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A newsletter for Contempo Dance Academy students and their families Happy December! Fall Term seemed to fly, and it's Nutcracker season already. We had a great performance experience at "Lights of Lisle" and are excited about new opportunities. It has been especially gratifying to receive compliments on the training provided at Contempo from dance professionals throughout the country! Just a few weeks ago, a teacher from New York City Ballet singled out one of my students to demonstrate correct technique in front of an entire class of talented dancers, and complimented her Contempo training. (I'm so honored to be able to pass on what I learned from training under NYCB dance legends Maria Tallchief and Jillana Zimmerman.) Another Contempo student attended a dance convention hosted by Stars (of Dance Moms-Miami fame), and out of the dozens of students in attendance, the celebrated faculty members pulled aside our student and complimented her training, positive attitude, and focus. I'm so thankful for your continued support of our mission to share the joy of movement by bringing quality dance training to the Lisle area community! Your "can-do" spirit and referrals of new dancers help us to give back to the community we serve. Looking forward to "Nutcracker Sweets" and wishing you all the joys of the season! Sincerely, Miss Kim

Santa's Delivery of Contempo logo wear

Coming later this week--an additional number of premium pink and purple hoodies and warm-up jackets will be available for immediate purchase. Sizes and colors are limited, but you won't have to place an order. Whatever we have in stock is ready for purchase and wrapping! Don't miss out--once they're gone, additional sizes and colors won't be available until 2013.

Creative Dance II will be tapping in the New Year

We add an introduction to tap dance to Creative Dance II in January! The students love tap, and it helps them build their rhythm and coordination in a different way. We sell tap shoes for $16+ tax--even less than Payless--and our shoes are of better quality and sound. Be sure to purchase (or order) your child's tap shoes from us before January.

No classes will be held on Saturday, December 15th

We will not be holding any classes on 12/15 due to our performance of "Nutcracker Sweets." If you are normally scheduled for Saturday classes, your child will be receiving a voucher good for a make-up class (any class for their age) during Winter Term. Or, if you do not attend a make-up class, you are welcome to turn in the voucher for tuition credit toward Spring Term.

"Nutcracker Sweets" ticket update & DVD payments

Tickets are available for cash or check purchase (no credit cards please) for both shows. All seats are general admission. Performers do not need to purchase tickets. The cost is $8 for adults and $5 for children purchased in advance (through December 13th)--in person during office hours, or by dropping off a check and request (date, # of adult tickets, # of kid tickets) in our drop-box on the brick wall outside the studio. A limited number of tickets will be available at the door for both performances for $10 (cash only) purchase, but don't wait. Last year's "Sweets" was sold out! If you reserved a copy of the "Nutcracker Sweets" DVD, payment of $25 is due by cash or check payable to "Classic Media Productions, Inc." no later than Thursday, December 13th. If you did not reserve a copy, you can still reserve one by December 13th. Show DVDs will be available for pick-up at Contempo in January.

------------------------------------"Nutcracker Sweets" Information----------------------------------------December 14th-December 15th-Mandatory Dress Rehearsal, All dancers @ 3:30 p.m. Performance #1 @ 6:30 p.m. (Dancers check in at ticket table by 5:45 p.m.) Performance #2 @ 11:00 a.m. (Dancers check in at ticket table by 10:15 a.m.)

Location for performances and dress rehearsal: Grounds for Hope Cafe Auditorium, 2701 Maple Ave. near Green Trails in Lisle. It is in a strip mall/shopping center and the building says "Trinity" in large lettering. DRESS REHEARSAL INFORMATION: Dress rehearsal will be on Friday, December 14th at 3:30 p.m. at Grounds for Hope, before the evening performance. We realize that it is early for some schools, but the venue hours are limited, and this is the best they could offer. It is also a onetime exception to your child's schedule that we announced in October edition of Footnotes, so we're counting on you to make it work. We have adjusted the schedule to accommodate as many of our schools as possible. If there is not time for your child to be in full make-up, hair, and costume for the dress rehearsal, that will be OK, as long as they're there to get stage direction and spacing.--CONTINUED NEXT PAGE December 2012

