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Strategy Guide for Clinkz the Bone Fletcher

by Beast_Pete (as of v6.60)

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I. Introduction
Beast_Pete and MrBuffet both had written a guide for Clinkz seperately before writing this one.
As both guides were based on Dr Aegis (Divine Rapier + Aegis of the Immortal), they decided to
make a merged guide, which was waited by many forum readers. That meant the end of the
first era of their guides.

After the merged guide was published it received loads of positive comments and soon became
a nominant for the premiums. After the reviews of moderators it finally became one of the
Premium Guides. Unfortunately MrBuffet decided to retire from DotA, but the guide is still
being updated by the other author, Beast_Pete. A bit after the premiuming the guide was
changed which meant the end of the 2.0 series and the introduction of the 3.0 version.

After the new trends, I decided to add Hand of Midas to the item build as it helped in farming
up for the expensive items a lot. As Bone was better off farming for 40-45 minutes Midas was a
needed item, however in newer and newer versions pushing strategies became more and more
effective meaning that farming whole became not viable and Bone started to become useless.
If that was not enough, the Dr Aegis builds were screwed up by removing Aegis of the Immortal
from the shops and adding it to Roshan as a droped item with only one charge and no
physical/spell resistance.

So it was clear I had to change my guide by completely revamping it. But thanks for the buff on
The Butterfly the Bone Fletcher's time for owning the Sentinel seemed to come again! Bone
received some buffs, the possibility of orb-walking at level5 and a "cheaper" ultimate.

But I decided to revamp the guide again and as the 4.0 series ended with only few edits, I am
now introducing you the 5.0 series. This version includes two different item builds and is a bit
shorter than the previous versions. I hope you'll enjoy my guide and will be able to become
much better in this wonderful game called as Defense of the Ancients.
├A. Pros and Cons┤
• One of the best assassins in the game
• Very effective at taking down buildings alone (best backdoorer in the game)
• Really hard to get ganked with proper use of wards by the Bone player and his allies
• Good at landing last hits and harassing enemy heroes thanks for Searing Arrows
• Many spells get negated if Wind Walk is turned on just before the spell would blast in
• A free moving observer ward for allies thanks for Wind Walk
• Fragile to stun & high damage combos
• Really low on mana in early-mid game
• Many AoE spells affect him even when he is invisible
• His wind walk + strafe combo can easily be screwed up with a single stun
• He is hated by most of the players in public games, so expect to be ganked regularly

├B. Bone's Role in the Team┤

Basically there are two ways of playing the Bone Fletcher. One of them is an gank oriented, assassin
type, which focuses on building up a relatively high DPS as early as possible and go around participating
in ganks allowing your team's main carry to farm up or you to farm up by scoring kills and having free
farm as the enemies are underleveled.

The other style is concentrating more on farming in early/mid game, which will allow you to solo
towers and raxes later on. Backdooring is allowed by the TDA rules, therefore on default you may start
attacking towers without your creeps being nearby. Only exceptions are leagues that deny IceFrog's
rules and rather make their own ones forbiding backdooring and other kind of strategies.

You can often see 5-men teampushes in league matches, and Bone should be the one to make confusion
in the enemies' line-up by suddenly attacking someone from behind/the side and possibly taking out a
hero or more. This is good also at defence and at attack.

Another important role in the game is backdooring. You should go under WW, travel near to one of the
towers, and wait for the creeps passing by until they cannot see you and turn back automatically when
you'd start attacking a tower. If the tower has full health, then you should backdoor only if you have a
really high DPS or some teammates are helping in.

Don't forget that you win when you destroy the opposing team's World Tree or Frozen Throne. Frags do
not count when your Tree/Throne is falling down.
In this mini-clip you can see how I pick out Zeus by a surprise attack from the right wing side of the
tower while my teammates are pushing from the front side. This made a little confusion and a loss of
one hero for them. The whole game can be seen in the PRG vs dT scourge replay that can be found in
the league replays section.

II. The Power of Clinkz

├A. Skills Info┤

Fire a large number of arrows in a short time period.

Lasts 10 seconds.

Level 1 - 20% increased attack speed. (costs 90 MP, cooldown 30)

Level 2 - 40% increased attack speed. (costs 90 MP, cooldown 30)
Level 3 - 60% increased attack speed. (costs 90 MP, cooldown 30)
Level 4 - 80% increased attack speed. (costs 90 MP, cooldown 30)

Beast_Pete: "The hero killer and tower destroyer ability. Great to use at a backstab. But don't forget,
that your stunner enemies are going to stun you as soon as they can, so use strafe only if you are sure,
you can kill your enemy in 1-2 seconds or after the stun. If you pushed till a tower, and you have
enough melee creeps attacking the tower, then you just simply use strafe and destroy the building in
no time.

