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Strategy Guide for Razzil Darkbrew the Alchemist

by QFT|MugenRightNow
Enjoy your stay

As of v6.59

* * * This guide may contain contradictory things, as the text is not fully updated. This is
getting fixed, but in the meantime, look to the Skill & Item Builds as they are up to date. *

First of all, if you:

- Don't want to stand and watch as the big boys obliterate the thugs while you keep using your
fancy green cloud
- Are sick and tired of having a terrible early game
- Like to overpower

Then welcome to your new HOME, too! and if you think Alchemist is more of a support hero,
then you're of course free to argue about that, but no changes will be made as this is not a guide
for Alchemist the bad w... err, sorry, I meant the support way.

This guide makes Alchemist a monster in all levels and phases of play. He has some of the best lane controlling
early on and during mid game, and shines late game in his carry nature

- Excells in any phase of the game
- Excellent synergy with almost any lane-partner
- Very good lane control
- Unstable Conconction (see below for details)
- Simply a stable hero overall

- Uhm... cons... I can't think of any

STR: 25 + 1.8
AGI: 11 + 1.2
INT: 25 + 1.8

Skill Build & Skill Comments

Acid Spray
I don't like this skill. It can't be used along with UC, it isn't really good unless you can also attack
your foe, and it doesn't make last hitting a lot easier either. It's simply something you can save
for later when you want it for the team clashes or multiple people clashes. It's always a bad idea
to start out with Acid Spray and GG. always. Any smart player knows how defenseless
Alchemist is against harassing without UC.

Now, some people will quote me and hang on to their traditions of AS/GG, but you'll be turned
when you test my build.

Unstable Conconction
The best of his three basic skills. Heres its number of utilities:

- Some of the best lane control in the game

- Spammable due to an 11 second cooldown if you channel it for full at lvl 4, and a 75 mana cost
at all levels

- Excellent aid for any kind of hero killer, ganking, absolutely anything that needs 5 seconds of
totally reliable stun

- One of the longest duration stun in the game

- Very good chasing skill

- Can practically silence someone. For example, let's say you're up against a Rhasta in your lane.
You start channeling UC, and if he has gone Voodoo/Lightning, he will be stunned for as long as
you. If he's gone Shackle/Voodoo, he'll still be stunned for enough time for your ally to do
something decisive. If he's gone Shackle/Lightning, you won't be stunned at all because when he
shackles you, your UC will automatically stop channeling and release itself, interrupting his
shackle and stunning him. So, you can use it as a sort of insurance, as your ally can just run up
and start hacking away, unable to disable due to UC.

Goblin's Greed
Worse than Acid Spray, this gives you, at lvl 4, 200 extra gold for each 25 creep kills assuming
nothing stacked. It's simply better to go Stats early, but Unstable/GG is acceptable, I don't
recommend it.

Chemical Rage
Easily a very good ability, this will at lvl 2 and 3 make the fountain redundant for you unless
you're really, really close to being dead. It reduces his TBA (Time Between Attacks) severely,
allowing for potentially devastating combos, which is where this build will shine.
Before I start, I personally go Stats - but you're free to choose. They work about as well.

1. Unstable Conconction
2. Acid Spray
3. Unstable Conconction
4. Acid Spray
5. Unstable Conconction
6. Chemical Rage
7. Unstable Conconction
8. Acid Spray
9. Acid Spray
10. GG
11. Chemical Rage
12. GG
13. GG
14. GG
15. Stats
16. Chemical Rage
17. Stats
18. Stats
19+ Stats

Unstable Conconction: A really underrated skill. This is most convenient, longest and therefore
''best'' stun in the game at the moment. Its even good for self-use. I will detail why later.

You should get this because if you don't dominate your opponents early-mid game in the lane,
that means problems. Therefore UC!

Stats: To deal with his piss-poor stat gain, you need stats. Really rudimentary. I shouldn't have to
explain more.

Acid Spray: This is not maxed with stats/greed for the following reasons:


- You're still pretty much useless, and you still cant make up for the lack of mana and mana
regen. It just sucks, and makes you passive. A bigger treant with an armor reduction. Sure you
say, arcane ring. Fine go on and buy it, see how hug-happy your enemies will be when they
discover you've got no combat gear.


- Even more hopelessly horrible than stats + acid, this dreaded pair is completely useless and
makes no sense at all. You're picking a heavy mana skill, but you don't pick stats to support it by
the very least, and you also don't gain a lot of money from greed at this point.
Do me a favor and tell any alchemist you see that uses acid/greed (acid/stats is acceptable) to
select another hero or alter the skill build. Thanks.

Chemical Rage: Self-explanatory. You *are* a fountain.

Item Build

Ring of Basilius
This is mandatory for Vladimir's and a nice boon overall, especially considering your useless
starting armor. Armor is a good way to ensure that you come out on top of any early-game
straight up fights.

Boots of Speed
For that lovely speed boost you want to chase people down.

3 Bracers
You're going to need this. Its also a big thing to get against people who don't get this - it allows
you to overpower them until they too get it.

Strength Power Treads (Boots -> Gloves -> Treads)

Treads are for combat heroes.

Vladimir's Offering
This gives you further team support and makes you pretty much undefeatable in 1v1 fights unless
you are up against some really big DPS hero and his mates.

Trust me, this is the way to go. Needs no explaining at this point.

Armlet of Mordiggian
One of the most quality items in the game. Your ultimate helps with the degen, too.

