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Section 2 The Recapitulation

Once Silence Is Attained Everything Is Possible

Section 2

June 9th September 8th

Continue and complete the reading program. Write essays on : Not Doing & The 4 Moods of the Stalker. Exercise Program. Continue & amend, if and as appropriate. Stalking Practice. Commence Recapitulation Process. Introduce the Sorcery Passes. Continue Not Doing and the application of the 4 Moods of Stalking. Dreaming Practice : Continue Gazing and commence Setting Up Dreaming. Month 4 Read : The Fire from Within & The Power of Silence. Begin essays on Not Doing & The 4 Moods of the Stalker. Exercise : 1 circuit + workout. Complete the Four Moods of Stalking Sweetness. Commence Recapitulation Practice. Study The Sorcery Passes. Continue applying Not Doing & the 4 Moods of Staling. Gazing practice : 30 mins. + Commence Setting Up Dreaming. Month 5 Read : The Art of Dreaming & The Sorcerers Crossing. Continue essays. 1 circuit + 30 mins. workout. Implement Sorcery Passes prior to performing the Recapitulation. Continue applying Not Doing & the 4 Moods of Stalking. Gazing practice : 30 mins. + Continue Setting Up Dreaming. Month 6 Read : Being in Dreaming. Complete essays. 1 circuit + 30 mins. workout. Continue Sorcery Passes, Recapitulation, applying Not Doing & the 4 moods of Stalking. Gazing practice : 30 mins. + Continue Setting Up Dreaming. Notes Review and evaluate this section prior to moving onto section 3. Essays : The Recapitulation & The Sorcery Passes begin next section.

A Brief Synopsis of Sorcery Procedural Stages

Stopping The World Cessation of all internal mapping processes. Sensory Silence. Leads to- Collapsing The World Enabling the Sorcerer to Assemble other Perceptual Worlds. The Formless Warrior The conclusion. A consequence of Losing The Human Form. The Abstract Flight The leap into the Abstract and Freedom.

Procedural Requirements
Sorcerers Strategic Inventory ordering of The Island of The Tonal. The

Manipulation of The Assemblage Point Assembling Perceptual alternatives. Erasing Personal History Inaccessibility to self and others. Accessibility to power. The Recapitulation A Stalkers methodology for accessing Personal Power and The Double. Setting Up Dreaming A Dreamers methodology for accessing The Double. Losing Self Importance / Self Reflection Redeployment of energy into Impeccability. The Petty Tyrant A Stalkers methodology for Losing Self Importance. Not Doing The Sorcerers methodology for widening Perceptual Filters.

Gazing The prelude to Seeing and Setting Up Dreaming whilst storing Personal Power. Sorcery Passes Supportive of all practices specifically The Recapitulation.

Sets of Principles
The Four Enemies of a Man of Knowledge Initiation across time. The Four Moods of Stalking, the Foundations of a Sorcerers behaviour. The Attributes of a Warrior The precursors of Sobriety and Impeccability. Comments concerning The Principles of Sorcery : In making comments concerning the abstract aspects of Sorcery and how to develop strategies and procedures for encapsulating them one meets a task of great proportion. During the first section of the practice The Four Moods of Stalking were addressed directly. Ruthlessness specifically was congruently developed and in its description of discarding the superfluous is readily accessible. Cunning proved to be more challenging as it calls for covert activity, almost secretiveness. Patience which operates through and across time is readily understood and of course it can be taken quite literally. Sweetness calls for maintaining Multiple Descriptions in respect of others and oneself. It was in the instance of Sweetness that Carlos Castaneda was given some of his Sorcery tasks, such as being a chef in a roadside eatery. This not only developed a different description to the Sorcery pursuits he was engaged upon but more importantly addressed the issue of Self Importance. All in all one can Intend ones life to fulfil the requirements set by the Moods readily enough, it requires almost reinventing oneself in the light of them. To do this effectively,

I feel, requires that one travel somewhere neutral, a place where one is unknown and in this way Erasing Personal History can take place in a neutral environment. This takes bravery for however adventurous one would like to be it means entry into the unknown, granted this is the human unknown. The Four Enemies of a Man of Knowledge : Fear, Clarity, Power & Old Age effectively unfold during a warriors lifetime and as such serve as filters for assessing progress along the path of Sorcery. The Attributes of a Warrior, again unfold across time as a result of pursuing the practises and tenets of Sorcery. Control is arrived at through developing a sense of the equality of all things which fosters the Indifference often alluded to and ensures the development of Controlled Folly. Discipline is the practice of Unbending Intent in respect of all that unfolds within a given pursuit or path. Forbearance shares the characteristics of Patience, both in respect of oneself, others and the world generally. Timing lends itself to the deliberations that a warrior addresses and then rather than continuing to think and talk, simply acts, irrespective of the results. This engenders Impeccability within ones acts. Will as we know is that mysterious property that arises as a result of applying the previous attributes and as such is emergent from a system set up to enflesh it. Finally The Petty Tyrant operates directly in the world and through their cultivation one develops flexibility, the Moods of Stalking and of course as a result addresses Self Importance directly.

Not Doing
Is performed by the body Set up by Gazing and is a method of storing personal power Sorcery is the Cunning of the 1st Attention And serves as the interface Gazing is the Cunning of the 2nd Attention And facilitates Active Dreaming Setting Up Dreaming is the Cunning of the Double It lures the one to flesh the other Which one does what is open to conjecture For it is a matter of the Dreamer and the Dreamed

Sorcery The Not Doing of human life

When approaching Sorcery it is all too easy to be human and attempt to integrate its activities into the ongoing life one has. Due to the amount of time and focus I have brought to bear this tendency has, in the main been circumnavigated. The essence of Sorcery is the development of the energy equal to making the appropriate shifts from the everyday world to that of the world of Sorcery. Within the practice this has been approached via the Rings of Power, namely unhooking that of Reason and connecting to that of Intent. This is the primary purpose, for Actualisation of The Dreaming Attention is brought about in this way. To be human means to have a life, full as it is with the folly we all individually generate and sustain in regard of the agreement we share as to the nature of reality. This is the Doing of human life. Who would not seek the comfort and rewards of such? Only someone who has no choice and for this reason Sorcery tricks those worthy of pursuing it. The

Not Doing of human life, of the human inventory is fulfilled when Sorcery itself is undertaken as a pursuit congruently. Sorcery is a Perceptual Art and the level of Perception is dependant upon Personal Power and Personal Power is dependant upon the elements outlined within the practice of Sorcery itself. A very neat system indeed, teaching itself, as it does by virtue of the amount of energy one can deploy into Perception. Erasing Personal History is the Not Doing of who you believe, and have been told, you are. This is prefigured by Stopping The World. Not simply the world of internal representations but also the world itself, this is how a Sorcerer effectively collapses the world and as a result breaks the mould of man by becoming a formless warrior. Only then has one entered the world of Sorcery as all that precedes it is prepatory. Losing Self Importance is an essential aspect of this process for along with the Self Reflection that accompanies it, represents the main stay of maintaining the description of human life. And yet even Not Doing becomes a Doing at some point in time. The pursuit of Sorcery itself can become a Doing. How to allow for this is the major challenge the apprentice faces initially for 1st Attention rules. An entire lifetime of pursuing this path could mean little except formulating a new mask, a new description. Again it is all a matter of energy and its resultant perception. To break the mask of the everyday world is challenging enough. To break the mask of Sorcery is a challenge almost beyond contemplating for we are indeed caught within the thrall of The Ring of Reason. As such the Not Doing of Sorcery is a necessary stage of development. This is a subtle point and as such requires a sophistication of perception, rare, if indeed present at all. Multiple Description fulfils this in part, plus the inaccessibility often spoken of. Inaccessibility attained primarily by Acting without Believing. This is the fulcrum that overthrows the tendency to fixate and whilst holding the double description of the world and of Sorcery itself, the Sorcerer slips between descriptions and begins to rehearse the Freedom often spoken of. Not the Freedom that arises by pursuing this path and entering the abstract but

that of exercising perceptual freedom here and now which presupposes the presence of the abstract. As Don Juan has indicated on many occasions the Sorcerers task lies in transforming the apparently concrete into the abstract. Only when the transference of consciousness to the Double has been attained can one even begin to contemplate the world of Sorcery beyond it being a description. Hence the practice of Not Doing at every conceivable level is implicit in the tenets of Sorcery, elsewise one simply maintains a new description of the world and little else. This is one aspect of the millimetre of chance sometimes spoken of, for in truth the universe does indeed stare back at us indifferently. Impeccability, preceded and set up by unbending Intent, the erasure of Human History, the loss of Self Importance and finally the human form, enables us to enter the world of Sorcery proper. The rest is rumour.

Behavioural Not Doing

Pattern interruption is the primary outcome to this aspect of Not Doing. Pattern interruption involves taking an inventory of ones habits and the ways in which things are done and doing them differently. This has two primary outcomes. Firstly, becoming conscious of how you do who you are and secondly, by doing things differently one establishes new behaviours in order to connect neurology in different ways, thereby exploring new choices, Examples would be : The breaking of routines. Changing your way of dressing or speaking. If you have a tendency to speak silence and vice versa. much, practice

As you notice elements of character that define you, to yourself and others, change them. Assume the characteristics and manner of someone else for a period of time. Do five things that you regularly do, differently. Do five unique things which you would not usually do. The list is inexhaustible, covering as it does all aspects of an individuals actions. Energy is locked within the patterns of our behaviour and as such to practice Not Doing frees this energy by the breaking of established patterns. This effectively generates the flexibility required to pursue this path, opens the possibility of entering Multiple Description and of course begins the practice of becoming inaccessible. The hunter becomes unpredictable thereby becoming free to perform actions which are both unique and unknown to all but themselves. Not Doing in this respect is a primary skill of The Stalker, whose primary context is themselves. When explored at a deeper level the actions we perform and how we perform them defines us both to ourselves and others, this effectively is what maintains Personal History and the Self Importance generated by evaluating our actions as being important. The selection of one thing above another is a clear demonstration of how we effectively evaluate ourselves through the things we do and the way we do them. An example would be : it is important to me to do this in this fashion because By breaking the established patterns, which begins the process of Erasing Personal History we rearrange the items within our Personal Inventory and as such not only become inaccessible to others but more importantly to ourselves. This is what underpins relaxing and abandoning oneself acting without believing and Stopping The World of our previous description.

