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Strategy Guide for Kunkka, Admiral Proudmoore

by AlekianKnight (as of v6.59)

This guide discusses the mechanics of Kunkka's spells and gives advice and strategy for using
his spells to properly.

The guide does not include any discussion of skill builds, items builds, etc.

Table of Contents
Click on the item to navigate to it.
• Ghost Ship
• Torrent
• Tidebringer (brief)
• X Marks the Spot (brief)
• Change Log
Format of the guide
The unquoted sections of this guide are designed to:
• provide fundamental and largely mechanical information about Kunkka
• be very concise
• serve as references for experienced Kunkka players
• give broad information which must then be adapted to specific circumstances.
The quoted sections provide illustrated examples of such adaptation in highly specific
circumstances. These sections will be very verbose and hand-hold the reader through each and
every step of the example in question. Such examples are intended as introductory lessons for
players new to Kunkka - no strategy is to basic to explain. The specific information found in
these sections will hopefully serve to provide the reader with a useful bank of visual examples
which the reader can then use to help him figure out how to use Kunkka as his circumstances
Ghost Ship
Ghost Ship Targeting and Damage
• Ghost Ship only deals damage where it crashes, it does NOT deal damage when it passes
through enemies.
• Ghost Ship will always travel its minimum distance (950 units), even if it is targeted
closer than that range.
• If you cast Ghost Ship at 950 range or greater the ship will crash at the exact point you

How far is 950 units?

The Ranges of Meat Hook and Ghost Ship
Meat hook has a range of 1000 units, Ghost Ship 950.
Ranges With Reference Creep battle
This image shows meathook fully extended to 1000 units and Ghost Ship traveling 950 units
with reference to one of the most ubiquitous sights in DotA - creeps engaged in battle. I tried to
line up the spells in parallel to the lines of the ranged creeps, but Kunkka is aiming a bit of a
diagonal. What you should take away from this picture is that 950 units is bit farther than the
distance between the ranged creeps when they are attacking (they have 500 range each but
overlap by about 100-200 units, and generally aren't perfectly aligned).
Ghost Ship has an AoE 425 units


What does 425 AoE look Like?

Here is a picture that can help you gauge the AoE of Ghost Ship

In this picture, Ghost Ship was targeted at the ranged creep, now pawned. Burn into your
memory distances of the two melee creeps. One was inside the AoE of Ghost Ship and was
pawned, the other, however, was not.

Comboing X Marks the Spot to Ghost Ship

In order to combo X Marks the Spot to Ghost Ship by targeting Ghost Ship on the X you need:
• To cast X Marks the Spot from outside of 575 range
• Hence, at least level 2 X Marks the Spot
If these criteria are fulfilled, Ghost Ship’s AoE will overlap onto the X from X Marks the Spot
See the 2nd example in the following section for an example of pulling off such a combo and a
more detailed step by step explanation.


Illustrations of Landing Ghost Ship Offensively

This section is under construction. Please help by suggesting replays.
Chasing Ghost Ship against 358.8 ms Hero

Set-Up - 6:29

SB foolishly thought to Charge of Darkness me. He hit, but also hit a well-placed Torrent and
proximity mine by myself and my techies partner. He quickly turns tail flees. But knowing the
numbing power of rum, I fearlessly chase him into the tower.
Things to note:
• The distances between myself and my target before I cast Ghost Ship, I am a bit of melee
range, but still very close.
• The slow from my Torrent has worn off, depending on your proximity to your target you
may or may not need a bit of your Torrent’s slow to land your Ghost Ship.
• SB is running down a narrow corridor, there is only one path for him to take, though he
can (and does) try to juke the ship within this corridor.
6:33 - Ghost Ship Cast

6:33 - Ghost Ship Hit

SB tried to juke the ship, but did not run far enough away to escape the 425 AoE. Had he never
changed directions he probably still would also have been tagged by the AoE.

