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Personal information: First name(s)/Surname(s): Carmen Cristina Chitu Address(es): 36 Ghirlandei, Bucharest , Romania Telephone(s): +400729817106 E-mail: Nationality: Romanian Date of birth: 25.12.1993 Gender: Female Desired employement/ Ocupational field: NEWS REPORTER Work experience: Dates: March 2010-August 2011 Occupation or position held: editorialist Main activities and responsabilities: finding subjects of interest and writing articles develop certain studies of politics commenting on different social and technical changes Name and address of employer: Constantinescu Andrei, Teen Press editorial board, Bucharest Type of business or sector: media sector Dates: October 2011- June 2012 Occupation or position held: interviewer for a magazine Main activities and responsabilities: negotiate prices with famous peoples managers attend important conferences create a set of appropriate questions for the interviewers Name and address of employer: The City magazine, Bucharest Type of business or sector: media sector Education and training: Dates: 2009- 2012 Title of qualification awarded: N/A Principal subjects/ occupational skills covered: humanitites department Name and type of the organization providing education: George Cosbuc billingual English Highschool Level in national and international classification: ISCED 3

Dates: 2010-2011 Title of qualification awarded: news reporter Principal subjects/ occupational skills covered: communication skills; research methods; presenting subjects and point out the interesting things; being objective Name and type of the organization providing training: IMA Level in national and international classification: ISCED 4 Personal skills and competences: Mother tongue: Romanian Other languages: Undestanding listening reading English French German C2 B1 A1 C1 B1 A1

speaking Writing Spoken Spoken interaction production C2 C1 C2 B1 B1 B1 A1 A1 A1

Social skills and competences: - Team work: while working for Teen Press editorial board I have made a lot of projects with my colleagues and we created together a supplement in which we developed subjects from varied fields -Intercultural skills: as an interviewer I collaborated with many people with different origins and I was mostly interested in social evolvements such as integration versus discrimination or the similiarities and differences between traditions from one country to another and their importance. -Adaptation to all kinds of environment: I worked both at the office and on the field with an unpredictable schedule and I traveled to many places to take interviews Organisational skills and competences: -whilst working as an editorialist I organized some conferences on different themes such politics or social problem. -I collaborated with members from ONU in which we we developed a propogand for protecting the environment. I engaged the newspaper I was working for to dedicate in every number an article about pollution and its damages Computer skills and competences: Competent with Microsoft Office programmes, PUBLISHER, PICASA, PHOTOSHOP Additional information: Publication: The Life and Opinions of the Forbes People(2011) Personal interests: Writing pamphlets and reading fictional novel. Enjoy traveling and meeting new people. Love some sports such as tennis, jogging or cycling.