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Progress Test 2 (Units 69)

You will hear five short ext racts from meetings. In each case, match the extract with the question or problem being discussed. There are three problems that cannot be used. 1 Extract 1: . 2 Extract 2: . 3 Extract 3: . 4 Extract 4: . 5 Extract 5: . a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) how to stay within budget whether to recruit an extra team member how to deal with a crisis whether to take on a risky investment how to help sales staff deal more efficiently with orders how to overcome problems with deliveries and distribution whether to expand online retailing how to improve communication between teams

B Now listen again. In which extract do you hear someone doing each of the
following? 6 7 8 9 10 identifying the cause of a problem signalling a suggestion expressing concerns about an idea resolving conflict agreeing, but with a condition Extract Extract Extract Extract Extract . . . . .


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In the job advertisement below, some lines contain a mistake. Identify the mistakes and write the correct form on the line on the right. Mark any correct sentences with a tick (). 11 . 12 . 13 . 14 . 15 . 16 .

We are a global-recognise d brand and a leader in the world of collectibles. We have a range of fantastically opportunitie s for sales executives who are totally committed to achieving success. We are looking for bright, energetic, high motivated individuals who want to work hardly and earn the rewards they deserve. Candidates must be flexibly and be prepared to travel at weekends as well as during the week.
B Write the correct form of each of the verbs in brackets.

17 A promise: If you (call) me tomorrow, I (have) the answer to your query. 18 A warning: Dont touch the wire, or you (get) an electric shock. 19 Speculation: If we (expand) our product range, we (be) able to boost sales. 20 An invitation: If you (be) free on Saturday, perhaps you (like) to come for dinner? 21 Reflecting on the past: If we (do) more market research, we (find out) that no one wants to buy this kind of product any more.

C Write the most appropriate modal verb (positive or negati ve) in each gap.
The meaning is given in brackets. 22 You have gone to the presentation on team-building. It was excellent! (it was recommended) 23 She have gone home already its only 3 p.m. (its impossible) 24 There were only two people who could have left this message. It wasnt John, so it have been Manuel. (thats the logical conclusion) 25 You have made all those photocopies. Id already printed out copies for everyone. (it wasnt necessary) 26 I have taken the airport bus, but the last one had left so I got a taxi. (if there had been a bus)

D Write the correct preposition in each gap in the text below.

Ventu re capitalists specialise 27. providing finance to new businesses. They usually invest 28. smaller, risky ventures and often dont ask 29. security. Instead, they loan money 30. the business in return for a share 31. business ownership. The entrepreneur may lose control of the business, but benefits 32. having access 33. funds which could not be raised any other way. For the venture capitalists, there is always a risk 34. losing their money if the business fails. But by spreading the risk across a number of different ventures, the investors hope that at least some start-ups will eventually be highly successful and will bring them a big return 35. their investment.

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Progress Test 2

Vocabula ry

A Cross out the verb that cannot be used in front of each noun.
36 37 38 39 40 41 play / spread / minimise / eliminate surf / hit / search / browse on arrange / secure / borrow / pay back solve / resolve / deal with / avoid reach / sign / break / share pay / charge / receive / carry the risk the Net a loan conflict an agreement interest

B Match each person with the team where they will be best suited.
Alex: organised, efficient, practical Barbara: communicative, sociable, flexible Charlie: honest, reliable, stable Donna: decisive, tough, focused 42 Were looking for someone who is open and trustworthy; someone who doesnt panic or get excited and who always gets the job done no matter what. Person: . 43 Ideally, our new team member should enjoy working with people and should get on well with others. He or she should be able to explain things clearly to customers. And as our work is never routine it is important to be able to adapt quickly to changing situations. Person: . 44 The ideal candidate must be able to deal with all kinds of difficult situations, and take control when something goes wrong. He or she must be able to keep a clear head and not get distracted when things happen fast. Person: . 45 We have some brilliant and creative people in our team but were not always good at handling everyday routines. We need someone to remind us about what to do and when someone who knows where everything is kept, and can suggest the best way to do things. Person: .