Landing Ghost Ship with Just Level 2 X Marks the Spot

To pull of this combo you need:
• 380 mana
• At least level 2 X Marks the Spot
• Only Level 6
• To cast X Marks the Spot from outside of 575 range
In this replay I am laning with Leshrac. In order to guarantee landing Leshrac’s stun, Split Earth,
whenever necessary, I spent my skill points in the order of EXEXET. Strategy-wise, in order to
get the most damage out of my mana, I used hidden Torrents, whose bounce and slow was
enough for Leshrac to land his stun, saving X only as a last resort.
8:50 - X Marks the Spot Cast

One advantage about this burst damage set-up is that you can start it any time so long as you start
outside of 575. A good way to make sure you satisfy this requirement at lower levels is to simply
to cast X Marks the Spot from outside its max range so Kunkka has to walk a tad first. If Kunkka
had to walk first, you’re good to go.
8:51 - Ghost Ship Cast
Quick hotkey use in order to animation cancel is key to this part of the combo. Kunkka has a
great spell animation which actually works against you here - if you're trying to combo with only
level 2 X Marks the Spot you absolutely need to animation cancel. If Kunkka agroes onto a
nearby enemy your distance will be too close for Ghost Ship to hit. (At levels 3 and 4 of X Marks
the Spot you have much more leeway, and don't need to execute the combo perfectly.)
You should get ready to cancel the moment you see Kunkka stop moving - have your finger on T
and be ready to press it then left-click when you see the X appear. Note how I’ve done this
properly in the picture; from 8:50 to 8:51 Kunkka hasn’t moved at all.
8:52 - Torrent Cast
Wait about a second before casting Torrent.
8:53 - Return Cast
Wait another second to before casting Return. Note that in this example, Leshrac cast his stun too
early, and missed Troll.
8:53 - Ghost Ship Crashes and Hits
In this picture you can see the damage dealt by Ghost Ship. You can also see the stun effect begin
above Troll head, giving further proof that the ship hit (since Leshrac missed his stun).
8:54 - Torrent’s Damage
After playing Kunkka a lot or after studying these pictures you’ll realize that Torrent deals its
damage over a very brief period of time, similar to avalanche.
8:56 - Lightning Storm Cast for the Kill
Kunkka does nothing here, but to see our story to the end, Leshrac pawns Troll for a nice 220
gold. Total elapsed time: 6 seconds.

More Facts about Ghost Ship

• 425 detection AoE to grant Rum (width)
• Ghost Ship spawns 1000 units behind Kunkka (unless that's outside the map boundaries)
• The total distance the ship travels is 1950 (950 from the hero)
• The movement speed is 650

I will integrate these new facts into the guide better eventually
Torrent has insane range: 1500


Screenshot showing the Maximum Range of Torrent

The Bubbles are Invisible to Enemies

The bubbles that appear on the ground when you cast Torrent are invisible to your enemies,
though your casting animation can still give you away. Hence, when trying to land Torrent
without an initiating disable, you should take advantage of your aforementioned insane range to
cast the spell from where your enemy will not have sight of you. See Kunkka Torrent Question -
Response by Mechanics Moderator

Aoe of 225 units

The AoE of Torrent is the same as the target cursor. Thus, the AoE is small, but like Ghost Ship's
AoE it is still significantly larger than the spell effect's graphic, the bubbles.

The Gas in Torrent’s Graphical Effect Plays Once

While the Torrent’s bubbles play on some sort of loop or are so small you cannot use them as to
track the wind up’s progress, the gas part of the graphic only plays once. Right before the 2
second wind-up finishes the gas finishes rising and begins to dissipate … if you have your spell
detail and other graphics on high.

Landing Torrent against Moving Heroes

A 300 ms hero with boots (350 ms) can walk from his ranged creep, to a bit before the enemy
ranged creep.


