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Strategy Guide for Black Arachnia the

by IAmTheSp00n (as of v6.59)

The Broodmother
First and foremost, I'd like to say that I have taken disrup3's/Beast_Pete's(credit to those fellows )
guide writing style (link HERE) as my model. Also, thanks to all my friends for helping me. I
wrote this solely because i always wanted to get to the premium's/chosen and help a few people
find their path on Broodmother. I shall do my best to update this guide to have the ultimate
knowledge about Broodmother for your pleasure.


v.1.0 - Released in February 18th 2008. Done in excatly 4 days.(around 20-30 hours total)
v.1.1 - After a long time period(10th of March), the guide has a fixed a few minor typos and
v.1.2 - Emphasized the importance of BKB in the build. Added some Best Friends/Enemies.
v.1.3 - Came late, 20th of March. Added one replay. Simplified guide a little.
V.1.4 - After a break, updated in 11th May. Added one fun replay. Added icons to item builds.
Fixed a few typos.
V.1.5 - Added a comparison between 2 early skill builds - "2x Web 3x Bite" and "Web Bite 3x
Spawn Spiderlings" i 12th May.
V.1.6 - Added some eye-candy, to make the whole guide enjoyable to read.
V.1.7 - Made the guide more enjoyable to read by making it more centralized, and shortened
where possible.
V.1.8 - Added 1 Replay
v.1.9 - Added Ironfisto's DotA map for the web spots. Added Armlet to core build.
v.2.0 - Simplified the Item builds completely, thus making the guide shorter. Added General tips.

v.2.1 - Working on 1.22 replays.( )

Contents of the Guide:

I What is the hero I am playing with?

II Broodmother's Stats

III Broodmother's Story & Place In Tavern

IV Broodmother's Natural Pro's and Con's

V Broodmother's Skills' Description

VI The Skillbuilds With Justifications

VII The Itembuilds With Justifications

VIII Broodmother Techniques

IX Broodmother Strategies

X Broodmother's Best Friends and Worst Enemies

XI How to counter Broodmother?

XII How to counter counters to Broodmother?

XIII Forum's General Tips and Techniques

XIV Replays

XV Closing

I What is the hero I am playing with?

The Broodmother hero is a hero used in quite a few diffrent ways, but unlike some it isn't a
multi-role kind of character. The first one is basically a pusher, using all of her offspring to
battle, usually ending on destroying a few towers. She is very well known for beeing the sneaky-
killer, popping out of nowhere and gaining kills within seconds and dissapearing as if nothing
happend. She is also an incredible, but inconsistent jungler.

But most simply speaking, Broodmother is a high dps'er with considerable skills in pushing and
slowing. Sometimes used as a semi-tank or semi-carry.

However, just as it is for many other heroes, you NEED to fit into the team.You need to have
your skill, item build and your hero adaptable to defeat your enemies with greatest effectiveness.

I'll try to speak as many important facts and avoid too much unnecessary information. Let's start,
shall we?

II Broodmother's Stats

Strength - 17 + 2.5
Agility - 18 + 2.2
Intelligence - 18 + 2
Base armor - 4.5(5)
Base Attack Time - 1.7
Attack range - 128 (melee)
Movement speed - 315
Sight range - 1800/800 (day/night)
Damage point - 0.4/0.5 (point/backswing)
Casting point - 0.2/0.51 (point/backswing)
Acquisition range- 600
More on other information about Heroes' skills and stats, go Here.
III Broodmother's Story & Place In Tavern

IV Broodmother's Natural Pro's and Con's

-One of the highest overall stat gain out of all heroes
-Great Ulti - Damage and godlike lifesteal
-Escape Mechanism - Webs
-Great survivability
-Can stay in a lane for a long time
-has her own summons to tank for her
-Webs are versatile, and give her map and lane control
-Great Movement speed (315), even greater in the area of the web.
-Yet, she has average stat gain if to count each attribute individually
-Easily countered by disables,truesight and purge which nullifies most of her pro's
-Depends highly on her webs.
-Sometimes it's easy to predict where she can be by the setting of webs
-Item dependant late game(Like most heroes)

V Broodmother's Skills' Description

Spawn Spiderlings

Mechanics : The damage type is Magic, so it is reduced by magic resistance(reduced by 25% +

other magical defence sources). This spell is a short-lasting debuff. If a creep/hero is killed
during the duration of the debuff, then a number (1-4) spiderlings are born. Mana cost:
75/90/105/120 Cooldown: 10 seconds.