If you enlarge the picture you can see a mini-clip of me destroying a tower in less than 10 seconds
without getting hurt hard. My enemy did not have enough time to come back defending their tower
and had no TP scrolls as it was my first backdoor in that game"

Searing Arrows

Increases the damage of the Hero's attack by adding fire. If you learn this during wind walk the first
time, you will lose the invisibility.

Level 1 - 10 bonus damage. (costs 8 MP, cooldown 4)

Level 2 - 20 bonus damage. (costs 8 MP, cooldown 3)
Level 3 - 30 bonus damage. (costs 8 MP, cooldown 0)
Level 4 - 40 bonus damage. (costs 8 MP, cooldown 0)

Beast_Pete: "It's the harassing ability of clinkz, and also needed for final shots at creeps. When you
see, that the creep's life is low, then push button 'R' and target that creep. Later on it's very helpful in
killing your enemies and in taking down towers faster.

Animation canceling is a basic microtechnic which all Bone players should practise a lot, as it helps in
attacking much more frequently and in evading Last Word's Silence effect or Enchantress'
Untouchable's slow debuff. As a manually cast arrow type of spell is considered to be a spell and not
an ordered attack, you may use it for attacking enemy heroes while not drawing the attention of
creeps. If you click on the icon, you can see an animated gif where coL.Fear presentates how to send
back an opponent with the help of animation canceling."

Wind Walk

Turn invisible for a period of time, increasing movement speed.

Level 1 - 07% increased movement speed, 20 seconds. (costs 75 MP, cooldown 20)
Level 2 - 14% increased movement speed, 25 seconds. (costs 75 MP, cooldown 20)
Level 3 - 21% increased movement speed, 30 seconds. (costs 75 MP, cooldown 20)
Level 4 - 28% increased movement speed, 35 seconds. (costs 75 MP, cooldown 20)

Beast_Pete: "This is the ability what so many people hate in clinkz. If your enemies have no gems or
sentries, then you can backstab them easily. Also useful when you have to run away. Even if your
enemies see you, you get such an amazing movement speed boost, that it gets quite difficult to catch
you (not to mention the lack of disable spells makes it impossible, if you run away with enough HP).
It's good thing to remember that Wind Walk does not cancel any kind of channeling spell, so you may
teleport and then go invisible without canceling the teleport effect.

The animated gif attached was made by Boogiepop!, who was working on a Fletcher guide himself, but
decided to give this gif for my guide after he saw it was premiumed. In this little clip you can see how
effective Wind Walk is against spells. You can easily dodge most of the targetting spells by going under

Death Pact

Kills a target friendly unit, returning a percentage of its life.

Level 1 - 055% conversion. (costs 120 MP, cooldown 20)

Level 2 - 095% conversion. (costs 200 MP, cooldown 20)
Level 3 - 135% conversion. (costs 280 MP, cooldown 20)

Beast_Pete: "I don't like this ability too much. Death Pact just simply does not synergize with Clinkz. If
you can run away, then why need instant healing? Although it might be useful sometimes, I rather
choose to have the other abilities and the stats maxed out first. Useful when you are under the effect
of poison, and cannot run home in time, or in early-mid game, when you want to stay in a lane to
farm for a longer time. Use it only if you still have 75 manas for running away under WW after using

III. On to the build
├A. Skill Build┤

├B. Core Item Builds┤

2 Circlets + 2*2 Tangos (550)

Finish 3 Wraith Bands (1010)
Power Treads (1530)
2 TP Scrolls at the very least (270)
Monkey King Bar (5400)
Total Cost: 8860

2 Circlets + 2*2 Tangos (550)

The Butterfly (6350)
Boots of Speed (500)
2 TP Scrolls at the very least (270)
Finish 2 Bracers (650)
Hood of Defiance (2350)
Total Cost: 10670

Item Build Justification:

The first build offers the best performance early game if you are to gank heroes and you would be
under heavy gank-pressures if you'd try to farm up 3400 golds. 3 Wratih Bands and a Power Treads come
in small pieces so these items are easy to build up and therefore you are not stressed to farm
throughout the whole game and you may go around the map ganking enemies. After these four items,
Monkey King Bar will be an easy item to farm up as the most expensive part costs 2600 golds. Later
when you finish this item the minibash will be very helpful for canceling channeling spells like teleport,
shackles and blackhole.

