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1. The amount of space between letters can be specified using the __________ property in a style rule. a. letter-kerning b.

letter-leading c. letter-spacing d. letter-buffer 2. When a visitor clicks the submit button on a form, the ______ of each form element is sent. a. label b. name c. value d. name-value pair 3. In a table, the CSS __________ property can be used to specify the amount of space between the borders of each cell. a. border-padding b. padding c. spacing d. border-spacing 4. To make the width of a table adjust to the current width of the viewer's browser window, you should specify a table width of __________: a. 100% b. 640 pixels c. 1024 pixels d. none of the above 5. The statement, <a name="intro"> Introduction </a>, creates a(n) ______ named intro. a. id b. class c. label d. anchor

6. In the head section of each (X)HTML page in which you wish to use an external style sheet, you must include an appropriate ______ element. a. <link> b. <src> c. <style> d. <css> 7. Which of the following will occur if you do not use the width and height attributes in an <img> element? a. The image will not load. b. The image will load but will not be its actual size. c. The image must load completely before the browser can continue loading the rest of the remaining contents. d. The browser will fill in the text around the image as the image loads. 8. ______ position elements don't move when the visitor scrolls the browser window up or down. a. Absolutely b. Relatively c. Fixed d. Static 9. The __________ attribute can be added to most (X)HTML elements to identify the element as belonging to a group of elements within an (X)HTML document.. a. id b. div c. span d. class 10. In <img src="image.gif">, "image.gif" is a(n) ______. a. element b. attribute c. value d. operator

11. The CSS ______ property can be used to specify the background color of an element. a. background-color b. background c. bgcolor d. a or b 12. _______ is a feature of HTML which means that because HTML documents are saved as Text Only files, virtually any computer can read a Web page. a. Extensibility b. Universality c. Extendibility d. Scalability 13. Search engines frequently index the keywords found in the __________ of a Web page. a. title b. content c. meta tags d. all of the above 14. A ______ URL describes the location of the desired file with reference to the location of the file that contains the URL itself. a. relative b. absolute c. general d. specific 15. ______ does not allow the use of deprecated tags. a. HTML 3.2 b. Transitional XHTML c. Strict XHTML d. Frameset XHTML 16. The __________ pseudo-class can be used in a style rule to change the appearance of links that the visitor has already clicked. a. focus b. visited c. active d. link

17. As a general rule, you should use ______ URLs for links to Web pages on your site and ______ URLs for links to Web pages on other sites. a. absolute / local b. absolute / relative c. relative / absolute d. local / absolute 18. The ______ attribute of a <form> element can be used to specify the location on the server of the CGI script that will run when the form is submitted. a. cgi b. action c. src d. method 19. To prevent browsers which do not support styles from displaying internal styles as part of the document's contents, enclose the style rules within ______. a. (X)HTML comment tags b. a table c. a frame d. a list 20. In most browsers, the ______ element controls the descriptive text that appears in the browser window's title bar. a. keyword b. query c. title d. cite 21. To create a set of radio buttons that only allows a single button in the set to be selected at one time, the ______ attribute of each button must be the same. a. label b. value c. name d. src

22. A link's ______ specifies where the document that loads when the link is clicked will be displayed. a. destination b. label c. target d. state

23. If a directory does not include a default Web page, most Web servers will ______. a. display an error message b. display a list of the directory's contents c. display the web site's homepage d. create a generic Web page 24. The ______ image format uses the patented LZW compression method and is commonly used for computer-generated art that has large areas of a single color. a. JPEG b. GIF c. PNG d. TIFF 25. Java ______ are little applications that can run in your browser to create special effects on a Web page. a. scripts b. modules c. extensions d. applets 26. To include a local style within an HTML tag, you use the ______ attribute. a. link b. local c. format d. style