Strategics : Use it on a creep which is just about to die, as if you would be last-hitting. Don't use
it on a creep with full hp, since it won't ever kill it. Some people use it as an early nuke. If you're
going to be a pusher rather than a hero killer, do go on, take it. For any other build, I suggest not
taking it early as it's damage is considerably low against heroes, and you'll do much more
damage just by hitting anyway. Even though the cooldown is low, the mana cost is considerable,
so remember not to just spam it around.
A spider has the stats as shown as below:

Spiderlings and Spiderites - Basic Information

A Spiderling has 450 Hp, 0 Armor, and 18-19 damage. They have a slow, which slows the enemy
by 15% for 2 seconds and doing 4 damage per second and a costless Spawn Spiderites skill. The
Spiderites on the other hand have 175 Hp, 0 armor, 9-10 Damage and no skills. A quickfact - A
vladimir's offering (+5 to armor) gives your spiders 25% damage reduction, to compare with
their 0% without it. It also grants +3 damage to spiderlings and +1 damage to spiderites. Your
spiders become hardy warriors the more auras you stack on them. It is your choice whether you
focus more on yourself or your allies and your spiders.

General note: Spiderling's slow stacks with your Incapacitating Bite slow. Keep that in mind.

Spin Web

Mechanics : You throw a web on a large area. You got a 2/4/6/8 webs allowed in total. When you
create a web even though you have the limit, then the oldest one you created vanishes. It gives a
sight of a considerable area(00 Sight), even though it no longer (update 6.50) gives you truesight.
Most importantly it gives you invisibility. The invis is checked every 1.5 seconds and it takes 2
seconds to "fade in" It also grants you regeneration as you level(2/4/6/8), as well as a MS bonus.
Mana Cost: 50 mana.Cooldown : 90/70/50/0 seconds.

Strategics : Use it as a healing fountain in the battle field(literally), a hiding place, and a spot
from which you sneak on your enemies. It is important that the Broodmother is quite vulnerable
without her webs. You will get used to the 1,5 second fading time. After (let's say) you kill a
creep, you need to wait excatly 1,5 seconds until you get your invis on. If you are attacked or a
skill is used on you during that time, then the fading time refreshes it's duration. Make sure you
are confident on where are you putting these as both the cooldown and the mana cost is high.

Incapacitating Bite

Mechanics : Slows your enemy by 10-40% for 4 seconds. Adds 2-8 damage. Gives your enemy
a 10-25% chance to miss, also for 2 seconds. It's an orb effect, passive skill.

Strategics : Arguably one of the best orb effects out there. Excellent when chasing heroes, it
slows them to walking speed and gives enemies the miss that makes you the bane of heroes
basing their damage on plain attacking. One thing you need to be slightly careful about is it's
damage bonus. It's not excatly added to your damage, but the damage occurs a slight period of
time later. When you take this skill early game it is quite crucial to know, because it influences
your last hitting. The 2 seconds is enough to catch up after you hit a running enemy.

Insatiable Hunger(Ultimate)

Mechanics : This spell is a self-buff. You are given extra (60/80/100) damage, and a high life
steal percentage (40/55/70). Lasts 12 seconds. Costs 100 Mana to cast. Cooldown : 45 seconds.

Strategics : This is the Skill-Ultimate that makes you feared among a great deal of heroes. What
makes this skill interesting is that you can literally "life-steal-out" someone, damaging someone
heavily and yet losing no hp.There's quite a number of such skills on other heroes which, even
after usage, have no effect on an attacking Broodmother(e.g. Blade Fury of Juggernaut). Thanks
to this you may actually go have chance to do a 1vs2 in your lane early game. It is not only a
killing tool though. In mid-late game you might consider using this to farm or regain health from
a battle, due to it's cooldown. This is a no-brainer. Just use it in every single occasion when you
fight creeps/heroes. Time the usage of this skill carefully though, as the duration is low, the
cooldown is high and the mana cost is considerable.

