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20001021_Vrindavan Appearance Day Of Srila Sriddhar Maharaja T 1713 (short 10 minute audio file; starts in middle of sentence.

) rla Gurudeva: A very good singer should (sing)(Prabhupda) told that, "Oh, call Sridhar Mahrja and he will sing." He came but he told that, "I can not sing because I have not a good voice and I have not sang anytime. I can not sing; I can not do karatlas and (these) things." Prabhupda told that, "I have not come to hear melody. Not karatlas (or) any instrument. I want to hear words from any pure devotee." And then he told, "Anyhow you should, without melody or anything or so much (Hindi), but you should do." He was hesitating, but Prabhupda told again and again and then he did this krtana. Can you (do this krtana)? On this very day, in Krtikka month, he appeared in this world; he descended. rla Prabhupda came, descended, to this world Oh! with so many devotees, very high class. And he preached the mission of r Caitanya Mahprabhu. Those who preach the mission of r Prabhupda, among his disciples, param-pjyapda rdhar Mahrja was one of the prominent, from (the) beginning he has preached so much. Today we want to glorify him and by that glorification we want to give pus pjali in his lotus feet. First, through glorification, we will give pus pjali in the lotus feet of param-pjyapda Mahrja and after that we will do rati and then pus pjali; pus pjali with flowers, not flowers our hearts should be flower and give. So, I requesting my godbrother, r rmad Bhaktivednta Vaiava Mahrja (Hindi aside) He used to go to param-pjyapda rdhar Mahrja with his Gurudeva nitya-ll-pravia o viupda r rmad Bhakti Prajna Keava Gosvm Mahrja. We also used to go with him and he was very attracted with his personality and his hari-kath. He told that, "You can understand how much he was glorious and how he was siddhntavi, that even a person (indistinct) like our Guru Mahrja, rla Bhakti Prajna Keava Gosvm Mahrja, he took sannysa from, he took renounced order from, param-pjyapda rdhar Mahrja at Katva. So many vaiavas were there and a big feast was there and he gave sannysa and param-pjyapda Sroti Mahrja and all of (indistinct) were there. They did sacrifice, yaja, there. He was so learned that he has


done so many prayers like (indistinct [r PremaDhmaDevaStotra]) all he has done. And he is glorified in so many ways. He established that matha (indistinct [r Caitanya Sarasvat matha]) and he told so many things. Now I will request S r pad Sannys Mahrja if he can glorifyNot more than five minutes. Our Guru Mahrja used to accept him as sannysa Guru and every year he used to go; discussing so many things. I will explain in the last. (Hindi aside) And very attractive and very deep philosophy. So, all used to come to him to hear his philosophical classes and instructions and he told so many things. Why all went to him and attracted? What was the reason? What was the root cause that all devotees used to go to him? Can you tell? Urukrama prabhu (now Padmanbha Mahrja): Yes rla Gurudeva: What? What was the reason? Urukrama prabhu (now Padmanbha Mahrja): rla rdhar Mahrja rla Gurudeva: 'Cause himself, rla Bhaktivednta Swami Mahrja, glorified him. Urukrama prabhu (now Padmanbha Mahrja): Yes rla Gurudeva: And that is (the reason why) all were attracted otherwise not. Audience: (applause) rla Gurudeva: I think. He told that, "He is my ik guru and very intelligent and very powerful vaiava." And they heard and they (thought), "Oh how glorious is he? We must see him." And that is why all (came to him). Otherwise, if Svmji had not told, not a bird has gone there. Is it right? Urukrama prabhu (now Padmanbha Mahrja): Absolutely true. rla Gurudeva: Am I wrong? Audience: 100% rightfor you alsoSvmji told, "Go to Mahrja and get help from him"

Urukrama prabhu (now Padmanbha Mahrja): So, on this point that rla Gurudeva had just mentioned, I want to express something rla Gurudeva: Also, for me, if he has not told about me anyone has not (indistinct) in whole world. He is the root cause of my also. That I am everywhere, all are honoring, and all devotees are coming. Oh, root cause is he, Svmji. Urukrama prabhu (now Padmanbha Mahrja): To prove this point that Gurudeva has just made I will tell a couple of incidences (break audio) rla Gurudeva: arcana of Mahrja who will do? I will do rati no harm. But, if you like you can do arcana in (a) very condensed, or my brahmacrs will do. He will do. We should do krtana, r Guru-Caraa-Padma or Sasra-Dvnala. You should do. You should do sasradvnala. (Hindi aside) END AUDIO