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Dear Malcolm, As I begin writing this letter I am reflecting back upon the many things I have learned through

your class this semester several things that will be beneficial to my academic career but also several things that have been applied to enrich my life. Through this assignment particularly I have learned to try to view both sides of an argument and work hard to stay unbiased until research has been done and Im able to make an informed decision before making an argument. The first tab you will come across is going to read Dear Malcolm letter; I felt that even though it wasnt necessary that I should include this because it allows for a further introduction of the creator of all the documents and pages of the website which will in turn allow for a better understanding of the pages content. Also, I find it a humorous letter. This is the very first tab. Second you will encounter a tab called Informal Writings this includes my five required daybook entries from the semester. Each of the writings included is very significant and important to understand the journey I took this semester in completing this project. The writings include topics such as questions regarding my paper, reflections on my paper, my Wordle assignment, and my interest inventory. As I said, each of these is highly important in order to fully understand my semester compilation. After that you will see the tabs Topic Proposal & Researching, First Draft and Edited EIP. Under the Topic Proposal & Researching tab you will be able to view my original Topic Proposal as well as my Annotated Bibliography. The documents included in that tab hold significant value because they are two of the first assignments I completed and they show the first research and interest I took in completing my EIP. The next tab is

my First Draft; under this tab there is my first draft as well as my outline. I felt it was important to view my outline so that the reader could preview the blueprints of my EIP, and the first draft was included for obvious documenting purposes. Finally youll scroll over the Edited EIP tab this tab includes a document showing my intended revisions and this second document shows those revisions after I edited my draft. The last tabs you will see are Reflection Letter and Other Important Documents. These tabs were included so that there was somewhere to house this document but the Other Important Documents holds a couple of assignments from the semester that I viewed to be the most helpful throughout the completion process; the document included is the marginal outline I completed, I included this because it directly spells out the importance of each and every paragraph to display the full significance of all the information. Each tab and each document on my website is important and they are meant to fully show my work. Well, Professor Dawgitty Dig Dawg, I cannot begin to express the appreciation I have for this class; I have grown so much as a writer, student and person in this class. Through your English class I have been more successful in writing for several other courses. In English 1103 I was challenged as a writer in several ways through both time constraints and difficulty with material. The challenges I faced were nothing but helpful to helping me grow. I learned how to read faster so that I can grasp main concepts more time efficiently which allowed for me to write more efficiently and understand things more thoroughly. However, challenges werent posed solely by the Extend Inquiry Project, I had personal writing problems such as grammatical errors, time management, difficulty citing

and struggles with word choice. I often get so caught up in doing well that I forget basic grammar while trying to complete more difficult tasks, also I try to over explain quite often and that gets me in a bind. I was also able to find a way to work simultaneously on several assignments while trying to meet all my deadlines for this class as well as others. Ive improved in several aspects this semester such as specifying, focusing and learning to unbiased. While Ive grown a lot as a person this semester in your writing class I recognize that I still have a long way to go before I will be considered a skilled writer. I truly appreciate your time, concern and humor this semester in English 1103 and I look forward to using what Ive learned in your class in my future academic endeavors.

Thank you for everything, Ashley Bunting