VI The Skillbuilds With Justifications

The Don't-Touch-My-Web-Or-I'll-Bite-You-Bad Build I

Level 1 - Spin Web

Level 2 - Incapacitating Bite
Level 3 - Spin Web
Level 4 - Incapacitating Bite
Level 5 - Spin Web
Level 6 - Insatiable Hunger
Level 7 - Incapacitating Bite
Level 8 - Spin Web
Level 9 - Incapacitating Bite
Level 10 - Spawn Spiderlings
Level 11 - Insatiable Hunger
Level 12 - Spawn Spiderlings
Level 13 - Spawn Spiderlings
Level 14 - Spawn Spiderlings
Level 15 - Stats
Level 16 - Insatiable Hunger
Level 17 to 25 - Stats

The Push-Me-Once-Push-You-Twice Build II :pirate:

Level 1 - Spin Web

Level 2 - Incapacitating Bite
Level 3 to 5 - Spawn Spiderlings
Level 6 - Insatiable Hunger
Level 7 - Incapacitating Bite
Level 8 - Spawn Spiderlings
Level 9 - Incapacitating Bite
Level 10 - Incapacitating Bite
Level 11 - Insatiable Hunger
Level 12 to 15 - Stats
Level 16 - Insatiable Hunger
Level 17 to 21 - Stats
Level 21 to 25 -Spin Web

The justification is as follows:

Every single broodmother build takes Web at level 1 and the Unsatiable Hunger(ultimate) at
levels 6/11/16.
That's what's common about all the broodmother builds. If you have a diffrent build, then it's
probably bad.

When to use which build?

Build I - Both solo or laning, killer/semi-carry build.
Build II - the Pusher build. Relies on early spider pushing. Rarely solo, mostly laning.
Build III - Jungling. SS/Web/SS/Web/SS/Web/Ulti/SS/Web/2xBite/Ulti/2xBite/Stats/Ulti/9xStats
What to max first, Web or Bite?(Build I)
Build I could be adaptable to your fighting style.
More web -> more security, regen and ms(mostly to run away)
More Bite -> more agressiveness, slow, miss, and damage.

I think that Build II is better in killing than Build I! Am I right?

That is your opinion. To me, 5 less (average damage per sec, calculated) and the ability to do
around 170 damage(the nuke's damage is reduced by 25% when it's dealt to heroes) maximum 3
times during 30(!) seconds leaves me unconvinced.

VII The Itembuilds With Justifications

Pro's and Con's of Build 1
-A great killer, especially mid game. The ultimate solo'er and anti-dpser.
-Moderate pushing power
-Egoistic in playing style. Otherwise, only natural con's.

Pro's and Con's of Build 2

-Maximum pushing, Maximum Support.
-You are a walking motivation to your team and your creeps and a bane to the opposite team,
especially the melee's.Slow, -25% IAS + Incapacitating Bite + optional evasion = They actually
stroke you, not attack you, if they get a chance.
-Quite unlikely, after you get the complete build you will get a total armor of around 50 . That,
on lvl 25 makes your resistance equal to 76%. You're not a tank in terms of hp, but you sure can
shrub some damage off your shoulders.(hairy legs?)
-Items aren't too hard to get
-You give up on killing people. You leave it your team. At least in the mid-late-game.
-Thanks to your pro's , people focus fire on you first.

As a general note, you NEED to know about BKB's effectiveness. In high level organized
games(where disablers are a neccesity) you MUST have BKB or someone who can guarantee
you spell immunity( like Purist Thunderwrath) . If you can achieve that, then nothing can stop
you but yourelf.

A good note, again by Kybarnet - Vlad's +5 armor aura doesn't stack with +5 armor aura from
cuirass. Not much of a downside though, as you'll be getting Cuirass very late so +5 armor won't
matter that much then.

1) The basillus ring is by far the best early item of Broodmother. It basically gives her all she
needs : Mana regen, +6 damage for better last-hitting/denying, even more armor and it is a great
little step to her future item, Vladimir's Offering. Those 2 items are best for any kind of
Broodmother. For the rest of the cash, buy stats items, healing items or utility items. You want
Basillus off early (left-click it) so you won't push, making it easier for you to last-hit/deny.
2) Build 1 Uses Power Treads as it is more killing-oriented. IAS, +10 strength, not that much ms
needed because of webs - All that build needs. Build 2 on the other hand, relies on pushing and
thus takes the BoT to quickly manouver around the map.
3) Black King Bar is what makes you unkillable in competetive games. If you don't face disables
then the game is just a cakewalk for you. I assume there are, so I add this item to both builds.
4) While Mekansm(one of the greatest early-mid support items imo) is a neccesity on Build 2,
you don't REALLY need the bracers if you don't die a lot.
5) The Armlet of Mordiggan gives Broodmother all she needs. IAS, damage, strength. Simply
speaking, the power to kill. Shiva's Guard on Build 2 is another step to make you more of a
support/pushing type of Brood; It also gives you intelligence to spam your spiderlings more.
6) For all Power Treads users, you must always carry a teleport scroll most of the game.