Perceptual Not Doing The Art of Seeing

The description known as the everyday world is formed by components of the human inventory. Self Importance and Self Reflection are totally dependant upon it. Personal History is formed by it. Perception itself is moulded by it. The question is : How do we go about performing Perceptual Not Doings which in effect facilitate Seeing? That has been outlined clearly within the practices of Sorcery, Stopping The World is the starting point which in turn is facilitated by addressing the foregoing aspects of the human inventory. It takes energy to do this, energy which is, in the main accessed through the procedures undertaken upon the Warriors path. For this reason, the Warriors path and primarily living Impeccably was conceived of as a strategy by The New Seers. Don Juan clearly demonstrates throughout his teachings and is very specific concerning how we assemble the world perceptually and how it is maintained by both ourselves and others. This is the power of The Ring of Reason, absolute monarch within its world. Discarding reason is suicidal, it is wiser to hone and shine it into what it can be, effectively a guardian, a 1st Attention which is in and of itself Impeccable, only then can we refine the connecting link to The Second ring of Power Intent. Perceptual Not Doing is not dissimilar to its behavioural counterpart. In some respects it could be said that the behavioural aspect of Not Doing pertains to Stalkers and the Art of Stalking, whilst Perceptual Not Doing rightly applies to Dreamers and The Art of Dreaming. It is in the holding of Multiple Descriptions that we primarily begin to loosen the neural grip that one perspective tends to create, as a result we gather

information from different vantage points and begin to shift our viewpoint accordingly. Gazing as a practice begins the process of Seeing for it engages the total system, the larger unit of mind in perceiving objects directly. This is brought about, by employing the components of the practice known as Stopping The World. Assembling different Perceptual Worlds is, in effect the Not Doing of this world, as is, as previously stated, holding Multiple Descriptions. The fluidity of travelling from one description to the next exercises the Assemblage Point by moving it from its habitual location to others. It is in gaining the ability of living between descriptions that the Sorcerer begins to perceive what lies within and beyond appearances and as a result begins to fulfil the criteria of Seeing, namely, to perceive and experience the energetic aspect of the world directly. This takes energy, energy which is accessed by performing the Recapitulation, Erasing Personal History, losing Self Importance and the Self Reflection that attends it, becoming inaccessible to the human inventory and as a result becoming accessible to the aspects of power that are useful. All this commences with Stopping The World, which leads to Collapsing The World and finally the attainment of the state of being a Formless Warrior.

In conclusion, I will explore Not Doing from the perspective of Damian Sinclair, having done so from the perspective of Sorcery itself in its behavioural and perceptual aspects. I close with a simple thought. Whilst engaged upon a series of activities outlined by the Arts of Dreaming and Stalking the Sorcerer is effectively performing the act of shifting awareness from the everyday world to that of the Sorcerers world, by this

act, and all that it takes to achieve it, the Sorcerer brings into awareness and finally into existence the energetic counterpart of a human being known as the Double or Dreaming Attention. All procedures are aimed at this result and it is through Not Doing that the path is accessed, traversed and fulfilled.

The Not Doing of Damian Sinclair

Beginnings are all important. More so when in the process of creating and realising a myth. It is an essential component within the model of Sorcery to explore and Erase Personal History. The purpose of doing so is clearly defined when you begin to consider the Social Agreement that defines us. To break this agreement is challenging enough, and is made more so by the innocent actions of others, those who seek to constantly define us as what we appear to be. For this reason it is a Sorcerers manoeuvre to change identity labels. Affectation is powerless and meaningless except that the Sorcerer performs this act with Intent. A new identity ideally contains components of : new environments, behaviours and skills. New Beliefs and at least the ability to act As If one had a new Identity. Much of this activity could easily fall into the area of simple drama and histrionics, except, to repeat a most important statement, the gesture is accompanied and empowered by Intent. Parts of my personal history are relevant at this juncture. During the last three years or so I have been developing in areas that have both a personal and professional application. The world lay before me and I in my exhilaration reached out and took hold tightly. A personal decision wiped all this away overnight and the ensuing chaos that spanned a year erased much of my life and world. In some respects I had Stopped and finally Collapsed the world. An essential undertaking in Sorcery. Upon returning to the world I

made the observation that in part much of me and what I had achieved thus far was now redundant. A strategy was required, for I saw no way forward and certainly no way back. Synthesis is a personal skill, pulling divers elements towards cohesion, finding the golden thread woven through the diversity. I spent a year wandering around in territory unfamiliar yet commonplace. Then the myth began to unfold. Damian Sinclair is a Being of Sorcery and is assumed with the sole intention of manifesting the process outlined by this practice period. The assumption of the Sorcerers identity, Damian Sinclair forms the heart of what has been called The Not Doings of Damian Sinclair. Sorcery itself is a profound Not Doing in respect of Everyday Perception each concept and practical skill effectively constitutes a Not Doing of Everyday Life. It is stated within Sorcery that Awareness is Assembled in a specific way and is habituated into patterns of familiarity. Magickal ritual, Intoxication, Intense emotional states and trauma generally are methods of shifting Awareness from its habitual locations and placing it on new sites, sometimes called Worlds. Yet the challenge remains, in order to transcend a purely intellectual model of Perception it is demanded that we effectively Stop The World of human endeavour and all that entails, and having done so redeploy the released Personal Power into the direction we take as Sorcerers, namely: to enter Freedom. All other purposes, though entertaining are effectively redundant and constitute an aspect of indulgence. This is how the Sorcerer begins to develop his or her Impeccability. Impeccability, which in this specific instance is supported and upheld by The Four Moods of Stalking, specifically Ruthlessness. Who would undertake such a task? To answer personally, only someone who has no choice. Inflexibility in this instance being a resource of great value. To reiterate Sorcery is the Not Doing of human life and the pursuit of Sorcery, as outlined constitutes The Not Doing of Damian Sinclair. All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream

The Four Moods of Stalking Ruthlessness

Ruthlessness is not harshness. Having set a Context or Direction, it is useful to ask : What is of value to me in respect of this Context or Direction? and What is not? By performing this Personal Inventory the possibility of freeing up space and time for something new arises, and the possibility of experiencing the Context or Direction in a new way can take place. It also allows us to become aware of the appropriateness of Doing this Now, in which case we proceed, or whether it is appropriate to withdraw, consolidate and make thorough preparations prior to entering the Context or Direction. In order to do this it is necessary to bring to bear the full focus of our concentration, concentration which is normally trapped within the superfluous. By eliminating the superfluous we are effectively enabled in respect of our powers of concentration. Congruently performing this Personal Inventory and recognising What is useful and What is not permits us to only carry what applies in that Context or Direction and to drop as redundant the components of Behaviour and Belief that exist as obstructions. In this way it becomes possible to enter fully any Context or embark upon a journey in any Direction fully focussed and unencumbered by the superfluous. Not a moment is wasted in prevarication once a decision has been made. For in any action we can act As if it were our Last Stand.

Sorcery is the Cunning of the 1st Attention Gazing is the Cunning of the 2nd Attention The Energetic Matrix is the Cunning of the Double Cunning is not cruelty and has an External and Internal aspect. Externally, our behaviours around others are made into deliberate acts in order to take control of what is going on. This is not about controlling others, rather it is about controlling ourselves. In short developing an awareness of the implications within what we are doing. This effectively makes us inaccessible to others and in this respect is a component of Erasing personal History. Only then can we abandon ourselves to our Controlled Folly. For we relax, have no fear and can simply act. Only then can we begin to connect to Intent and only then can we be guided and aided by the powers that surround us. Internally, we stalk the self primarily and in this respect the inaccessibility spoken of above applies to ourselves. We act secretly and deliberately in order to circumnavigate the established patterns of behaviour we continuously run, invariably unconsciously. This is challenging, for if overdone we can create disassociation, which takes us further from our Intent. Truly abandoning ourselves in respect of Self Importance and our Personal History is the only way we can connect to the power of Intent. Only then can it guide and aid us.

Patience is not negligence. Timing is the key. We can evaluate a context and irrespective of our findings proceed. This is excellent if in possession of the necessary resources or information, which is itself a primary resource. Through Patience we develop a connection to time and how we might begin to use it usefully. When faced with circumstances that we lack resources or sufficient information about, rather than fretting we retreat. Retreat in this instance does not mean to back off we simply do something else. This something else is a shield through which we can re-assess the situation from a vantage point and choose the appropriate time in which to act. To act as a response to someones actions or demands demonstrates a lack of awareness, accessibility and the desire to protect ourselves, i.e. the bolstering of Self Importance. Again there is an Internal and External aspect. Patience with the world and others and more importantly, Patience in respect of ourselves. It is a little like what arises when we bang our head against a brick wall its wonderful when we stop.

Sweetness is not foolishness and is connected directly and specifically to addressing Self Importance. We mingle and act ordinary in order to remain inaccessible. To prove ourselves, our value and worth to others is time consuming and tedious. Let others draw attention to themselves and suffer the consequences. Only when Self Importance is erased can we begin to practice Sweetness, for it is not about false humility, a breed of Self Importance itself. Guiding from behind creates momentum, pulling from the front can be an effort. Shielding ones Personal Power means to store it rather than deploying it within human contexts that are invariably trivial. Contextually, if you are always act as a sheep you will become a sheep. When appropriate transform and through that transformation demonstrate how little is really known about you. This ensures inaccessibility for it leaves others with questions in their minds in respect of you. And while they are busily attempting to answer them, quick as a flash youre gone.

