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20021114VARSANA RADHA TATTVA PM rla Gurudeva:

gurave gauracandrya rdhikyai tadlaye kya ka-bhaktya tad-bhaktya namo nama

[I offer my obeisances time and again unto r Guru, r Gauracandra, rmat Rdhik, Her associates and Her abode r Vndvana Dhma, and unto r Ka and all of His devotees. r lokmtam (Magalcaraa)]

vch-kalpa-tarubya ca kp-sindhubhya eva ca patitn pvanebhyo vaiavebhyo namo nama

I offer pramas unto the Vaiavas, who are just like wish-fulfilling desire trees, who are an ocean of mercy, and who deliver the fallen, conditioned souls. [r Gauya Gti-guccha (r Vaiava vandan)]

namo mah-vadnyya ka-prema-pradya te kya ka-caitanya-nmne gaura-tvie nama

[I offer prama unto r Ksa-Caitanya, who is r Ka Himself. Having assumed the golden hue of rmat Rdhik, He is munificently bestowing ka-prema, the rarest of all gifts. r Gauya Gti-guccha (rman Mahprabhu vandan)]

gurave gauracandrya rdhikyai tadlaye kya ka-bhaktya tad-bhaktya namo nama

[I offer my obeisances time and again unto r Guru, r Gauracandra, rmat Rdhik, Her associates and Her abode r Vndvana Dhma, and unto r Ka and all of His devotees. r lokmtam (Magalcaraa)]


aga-ymalima-cchabhir abhito mandktendvara jya jgua-roci vidadhata pambarasya riy vndraya-nivsina hdi lasad-dmbhir modara rdh-skandhaniveitojjvala-bhuja dhyyema dmodaram
[I meditate upon that r Dmodara whose dark bodily luster is millions of times more beautiful than the blue lotus flower, whose brilliant yellow garments rebuke the radiance of golden kukuma, whose residence is r Vndvanadhma, whose chest is beautified by a swinging vaijayant garland, and whose splendorous left hand rests upon the right shoulder of rmat Rdhik. r Stava-ml, Rdh-dmodara-dhyna,(2) Rpa Gosvm)

tavaivsmi tavaivsmi na jvmi tvay vin iti vijya devi (radhe) tva naya m carantikam
[I am Yours! I am Yours! I cannot exist without You! O Devi (Rdhik), please understand this and bring me to Your lotus feet. r Stavvali, Vilpa-kusumjali 96, Raghuntha dsa Gosvm]

rama Mahrja is not here? Oh, Rdh-K prabhu you should speak two words about Rdh tattva and give your pus pjali. Devotee: Ananta Ka, Gurudeva, has not spoken. rla Gurudeva: Yes, Ananta Ka; I will (get to) all. Today you went to Lalit kua, kuja, (indistinct), Sakars an a kua, by (the way), and then to (unknown) sarovara, bhajana-kuira of r Santana Gosvm, and then (unknown) where Akrura went doing (indistinct), perhaps you have told all. And then Ter-kadamba and the bhajana sthal of Rpa Gosvm. I think that that song (indistinct), it was translated? Devotees: No. rla Gurudeva: No translation? Devotees: (discuss amongst themselves) rla Gurudeva: You told complete? Complete you told? rla Gurudeva: ya kali rpa arra na dharata


ta vraja-prema-mahnidhi kuharka, kon kapa ughata

[If Rpa Gosvm had not appeared in Kali-yuga, who would have opened the great store-house of vraja-prema and distributed its contents freely? Ya Kali Rpa arra Na Dharata (1)]

You know the meaning. If Rpa Gosvm had not come, the mood of Caitanya Mahprabhu, by taking the mood of rmati Rdhik and beautiful golden color Why (did) He come? Why (did) He come? What (a) love and affection of rmati Rdhik to Ka; from rddha to madanakya bhva. So, Rpa Gosvm came. He was inspired by r Caitanya Mahprabhu, first at Prayga. He gave His all moods. All moods. All moods to rla Rpa Gosvm. Still He was not satisfied and in Jaganntha Pur He told others Nitynanda prabhu, Svarpa Damodara, Rya Rmnanda, (indistinct), Puarka Vidynidhi Rya Rmnanda [Hindi (siksi maiti)], all, Advaitcrya; to reside in His heart. That he should know My heart and thus he can fulfill My desires. Rpa Gosvm has told that what Caitanya Mahprabhu has told and (if) that (was) not told this thing is nothing to be told to anyone (ed. would be unknown). [Hindi] So, we express the idea very simple. Same. Anyone can not speak about that. So, what Caitanya Mahprabhu told, what others told, not told, he has written in his books. Everything. [Hindi] Anyone can not tell. Even Rdhik and Ka can not tell; Mahprabhu can not tell. That he has written. If you will read Ujjvala-nlamai, and other book(s) also, rla Rpa Gosvm you can realize. [Hindi] If it may be [Hindi] If Rpa Gosvm, like a bumblebee, (indistinct) from the each flowers and tells that, "Oh! Very sweet. Very sweet." Otherwise bumblebees don't sit on imitation flowers. Never. So, Rpa Gosvm has told all these things in his all books.