The second build is focusing more on staying in a lane and performing lane-deny, which - along with the
ability of going invisible - will allow you to farm up for 3400 golds smoothly. This build is only
recommended if your team is able to control the enemies and don't need your assistance in ganks. If
that's the occasion, then you'll have a free farm anyway. Butterfly and Hood of Defiance make sure that
you are not prone to either physical attacks, nor to spells while offering a great DPS.

I don't want to go into details of certain items' DPS and compare them to each other. Ihave done that
several times, I have seen them being used several times. Butterfly is the best DPS item for AGI heroes
at the moment, the only item that can come near to it is Desolator, which is not to be chosen on the
Bone Fletcher because Searing Arrows do not stack with Corruption. Monkey King Bar is also a great DPS
item. Buriza comes near to it and passes it after a certain amount of damage is "collected". However it
does not have the so useful minibash and against towers, MKB is much better. Skadi isn't a great DPS
item, but the frost attack is very useful for the whole team and even in 1v1 nut-kicking fights. It gives
a nice survivalability boost, but if you want survivalability, then Heart is much better.

Skill Build Justification:

Searing Arrows is maxed out as soon as possible for obvious reasons. You need the additional damage
and the none-cooldown orb. Death Pact's role is to keep you alive in early game while you are farming
in your lane for the expensive Eaglehorn or just trying to stay alive against a tough lane, so I get one
level on it at hero-level 6, but you don't need to max it until the very end of the game.

Attribute Bonuses are gotten on level 4, 8, 9, 10 because you will still be farming at that stage of the
game and for that you need more HP to be able to survive ganks and the bonus damage helps in last
hits by a lot, also the additional mana in your mana pool will allow you to use Death Pact and Wind
Walk more often. If you estimate of collecting 3400 golds by only at level 15, then get one more point
on Attribute Bonuses at level 11.

Wind Walk is gotten at level 2 because you need to go invisible occassionally. More levels on it are not
needed while you are farming, because you won't be ganking and switching lanes, so the purpose of
this skill is only and only becoming invisible until level ~13. From level 12, 13 or 14 you can gank when
situation calls for it. For that you don't need the added MS of Wind Walk, you only need to position
yourself behind the target. After you have level 4 Strafe and one DPS item (The Butterfly most
probably) then you should start maxing Wind Walk because you need to switch lanes for farming
purposes more often now, and you should be able to gank those heroes who are farming alone and also
chasing down fleeing heroes.

Strafe is gotten before Wind Walk, because you need it by the time your first DPS item is complete or
else you won't be able to take down towers fast enough. That time comes at around hero level 14 or

├C. Levels 1-10┤
Skill order
Level 01 | Searing Arrows
Level 02 | Wind Walk
Level 03 | Searing Arrows
Level 04 | Attribute Bonuses
Level 05 | Searing Arrows
Level 06 | Death Pact
Level 07 | Searing Arrows
Level 08 | Attribute Bonuses
Level 09 | Attribute Bonuses
Level 10 | Attribute Bonuses
Take a solo lane, as you are a carry hero without a slow, nuke or a stun, you need to be soloing and you
need to farm up for the Eaglehorn (or the 3wratihs+treads) as fast as possible. The middle lane and the
long lanes are the best for the Bone Fletcher as you can easily hug your tower since the begining of
creep-fights. Try to concentrate on landing the last hits the most. Successful denies are not as
important as tower hug, so start hitting your creeps already at half life, so you stay at a defended
area. If your opponents are not last hitting, but rather auto-hitting, land only last hits on your own
creeps as well. Same in situations, when your tower is hitting the creeps.

If you aim for Butterfly, then your role in the middle game is farming, and only that. You shouldn't start
going around ganking as it will slow you down by a lot. Get a second Ring of Regeneration if you are
harassed too much. If that's not enough against the nuker(s) you are facing in your lane, get a
Planeswalker's Cloak and buy a Hood of Defiance before buying an Eaglehorn.

If you can farm up Treads + 2 Wraiths, then start participating in ganks.

├D. Levels 11-14┤
Skill order
Level 11 | Strafe
Level 12 | Strafe
Level 13 | Strafe
Level 14 | Strafe
This is the time when you can finally start participating in ganks. Leave your lane only if a fight is
nearby and your help is needed. Otherwise stay in your lane and perform the lane-deny technique. If
you are playing a ganking role, then of course you shouldn't be wasting the opportunities of killing
lonely heroes, go behind them and asdasd.