The Four Enemies of a Man of Knowledge Fear Clarity Power Old Age Filtered through The Four Moods of Stalking Ruthlessness Cunning Fear
However uncertain a fear may appear it usually has its roots in something. The primary task is to discover that something and proceed from there. One of the characteristics of fear is the way it hides itself behind a multitude of masks and once exposed dissolves into the air itself. It has been stated in many traditions that fear is the first guardian the novice meets upon the path of initiation. This is understandable given that it is a protector in disguise, sorting and sifting our experience in order to determine what we can and cannot handle at any given time. In this respect it operates at the same logical level of pain. That is, as a warning. In pursuing any path of learning, in this instance, Sorcery, it is commonplace to set beliefs about what we are doing. This is understandable given the nature of 1st Attention, however these beliefs stand in the way of learning for two specific reasons. First, they code the limitless within a limited description and secondly they bring a halt to the progress we make upon the path of learning by creating the possibility of disappointments. Disappointments which are effectively contradictions to our expectations. We doubt our learning and as a result invariably leave our pursuit of knowledge behind in favour of something perceived to be of more value.



In pursuing Sorcery it is wise to remember that what we are doing and what we think we are doing are invariably two different things. This awareness ensures that whilst fulfilling the overt outcomes of Sorcery we are also able to fulfil the covert outcomes. As a result, this approach and attitude dispels our fears in respect of the progress we are making for it clearly distinguishes between 1st and 2nd Attention pursuits. Only the unknown strikes fear into us for once it has been faced and understood it enters the realm of the known and as such can no longer rule our emotions and thoughts the way it did previously. This is true both conceptually in respect of pursuing the path of knowledge and actually when faced with the various masks that fear presents itself through within our everyday world. Within Sorcery Fear is challenged by each of the practices, examples being : Erasing Personal History thereby attaining inaccessibility. Stopping The World the description or descriptions that hold the masks of Fear. The Four Moods of Stalking by turning the context of Fear into prey for the hunter. Losing the Human Form for only the human aspect of the apprentice knows Fear as the Sorcerer knows only Ruthlessness. Not Doing specifically challenges Fear by performing the behavioural and conceptual actions that faces each mask squarely, thereby eradicating it. Accessing and storing Personal Power eliminates Fear, for as a perception it can only operate at a specific energetic level. Once that energetic level, which constitutes a description of the world is transcended so is the Fear or Fears that are isomorphic to it. Losing Self Importance eradicates Fear in one step, for we can only hold Fear within us in respect of expectations and our need for a sense of security. Only when we enter the freedom of inaccessibility do we experience the 'place of no pity' which requires that no self reflection is taking place. With no self reflection there is no evaluation in respect of our personal human inventory. Fear itself can become an ally, one which serves us by indicating an area or areas which require Attention. Attention which when applied appropriately will address the

issue or issues in question. For this reason it takes power to pursue Sorcery in the first place, for from the outset it challenges each and every presupposition we make in respect of our perception of the world and Sorcery itself. The important consideration is the blend of Moods that are applied. As always this is dependant upon the context. However : Ruthlessness applied here is simply a matter of proceeding in the light of ones fear. To be afraid and know that you are afraid and yet to proceed is the true nature of courage. Fears concerning a decision often occur after the decision has been made and one has regrets. It is the role of Ruthlessness to evaluate what is useful, given the context, consider the implications and once committed act. There is no room for indecisiveness, especially in the light of the phantoms that fear often manifests through. Fear can only manifest in the instance of protecting the Self, as such it is also the role of Ruthlessness to address Self Importance / Self Reflection. Only where these exist can one hold a place for fear to make its home. Ruthlessness in addressing the issues of Self eliminates them and as such leaves no territory in which fear can take root. The concept on its way to being a reality of living in the moment can only occur in the light of having faced Death and in doing so having already died, symbolically. What is their to fear in the light of this. Death as an advisor eliminates the little fears that mask it and leaves the Warrior free to go about the major issue of entering Freedom. Cunning applied here is about strategy, overt and covert. Acting in the light of ones fear or fears rehearses bravery. This is overt behaviour a little like singing a song whilst being pursued by an enemy of superior strength and ability. Covertly it is about the recognition that in the light of the immensity that awaits us beyond the gates of death, what is their to fear here? Yes there are questions of survival, a future and dreams and yet what do they amount to in the light of eternity? Abandonment to the powers that aid and guide us can only occur when inner silence arises, elsewise the wisdom that exists all around us is drowned by the

static of our thinking and feeling natures. It is Cunning that erases Personal History. Cunning that Stops The World. Cunning that employs Sorcery as a 1st Attention strategy to enter upon the path of freedom. Cunning in this instance is more specifically Trickery. How else could we circumnavigate the description/s we hold that are coded with fear. In this instance it is Cunning that recognises that he or she has that fear, it is bound within that description, I am elsewhere. Patience applied here develops awareness and understanding. Challenges, which are masked opportunities often give rise to grounded or ungrounded fears. The lesson of Patience is to evaluate what we are able to do at a specific time clearly. If we have the resources to face a particular fear, we do. If not, retire until such a time as we have the requisite resources and then enter the arena. There is no wisdom in an untimely death, if such a thing could be said to exist. Preoccupying ourselves with something different anything sets a new direction and with it a new Perception arises. Patience is about timing. Timing is about Perception and Perception is dependant upon energy. Evaluate clearly and rather than deploying energy into wasteful contexts one gathers energy instead which can, at the appropriate point in time be applied in the appropriate direction. This in itself gathers energy and as such the process is generative. Sweetness applied here acts and looks ordinary and in so doing studies the nature of fear. Its strategies and masks, its patterns and cycles. May even choose to act as if one has succumbed and at the vital moment act. It is almost as if one could create a vessel for fear to inhabit, a description or world in itself, occupy it congruently and having lured and finally trapped all of ones fears there, in an instance leave and enter a description or world where fear has no place. It would take Sweetness to shield power long enough to achieve this outcome and in many respects this could only occur within dream. The question here is : How specifically do you define dream? Fear like Death is an advisor and the

Sweetness contained in performing, as an example The Recapitulation serves to eliminate fear/s at root by disconnecting the hooks and regaining the Personal Power contained within the context. Whilst doing this what you are in effect is a simple human being facing the immensity alone and applying what little skill you have, effectively.

Clarity itself dispels fear by virtue of the perceptual insights it grants, for fear can only exist in the presence of ignorance. Learning itself dispels fear in the light of the knowledge attained. There are effectively two distinct classes of Clarity. For simplicities sake I shall write them as a large [ C ] and a small [ c ]. The large C of Clarity carries its own self monitoring system and in this respect could not be considered an enemy in any respect. Not withstanding, clarity, the small c of which Don Juan speaks, is the distinct belief of thinking one knows. It is this order of clarity that I shall address with my comments. Clarity itself banishes Fear for it is in the light of our own minds and the reason it contains that creates the ambience in which Fear has no place. Clarity which gives rise to Knowledge dispels the Ignorance that effectively serves as the vessel in which Fear manifests. Clarity in all respects is to be considered a true friend in the light of this and yet contextually, as described, a friend who can turn and become a mortal enemy. This occurs as a result of the certainty that arises and in its wake learning ceases, for one knows, or at least believes that one knows. It has been said that a wise course of action is to doubt, specifically the self that generates such limited understanding, for this understanding invariably lies within

the domain of 1st Attention. And yet where is the fine line between doubt and building upon ones developing understanding? A possible answer to this is simple, it has been said that a Warrior proceeds, acts without the need of believing and in this way practices Not Doing. This indifference has been described as a characteristic of Sobriety and rather than being a cynical attitude of mind, demonstrates clearly and succinctly freedom. In this instance freedom is of a perceptual nature as it permits the limitations within ones own awareness to be circumnavigated to a great extent. How many times do we arrive at a point of understanding in respect of a specific only to find that with the passing of time that understanding is transcended in the light of new information and the learning that follows on from this? This is the natural flow of learning and without it we stand still just as easily as when we make no effort at all. The guideline is to recognise this natural tendency, celebrate ones learning and yet be aware that even in the light of this, there is so much more to learn, so much more to explore. In this manner Sobriety is cultivated and the path of knowledge becomes a joy to pursue rather than a task which is dependant upon the whats in it for me attitude which is dependant upon Self Importance. It is Self Importance itself that brings us to the conclusion that we know anything, for we measure ourselves in the light of what we have, in this instance knowledge becomes a commodity. The practice of Sorcery circumnavigates clarity becoming an enemy, for when applied appropriately it carries its own monitoring device, as previously stated this is the true nature of Clarity [ large C ] and not the indulgence that is human, clarity with a small c. The practice without equal in the tempering of clarity is the Stalkers predilection of recognising the Mystery that surrounds us and the Mystery that we are, equal to all things. Along with this our duty to unravel the Mystery knowing full well the futility of our efforts in the light of the immensity that surrounds us. This is acting without the need of believing and represents, as previously stated true perceptual freedom. The rest is 1st Attention indulgence brought about in the main by human vanity and

ignorance. True Clarity effectively unseats itself by monitoring itself as it develops. This is the nature of useful circumspection which is achieved by applying The Sorcerers Strategic Inventory at regular intervals. Ruthlessness applied here is recognising that however much we think we know, in the light of Mystery and the immensity that awaits us it amounts to little, if anything. This is the nature of humility and stands as our only resource when facing the onset of Clarity. It is the ability of holding the paradox, whilst knowing so much, relatively speaking, compare it to what there is to know and find yourself realistically only a little wiser, if at all. This Clarity, Certainty and Knowledge fuels Self Importance, for we are supported by our beliefs about ourselves, filtered through the expectations of societies agreement and consensus. Address Self Importance and in many ways Clarity, as an enemy is defeated. It is Ruthlessness alone that achieves the end result of facing and defeating Clarity granting the Warrior the opportunity to cast aside petty Self supporting knowledge and belief in order to enter the wider arena of all that is possible. Ruthlessness that perceives, all but dimly the direction and its attendant perceived goal and embarks, unencumbered by thinking and talking, the hand maidens of Reason. To unhook the Ring of Reason is a primary requirement within the pursuit of Sorcery for only then can we even dream of what the Ring of Intent might be. To make this possible we require inner silence. This inner silence can only occur in the light of all things being equal and therefore meaningless. It takes Clarity to perceive this and Ruthlessness to achieve it. Cunning applied, as always is about strategy. How does one use Clarity [ big C ] to defeat clarity [ small c ] ? Yes we know that takes Power. Cunning grants us many resources, inaccessibility being the primary one. For one to be inaccessible presupposes that we do not and cannot take ourselves seriously. For this reason Sorcerers not only laugh at the antics of others but more importantly they can laugh at their own. Cunning specifically develops the strategies

