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Boush, the Tinker guide by ^FEAR

As of version 6.59
Goblin engineering was always innovative, but Boush brought it to such extreme that most
refuse to believe that his powers lie in machine and rather think that he fights with magic. He can
shoot focused light and homing projectiles as powerful and as flashy as most destructive Elven
Arcane spells. It is said that not even best Necromancers can raise armies comparable to
seemingly endless amount of clockwork goblins that Boush can easily summon. And while some
refuse to believe in his machinery skills and other call him the master artist of engineering, none
can deny the destructive force of his goblin.

0. Table of contents
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1. Hero statistics
2. Hero skills
3. Skill build
4. Item build
5. Playing Tinker
6. Allies and enemies
7. Conclusion
8. Replays
9. Credits

1. Hero statistics
Tavern Sunrise Tavern (Z)
Base Damage 22 - 28 (49 - 55)
Base Armor 1 / 2.9
Primary Attribute Intelligence
Strength 17 + 2
Agility 13 + 1.2
Intelligence 27 + 2.2
Movespeed 305

Base Attack Time 1.7

Attack Range 500
Acquisition Range 800
Missile Speed 900
Attack Animation 0.35 / 0.65
Casting Animation 0.53 / 0.5
Sight Range 1800 at day / 800 at night

2. Hero skills


Fires an intense beam of light at a target, dealing damage and blinding all in the area for 9
seconds. Deals precise damage.

Level 1 - Deals 80 pure damage, 10% miss chance

Level 2 - Deals 160 pure damage, 15% miss chance
Level 3 - Deals 240 pure damage, 20% miss chance
Level 4 - Deals 320 pure damage, 25% miss chance

Cooldown: 14 seconds.

Level 1: 95 mana cost

Level 2: 120 mana cost
Level 3: 145 mana cost
Level 4: 170 mana cost

Not only it does pure damage to enemy heroes(creeps) it also blinds them for 9(18) seconds,
giving certain percentage to miss in 250 AoE.

Damage is dealt immediately when the spell is cast. Miss applies after actual laser ( animation )
hits the target. Also it doesn't work on decrepified units.

It has casting range of 550 at all levels.

Hot seeking missile

The Tinker fires a rocket at the nearest visible enemy hero. Range of 2500.

Level 1 - 100 spell damage, 1 target

Level 2 - 175 spell damage, 1 target
Level 3 - 250 spell damage, 2 targets
Level 4 - 325 spell damage, 2 targets

Cooldown: 25 seconds.

Level 1: 120 mana cost

Level 2: 140 mana cost
Level 3: 160 mana cost
Level 4: 180 mana cost[/size]

Fires 1(2) rocket(s) at enemy hero(es) which are visible in 2500 AoE. If you have trouble hitting
with it consider planting Observer ward on hill.

Same as laser it doesn't work on decrepefied units.

Does 244 damage after reduction.

March of the machines

Calls in hordes of robotic goblins to destroy your enemies..

Level 1 - 16 damage per goblin

Level 2 - 24 damage per goblin
Level 3 - 32 damage per goblin
Level 4 - 40 damage per goblin

Cooldown: 35 seconds.
Duration : 5 seconds.

Level 1: 145 mana cost

Level 2: 150 mana cost
Level 3: 165 mana cost
Level 4: 190 mana cost
Spell that makes Tinker farming machine. Combined with BoT it allows you to farm scarily fast
multiple lanes.

Each goblin has a collision size of 50 which deals damage in a 150 AoE.


Instantly reloads the Tinker's weapons.

Level 1 - 3 seconds to rearm

Level 2 - 2 seconds to rearm
Level 3 - 1 second to rearm

Cooldown: N/A

Level 1: 150 mana

Level 2: 250 mana
Level 3: 350 mana

This spell makes Tinker so feared as it changes CD's of all his spells/items to 0. There are few
items which do not get refreshed by Rearm. These are :Hand of Midas, Necro book, Refresher ,
HotD, Meka and Arcane ring.

3. Skill build
1. Laser
2. HSM
3. Laser
4. HSM
5. Laser
6. HSM
7. Laser
8. HSM
9. Rearm
10-13. MotM

Laser is maxed out first as pure huge damage on single target is better then split damage HSM
gives. After HSM and Laser are both maxed 1 level of Rearm then max MotM, since you will
have BoT by that time if played well. (and start to farm/gank globally)

Next level of Rearm after Shiva's Guard is obtained and last level after Guinsoo.
4. Item build

Luxury items are also alternative and I don't recommend getting them before you finish core
build. In case of Dagon I am against that pubber item but since some people like it on Tinker I
mentioned it.

Core items justification:

Boots of Travel - Should be gotten by level 9 when you start leveling MotM up. Since you will
take solo mid lane this shouldn't be problem to farm. BoT enables Tinker to farm globally
combined with Rearm.

Null talismans x2- ( Or bracers ) gotten to fix MP problem / stat boost. IMO null is better then bracer since it gives
extra MP allowing to farm more with MotM. Sell later if you need slots for other items.

Shiva's Guard - Nowdays favored item on Tinker since it helps you with your insane farming. Generally use it to
finish creep wave after MotM is done and to wreak havoc in team battles. It slows magic immune heroes but doesn't
damage them.

Black King Bar - Combined with rearm gives permanent magic immunity allowing you to spam spells without
interruption. Simply use all spells you got then BKB + Rearm and keep repeating until you run out of mana then TP
to safety.

Guinsoo Scythe of Vyse - Permanent hex with rearm. Be aware that it costs lots of mana to Rearm + Hex all the
time and that's reason I suggest getting Guinsoo after other items. Also max Rearm after you get Guinsoo.