Sange and Yasha

The item of wonders. You may be wondering what the hell this is doing on an Alchemist, and it's
related to his overall abilities. There's a big difference between an Alchemist that doesn't have
SnY, and an Alchemist that does. What it is you'll have to find out yourself.

Plate Mail
At this point, things start getting ugly with hack-hack-hack, but spells start bouncing off you. So,
you get a Plate Mail to help you survive the farm to Butterfly, because it's a good item and it's
needed for AC.

Assault Cuirass
It's a good item on Alchemist.

It adds a lot of things we want. More team support, way more armor to increase your resistance
and help make your lovely regeneration more effective in combat, and waaaay more attack speed
to help with everything![/i]

With the attack speed and damage output combined with life steal and your survivability, few are
going to come out on top in a combat with you. This build isn't THAT hard to get in a normal
game, either.

Heres the item build:

3 Bracers
Strength Ptreads
Plate Mail

These items aren't worth it

Radiance - its not a good item. It doesn't help you with attack speed and doesn't give you any HP
or strength. You are NOT a radiance carrier. Plus, it takes some time to farm.

Vanguard - It makes you even more passive. Remember that Alchemist needs to be aggressive to
have an effect in anything. This is not helped by Vanguard. Trust my advice and only get this
when you absolutely NEED the item, like NEED. But even then, you'll almost never need it.

Satanic - Would be an item here if it wasn't an orb effect. Enough said.

Battle Fury - This item is viable, but not on Alchemist. It's still not really bad, though.

Mekkansm - You're not a support hero, so let an INT get this.

Its also worse than usual since you regenerate 250 HP in no time by lvl 16, and you don't need it.

Guinsoos - I've seen alchemist guides that are focused on spamming acid early on with
greed/stats, and it's not good. Why? this item adds NO HP/Attack Speed and has crappy
+damage. What you get for it? a disable. But wait - your main mission isn't to disable.

Linken's Sphere - Yes, some stats, regen and damage. And spell block. A decent item, but not on
Alchemist. Why? because it doesn't add a lot of damage/HP/strength and the rest is insignificant
because there are better options. It's also quite overpriced, and has no real use, it's mainly a filler.

Black King Bar - This actually has its uses on Alchemist, but I personally reject it. Don't be
scared of by nukes. When its a team battle (your chances are even higher if it isn't), just run to
the enemy and start hacking away at them. BKB is more of a tactical item and not needed highly.
Your combat abilities combined with life steal should be enough. Anytime you're nuked, all you
have to do unless you died is run back and regenerate some life, then go back to combat and hack
away once again.

Boots of Travel - The additional speed is not needed thanks to Maim, and as for the teleport,
you'll just have to train your coordination. Its not the hardest thing in the world to predict a push,
go home to defend in time or push in time. Treads don't suck.


Early Game - Levels 1 - 10

• What to do
• Survive
• Combo with your lane partner
• Support roaming gankers
• Last hit (last hitting cannot in any circumstances be compromised in order to deny)

Mid Game - Levels 11 - 20

• What to do
• Survive
• Combo with your lane partner
• Support roaming gankers
• Last Hit (last hitting cannot in any circumstances be compromised to deny)
• Gank
• Play more aggressively

Late Game - levels 21 - 25

• What to do
• Get Mega Creeps ASAP
• Kill on sight
• Force them to divide, or force them to stick together, depending on what's more favorable
• General Late Game sense. Don't die, really.

Mini-guide to Unstable Conconction

Part I - Laning and Properties

Easily the best of Alchemist's three non-ultimates. Let's look at what it does at lvl 4:

- 60 Damage/Second Channeled, up to 300.

- 1 Second Stun/Second Channeled, up to 5.
- 75 Mana Cost/All Levels (yes, that's right).

The most spammable, longest and most damaging<-*subject to argument* non-ultimate stun in
the game.

Part II - Uses

If you have to choose between who to continuously use UC on, it's always wise to pick the one
that is most easily killed. Obviously if you have a Shadowfiend and a Centaur Warchief, you're
never going to be using it on the CW, and always on the SF.

This combined with a Ring of Basilius and your Ultimate, is the main reason for why you
shouldn't go back to the Fountain unless you have to. With a mere 225 mana, you'll deliver 900
damage and 15 seconds of stun over a period of 48 seconds. It has a NINE-hundred range,
meaning you can easily channel it near your tower or even at or behind the tower, or even inside
and behind woods!

If you can't last hit, but you've got no chance of killing your enemies with UC, (an extremely rare
scenario, though) Then you can use it to last hit. As I said before, 900 range and 5 seconds of
channeling with 300 damage is a safe bet of last-hitting.

You can even use it as an anti-gold-and-experience spell! Truly UC is wonderful. Heres how:
In this example, the Viper as so terrified by the threat presented by UC that he ran into the
woods, losing last hits and experience. This of course doesn't always work, but the constant
threat of being killed as a result of UC is there.

Best Allies

There are many heroes that are great Alchemist allies. For example, Pugna. Follow the target,
cast Decrepify just as UC hits them, Nether Blast and then attack aided by Alchemist and Acid
Spray. It's a short-cooldown, lethal combo. Decrepify + UC + Life Drain is also very painful.

There's a lot of other things (Juggernaut's Blade Fury, Pudge's Hook, PotM's Arrow, Templar
Assasin's/Sven's general burst damage etc.).

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