that address the perceived fear or fears we manifest, this itself takes Clarity. In situations where the power of Clarity is in excess of our own ability to match it we need Cunning in order to turn the tables. At this time, when we are likely to experience the inflation that knowing brings to us it is the true humility of the Warrior that comes into play. Not the narrow modesty of the average human being but the white hot flame that burns away the dross exposing the pure gold of knowledge. A Knowledge which once again cannot be considered an enemy, for it guides us truly, irrespective of our ongoing perceptions of it. It is in the territory of Clarity with a large C that this takes place, the rest is sham and human Self Importance. Trickery as always with Cunning plays a vital role here in as much as one proceeds acting as if one knows whilst harbouring the insidious and useful thought that at the realistic level one is in fact a little stupid. In this way we trick the self. Yes this can be done with Cunning for as I once said : Sorcery is the Cunning of the 1st Attention and serves as the interface. Gazing is the Cunning of the 2nd Attention and facilitates Active Dreaming. And Setting Up Dreaming is the Cunning of the Double, it lures the one to flesh the other, which one does what is open to conjecture for it is a matter of the Dreamer and the Dream. Holding the paradox is the key. The inaccessibility one attains in respect of ones thinking and beliefs matched by the accessibility to Power. The natural domain of Clarity with a large C. Patience as always is an ambience and relates directly to time and timing. In the presence of Clarity one can say in effect, oh! yes, thank you very much, however I think I will get on with this for now this is the do something else approach we adopt when faced with the inflation that arises from knowing or thinking we know. Yes we can rejoice in the knowledge, however, as is mentioned by Don Juan on many occasions if we fall to the emotional state of Wow we are lost, caught up in the throes of a Human Inventory. Patience permits us to recognise through its relationship to time that whatever we think we know in the present will always amount to little in respect of what we can come to

know once we begin to practice Sobriety. Patience and Sobriety in this respect walk hand in hand. Patience also grants us the ability to recognise that overwhelmed in the short term by Clarity we can retire as indicated in the above passage and do something different, in the certainty that this too will pass. The ability to do this takes profound Sobriety and detachment. It would be like walking through the fields of paradise and remarking that is a little interesting. Rather than being swept away which is a human tendency. This sounds a little cold, however when you consider what we have made of the mould of man it should not be surprising that I manifest this attitude. It is strategically appropriate. Patience in a word is Timing. Timing is the recognition that to all things its season and as the Warrior walks into Freedom, nothing and I mean no thing, concrete or abstract will detain them. It takes Patience to be compassionate with oneself in the light of Clarity as it unfolds, masks the way and distracts us. Fortunately Sorcery knows this, allows for it and moves on. This is the Clarity with the large C spoken of many times. A true friend and with Patience cultivated into becoming a true ally. It takes Patience to become aware of this and Patience to make it, a dream, reality. Intent grants this in the light of Personal Power and Personal Power arises from Clarity which is dependant upon Patience. Sweetness applied becomes : and in the light of all this one is a simple human being. Sweetness defeats all inflation whether that inflation arises from Clarity or elsewhere. The humility to say yes, that is indeed marvellous however how does it compare to a nova burning in the starlit night in the area of space around Orion? Sweetness is true humility and true humility circumnavigates the pitfalls that arise when the onslaught of Clarity takes place. These words are simple, short and sweet and suffice to convey my meaning, a meaning I have no Intention of burying beneath mere verbiage. Simplicity is the key to Sweetness and in this way Clarity cannot become an enemy but one more guide on the path of becoming a Man or Woman of Knowledge.

Nations rise, bask in the splendour of their heyday and then fall, diminish and enter the realm of obscurity from whence they came. Such is human history and such is the nature of being human, for our history is simply an extension of our nature, collectively speaking. True Power vanquishes Clarity for it takes Personal Power to see through the veil of our own sensory coding of the world to the true mystery that lies all about us. Sadly this Power also inflates our Self Importance the blessing and curse of the Ancient Sorcerers. A blessing for it made it possible for them to explore and scale unimaginable heights, heights we in the present can only speculate upon. A curse for it bound them within descriptions that did not permit the existence of, or the entry into Freedom. It has been said that ultimate power corrupts ultimately. We have only to see how detractors act when it is there time of power. How the quiet liberal, out of necessity, becomes the despot when put in the position of being able to express what was previously, circumstantially repressed. Let Power be the Power of Wisdom, then and then alone can it truly be transcendent and of value to the Warrior. The Sorcerer hunts Power for the sole purpose of Perceptual redeployment. The Man or Woman of knowledge perceives it as simply a means to an end. A metaphor best illustrates this : You have a vehicle [ life itself ] you have a map [ Sorcery ] and you have the requisite skills onboard with which to undertake your journey. Yet the engine of your vehicle, has no fuel, like the petrol you would place in a cars engine, the fuel here is power. Power is invariably perceived as being power over things or people, the only thing to have power over is the pursuit itself, outlined succinctly by The Art of Stalking and the only person is the Sorcerer him or herself. The rest is human vanity, which is certainly curtailed by death. As a model of perception Sorcery is predisposed towards perceptual power,

for this reason alone are most of its procedures undertaken. The Recapitulation reclaims what has been deployed into an individuals Personal History. Impeccability ensures that the optimum is achieved with minimum effort. Not Doing, effectively stores power by creating diversity and inaccessibility. Setting Up Dreaming grants the opportunity to access new and divers worlds wherein power is plentiful. The guideline lies in the recognition of what one wants power for. Power over things or people is transitory. Power over the self permits the Sorcerer to pursue their path unencumbered by the pettiness that is characteristic of the human condition. A condition which in the main is based upon fear. Fear which the Warrior defeats with Clarity and Clarity itself is defeated by Power, for it follows that power or energy if you prefer is the difference that makes the difference. The distance between one perception and another might be microscopic and yet from one perspective they might as well be light years apart. Consider for a moment what a truly traumatic memory is like, at the time how close to you was joy? And if you could measure, how far apart did they seem at the time? Within Sorcery, Power is contained by the application of two of the attributes of a Warrior, namely : Control and Discipline. These are effectively supported by the Sobriety which is engendered by the pursuit of Sorcery itself. The attitude of indifference, stemming as it does from the recognition that all things are equal and therefore meaningless enables the Sorcerer to attain Sobriety, the means of remaining sober in the light of the onslaughts of power. It takes power to know this and it takes power to resist power for the question is, How does one remain inaccessible to the indulgent aspects of power whilst remaining accessible to its useful aspects? Ruthlessness applied here takes a number of directions. Power, true Power that is, can be employed to defeat itself. For Power to defend itself is indeed weakness and simply Self Importance being exerted. To have passed through the portals of Fear and Clarity it would be presupposed that the

Warrior by this time had sufficient resources to defeat the insidious nature of Power. Sadly in the majority of instances this is not the case. Self Importance is so deeply ingrained into the human system, primarily as the means of personal survival that to circumnavigate it requires nothing short of accessing and utilising the Double or Energetic Being which is our true nature. This all but improbable task is facilitated by Sorcery, yet there are many stop over points on the way. Power is one of them, perhaps the most challenging of all? Grant a person all that they want with the opportunity of gaining more. Give them their hearts desire. Lay at their feet untold riches, abstract and concrete and who would, who could say, this is not enough? Only a fool or someone with no choice. In this respect it is the Ruthlessness of Sorcery itself that enables the Warrior to perceive the Mystery and the potential it implies and turn away from the human description. What is promised in return? Nothing, only the opportunity to explore the unknown. Exploration which promises no reward. How does that sit with the whats in it for me attitude of the average human? The average human in this instance covers the entirety of humanity, without a single exception. Ruthlessness alone handles Power by saying how useful is this in the context of my present pursuit? As previously stated it takes Power to take the abstract flight, Power to embark upon the path of Sorcery and Power alone sets The Fire From Within into motion. These are very different applications to inflating ones self worth or values which is the province wherein Power is truly an enemy. Applied where appropriate like the preceding cases of Fear and Clarity, rather than being an enemy it becomes a friend and ally. Ruthlessness alone sets this up for it cuts to the heart of things and dispenses with the superfluous retaining only what is vital for the journey to hand The journey into Freedom. Cunning applied is indeed trickery. How else can one remove oneself from the all but orgiastic reality of bathing in ones sense of Personal Power? It is in the sense of abandoning oneself that one can become sufficiently light

enough to float free of human tendencies. The relaxation spoken of naturally arises as a consequence. There is an aspect of Power which is minor and purely personal. Like Fear it masks itself in a form most easily recognised by us individually. Calls to us. Seduces us. There is no fall from grace, there is no success. There is only Power. Cunning here deploys Power into appropriate contexts in order for it to become generative. A little like spending money to make money. There is an attitude prevalent within Sorcery that one has to be all but miserly with the use of ones energy. This is true after a fashion and yet the attitude is reminiscent of the miser hoarding money in fear of the day when he or she will have none. The universe may very well be predatory that is no reason to act as the hunter or the victim, for this is only a perception. I say only a perception knowing full well that all there is only Perception. A paradox to fathom. Cunning as always tricks the self, redeploys Power as previously described and remains light as a consequence. It was a tendency of The Ancient Sorcerers to hoard and I suspect the case with many of their modern counterparts. The New Mood beckons and what has been said in respect of Power and in this instance Cunning is an intrinsic aspect of this New Mood. It takes lack of Fear to say this. It takes Clarity to perceive the implications of saying it and it takes Power itself to realise it. Cunning indeed. Patience in the face of Power has little difficulty for it recognises the antics of a small child calling for attention. A small child it cherishes and it promises that this too will pass. It is only in the instance of not resisting can power be allowed to flow freely without taking on the personal aspects outlined by an individuals Personal History. In this respect only a Formless Warrior can truly handle the onset of Power. For only a Formless Warrior, by simple definition can supply a suitably neutral Energetic Matrix which is depersonalised sufficient to using Power in the appropriate way. This is an idea all but abstract, and yet concrete in time. The time in question when one has the resource of Formlessness. A time which visits us in the present as a