PLEASE be sure to bring healthy snacks like granola bars, pretzels, etc. and bottled water to the dress rehearsal, as we do not know exactly how long the rehearsal will last. We paid for rental through 5:30 p.m., but hopefully we will be done by 5 p.m. That said, there will be no time for a regular dinner, as dancers need to be checked in at the ticket table by 5:45 p.m. in stage hair, make-up and costume. (Eating a heavy meal prior to dancing is not recommended.) Grounds for Hope does have a cafe, and food may be purchased there, but dancers should not eat in costume, so please bring a change of clothes for them. There is to be no food or drink in the auditorium--food is only allowed in the cafe area. Dress Rehearsal schedule: 3:30 p.m.--Creative Dance II numbers Dolls (Thurs. 12:30 class) + Clara (Jenna C.) Light Fairies (Sat. 11:00 class) + Miss Ashley 3:40 p.m.--Finale (final bows) walk through with all dancers present. For the show, dancers may be bowing with a different group than in practice, but the procedure is still the same. Any dancers who have not arrived by this time will be told what to do for the finale by the chaperones at the show. 3:50 p.m.--Creative Dance II dancers ONLY are dismissed, to return by 5:45, check in at the ticket table and be seated in the auditorium with their class. ---Ballet I dance numbers Sugarplum Fairies (Wed. 6:00 class) Russian (Sat. 10:00 class) 4:00 p.m.--Follow Show Order
Light fairies (already done)

Fashion (Sat. 1:15 class) Shoppers (Thurs 5:30) Carolers (Mon 6:00) Ornaments (Company) Presents (Thurs 4:30)
Dolls (already done)

Soldiers (Wed 5:00) PAUSE Cotton Candy (Tues 4:30) Licorice (Thurs 6:30) Spanish (Mon 4:00) Arabian (Tues 6:30)
Russian (already done)

Flowers (Company)
Sugarplum fairies (already done)

Dreamland Hostesses (Mon 5:00) What Makes You Beautiful (Company)

Costumes, Hair, Makeup, Shoes, etc: o Students should arrive at the theater in costume, with hair and makeup already done for dress rehearsal (if possible) and both performances. There is not enough time or space to accommodate dressing at the theater. o Students with costume changes (and their moms only-no males will be allowed in the dressing room) will be given access to a group dressing room between show numbers. However, it is highly recommended that these students purchase a skin-toned "nude" leotard to wear under their costumes for speed and modesty during costume changes. You can purchase one at Contempo for $16 until we sell out, or find one at a local dance store. (Our dancers have reported that Kay Clay charges $30 for a skin-toned leotard). Hair: Ballet classes must have hair pulled into a high bun, no bangs or stray hairs in the face. Flower clips are worn to the right of the bun. Scrunchies are worn over the bun. A video on making a bun is posted on the "Contempo Dance Academy" Facebook page for your convenience. Creative Dance and Jazz/Hip-hop classes must have hair pulled into a high ponytail or bun, no bangs or stray hairs in the face. Use a lot of hairspray and/or gel with bobby pins to help. If you are in both ballet and jazz classes, you must keep your hair in a bun for all performances. This is most professional AND costume changes will be very quick so no time is allotted for hair re-dos. Make-up for all students includes eye shadow, mascara, blush, and true red lipstick (no pink or orange toned lip colors--they look terrible on stage). No face, hair or body glitter! December 2012

Shoes for jazz/hip-hop must be tied & double-knotted; for ballet, shoes must have drawstrings tied in a bow and tucked into the shoe. Pink convertible tights (the ones worn weekly as part of the uniform) are required for all ballet costumes. If you need tights, purchase an extra pair in advance.

Audience Etiquette: As with all stage productions, taking photographs or recording any part of the production is strictly prohibited. Such behavior is distracting to the dancers and to fellow audience members. Any audience members seen with phone lights on, cameras, or any recording equipment will be asked to leave the auditorium for the remainder of the performance. So please remind your family, friends, and other guests to turn off their phones, cameras, and recording devices during the show and enjoy the experience of live performance with our talented students! If you want a recording, Classic Media Productions is doing one for us for only $25. And JanaBlue Photography will be taking photographs during the show. Jana does photo shoots worldwide and is a former ballet dancer, so just relax and let her capture the dancing with her expert eye. We know that it is exciting to see students doing a great job and we heartily invite you to be generous with your applause at the end of each number. But please do not vocalize or call out students' names at any time-they may lose their focus and forget what they're doing. Dancers LOVE flowers! And it is tradition (especially in ballet) to reward performers at the end of the show with a bouquet of flowers or even a small gift. We won't be selling flowers at the show, but you are welcome to bring them for your dancer. :)

Don't forget to "Like" Contempo Dance Academy on Facebook and add to your approved email senders so that you receive all important news quickly. The value of effort and practice: Professionals make dancing look easy, but in reality it takes years of repetition of the same steps and practice beyond a once-per-week class to create the beauty and illusion of ease that is characteristic of fine dancing. The rewards of self-esteem and confidence that come with practice are just a few of the many benefits of learning to dance. Young students dont know how much potential is within them, but we see it! And theyll never know their potential if they dont keep trying when things are new or challenging. Thank you for encouraging your dancers to practice at home and to keep trying even when things seem hard. If they practice, they will do well and enjoy their stage experience to the fullest!!!

December 2012