Luxury/Optional items justification:

Diffusal blade/Manta style - DB's charges allow you to Slow/nuke/slow/nuke and get
guaranteed kill if you face enemy hero alone. After you waste them ( which will be fast ) upgrade
to Manta style which makes you even more amazing pusher. Manta images do not stack
( meaning you can have only 2 at the time )

Linken sphere - Good item for Tinker because of Rearm + spell block. I prefer BKB over
Linkens despite Linkens stat boost and regen. You can get this instead of BKB if you really want
to, it's situational.

Euls - Was better before when it was part of Guinsoo but it still can be decent item for Tinker.
Tactic is to cyclone + use spells + rearm then repeat. Personally I think other items are just better
but it's up to you.

Dagon - Gives small stat boost for price it costs. 400 damage energy boost sounds like great
addition to Tinker's already powerful arsenal , but , in reality it sucks. There are so much better
items you can buy for 3000 gold and if you don't realise that change hero.

Only place where I would buy it is pubs, for fun.

5. Playing Tinker
Early game / Laning and ganking

If you intend to play Tinker you should know he is viable only on one lane. Solo mid.
If you play pubs and they don't give you solo mid flame the **** outta them and ALT Q Q. In
any decent game you'll get it so no worries.

Tinker is one of best solo laners in game and there are only few heroes who won't get completley
raped by him on lane. Having 2 high damage nukes ( one of them pure damage type ! ) early
game allows you to control lane very well and leave your opponent underfarmed/leveled. Since
laser gives miss chance for your enemies it's hard for them to LH/deny even when they get close
to creeps.

Tinker has awesome attack animation and with little skill/effort you can LH most of creeps and
farm your BoT really fast, after you get bottle. When you get bottle you start to gank/runewhore.

When you are ganking your allies should start their combo and you follow with HSM then wait

until enemy is red hp and KS with laser. Do that only if your main carry isn't there ( like
Spectre, in which case you always let him get that kill ! ).

Don't miss any oporutunity to gank but don't forget to farm fast BoT also , since it is what really
makes you scary ganker combined with Rearm and allows you to farm globally with MotM.

Mid game / Farming

Now you farmed your BoT. Time to begin farming these items which make you so cool.

It's farming time now ( gank if you see chance, always! ) .

Simply TP to empty lane . use MotM and LH all creeps then Rearm and TP back to fountain. Repeat. You will be
farming with insane speed this way, even faster once you get your Shivas which is, by the way, your aim now.

Mid game pretty...boring (?) . Just farm farm farm and get in team battles if any , don't get killed. Once you farm
your Shivas start pushing lanes ( MotM + Shiva will clear creep wave really fast ) and start farming your way to

Late game / Winning

Now that you got BKB and eventually Guinsoo you are even more imba. Time to wreak havoc among enemies!

In team battles don't be afraid to go tank , by using Rearm + BKB combined with other spells you'll be real pain.
Spam Shivas and HSM if you find it hard to aim Laser in all that crowd while doing so much stuff. If you are in
trouble just TP home. You can use Shivas artic blast while TP-ing also. If enemy got magic immunity Shiva can
slow him anyway.

Your permanent magic immunity might get screwed if they got some BKB-breaking ultimates ( ex. BM's Roar ) but
lucky these are few. Special mention goes to Doom which disables all of your items/spells and basically ****s you
up totally.
If you played good and your team doesn't fail too much you will win in most cases as Tinker is very strong late
game ( read imba ) if in good hands. If you lose however, it's not your fault. Team simply sucked.

6. Allies and enemies

Tinker is amazing on 1v1 lane but he can get ****ed up by hard/combo dual lane such as KotL + PL and his BoT
will be delayed! Doesn't mean he won't own later but still it's better to get BoT at 10 then 25 min.

Best allies

On lane? None. You go solo

Tinker is kind of independent hero and it's hard to list "best" allies for him. Stunners are good when you are ganking.
Initiators/Tanks in team fights since they give you time to spam your skills/items undisturbed. Supporters are good
too when they buy wards instead of you.

Worst enemies

| - Mana burners
Mana burners. You need mana badly to use your items & spells and they burn it. Not nice.

Against those you should try to waste mana on nuking them instead of letting them burn it.

| - Doom Bringer

Special mention. Doom makes you useless for it's duration since it disables all skills and spells you posses. Watch
out for him!

If he ultimates you there is really nothing you can do expect run back before he uses refresher to do it once more.

| - Stunners / Disablers
You are very fragile hero and stun/disable can wipe you out easily until you get your beloved BKB. Watch out for
these early. If they stun you, you are probably dead meat.

| - Magic immunity / BKB

If they are immune you can't hit 'em. If you can't hit 'em you are useless. At least for BKB duration time. Find other


| - Silencers

Obviously, if you are silenced you can't cast spells. It doesn't disable your items though, like Doom does. Still pretty

7. Replays
I don't have access to DotA currently and therefore can't post replay. If anyone got good ones feel free to PM
me/post here and if they really are good I will put them into guide. I'll find some soon anyway.

8. Conclusion
Tinker has recently seen much more use then before. And he is doing extremely well. I suggest FP/FB him always in
-cm mode as he can be pain if in other team.

I hope this guide will help you in getting better with this awesome hero. Good luck

9. Credits
- Thanks to my noob friends, Quellilo & Perito, for spamming me on MSN while I was writing this guide
- Femisa, for feeding me whenever I play Tinker
- Ice Frog, for making such an awesome map
- Yamateh, for such inspiring Tinker play
- Eozm, for moving
- You, for reading this guide
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