friend and guide. This is the quality of Patience, the ambience that permits time to unfold according to its energetic requirements and level. To not interfere is all but impossible to the human being, who by their very nature is a creature of wants. Formlessness itself is the only logical application of Power, if Power is to be useful to the Warrior in their chosen pursuits. Patience here serves the role of counsellor as well as guide for the Power in question is not Personal but rather the Power of Intent. For this reason the majority of individuals who succumb to this enemy are clearly seen to distort and in some respects pervert the natural flow of Power from Intent to the more personalised aspect called Will. Will in this instance is purely human and in application is demonstrated by the entirety of human history. Draw your own conclusions. Patience is the ambience that permits the child growing strong in Power to mature into the Formlessness which is its natural state. All other manifestations of Power are a sham. The do something else in this instance refers to holding at least a Double Description, the everyday world and the world of Sorcery being sufficient to achieve the outcome of not succumbing to the seduction of Power. Multiple Description is ideal for it permits the Warrior to live between descriptions' thereby being inaccessible to the aspect of Power that defeats them and yet accessible to the aspect of Power that facilitates the Warrior into Formlessness. The only application of Power which is generative and hence useful given the Sorcerers pursuits. This takes Power and more importantly it takes Patience, manifesting through time, to achieve. Sweetness applied again returns to simplicity. In the light of this unfolding drama one is simply one human being pursuing a Mystery all but unattainable. Using whatever resources one has, and the ones that develop as a consequence. As a simple human being the humility this engenders is the only resource one has in the light of the onslaught of Power. The arch seducer. There are instances, numerous to recall of burn out victims, individuals without sufficient ability to handle what is going on. Power in this

instance inflates them to the point of implosion. They are damaged by effectively rending the veil of the everyday world which expels them, and yet, ironically they have insufficient Power to access the world of Sorcery outside of it being a 1st Attention description. This is sad indeed and yet these instances serve as examples, as lessons of what can happen. Sorcery selects its own. They are the survivors, few in number and yet for them the myth unfolds truly and in a balanced way. This is not to say that their path is easy, quite the contrary, the instances of burn out are paradoxically easy options. The Warrior, true, is alone at this time and it is only their perception, paradoxically fuelled by Power that stands as a support and guide. The point made here is subtle and all but abstract and yet rings true. Humility is the key to facing the onset of Power, as humility truly aspects the principle that one is indeed equal to all things, whether one is a mountain, an ant or a human being. Power here becomes a friend and is vanquished as an enemy by the gentleness that is intrinsic in maintaining such an attitude congruently. There is no place for deception or self deception for one is dealing primarily with the abstract principles of Intent and The Great Spirit in the face of which humility is our natural recourse. The Shields which constitute our Path With Heart play a major role in respect of granting us the opportunity for transformation, for the Warrior selects the items purposefully, fully engaging in their pursuit until such a time as it is appropriate to enter the arena of Sorcery directly. This is yet another method for off setting the onslaught of Power for once again it deploys Power into useful directions. This is the hallmark of Patience which operates primarily through time and timing.

Old Age
The last of the enemies, that which unseats, even Power. Old Age need not be viewed as the accumulation of years, for there are many younger people who clearly demonstrate the onset of Old Age in as much as their attitudes, beliefs and behaviours are so set that only Death awaits them. Returning to the concept of Old Age as spoken of by Don Juan, this can only exist as a reality within the everyday world, for should the Warrior reach an ancient age, a lifetime of Impeccability circumnavigates the pitfalls presented by Old Age the desire to rest. The accumulation of Power through a lifetime of practice, congruently applied leaves no place for the infirmity which invariably accompanies Old Age. Death, the natural consequence of advancing years serving as an advisor addresses how the infirmities of Old Age arise and can be circumnavigated. In our arrogance we act as if we are immortal, this Don Juan points out on numerous occasions. The truth is we have little time, faced as we are by the immensity of the Mystery that confronts and surrounds us. A lifetime of Impeccability leaves no place for the infirmities commonly associated with Old Age. In this instance Old Age, like Death becomes an advisor. And yet at times we grow tired, would seek rest from our labours and yet there is no opportunity for rest, only the Dramatic Exertion and Unbending Intent that has been cultivated over a lifetime can serve as a resource in the light of the ultimate enemy that defeats us at the end. Sorcery suggests The Abstract Flight, the means of entering Death consciously as one way of defeating, even Old Age. Time itself is the only witness to the validity of this concept or not. The rest is pure rumour. Yet throughout life, each moment, each thought, each action is a rehearsal for our impending death. We have choices : The models of spirituality assuage us with the promise of

immortality. Designed to placate what is at root our deepest fear and to furnish the few with the power over the many, the few in this instance are called teachers. The question is : what do we wish to rehearse? Sorcery applied effectively is designed to arouse our curiosity as to the nature of what we are and are capable of becoming and the nature of the Mystery that surrounds us. This insatiable curiosity alone could almost keep us so preoccupied with our explorations that we forget or overlook getting old, for Old Age is part of the program that is engendered and supported by The Everyday Description of The World. Few, if any escape and yet we are driven to make the effort. This perspective alone, applied appropriately ensures that the desire to rest and take it easy never occurs and for this reason is the metaphor of the battle and the battlefield applied when speaking of the Sorcerers world and its pursuit. Others are granted the appearance of possessing immortality, for a Warrior this is nonsense for they have only the here and the now. The rest is human indulgence, meaningless and trivial in the light of the passing of time. Life itself is The Abstract Flight and for the Warrior upon the path of becoming a Man or Woman of Knowledge there is no time or inclination to be diverted by the merely entertaining. This again, is the result of attaining Sobriety and more importantly the application of the first principle of Sorcery, namely, Ruthlessness. Ruthlessness is Sobriety and Sobriety is Ruthlessness and in the light of the presence of such resources is Old Age defeated. This is the ultimate proof of the validity of the pursuit of Sorcery itself. Ruthlessness applied recognises what is required in terms of maintaining ones youthfulness irrespective of whether one is twenty five or sixty five. The cultivation of health and well being through a balanced approach to life can and does offset many of the consequences of living a chaotic life. Diet, exercise, environment, work, relationships, the shields we call A Path With Heart and the pursuit of Sorcery itself are

significant ways of defeating the last of the enemies. We are as old or as young as we feel. This is a matter of attitude supported by the practical considerations that make it possible. Ruthlessness is the application of the strategies necessary to achieve this. The elimination of what creates and fosters harm in the life of a Warrior demands that Ruthlessness be applied at the appropriate times within the appropriate contexts. For this reason the Warrior performs regular Strategic Inventories in order to sort The Island of The Tonal on a regular basis. It is a continuous and ongoing process. Old Age can also be referred to as a loss of vitality or energy. The Ruthlessness of The Recapitulation with its outcome of reclaiming energy spread across our Personal History ensures that vitality is maintained. The practice of Controlled Folly likewise is Ruthlessness applied within the world. Sorcery itself is Ruthlessness for as the first principle it pervades every aspect of the pursuit. When faced with those occasions when one is called upon to stop, it is the Ruthlessness of Control and Discipline that remind the warrior of their pursuit and its goal the path to Freedom. Cunning is again the application of strategies Intended to trick the 1st Attention into breaking the mould of man. A mould which contains the concepts of Old Age and Death. Cunning here lies within the practice of The Recapitulation, offering as it does a surrogate history to the Eagle at the point of Death and thereby passing by intact. This is referred to as conscious death, where the Warrior enters Freedom as defined by their predilection. It is Cunning indeed to pursue a path without a destination, for one is always travelling, always encountering newness and difference. It is almost as if one forgets to grow old. The everyday world is set up in such a way as to fulfil the expectations of those who signed the agreement. The Warrior has broken the agreement and all that it entails. Mystery, complete and inviolate is their only quest, a quest that leaves no room for the infirmities associated with Old Age. At this time these may be simply words, fortunately there is an appropriate evidence procedure, for were I to choose to stay around until I was eighty or so, my being and

state of being would serve as the evidence that corroborated or denied these words. Sorcery as described is the Cunning of the 1st Attention for in its application one ultimately ceases to be human in the mundane sense of the word, this offers the opportunity of transcending the human condition and evolving into new and different abilities. This, evolution demands of us. With so much at stake and so little time, how could the Warrior permit Old Age to unseat them at this crucial point in time? Preparing to leave the world and all it entails, to embark upon a journey without equal is surely sufficient to maintain the energetic level this quest demands. Cunning is applied as strategy throughout the Warriors lifetime and facilitates the Impeccability which itself results from connecting to Intent which in turn arises through the pursuit of the Art and Science of Sorcery. Energy, Awareness and Perception being its focus points. Cunning indeed facilitates a vital approach within the Energetic Matrix consisting as it does of Mind Body and Double which maintains and sustains vitality. Within this reality there is no room for Old Age as commonly experienced within the everyday world. It is all dependant upon skill and strategy and this takes the application of Cunning. Patience is the ambience, the field through which all the above is permitted to unfold. It is time and the relationship we have to time. Sorcerers manipulate time through manipulating Perception, living entire lifetimes within what could be judged to be a relatively short time. The distortion of time also enables the Sorcerer to face the oncoming time differently. Rather than moving towards the future, an average persons approach to the continuum of time, the Sorcerer stands still, as it were and the future moves towards them. This nuance of difference facilitates Awareness unfolding in distinctly different ways compared to the norm. The application of Patience, the ambience of time unfolding, permits the development of Impeccability which calls for the sum total of ones energy being available in the instance to hand. There is nothing new in this idea accept that within Sorcery it ceases to be an idea and is