[Hindi] If there is honey a beehive anyone can take it; especially monkeys, bears, and so many human (beings), they take it, (the) whole hive, and they crush it so all the bumblebees are die. But madhukara (is) not like this. [Hindi] He tastes all the sweet pastimes and sweet honey of the Ka sweet pastimes. [Hindi] What is Vraja (indistinct)? [Hindi] He came for suicide but Rpa and Santana told him (to) keep a place to him in Rdhkua and ymakua. [Hindi] What is Vraja (indistinct)? Oh, gop mood. Up to madanakya bhva. [Hindi] I think that anyone (indistinct) Anyone has known all these things, what you are knowing something and we are discussing; if Rpa Gosvm had not written all these things, I think that what other sampradyas are there they can not explain all these things. They can not believe in parakyamdhuryarasa. Very far away. Millions of miles from that. What Rpa Gosvm has written. And Rpa Gosvm has criticized them, "Oh, they don't know anything." In Ujjvalanlamai. [Hindi] "Oh, they are very learned scholars." But what is the meaning? They are foolish. He has written like this. [Hindi]


Only by the special mercy, causeless mercy, of Rpa Gosvm, we are now discussing all these things; we are singing these things; we are hearing these things. What things? Oh, gops (indistinct) rmati Rdhik (indistinct). So [Hindi]
---(unknown verse)---

(Mdhava?) is telling to any (kavi?) that, "I am taking the shelter of rla Rpa Gosvm.
---(unknown verse)---

[Hindi] To realize the glorification of rla Rpa Gosvm those who will come at least in the stage of rati:
dau raddh tata sdhu- sago tha bhajana-kriy tato nartha-nivtti syt tato nih rucis tata athsaktis tato bhvas tata prembhyudacati sdhakanm aya prema prdurbhve bhavet krama
[In the beginning one must have a preliminary desire for self-realization. This will bring one to the stage of trying to associate with persons who are spiritually elevated. In the next stage one becomes initiated by an elevated spiritual master, and under his instruction the neophyte devotee begins the process of devotional service. By execution of devotional service under the guidance of the spiritual master, one becomes free from all material attachment, attains steadiness in self-realization, and acquires a taste for hearing about the Supreme Personality of Godhead, r Ka. This taste leads one further forward to attachment for a consciousness, which is matured in bhva, or the preliminary stage of transcendental love of God. Real love for God is called prema, the highest perfectional stage of life. Bhakti-rasmta-sindhu (1.4.1516)]

nih, ruci, sakti, and then rati. Then he can realize something little bit. And when they will come at the stage of mahbhva the sakh of Rdhik, maidservant, they realize the glorification of Rpa Gosvm. Otherwise never and never. They can realize something but not all these things. [Hindi]

You should try to know the glorification of Rpa Gosvm. One thing, Rdh tattva I want to tell something. Something. [Hindi] to understand, realize I think that r rmad (indistinct) Mahrja, Bhaktivednta Trtha Mahrja, Madhu Mahrja, Vmana Mahrja, Araya Mahrja, Padmanbha Mahrja, rama Mahrja, Rsnanda (indistinct) so, I think that (indistinct) Ka prabhu, S yamaran didi, they have told so many things. I don't know that I don't know as they have expressed. I was very much impressed by hearing their classes. Now I am not going to touch that Rdh tattva but I want to glorify how his love and affection was towards Ka. Who is competent to hear the glorification of Rdhik? So, hearing Pacama-yma sdhana of Bhajana-Rahasya, it has been told in the beginning:
tat te nukamp su-samkamo bhujna evtma-kta vipkam hd-vg vapurbhir vidadhan namas te jveta yo mukti-pade sa dya-bhk
[One who accepts as Your mercy the results of his own actions as well as the happiness and distress of his prrabdha-karma, who endures them with an undisturbed mind, and who maintains his life by offering himself unto You by body, mind and words, is eligible to attain Your lotus feet, which are the shelter of liberation. rmad- Bhgavatam (10.14.8) from Bhajana-Rahasya (Pacama-yma-sdhana {3})]

