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Said Rasooli Rizi

To begin a PhD program.

2008 - present, PhD student, Eastern Mediterranean University, N Cyprus
1993, MA (TEFL), Azad University, Tehran, Iran
1989, BA (English Language & Literature), Azad University, Karaj, Iran

1993 – 2008, English Instructor, Azad University of Karaj, Iran
• Taught language lab programs
• Taught translation courses
• Taught courses such as “Reading the Press”, “ Bilingual
• Translation of Press Texts”, “Writing”.

2007 – 2008, English Instructor, University of Zahedan, Iran

• Conducted courses such as “Oral Translation”, “Application of Idioms in

2005 – 2007, Head of IELTS Program, IELTS Teacher,

International University of Chabahar, Iran
• Taught all four skills
• Designed the term program for IELTS classes
• Coordinated instruction and mock exams
• Developed and compiled exercises and study materials

2003 – 2004, ESOL Teacher, IMG ESOL & Croydon College, UK

• Taught English to asylum seekers
• Attended Teacher Training sessions
• Invigilated exams
• Performed administrative duties

2004, Director of Studies, CLC/NACEL, King’s College London, UK

• Coordinated courses
• Administered assessment
• Taught 15h/w
• Organized staff meetings

2003, EAP Teacher, Hertfordshire University, UK

• Taught Academic English
• Invigilated exams
PhD Department of ELT
• Prepared tests and quizzes
College of Education
• Selected and developed teaching materials
Eastern Mediterranean University
• Prepared student progress reports
Date of Birth: 23/08/1966
Mobile No: 00905338719386
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Said Rasooli Rizi

2003, EFL Teacher, AEST, Kent University, UK

• Conducted a two-week English course
• Worked in partnership with another teacher
• Invigilated exams
• Conducted placement tests
• Participated in the extra-curricular activities

1990 – 2002, EAL/EFL Teacher, Iran Language Institute, Karaj, Iran

• Taught elementary through advanced levels
• Participated in the development of English for Tourism course book
• Worked as an EAL teacher for the institute

2000 – 2002, Head of English Language Department,

Education Department of ISIRI, Karaj, Iran
• Organized and developed course timetables, teacher recruitment procedures,
• Conducted ESP and General English courses for ISIRI specialists
• Collaborated with Head of Education Department to prepare self-study
programs for ISIRI personnel

1990 – 2008, Foreign Relations Deputy, Morsal Ghaleb Company, Tehran, Iran
• Administered foreign correspondence
• Translated promotional materials and interpreted for the company
• Attended negotiations and assisted the marketing department

2000-2002, Foreign Relations Officer, ISIRI, Iran

• Administered international correspondence
• Translated standard-related materials and interpreted for the institute
• Attended meetings and did research regarding standards

Have co-authored and designed the following books:
• Writing for IELTS (1ST Edition 2006)
• Writing for IELTS (Revised Edition under print)
• Reading for Academic Purposes – Elementary (2008)
• Reading for Academic Purposes – Intermediate (2008)
• Reading for Academic Purposes – Advanced (2008)
• Speaking and Listening Practice (under print)

Available upon request