made concrete simply through the practice of The Recapitulation. A process which is dependant upon time and Patience. For what commences as an abstract becomes concrete as sufficient Personal Power is released into ones Perceptual abilities. The difference between one perception and another being the amount of energy available at the time. If this were not the case we would become enlightened beings overnight simply by reading about the possibility of becoming so. Time is a man made concept which though measured objectively in days, months and years is experienced subjectively. Hence a moment can contain an eternity when experienced from a Core State perspective. Likewise years can fly by and the seduction of youth awakes one day to the horrors of Old Age and infirmity. All a dream. Old Age likewise is mans expectations being fulfilled by the consensus that reality imposes. A reality we in effect have set up as part of the socialisation process we have been educated into. Few, very few escape the inevitable and yet there are those who dream and when we consider dreaming, have not all things commenced with a dream? Patience and its relationship to time is the means of unseating Old Age by never actually arriving at this Perception. For at the end of the day there is only Perception. Sweetness in this instance again lies in humility. Of leading a life which engenders vitality by Erasing Self Importance, Erasing Personal History and effectively Stopping The World in which time unfolds in a linear fashion. The indescribable feats spoken of in Sorcery are effectively performed by the Double, the Energy body. This aspect when actualised grants untold abilities to the Sorcerer who all but takes up permanent residence in the Double. And while all this takes place the man or woman in question simply lives in the world. As a Stalker, apparently no different from the average person, yet possessed of skills and energy that has made the inconceivable an everyday reality. This is the transformation spoken of, for it manifests in two parts. First it is the simplicity of having erased Self Importance in order to attain the Inaccessibility required to fulfil ones path uninterrupted. Secondly it is the transformation of the

human into the Sorcerer. For the Sorcerer lives at least two lives. The everyday world of the man or woman and then there is the Sorcerer proper. Human beings are not Sorcerers. It is the Double that is the Sorcerer and in this way transformation is taking place continually. It is relatively easy to act and look commonplace when in effect one is just that. It is the Sorcerer that is extraordinary. There is nothing human about a Sorcerer as there is nothing Sorcerous about a human. The question of Old Age viewed in this way is simply a matter of where you place your energy. For it to be contained within the human construct leads ultimately to death, this is currently a certainty. For it to be transferred to the Double, as in Dreaming is surely the way the Abstract Flight is undertaken. A task indescribable in its implications and yet presupposed by the entire structure called Sorcery. Old Age is unseated and defeated by Sweetness through the application of the only rd transformation possible. Entry into the 3 Attention, when the Fire From Within takes place and one leaves this world total and complete. In this way Sorcerers cannot die for their energy has been transferred to an almost inaccessible aspect of our being that we call the Double. All speculation concerning spirituality is a sham and insurance against fear. There is only one form of immortality and that is, not to die. Transcending death by retaining ones consciousness is only possible in the light of the Double. This transformation lies at the very heart of Sorcery and it is through Sweetness that even Old Age is defeated.

The Recapitulation I Introduction

According to Toltec tradition, transformation is the only true purpose a human being can have. Transformation entails a total change of ones habitual ways of thinking and behaving and is a task that must be accomplished in a Warriors lifetime. This task is accomplished by the Recapitulation. Once old habits, thoughts, expectations and feelings are reframed as a result of the Recapitulation, the Warrior is in a position to gather enough energy to live by new rationales and to substantiate these rationales by directly Perceiving a different reality. Recapitulation is the apex of the Art of Stalking and is the act of reclaiming the Personal Power invested in past actions, in order to redeploy and enhance the reclaimed energy for extraordinary feats of Perception. The act of recalling experiences - starting from the present, going back to the earliest memories, using the Sweeping Breath, to sweep the memories clean one by one encapsulates the Warriors Recapitulation. The Recapitulation is an ancient renewal process developed thousands of years ago. It is a Magical act in which Breath and Intent play an essential role. In the Recapitulation, the Breathing gathers energy and circulates it and the Intent of the Recapitulation guides it to free Warriors from their biological and social ties. The Intent of Recapitulation is having an unbending desire to perform it, and its end result is Freedom. Imagine yourself as a giant memory warehouse. From the moment you are born, parents, teachers, the socialising and educational structures etc. have stored feelings, ideas, mental dialogues, behavioural patterns and beliefs into that

warehouse: the conditioning that forms and moulds you into what you become. It is through the Recapitulation that Warriors discard items that are no longer useful from their warehouse, to reclaim the Personal Power lodged within these items and make room for different Perceptions. The human body can be transformed into a tool capable of gathering, storing and directing energy, for Warriors regard the body as a source of Power, not merely a biological organism. Through the Recapitulation, the warrior becomes aware that as the warehouse becomes empty, energy from infinity can flow through it, which in turn leads to Freedom. In Don Juans tradition, Freedom is to be free from Humanness and Freedom is not possible if the Warriors warehouse is filled with desires, feelings, ideas, objects that are part of a Human inventory. Through the Recapitulation the Warrior realises that there is an aspect within them that knows indisputably the outcome of any action they are about to perform. The Warrior calls this moment of direct knowing, the Seer. By undertaking the act of Recapitulation, Warriors grant the Seer the freedom to See and deliberately turn it into a force that is both mysterious and effective which eventually guides them into Freedom. Warriors sink into a state of profound Recapitulation to achieve the emptying process so that energy can flow unimpeded. Then the Seer in them has full reign enabling them to transform the energy of the universe into the force of Intent. Karys Orsini

II Guidelines & Structure

Make a list of the people you have met during your life, starting from the present and going back to your earliest memories. The list forms a matrix for the mind to hook on to and does, in part commence the process of Recapitulation. It is useful to start the Recapitulation by focusing your attention on past sexual activities as the bulk of your energy is caught up in these events, so free those memories first. Take the first item on your list and set up the scene by experiencing all the details pertinent to the event that you are going to recall. Recall everything you experienced with that person from the moment you met them to the last time you interacted with them. Once all the elements are in place, use the Sweeping Breath. The movement of the head is like a fan that stirs everything in that experience. A Recapitulation is complete when several layers of the experience have been accessed and swept clean and when all emotional turmoil [ positive or negative ] within the memory has been released and neutralised. It is said that with time and expertise, an event can be Recapitulated within the moment it is occurring.

1. Place the chin on the Right shoulder and slowly inhale until you reach the Left shoulder. Once the inhalation is complete, look forward and exhale. 2. Take the first item on the list. Whilst focusing ahead, fully re-experience the person and event/s. See them, Hear them and Feel them. [ take time to do this effectively ] 3. When the memory has been fully recalled, inhale slowly by moving the head from the Right to the Left shoulder, Intending to breathe in all the energy fibres left behind in the event and the person/s involved. 4. Now, exhale moving the head from the Left to the Right shoulder, Intending to breathe out all the energy fibres left in you by others. 5. Repeat the cycle as many times as necessary so that all the emotional turmoil within that event is released. 6. Finally move your head from Right to Left and back again without breathing to sever all ties with that particular event.

III The Recapitulation 1st & 2nd Attention

Whilst the cognitive practice is taking place, 1st Attention is engaged. The system, the 2nd Attention, employs its own methodology which differs from the cognitive method. Where they combine is in the Breathing Pass itself. The 2nd Attentions methodology is to use the breath as a carrier wave. This is an example of the 1st Attention being engaged in the process, as such distracted, whilst the 2nd Attention, The Sorcerer goes about the Intended business. Much that has unfolded during the practice in respect of how it has taught itself is based upon a simple premise : There is the cognitive process which consists of the list of contexts to be employed, this is the normal and formal structure of the Recapitulation and consists of two phases. The first phase is lineal and sequenced in respect of time. A little like A then B then C etc. The second is random, is lateral and works with a different methodology or structure, one more in keeping with the system as a whole, a system that does not in the main code time the way we do, consciously. It was this last consideration that led me to considering that perhaps as we set up the cognitive aspect of the process through working with the itemised list, the system following this direction, [ the function of 1st Attention is to set directions ] sets up its own methodology for engaging in the Recapitulation, in its own way. It is to be remembered that no aspect of Sorcery can be examined in isolation, however apparently insignificant, all components are essential. A point infinitely more applicable when addressing something as significant as the practice of the Recapitulation.

The Intent of Sorcery

Expanding the limits of normal perception is a concept that stems from the Sorcerers belief that our choices in life are limited, due to the fact that they are defined by the social order. Sorcerers believe that the social order sets up our list of options, but we do the rest: by accepting only these choices, we set a limit to our nearly limitless possibilities. This limitation, they say, fortunately applies only to our social side and not to the other side of us: a practically inaccessible side, which is not in the realm of ordinary awareness. Their main endeavour, therefore, is to uncover that side. They do this by breaking the frail, yet resilient, shield of human assumptions about what we are and what we are capable of becoming. Sorcerers acknowledge that in our world of daily affairs there are people who probe into the unknown in pursuit of alternative views of reality. They contend that the ideal consequences of such probings should be the capacity to draw from our findings the necessary energy to change and to detach ourselves from our definition of reality. But they argue that unfortunately such probings are essentially mental endeavours. New thoughts, new ideas hardly ever change us. One of the things that I learned in the sorcerers world was that without retreating from the world, and without injuring themselves in the process, Sorcerers do accomplish the magnificent task of breaking the agreement that has defined reality Florinda Donner Grau Being in Dreaming

Structural Metaphor of The Recapitulation

The following visual metaphor and its accompanying comments concerns a little known sensory modality known as the Vestibular System. It occupies the same territory as the coded senses of sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste and the sensory system loosely referred to as feelings. As a sensory system it governs orientation in time and space and its primary organ of reception is the inner ear, commonly connected to the sense of balance. Concerns in the Present

