In light ofthe enonnous amount ofmoney raised in such a short period of time, s:nd with donations still to come, it is important that donors remain confident that their contributions are holping victims as quickly and effectively as possible. In particular, we want to ensure that donors understand how their money is being used. and whether funds given for Hurricane Sandy relief are in fact being used for that pmpose. To promote t:nmspanmcy and encourage further giving, we request that you provide responses to the questions in the attached document. We fully understand that you are currently responding to one ofthe largest natural disasters in United States histoty, and do not want to distTact you :from your efforts. We have therefore limited our questions to those you can promptly and easily IDSWflr and which will help inform the public at this stage of the relief efforts. In the coming weeks and months. we expect to reach out to you for additional infonnatioD, including more detailed information about



how donations have been expended and the steps taken to prevent fraud and/or misuse of

Pleue email your responses the questions in the attached document to by December 11, 2012. Ifyou are unable to provide responses by this date because of your ongoing reliefefforts, please let me know. An electronic copy of the attached document maybe obtained by sending an amail to that same address. I can be reached at (212) 416-8402 if there arc any questions.


We look forward to working with you in these challenging times.


Jason R. Lilien Charities Bureau Chief

New York State Offlee oftbe Attorney General Charities Bureau Burrfgpe Sandy ReUefInformadoD Name OfOrguJutlOD:,

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What Is the approximato dollar 8IDOWlt ofdonations and pledgOl that your organization hu received to date in I'DlPOnJO to Hurricane Sandy?


WlI1 theeo tUnds be uaod lJOlely for Hunicane Sandy rellof1l( not, approximately what portion will be \lied (or Hurricane Sandy reliofand what other purpoIClI will fbnda be used fur?

. 3.

Approximately how much baa your ofJl&llizatlon spent to date on Hurrloane Sandy rcHef?


What Hl'Yicea hu your orpnization provided to those atrected by Hurricane Sandy? , What populations or pographioal 8IUI are belngla'Ved by your orpnizatlon in I'lllPOIllO to Hurricane SandY? What servlcel doeIlt expect tojH'ovide in the future?


Hu your organization provided funding to other organizations for Hurricane Sandy reliel efforts? If 80, which organizations have received those fund. and what i. the approximate dollar amount provided to them? How does your organization determine the naed for fundJng?


Hu your orpnization provided, or doee it intend to provide, direct financial assistance to

individual., families or buaineuee tbr Hurricane Sandy ratiet1 If 10, what is the approximato dollar amount that your ol1lanizltlon haa provided to date and approximately how much direct financial _i.tlnea does it expect to provide in the future? How does your oraanization detennino the need for auietanoe?


Does your organization hive a pllll in place on how to uae any Iwp" funds not IpOIlt for Hurricane Sandy roUen If 10, pi. . . d~be that plan.

Name and title ofrepresentative


Please email this document with your responses to yndyremonse@ag.ny.ROv by December 11, 2012. You may obtain an electronic copy ofthis document by emailing a request to that same address.