Screenshots showing the placement of succesful Torrents

Chasing Torrent against 340 ms Axe
Here Kunkka hides out of Axe's sight. Note how far away Kunkka, he isn't even on the same
screen as where he targets the torrent. Kunkka raises his sword to cast Torrent at 6:07.
This picture is taken a split second later, still at 6:07 by the game clock. This one shows where
the torrent is aimed. Note that theTorrent placement is NOT optimal but will turn out to be
Two seconds later at 6:09 the Torrent erupts and barely tags Axe.
I finish Axe off while he's slowed with my Tidebringer and haste power up.

Chasing Torrent Against 305 ms PitLord

At 6:41 Kunkka casts Torrent
At 6:43 the Torrenterupts. Note: placing was sub-optimal - a bit further would have been better.

For an example of Landing a Torrent against a hero with 370 ms see the set of images in the next

Follow-up Torrents Due to Great CD

Torrent has a spectacular CD of 12 seconds. This means that after 2 seconds of wind-up time and
a 4 second duration, you only have to wait 6 more seconds before you can torrent again.
Consequently, in many, if not most battles, you can can cast multiple torrents.

Follow-Up Torrent- A Comic

Follow-Up Torrent against a 370 ms Tinker

I've ganked Tinker with my spells and ult but Tinker still lives, thinking I'm a noob who wasted
his ult trying to take down a full health hero in one fell swoop. I laugh, and at 15:14 I cast my
follow-up Torrent as trees begin to block our views of each other.

15:16 Two seconds have passed, and Tinker finds himself on my follow-up Torrent ...
15:17 A split-second later the Torrenterupts and Tinker's corpse is launched higher than the gold
coins earned by pawning creeps. Having a geyser erupt up your rear seems like a painful way to
go, no?
For reference tinker had power treads and his base ms is 305, giving him a ms 370.

Non-primary targets take more Damage from Tidebringer

Cleave damage is unreduced by armor or magic resistance.See Robzor’s Multi-targeted Physical

Attacks Guide
Take advantage of this fact when running up to your enemy after landing a Torrent by whacking
a creep along the way if the circumstances call for it. Doing so will also start the CD of
Tidebringer earlier and provide you with an excellent opportunity to animation cancel the hit too.

Tibebringer AoEs
The information and pictures in this section are again from Robzor’s excellent Multi-targeted
Physical Attacks Guide, used with his express permission.


Tidebringer AoEs in Pictures

Level 1 - 380 AoE.

Level 2 - 420 AoE.

Level 3 - 460 AoE.

Level 4 - 500 AoE.

X Marks the Spot
Cast Return to Fake Casting Torrent

QUOTE(mackwarrior @ Oct 13 2008, 03:25 PM)

A clever trick i learned was that if you cast return with X marks the spot and no X, you can
usually freak the enemy out into thinking you used torrent.

QUOTE(WinterAyars @ Oct 14 2008, 11:20 AM)

You are a genius

So genius it deserves its own section.

Comboing X Marks the Spot with Ghost Ship

See Comboing X Marks the Spot to Ghost Ship

Comboing X Marks the Spot with Torrent

You can use the gas’ animation during the wind-up to gauge the progress of Torrent.

Thank you for reading! May you have many happy games landing all of your favorite pirate's

Thanks to all the mods and people for their comments. I am indebted to Robzor for the exact
numbers of the AoE and range of Torrent as well as the AoE of Ghost Ship. I am working on
getting more pictures for how far units travel in 2 seconds.

Change Log
10/13/08 Many new additions all thanks to Robzor.
• Newer and Improved Ghost Ship numbers
• Tide Bringer AoE pictures.
10/15/08 Added parts about Torrent’s graphical animation. Added To Do Section
10/19/08 Added a section about the format, and modified some text to better match the goals
stated in that section.

To do – Future Changes
• Add explanation of how Ghost ShipWorks defensively
• Add pictures illustrating how to land Ghost Ship via chaining with an allied stun.
• Ever more Torrent distance examples - Extreme mses (extra slow and extra fast)

Visit for your Dota needs!

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