The I In The Present Past Experiences Future Expectations

This albeit simplistic graphic representation allows for three components that impact an individual in the present moment. Past experiences held within the system as memories. Memories which depending upon their level of intensity and the current context can all but fixate an individual at a point along the continuum of time which is effectively, Past called the Present. Concerns in the present. An example of which would be, whilst attempting to focus upon some immediate task other elements call to our Attention. Future expectations, dreams and goals. Those elements which serve the purpose of drawing us onward. The above is simplistic yet represents ongoing human experience and the processing that we engage in most of the

time. This is acceptable within the description of the everyday world and is considered as being normal. Within Sorcery however the sum total of ones energy is consumed by holding the description of the world we have in place. To free up sufficient energy for Perceptual Diversity is a primary outcome within a model that is concerned with Awareness and Perception. The Sorcerer addresses this in many ways. The Recapitulation itself being primary. Also utilised are the Erasure of Personal History, the loss of Self Importance, the Arts of Stalking and Dreaming, Not Doing and of course Stopping The World. The Recapitulation posits that any and all interchanges perform two major functions : Energy from another is deposited within our energetic field. We leave our energy in anothers energetic field. This energy is said to be held in place by hooks [ a metaphor ? ] The purpose of the Recapitulation is to free the hooks left in us by others [ foreign energy ] and reclaim our energy hooked into the energetic fields of others. This is achieved by fanning the experience with the breath whilst reliving, in an associated way the experience being Recapitulated. A practice of this kind is the only way we have of accessing Personal Power locked within the contexts of our Personal History. Then and only then can we begin to think of what acting in the moment with the totality of our being means. This we call Impeccability. It is to be reiterated that the question of performing the Recapitulation is not to be viewed as a matter of morality or ethics. Like all Sorcery Manoeuvres it is simply a matter of strategy. Returning briefly to orientation in time and space. Where and for that matter When is someone in any given instance? The Recapitulation ensures that once the Intent of the procedure has been realised, then and only then can we act continuously from and within the moment. It is for this reason that a Stalker primarily Stalks the self and the Recapitulation is the primary procedure of this in action. As a consequence, the Assemblage Point is continuously and

gently shifted from one location to another thereby exercising its fluidity rather than reinforcing its fixity. It follows that all components of Sorcery are fully dependant upon this singular and vital practice.

A Path with Heart

The only important question is : Does this Path have a Heart? All paths are the same : They lead nowhere. They are paths going through the bush, or into the bush. In my own life I could say that I have traversed long, long paths, but I am not anywhere. My benefactors question has meaning now. If the path has a Heart, the path is good. If it doesnt it is of no use. Both paths lead nowhere, but one has Heart, the other doesnt. One makes for a joyful journey, as long as you follow it, you are one with it. The other will make you curse your life. One makes you strong, the other weakens you.

Time Coding The Recapitulation & The Erasure of Time Past

Level 1 Recapitulation Level 2 Recapitulation Level 3 Recapitulation



The List / s

Items arising in the moment Present contexts


Cognitive Process Sweeping the Context Future Intimations The present moment [ Concerns ] 1st / 2nd Attention System Process Recapitulating the previous day Recapitulating The moment of Recapitulation Terminates the process

The schemata demonstrates Engaging the entire continuum of time within the Recapitulation practice. Thereby ensuring a thoroughness. The opportunity to Recapitulate recognising that at the point when you Recapitulate the previous day, in some respects you begin to Erase Time. As a result of Erasing Time a new relationship with it arises. Rather than experiencing the future as you move towards it, you begin to experience the future moving towards you. It is a Perceptual difference that enables the Sorcerer to focus upon Intent in a way which is more appropriate to their methodology and outcomes. The following comments are taken directly from The Witness, a journal that has been kept throughout the year long practice period. The comments are presented verbatim and sequentially in respect of time in order to demonstrate the developing awareness that arose through performing the practice itself. The conditions of a solitary bird are five First, that it flies to the highest point Second, that it does not suffer for company not even of its own kind Third, that it aims its beak to the skies Fourth, that it does not have a definite colour Fifth, that it sings very softly St. John of the cross

IV Comments the Recapitulation & Lists Comments concerning the Lists

To focus upon the components of ones life that Bind energy is essential to the process of gathering sufficient energy to perform such tasks as Setting Up Dreaming. As a model of Perception it could be said that the only difference between one Perception [ or World ] and another is simply the difference in the amount of Personal Power operative within that world. If energy is scattered within the matrix of an individuals Personal History it is here and here alone that The New Seers of Sorcery seek to claim, or reclaim what was and is essentially theirs. The alternative is to access energy through the relationships formed in Transmundane dimensions. [ See The Art of Dreaming by Carlos Castaneda ] This methodology, though more than valid is far more in keeping with the methodology employed by The Ancient Toltecs and again, though valid is of no interest to The New Seers whose only interest is The Path to Freedom. Personal Power is vital in the pursuit of Sorcery and The Recapitulation is the most effective and elegant method of accessing it. The process itself is dependant upon the list. For Sorcery to be anything other than an intellectual pursuit it is vital to unhook Awareness from the Ring of Reason where it has been habitually fixed for most if not all of our life. The Recapitulation is the jewel in the crown of The Stalkers Art and the means of securing Personal Power equal to the tasks that face The Sorcerer. This Process commences with a list. What I refer to as the first pass takes the form of a detailed over view. The second pass will chunk down a level in order to identify key Anchors which will serve as mnemonic devices, this stage will be a refinement of the raw material,

as it were. In the third and final pass I shall filter for priorities, the method of elimination will be utilised and upon completion I will have a detailed list, containing what will be the core components of experience to submit to The Recapitulation Process itself. Recognising the sensitive nature of some of the contexts explored one has to be Ruthless in not giving way to indulgence. The Recapitulation is the way Sorcerers access their Personal Power. The universe simply stands by and witnesses. The Sorcerer reclaims what is rightfully theirs by taking it back from the places it was left, across the vast tapestry of their Personal History. The erasure of this Personal History is a primary outcome of Sorcery and without this piece in place all else is academic. The Recapitulation is designed specifically to achieve this through its simple yet powerful procedure. The implications are vast in respect of ones Perception. Perception which is effectively fuelled by Personal Power. Impeccability can only be applied when the sum total of ones Personal Power is available in the now. The list now exists in three forms 1 Its original form. 2 A form using the filter Intensity What feels appropriate to the final list 3 A form using the filter Location occurred Where Events listed by What

Rather than complicating the process it appears to break a massive amount of information into more usefully accessible pieces. Examining the information in this way can give a different perspective and as such a different evaluation of the instance/s being viewed. It is interesting to note that not only do the lists set up the practice itself, they also serve to rehearse the process and also begin Recapitulation of events occurring live in the world in the instance in which they are occurring.

One of my major beliefs concerning Sorcery is that in all instances there is an overt and a covert outcome behind the practice, any practice. In respect of the Recapitulation the overt outcome is to process the Past with the Intent of reclaiming Personal Power sealed into past contexts. In this way Power is accessed and stored for redeployment, Perceptually. It effectively pulls into the present the sum total of ones Personal Power and in this respect is a Prerequisite for Impeccability. How can one begin to think of what that means when ones Personal Power is scattered across time and as such, all but inaccessible? The covert outcome, one of equal importance is rehearsing in the present Recapitulation. Instead of deploying Personal Power into ongoing experiences one stands aside and remains within the Mood of Sobriety. This is not disassociation, a common enough phenomena but rather, whilst fully engaged in an experience, totally abandoned to it as it were the Sorcerer knows they are living within the parameters of their Controlled Folly and as such go ahead. All things being equal, therefore meaningless, in the light of ones Death what else can a Sorcerer do but laugh? The time I have spent forming the lists has given me permission to look into things I would otherwise shy away from, an understandable behaviour given the amount of indulgence that can ensue. An excellent spin off has been rehearsing the non deployment of energy into present contexts. I have explored this notion elsewhere and can only endorse the value of this prepatory process as a means of acquiring the Sobriety which arises from treating all things as equal. The Recapitulation is essential to Sorcery, for Stalker and Dreamer alike.

The Sorcerers Strategic Inventory

Applied at the everyday level it facilitates one into the Inaccessibility required by fulfilling the criteria of Erasing Personal History. Acting deliberately is how it begins. Filtering through The Moods of The Stalker, specifically Ruthlessness achieved in a short time what might have taken much longer. Simply put, what did, and does not meet my Energetic requirements and level is simply eliminated. This I call focus. This is also a part of the procedure of Ordering The Island of The Tonal. A Sorcerer acts strategically at all times and thereby fulfils the criteria established by and known as, practising Controlled Folly. The result, a simple and organised personal life which creates few if any ripples within the matrix of the Practice itself. Applied to Sorcery itself the Inventory consists of the deliberate acts performed. That is the components of the Practice period employed. In its practical elements, what I might call The Shadow of the Practice. The 1st Attention becomes engaged and is kept occupied, supported and prepared for what follows. Here the Hunter applies Cunning in Stalking primarily the Self in preparation for latterly Stalking The Dreaming Attention itself. If these statements have the appearance of ambiguity I make no apology for that is the nature of Dream and Dreaming. A Sorcerers Strategic Inventory in this instance consists of working within the higher logical level frameworks of practice. This approach and its methodology I would call The Body of the Practice. In this way the Sorcerer circumnavigates a fall into The Conceit of Sorcery. A fall which in the main is unobserved, as it forms an essential part of Ordering and Maintaining the Description of The World. The outcome of this fall is simple to describe. Rather than pursuing Sorcery as a Perceptual Art the would be Sorcerer simply succeeds in strapping a new mask to their

face in the form of a new description of the world, the Sorcerers description itself. It is here, in this context that Cunning plays a crucial role. We are easily flattered, being human and often inflate ourselves out of proportion with what can best be described as realistic. We act as if we know and as a result hold close to our hearts the cherished beliefs we all but clutch in the face of our impending deaths. This, the Mask of Self Importance which, supported by speech and thinking, in effect supported by all we can possibly ever know. The Sorcerers task, if not duty : To unravel the Mystery knowing full well the folly we execute in so Doing. This, the Sorcerers only advantage, the folly is at least Controlled Folly. This is one way in which the Sorcerer applies to Sorcery, the Sorcerers Strategic Inventory. The key is simple. Cease to talk about things. Cease to think about things. Simply Act and in so doing notice the difference that makes the difference, whatever the context.