Who can tolerate all kinds of mna, apamna, sukhe, and dukha? What (is the) meaning? Devotee: Happiness and distress; honor, and dishonor. rla Gurudeva: [Hindi] Thinking that these sufferings are coming due to past impressions that we have did, commit. And those who are in higher standard they will think that, "I am chanting harinma pure for so many years, it may be so many lives, so these bad fruits, sufferings, (are) not due to our bad impressions that we have done by fruitive activities, (rather) it is due to the mercy of Ka." And (they are) thinking, "Why?" To make us humble. More humble and to do bhajana in the guidance of a rasika vaiava. If anyone is so much, has some sufferings, but like Prahlda Mahrja, like Ambara Mahrja, Haridsa hkur, Raghuntha Dsa Gosvm, Rpa Gosvm, like that, they thatthat, oh, what? What thing? To serve Hari, Guru, Vaiava. Especially Rdh ds. They


aren't anxious for all these things. Never, never, and never. That kind of person that may do bhajana with ruci, sakti, and then rati [Hindi] If these things may come then he can realize the glorification of Rdhik, otherwise not. Never and never. So, here he is saying [Hindi] And doing so much namaskra and prama to the direction where Rdhik is there; where She is standing on the bank of Rdh-kua. She is standing. And very beautiful, sweet, cool air is coming. And that sweet, cool, gentle breeze (is) touching, playing with the (veil) of rmati Rdhik. That air is flying with the air of rmati Rdhik. And it becomes more cool and more fragrant; lakhs and lakhs and more. Then, the air is coming through Rdh-kua. So many lotus flowers are there. All flowers are there; all kinds. (indistinct)but when playing in the veil of Rdhik it turns morewhole fragrance of Rdhik's body (mixes with the fragrance of the flowers) and then comes towards Ka. [Hindi] Ka (is) thinking what? My life is successful. This wind is not wind, this cool breeze is not breeze; what (is it)? Rdhik's fragrance is coming and (indistinct) of Rdhik is coming and embracing Me. So, He is doing prama in that direction where Rdhik is standing. How beautiful (is the) glory of rmati Rdhik. Ka even. What to tell (of) ukadeva Gosvm, Brahm, akara, Nrada, and others. So, Ka is Himselfnot Rdhik is embracing Him. Even if (a) cool breeze is coming, touching Her veil, and touching to Ka, Ka (thinks), "Oh, My life is now successful." So, this is the glory of rmati Rdhik. (indistinct)so, I am speaking in very short. [Hindi] Prabodhnanda Sarasvat is telling. What (is) he telling? [Hindi]


I will speak in Hindi and he will translate, after my class. [Hindi] Now Rmacandra will translate, but in the meantime I want to tell something among all pnds, all pnds, Giridhr pnd of Govardhana and this pnd, Nandagaon. He is not so poor, but he is somewhat poor; but very polite and humble. I know his father and grandfather. They used to come to Navadvpa and to dance and sing Vraja krtana. The marriage of Rdh and Ka. Ka is telling that, "I want to marry a beautiful teenage girl, very golden color that she can support me and massage me." So, he hasI request you all, you get (to) Vars n pnd, I am requesting you, something you should renounce, that I can serve our pnd. He is very poor. No. Nothing. No service, nothing. So, I want to give him some donation, taken from you. So, Mdhava Mahrja and all, they are going and you should give in thereand thenOh, he will translate. [break in recording] And helping us. Now he should reading. Give. Otherwise I will go. (English) language. Sometimes I used to tell all these things. I am very happy and satisfied that actually you have followed my mood. But always be careful. (indistinct) that tikka relation with Ka and Rdhik. So, my blessing is that you should enter in real sdhana bhajana. Don't be lusty, don't be quarrelsome. Try to give up all your unwanted anarthas. Like you should try to develop your Ka bhakti, Rdh bhakti. And thus your life should be successful. This is my blessings to you. Gaura premnande! Hari hari bol!