Heart of Tarrasque - Imba survivability.
Butterfly - Best item for Build 1 after the core build. Consider rushing it when doing well.
Buriza/MKB - Moar damage? Why not?
Radiance - Your best defensive item. It's immolation works even if you are invisible. Abuse it.
Caution: It makes you focus-fired more.
Battlefury - I'm not a large fan of this item but I must say this works wonders in pushing late-
game if you have the damage.
Assault Cuirass - More suited on a tank, but if nobody takes it, you definetly should.
Guinsoo/Eul's - Disables and yet more intelligence to spam spiderlings with.
Hood of Defiance / Linken's Sphere - There are caster-heavy teams. If you see one of those,
consider those 2 items. Those will definetly ruin their day.

Trash Can:
1) Your orb effect overrides each one of those. It is one of the best orb effects in the game
anyway. Why would you ever want those?
2) Simply over-kill. Divine rapier is too risky, Blademail is a crappy item even against 5 melee's,
Not enough IAS to use bashers, and Lothar's is just LOL.
3) Those simply DON'T work for Broodmother for obvious reasons.

VIII Broodmother Techniques

1st Technique - Placing your webs on the right spots

A broodmother to a web is like a child to his mother's breast ; You can survive without it, but not
for too long.
I made a picture showing where to put webs.
Map by Ironfisto. Kudos to you =)

Green - The most common spots.Basically, the main roads. You put webs there at least around
2/3 of the time.
Light blue - Those are the so called, anti-ambush webs. If there's a lot of ganking potential in the
other team, you would want that. Also, It's a good "arm-stretcher", should the enemy run into the
forest. You use 1/5 of the time.
Brown - Those spots are to "scan" for runes. Tell your friends if your web sees a good rune
Purple - Roshan. It's an anti-roshaning-team alarm. It also aids you, should you solo Roshan
Yellow - Secret Merchant spots. Rarely, but sometimes you can get a slow-buyer there.
Red - I call them Siege-webs. Those allow you to quickly move around the enemy's base, either
for escaping or to move to another tower/rax.
Gray/Dark Grey - The gray lines are those when you are jungling, you would use them instead of
green ones for most of early-mid game for the jungle build. The Dark Grey points are the creep

Dual Pushing -Amass an army of spiders. Check them all, and make them patrol to the enemy
base,across the lane. THey will now act as if they were normal creeps. Go somewhere else via
fast ms or via teleport scrolls and push there.

Dual Farming- Same as above. When you have a lot of, simply send them to the jungle. Around
10-15 is enough to take down 1 or 2 camps.

Eul Spider Trap - A nifty trick. Requires Eul's Scepter of Divinity. Its diffuclt to perform, but
effective. Spawn a few spiders. Use eul on your enemy. Encircle him. When he goes down, he is
blocked between you and your spiders. It is Broodmother's version of Rhasta's Ward Trap. Goes
well with mekansm, if the prey would want to fight his way out.

Jungling - Get a Bassillus Ring and a few clarities. Go to:

Depending on which side you are. Top lane when Scourge, bottom lane when Sentinel. Wait until
the first creep wave. When it is just about to pass, attack the creeps from the camp and lure them
onto the creeps. When they get low on health, use Spawn Spiderlings on them. Continue with
your spiders. Remember : Satyr camps have a fellow with Purge- which is bad for you. At first
take down simple, easy camps. When the next wave comes and the creep camp is again
respawned, lure again. When leveling up, pop a few webs across the jungle so you'll travel more
quickly and regenerate while you go. When needed, go back and take a few items(vlad's and
boots first) and continue to jungle. Remember to keep an eye on the adjacent lanes - 2 solo's in
one team might end badly when there is no help at the right time. As you grow in levels and
items, jungling becomes more easier and easier. If you are unskilled in jungling, wait until you
are lvl 3 or so(join a lane) and then begin jungling. At level 11 with vlads and treads, you can
take down roshan solo.
IX Broodmother Strategies

Laning - Broodmother is great both as a soloer and a lane mate. However, if you are against
powerful duos(like, Bane + X) it is recommended you ask for a lane mate to help you with him,
or at least a lane switch. If you are using the pusher build, don't ever go solo, because you'll just
waste it for someone who might need it more. Use Webs for more lane-control and occasionally
have a bite or 2 on your opponent, if he's not a nuker/disabler.

Soloing - If you are going the pusher build, skip this. If i was to make it short: Run around, last-
hit well, deny if possible, don't play too aggresively against disablers/mana stealers. If you're
playing against a feeder or a bad player or 2 you should get around 5-7k without going to the
base a single time when you destroy the 2nd tower.