Comments concerning the Recapitulation

Day 1 and a gentle beginning. More a matter of familiarising myself with the technique. I have made some observations. As the experience is fanned with the breath there comes a moment when the system knows it has achieved the Intent of the practice and one comes to a natural conclusion, prior to moving on to the next item on the list. This also occurs at the end of the practice period. The system knows when it is appropriate to

end the session and does so in a most direct manner. I have also had further information arise from within the practice concerning the context being explored. This was then added to the list. The outcome, initially is to shift the Assemblage Point to the event and the time in which the event took place in order to perform the Recapitulation in an appropriate fashion. I am at this juncture acquainting myself with The Recapitulation procedure in respect of the intricacies that arise when one is practically applying something rather than viewing it and offering opinions as a detached observer. Suffice to say that I am learning the subtle procedural nuances that makes for a cohesive and sophisticated practice. I am absolutely thrilled and delighted to be undertaking this spell binding practice and recognise it for what it is unique. Today I experienced an acute form of association. When engaged upon a specific context I briefly, very briefly assembled consciousness in the back of a cab travelling to a specific destination. This is clear evidence of two things. Association into the event [ 1st Position ] is preferable to simply viewing the situation from a distance [ 3rd Position ] It is an absolute requirement, how else could one gather the deployed Personal Power still locked within that context? The second point is that for a Recapitulation to be effective in respect of its outcome, a shift of the Assemblage Point takes place, a minor shift which enables the practitioner to assemble the world of the context and enter it fully. To find myself, in a manner of speaking, in the back of a cab conversing with the driver was astounding. The process, now into its second week has been a revelation in many respects. Firstly, the list I am currently working with is equal to the task and yet it is interesting to note that once engaged within the process itself the list is actively updated. The list, sequenced in terms of time can be superseded by what I can only refer to as Intensity. The experience is one of being swept from the item being Recapitulated to an item, within the same context, that calls

to the Attention. There are also instances where an item outside of the context calls upon the Attention. Sometimes this is a wandering mind, sometimes it is not. Knowing when the item being Recapitulated is complete or when it is time to complete the session is another element I have noted. Mention has been made of this, yet over the past few days I have noticed that it is the breath itself that controls the practice and at the appropriate time it softens and detaches itself either from the item or from the context itself. I have all but completed the first context of the first list and now will address the context using the secondary methodology. The first is strict lineal experience, the second is random. The second pass picks up any residue energy that the first pass has left behind or within oneself. The random list is formed by entering a relaxed state, focussing on the context and noticing what arises, what does is then Recapitulated in turn. This is a systemic approach unlike the first pass which is purely cognitive. I am of course referring to the list and not to the process. A previously Recapitulated context is generating content in the present, as such I have to Recapitulate on an ongoing live basis. This will eventually cease, however at present I must become even more aware of how the everyday world uses the contexts of ones life to alert you to its presence. Challenging to say the least. To be expected. There is a fine line between performing the Recapitulation and simply indulging in reveries that stem from the past, be those memories pleasant or not. The present calls for much in the way of Sobriety. I have begun to employ an interesting strategy. Whilst working in the present context, as much as I choose to chunk the items into blocks there is a tendency, because of the intensity of the context, to experience residual energy in the system. This comes from items in the list not yet Recapitulated. Rather than continuing I need to complete the process cleanly. How I have facilitated this for myself is simple. Upon completion I take the present moment in

time and what is present within the system and briefly Recapitulate, thereby clearing the residual energy so that it does not attach itself to me throughout the rest of the day. This has proven to be most effective so far and as such I will continue to employ this closing procedure. I view it as a development within the practice, one of refinement and sensitivity. It works, that is sufficient. Tomorrow I complete the first phase of the Recapitulation having worked my way through List 1 [ 3 contexts ] and Lists 2, 3 and 4 which covered the same context. I shall complete by sweeping the entire context. With the completion of phase 1 complete with its final sweep I perform the last step, which is to burn the lists and tomorrow immerse them in river water as a final act of purification and severance. I have also deleted the lists from my computer C and A drives, as such nothing remains of the original lists and once the ashes have been purified that will be the completion of phase 1 I am engaged upon Phase 2, a phase I take relatively slowly as the items on the list cover a span of time. It is fascinating to set up the practice with the breath, travel to the beginning of the context and then proceed to sweep what in some instances covered weeks if not months. I am also Recapitulating the events of the previous day, the moment in time and also the Recapitulation itself as previously outlined. This strategy certainly develops a depth and richness within the practice that I suspected and I am now gratified that the System released this information to me. I find Recapitulating the previous days events very useful and in the time that I have spent doing it, a few sessions, I note that next to nothing has hooked me and as such conclude that rehearsing Recapitulating in the moment is coming about. At least in this way creating present Personal History is addressed appropriately. I am currently Recapitulating the dreams of before. the night

I have now practised The Recapitulation for three months plus and find myself satisfied with its development. I have been taught much in respect of its conceptual basis and its applications and this has certainly fulfilled the criteria and outcomes of the practice itself. I am delighted with the amount of work I have done and the insights and learnings gained. The first section was formal and for three months I compiled lists. The second section saw me complete those lists over the prescribed three months. The third section finds me having completed this and working in a less lineal way. By Recapitulating the previous day I begin to erase time in its lineal flow. By Recapitulating the moment I enter more congruently into the heart of the practice and by Recapitulating the Recapitulation, I ensure that the practice is performed across all aspects of time and completed appropriately. Once Silence Is Attained Everything Is Possible I notice that at present I am spending much time Recapitulating dreams. This I find very useful as in dreaming content arises from deeper in the system and to Recapitulate this is very beneficial. Throughout the remainder of this section I shall focus on dream activity as the main context for Recapitulation.

IV Summary
The preceding text was written within the first eight months of the practice period and what follows is written during the concluding month of Section 3, that is month nine. It is to be recognised that at this time, with three further months of practice and experience to unfold that what is written now is part of a continuing process. One that will continue beyond the confines of this year long practice. However for the record it is appropriate to write a summary at this time. It has been reported by individuals who have experienced near death that their life has flashed before them. Whether this is true in all cases is debatable and yet if it were true it would give the Recapitulation a meaning that not only validates its procedure but would also make sense of The Eagle devouring awareness at the point of death often alluded to in the texts of Carlos Castaneda. By Recapitulating ones entire life whilst living, perhaps, has some bearing upon the experience one has or might have at the point of death. It has also been said that what we forget we are condemned to repeat. The evidence is clear enough when we begin to notice the cyclic nature of some of the experiences we undergo during life. Again by performing The Recapitulation it is possible to break the repetitive patterns we run in respect of our behaviour and as a result run more useful alternatives. These two reasons alone would make performing The Recapitulation vital to our ongoing and developing being. Yet we are aware of the place of The Recapitulation within The Toltec Tradition itself. Described as The Jewel In The Crown of Stalkers it is to be realised that The Recapitulation is vital given any of the specific predilections we encounter during our pursuit. At the outset of this essay I listed a number of overt and covert outcomes in respect of the practice. At this time, upon reflection, the truth of this has

been fully experienced as also has the idea of The Process Teaching Itself. Each successive pass of The Recapitulation has released sufficient energy, energy which has been deployed into developing an awareness of the next stage and steps within the process itself. Taisha Abelar, whose experience of The Recapitulation, succinctly described in The Sorcerers Crossing states that she has, to date, completed four Recapitulations of her life. Given that her initial description implies that she sank into a profound state of Recapitulation by practising several hours a day. Along with this she had the ongoing support of skilled beings and secondary practices, such as The Sorcery Passes to support her. These facts are stated in order that we, operating from a radically different position, in all respects are profoundly challenged when we undertake a practice of this nature, for we have our everyday lives to live, the absence of initiated beings and of course, The New Mood which permits of no Nagual. In short we are Apprentice and Nagual alike. A challenge beyond challenges. And yet we proceed armed with the Personal Power at our disposal, with Unbending Intent and the desire to enter Freedom. We may, as is our tendency as human beings intellectualise the practice, its value and what it means to us conceptually. We may even convince ourselves and others that we have sufficient Personal Power to recall our energy, scattered as it is across our Personal History. This is conceit, for nothing compares to performing The Recapitulation in all its aspects. The act of forming the List grants us the opportunity, albeit superficially, to connect to our lives in a way that was previously unheard of. This aspect of The Recapitulation has a profound effect in itself. To spend several months cognitively examining ones life sets up the process and in this respect the importance of the List cannot be overstated. As to the process itself, it is a unique experience and what unfolds is therefore unique. We have procedural guidelines, we have the technique, the only other thing we require is the Intent to perform The Recapitulation. Having arrived at this decision and consequently commenced the practice, Sorcery begins to

unfold in a way inconceivable to us at times, and at others simplistic and clear. This is our nature, to seek complexity where, in truth, simplicity is the order of the day. The pursuit of Sorcery itself is dependant totally upon the performance of this practice and anyone entertaining the thought of undertaking this pursuit is advised to bear this in mind. The Recapitulation facilitates all other processes, supplies the Personal Power we need to pursue this path and grants us insights beyond the current description we have of the world and Sorcery itself. In closing Sorcery is a Perceptual Art, totally dependant upon the amount of Personal Power we have available to us at any given time. The entire process of Sorcery is geared to shifting awareness from the concrete world of things to the abstract world of energy. All its processes move in this direction. Stopping The World, a prerequisite, sets the wheels in motion. Erasing Personal History and losing Self Importance accelerate this process. The Arts of Stalking and Dreaming flesh out the Double. Not Doing creates the Perceptual Diversity demanded by this pursuit and finally and most importantly The Recapitulation supplies the energy with which to do this. Whilst we possess Personal History we remain accessible to the world and those within it. To erase our history and make our Personal Power available for Perceptual redeployment is the outcome of The Toltec Tradition. This can only occur in the light of commencing the process of Recapitulation for to pursue the path of Sorcery having not done so is like wishing to swim without the presence of water. The essence of Sorcery is The mystery of the Assemblage Point