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C Match the words and phrases on the left with those on the right to create a
saying about money. 46 Money 47 Money doesnt grow 48 Money cant buy 49 Money for 50 Dont throw good money after 51 A fool and his money 52 The love of money is a) b) c) d) e) f) g) old rope bad talks the root of all evil you love on trees are soon parted

D Choose one word from column A and one from column B to make phrases and
match them to each of the definitions below.
A delivery hire business invoice merchant bank government cash B discounting overdraft purchase grant charge flow angel bank

53 a facility that allows bank customers to take out more money from their bank account than they had in it 54 buying expensive goods by making regular payments over a period of time 55 money given by the government to start or support a new business 56 the amounts of money going into and coming out of a company, and the timing of these amounts 57 an amount added to the invoice that relates to the cost of transpo rtation of goods to the customers premises 58 a bank that deals with business rather than the general public 59 a private investor who contributes money and experience to new businesses 60 lending a business an amount of money that is equal to that owed by its suppliers or customers

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Complete the dialogue with the phrases below. Manager : We agreed a budget of $5,000. Tell me: 61 more than that? . Vicky: Well, 62 that were going to be visiting customers in . remote parts of the country. So well need to hire a car. Petrol is expensive and then there are some additional ente rtainment costs Manager: But 63 car hire shouldnt cost more than $250 to . $300. Even with petrol and additional ente rtainment costs, I dont understand why you need more than $5,500. Vicky: 64 hire a luxury car. It wouldnt impress our customers . if we turned up in a cheap model. Manager: O K 65. . Im afraid I cant approve a budget But increase of $1,000. Its just too much! Vicky: So 66 . Manager: Well 67 go .through all the other costs and see if you can make some savings elsewhe re. Vicky: 68 Ive already cut down on everything as far as I . can. Manager: Well, then you must go through it again in detail. I might agree to an increase of $750 69 you can really justify it. . a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) i) Id agree with you there how do you think we should deal with this? why do you need hold on Unfortunately, I think well probably have to provided one thing you could do is my main concern is I dont think that would do much good

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Progress Test 2


Read the article and answer the questions below.

Holding on to the dotcom dream

Outsid e Euro ffic s office s in sout h Londo n is a poster showing Ma rtin Luther King saying: I have a dream . 5 It was pu t ther e by George Karibian , founde r of the compa ny that call s itsel f the UKs bigges t onlin e office supplie r. Its an impo rtant 10 messag e for his youn g, ea ger empl oyee s, wit h their designer jeans and spi ky hai r. Mos t likely non e of them expecte d thei r caree rs to 15 involve selling dull items such as pen s, paper and other office supplie s to smal l businesse s. Even Mr Karibia n admit s he got there almost by accident. 20 His compa ny ha s thr ived, even afte r th e dotco m bubble burst an d he spen t mor e than a year struggling to raise cash to keep it goin g. Partly that is 25 becaus e he sold a drea m to himsel f, his empl oyee s, his supplie rs, an d his financial ba ckers, whic h k ep t the m all on his sid e. With overconfid30 enc e typica l of th e dot-com era , he was convince d he was 35 buildin g no t an office product s supplie r, but the next Google. To rais e mon ey, Mr Karibia n was force d to su rrende r contro l of the busines s to a ventur e ca pital compa ny, Net Partne rs, which ha s pr ovide d 2m in fundin g. Othe r dotco m competito rs who rece ived fortune s during the bubble yea rs burned throug h the cas h an d went ou t of busines s. Bu t the Wha rto ngradu ate paid fan atica l attentio n to detail. From day on e, he scrutinised every aspec t of cash management, the value of his ma rketin g expenditur e, the functionin g of his website an d the efficien cy of an inte rnet busines s. Mr Karibia n als o set in plac e discipline s th at he beli eves saved his business wher e othe rs failed . The fi rst was ma rketin g, crucia l to an onlin e busines s that ca n on ly su rvive if client s com e to its sit e an d st ay ther e. Euro ffice 65 teste d 78 di fferen t ma rketing initi atives an d hire d a st atisticia n to see whic h was the cheapes t way to get the mos t hit s. Mr Karibian regula rly profile s his clients to see who merit s the most attention . Repe at custome rs ar e given the fulles t se rvic e, includin g loyalt y pr ogramme s. Client s makin g big purchase s ar e sen t gift s. I hate gift s. Bu t the numbe rs tell us they work, he says. The compa ny, he says, has grown at 65 per cent this yea r, but he remain s insecur e and beli eves it need s to tripl e in size to ensur e su rvival . He is considerin g broadenin g his smal l busines s supplie s to includ e insuranc e, for exampl e. His Google fantasy remains intact . The drea m were selling is growth , he says.