Getting ganked - The best thing you can do when you KNOW you are about to be
attacked/nuked is to run straight to your web and stay away from your opponent. Some players
know that will happen and they will run around in your web for a few seconds trying to uncover
you from your invis. Simply stay away from them if something like that occurs. If you timed
your run-away-to-web well then you might e.g. dodge Juggernaut's ultimate.(you get just one hit)
If you're low on health you don't need to go back to your fountain because you ARE in a fountain
, and the webs is a good replacement. Think wisely when to use your ultimate against your
enemies, since you may save yourself e.g. from high degen if you turn it on and run into creeps.

Ganking - Early game : Harass from time to time or not at all. Mid game - Kill like crazy where
you have a nice range of webs. If you don't, take a friend or two.Late-game - Same as in mid-
game. Ulti whenever it's up, nuke only in means of a last resort. Go 1vs1 only when you sure you
can get it and run away before anyone notices.

Farming - It is incredibly easy to last-hit/deny thanks to your webs. You should get used to your
orb as the orb's damage occurs about 0.5-1 sec after yours. It is somewhat easier to farm using
the pusher build because when you got a lot of spiders it's really easy to last-hit with one of your
small friends. It's also worth mentioning that on higher levels your ulti makes it incredibly easy
for you to last-hit, since it adds lots of damage. If you still have problems with farming, consider
taking Radiance over Butterfly/Buriza.

Pushing - Amazingly easy if you're using the pusher build. Simply spawn a few sets of
spiderlings from a wounded creep. Then, send them on the tower. Going there yourself is
optional but if you wish, activate your ulti and quickly attack the tower before any of your
opponents would react. If you feel/know someone is coming though, either fall back a bit and
repeat the process or switch to do the same on the neighbour lane. It all depends on the game
situation and whether your opponents do have wards/gem or not. If you're playing the classic
build you can do the same, but then you rely more on yourself rather than spiders.

5vs5 Battle Defensively - Enter your web. If you don't , wait a short while and shoot one or 2 of
them. Sneak behind the weakest out of the heroes and either harass them or kill him completely
with your ulti. It is important to time it and to use it in the moment the opposite team is the least
disorganised or disabled/slowed. If you want to help your mate from getting ganked, either slow
the chaser with your spiders and optionally yourself or block(you have a large size) the pursuer.
Best way is to get one or 2 spiders attack your opponent and have the rest block him. It needs
some micro skills but it is really effective, especially against ranged/melee dps'ers since your orb
gives your opponent a 25% miss. You may also consider using your webs in "hot" places like
middle of the map, jungle, etc to tell your mates where a danger is approaching.

5vs5 Battle Offensively - Same as above when it comes to webs. When there are no heroes get a
few spiderlings from the creeps to push. When there are, you need to know who to attack first
and when. It depends on whether they have an escape mechanism and whether they have disables
or not. If they don't have either of these, that's a perfect victim. Your slow and miss from your
orb is all what your team mates would expect from you when it comes to helping at kills. well,
apart from damage, obviously. If you're with a friend who's apparently a good stunner/disabler,
work with him/her. You'll get quite a few kills if you cooperate well.

X Broodmother's Best Friends and Worst Enemies

Broodmother's Best Friends


It has been repeated thousands and thousands of times in probably every hero that a good
disabler is a friend of any hero. A well placed stun/hex/silence etc. is what makes it easier for you
to kill.


Any extra positive aura is good for your spiderites/lings effectiveness.

My Favourite Broodmother friends

Purist Thunderwrath
In conjunction with him you may really own. A level 4 repel is all you need to take down
everyone in your path. Plus an additional slow and support heal/life saviour is always nice.

Somehow similar to Purist, you with a guy like Abbadon are a pair almost impossible to stop.
Double the slow(frostmourne + bite), double the strength (Aphotic shield on you while you dive
in to the tower) makes you a great ganking duo.

Broodmother's enemies


As they are friends of each single hero, that means they are great support hunters to each single
hero, which can make you an easy victim if you are not careful.


What's wrong with debuffs is that when you got a certain debuff(track, doom, amplify damage,
etc) you can't go invisible under your web as long as you have it. Counter it by using BKB or
Linkens before you get debuffed or be 3 times more careful.


