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The Spiritual Existence By Anthony J. Faefar, B.A., M.Ed., J.D., Phd. Perpetual (C)Copyright (2012C.E.) By Anthony J.

Fejfar and Neothomism P.C. (PA) In the End, there are only two real choices for a person, to evolve to be a Spiritual Person and an Angel or Archangel, or to choose selfishness and greed and become a Demon. Angels and Archangels are Spiritual Being while Demons are base entities which are parasites. Human beings are halfway between Angels and Demons, but must choose to be one or the other after enough time has passed. Now, a Spiritual Being is one who is and manifests Spirituality. Spirituality is a relational

process mode whereby the person is internally a Step Up Spiritual Generator or is a Perpetual Motion Spiritual Energy Generator. Those who are Step Up Spiritual Generators are Angels and those who are Perpetual Motion Spiritual Energy Generators are Archangels. An Angel wo is a Step Up Spiritual Generator takes, for example, 10 units of Spiritual Energy and Steps that Energy up to 100 or 1,000 Units of Spiritual Energy. The physical analogy in the world is the notion that you can use a gear transfer box to take a certain amount of physical energy or force and then step that up to 100 times the torque cranking power that is imputted. Now, a similar notion works in the case of a Perpetual Motion Electric Generator. You can develope a Steam Engine for a car which turns a drive shaft for the axle on a car, but at the same time the steam drive shaft also turns the crank shaft on a electric generator which then uses the electricity produced to use electric coils to keep the steam boiler hot and up to boiling. A similar steam engine motion process and use the steam boiler to turn a number of electric generators, only one of which is needed as feed back electrical supply to heat the electric coils which keep the steam

boiler up to boil. Thus, we can see that by analogy it is possible to have a Perpetual Motion Spiritual Energy Generator as an Archangel. Now, human beings can emulate an Angel or Archangel to some degree so that such persons radiate Spiritual Energy without any cost to themselves at all. In fact, the Spiritual Process of radiating Spiritual Energy produces feelings of love, joy, and fulfilment in the person haeself, or himself, or herself. As Saint Paul the Apostle says, such persons do best when each

has a Vocation to the Single Life, rather than getting married and having a family themselves. It is better for such persons to live by themselves so that they do not have a conflict of interest in their Spiritual Lives by living with others who might be more negative and thus hurt them spiritually. Now, the other choice is for a human being to become a Demon who is selfish and greedy and negative. Such entities do not do well in the long run. Angels and Archangels track them down

so that their negative vampirism fails and the demonic entities slowly self destruct. Many persons waffle back and forth in the middle between the positive and the negative, but in the end must choose between the two. The Angels and Archangels and the human being who are like them go

to Self Actualisation Heaven, the wafflers go to Purgatory, and the demons go to Hell.