70 How would you describe Euroffice? a) a successful online retailer b) a bricks and mortar retailer c) an online auction house 71 Mr Karibians dream is a) to expand to the size of Google. b) to switch from selling office supplies to other products. c) to be the UKs biggest online office supplie r. 72 The people who work for Euroffice a) wear formal clothes. b) are mature. c) are enthusiastic. 73 Who are the main customers? a) the general public b) small firms c) large corporations 74 When the dotcom bubble burst, Mr Karibian a) lost all the money that had been lent to him.
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Progress Test 2

b) lost hope. c) convinced everyone that the company would be successful.

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75 How did Mr Karibian raise funding for his business? a) He borrowed from family and friends. b) He persuaded investors to put capital into his business. c) He got a bank loan. 76 What happened to many of Mr Karibians dotcom competitors? a) They spent too much and went bankrupt. b) They couldnt raise much money. c) They were taken over by bigger companies. 77 What is Mr Karibians approach to marketing? a) advertise on the Net b) retain the best customers by offering rewards c) provide fun and ente rtainment 78 How does Mr Karibian feel about the future? a) He feels the business is at risk unless it expands. b) He is confident of continued success. c) He doesnt worry about the future. 79 Who or what is the Wharton graduat e (line 46)? a) Net Partners b) Mr Karibian c) a dotcom competitor 80 What do you think the meaning of scrutinised (line 48) is? a) pay negligible attention b) disregard c) examine very thoroughly


You represent a firm of venture capitalists. You have investigated three new businesses that are all seeking venture capital funding. You should recommend the one that is the least risky and offers the best prospects for a good return on your investment. Using the notes below, write a memo of 200250 words to the new business funding committee. Give a brief assessment of each business and end with your recommendation.

A ccess ace F E lectro n ic e n g ne er in v en te a s i d security device based on facia l re c o g ition seeks fu n d in to n g m anu facture a nd m a rk it. et In v e nion is e ffe t ctive sh o ud hav e l a g o o m a rk d et. Not yet paten ted . In v e nor h as no bu siness t experie n c . e

Bandarama A gro up of yo u n co m p g uter pro fessio n asl have devised a ne w c o m p ter g a m a nd wa nt to m a rk t u e e it. G a m is fun a nd creative. Th e e gro up h as lo ts of oth er idea s . Will be d iffi ult to e n te th is m a rk c r et h ig hyl c o mpetitive.

Chauffeu r-de-luxe An existing c o m p ny o ffers luxury a c h a u ffer-driv en car h ire to u com pani . es Two p a rners co m m t itted a n d a m b u s S tro ng custo m e base itio . r estab lish e d . Th ey wa nt to exp a n - ope n d re g io n la o ffic s. Exp a n sio o fte n e n d iffi ult bu t pro spects g o o if c d m a n a gd we ll. e Pa rtners have d e m o ntrated g o o d s bu siness s k il ls .


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