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THIS LEAVE AND LICENCE AGREEMENT is made on 14th day of December, of the year two thousand el eve^^.

Avijit Das, aged about 43 years, S/O- Dhirendra nath Das, by faith Hindu, by occupation service at present residing at Vill .- South Bankim Pally, P.0.1


Madhyamgram, Dist. 24 Paganas (N), hereinafter called and referred to as the 'LICENSER' of the FIRST PAR?' :-

Taralt Chaluaborty son of Late Sunil IO.. Chaltraborty, by faith Hindu, by

. . .

occupation Business, at present residing at South Biresh Pally, Madllyamgra, Kolkata . - 700---1~ ; - l l e r e i n a f ~ e r - - ~ a l l e ~ - a ~ . ~ - d L,IGENSEE~-O~-~~~I~-O-T-HER--._ L ~ ~~-f~~~ed-dasS-t~~


WHEREAS first party I licensor is the bonafide owner and possessor of a dwelling house which is lying aqd situated at Bankim Pally, Police Station Barasat, Kolltata - 700 129. AlVD WHEREAS first party is the also residing in own place at South Bankim Pally, P.S.- Barasat, Kolkata - 700 129, and as such she intends to let out her two rooms flat in her said dwelling house at Bankiln pally, P.S.- Barasat, Kolkata - 700 129 for a temporary period of 11 (eleven) months on leave and licensee basis and an repeated request by the second party to the first party, first party is agreed to appoint the second party in his said two rooms flat consisting of two bed rooms, one drawing room cum diivling space, one kitchen and one toilets at his said dwelling house at South Bailltim Pally, 1P.S.- Barasat, Kolkata
- 700

129 for a temporary period of 11 (eleven) months as leave and licencee

basis under the following terms a i d cofiditioi~s:1.

That this agreement will commence on and from 1 4 ' ~ of December, day 201 1 and it will be valid for eleven (11) months from the date. of

termination will be effected from the date of commencement of this

. > .-


agreement. 2. That this agreement will be treated excl~~sively leave and licence for

basis and not for WBT Tenancy Act, 1921.


That the monthly license fees has been fixed fo:r Rs. 30001- (Rupees

to the licensee within loth day of each and every current English calendar month without fail. 4. That the second party I licensee also be given electricity charges extra as per electric bill month by month without fails.

That the second party 1 licensee shall use aiid occupation of the said licensed portion mentioned above exclusive with his family members for residential purpose and not for commercial purpose.


That tlie second party 1 licensee sliall handover the possession aiid occupation including agree his right title and interest of the said licenced in favour of the first party 1 licensor after the termination .of 11 (eleven) months without fails and he sliall not handover / transfer his licenced portion to any other third party without written permission of the first party 1 licensor.


That the second party is also agreed to given the sum of Rs. 17,0001( Rupees Seventeen Thousaid) only to the first party / licenser as

security deposit and tlie sajdlsecurity deposit money will be adjusted to the second party of Rs. 2,0001-P.M upto eight month and nineth months, Second party will pay of Rs. 20001- (Two tliousand) and 10001- (One thousand) will be adjusted of Security amount and last two montli Second party will pay full renz of Rs. 30001- (Three thousand only)



That tlie second pai-ty shall not keep or store any illegal and immoral, combustible and inflammable articles at his 1icence.d portion. Now botli the parties read over the contents at their own free will and

agreed to abide by all terms and conditions at their free consent in present of the


following witnesses.

IN WITNESSES wliereof'both the parties pui their subscribe their

respective signature on the day, inonth and year first above written in presence of the undersigned witnesses :

Witnesses :(Signature of the lSt party)

(Signature of the 2"('party) Licencee

i/ '