Early on you are pretty vulnerable to high-damage spells like Lina's combo or Lion's ultimate.
Stay away from those heroes as much as you can, or have a team mate with you to help. Late
game it's less of a problem but they are still ambitious opponents. A good strategy against them is
to make them waste their mana on you first. Your web regen nullifies the nuke, and they won't be
able to defend themselves when out of mana.

The Single-Skill - Purge - Medusa and Diffusual Blade

It takes off your Ultimate like if it was just some dust. It's somewhat spammable, too. It is one of
the ultimate skills to render you close to useless.

Mana Stealers
They are more of a bane to the pusher build, although the classic build will be also very
vulnerable in early game(can't cast webs when they just have a refreshed cooldown). Image
heroes also very often take diffusal(both mana steal and purge), so keep an eye on that as well.
When such a thing happens, instead of buying sapphire water, get a few sets of wisps.

AoE Casters

Only for the pusher build. Self-explanatory really. Your spiders die much, much more easily
when struck by an AoE spell. This reduces your overall effectivness as a pusher.

XI How to counter Broodmother?

Everything that has truesight is your friend. Wards, Necronomicon, Gem.

Don't get harassed early-game, harass Broodmother a lot but do not waste skills if they won't
ensure a kill
Be her worst enemy(look up) so if she can't hit you or hit anything around to add her
survivability, she's nothing
If you just want to escape her, be a disabler(rhasta, lion), or have an escape mechanism(blink,
astral imprisonment, etc)
If she's feeded/pimped out, do not ever approach her alone. It is wiser to hug the tower or/and
gank her with someone else when she comes.

XII How to fight counters to Broodmother?

Truesight Wards - As soon as you can(or when you die probably, for that matter) buy counter-
wards. when pushing, get rid of the ward. Don't put it too early or the enemies might kill it.
Gem - This item is probably on a beefy tank, and it should be mid-late game right now. If it isn't,
approach the gem-bearer 1vs1. If it is, mobilize your teammates to gank the gem bearer. Bear in
mind though, reasonable teammates protect the gem-bearer well.
Necronomicon - Keep him/her dead. Or make him/her not to use Necronomicon. That's possible.
A mana-burner like NA/Anti-mage comes in handy in such moments.
Avoid fights you can't win. Remember. She IS the 1vs1 Queen. Bear in mind the mana of the
enemy, his capabilities, skills, and his habits. It comes with experience, so don't panic if It won't
go out the first game you play Broodmother.
Escape skills as usual, are only escape skills. Try to imagine where the hero could be after
blinking away; try to be in the shoes of that escaping player.

XIII Forum's General Tips and Techniques

This section is made by the forum. I'm going to post best tips to improve your overall
Broodmother playing. They are slightly shortened to condense the guide as much as possible.

1) Don't spawn webs too close nor too far from each other, if you wish to go between them. imo,
600 range in between is just enough. 600 range is e.g. Furion's attack range.
1) Web placement is key. When you have a lane that you're spending a lot of your time on, make
sure you're chaining webs so that they are just barely out of bonus range from each other. This
ensures you get the longest range for using your webcrawling abilities (for both ganking AND
running). Don't be afraid to use webs simply to get away, either.
2) Spiderlings. Feel free to send them kamikaze on a tower if you're trying to break down a lane,
your lane creeps will catch up when they get rid of the opposing creeps.
3) Avoid chain disablers.
4) You can be purged. You have to time your attacks carefully, and gank only when you know
that you have the kill or a teammate is nearby.
1) Webs can destroy trees, Use them to cut new paths to ambush, escape etc, take down eyes etc.
1)Use existing spiderlings to kill neutrals if your lane is pushed too far and you aren't ready to
take tower.
1)Don't get too stuck in your webs. Some players will presume you´re in the webs, at all times
and therefor not call miss. Use it to your advantage and make the ganking easier. Show yourself
a few times and then run for the next lane and make a hopefully surprising gank.
1)Webs provide aerial placing a web early over their tower + 'juke spot' means MUCH
easier killing (this is an underestimated advantage of mid solo brood).
Neccesary for this trick : 8-10 Spiderlings + You + Good Micro Skills.
Hit a victim. Select your spiderlings, and make them move infront of the victim. Issue an attack
command on the hero with the spiderlings.That way, you will surround the hero and he can't
escape anymore.
Undead ladder players should recognize it as a variation of Dreadlord's sleep-ghoul surround.
XIV Replays

Pending due to 1.22 Update.

If you have any broodmother replays which are worth watching, pm me with a link to them
and i shall consider posting them in the guide under Your permission.

XV Closing
Visit for your Dota

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