Lane-deny: this is a technic that I first saw from Fear then from ezy, so credits go for compLexity clan.
Basically you have to keep on denying your creeps, while landing last hits as well. Be wary that if there
are two many enemy creeps, you shouldn't deny your creeps at all and you might want to damage the
opposing creeps a bit before the last hits. This ensures that the creeps fight at the same area ALL the
time. So you don't have to leave your lane as you can stay at a safe place, and your opponents won't be
able to push back and gain some golds. If they come for you, just simply switch lane or go and kill some
neutral creeps. After you have your Eaglehorn or Demon Edge, lane-denying becomes easier. My
favourite place is at the top lane a bit behind the first tower, where you can go down between the
trees to escape and if you want, you can go neutral creeping.

You should always have a tp scroll in your inventory. This is important because when you push too far
away and another lane is empty, then you can teleport to the nearest tower and farm there. Also,
sometimes Wind Walk might not be enough to escape and you need to hide somewhere and tp out.
Teleporting away and then activating WW will ensure that you can go to a safe place without harm.
When you are poisoned and you know you would die, then teleporting to the Fountain will save you
many times.

Although the wards got nerfed I would still recommend buying some once in a while. You are the carry
hero, so you don't need to buy much, but warding some of the more important places is very
important. If your allies don't buy wards, you are to throw out the gold.

When you are backstabbing a hero, go under Wind Walk and look around for hiding heroes. If you think
you can safely kill your pray, then go behind it into melee range. This is important for the following
1: you will be recognised a bit later allowing you to land 2-3 hits more.
2: escaping from you won't be that fast, because it takes the same amount of time in each direction.
It's not too difficult to perform a backstab, just start hitting the hero and immediately turn on Strafe
after the first arrow is shot. Searing Arrows have to be turned on as well. You should also make sure
that when you go out of invisibility, your Wind Walk is not on cooldown, or at least you don't have to
wait more than 3 seconds for it to be castable again. If you come out of invisibility too early, you will
get killed in many cases. Don't underestimate your opponents that much!

├E. Levels 15-18┤
Skill order
Level 15 | Wind Walk
Level 16 | Wind Walk
Level 17 | Wind Walk
Level 18 | Attribute Bonuses
This is the time when you have your shiny little Butterfly. With this item and Hood of Defiance you will
be really hard to kill now, especially if you buy Bracers as well. If you are confident enough of being
able to survive team collisons, then you need to boost your damage even further. I prefer Monkey King
Bar as second DPS item. However if you have too low HP compared to the opponents' focus damage,
then get a Heart of Tarrasque, you will need it badly.

Your role in these levels is to help out in ganks and to push together with your team. Of course once
you get your second 4th Tier item, you may go backdooring, especially against towers with low red HP.
Thanks for the 30% evasion, towers won't hurt you much, so it's still a viable tactic with the Bone

Roshan Raids should be starting from these levels on. The first Roshan spawn is weak, and with 2-3 of
your allies helping in, you should be able to kill him fast. Aegis works as an Akh of Reincarnation now,
so put it into your inventory, when you wish to push down a heavily defended base tower.

├F. Levels 19-25┤
Skill order
Level 19 | Attribute Bonuses
Level 20 | Attribute Bonuses
Level 21 | Attribute Bonuses
Level 22 | Attribute Bonuses
Level 23 | Attribute Bonuses
Level 24 | Death Pact
Level 25 | Death Pact
When you have a high damage output, you will need to concentrate on survivalability a bit more. As I
have already mentioned, I recommend buying Heart over Skadi. It gives a better survivalability
especially as you already have a Butterfly and preferably a Hood of Defiance as well.

Whenever Roshan respawns go and gank him. The Aegis is a useful item for deciding the outcome of the
game in the end. Place Wards near his spawning place, so you can be sure you won't get ganked and
you can see when the opposing team is ganking Roshan.

Now that you have a pretty high DPS and a great EHP, backdooring becomes more and more luring
strategy. Go under WW, wait at the entrance of the base until the creeps leave your sight. Go on top of
the hill, so you won't miss any of your shots. The tower however will miss on almost every 3rd attack
and thanks for Strafe and Searing Arrows, you will take down the tower in the matter of 10-14 seconds.

More decent teams will buy TP Scrolls and BoT to counter your backdooring strategy. If they buy Sentry
Wards as well, it will become pretty difficult to go in backdooring. However this will put their team
under pressure and constant gold loss because of constantly buying Wards and TP Scrolls. Be more
cautious and go back rather than suiciding.

Buying Boots of Travel is needed mostly for two cases:

1: you go backdoor and when your team needs you badly, then you teleport back and help out in the
2: you defended successfully and then you teleport to a creep near to their base and either push in or
if the creep wave is not close enough, then go backdoor.

Some people think backdooring is not allowed. TDA rules say it is allowed, and therefore in public
games and in IHs/leagues where no rules are written against it, backdooring is allowed. For more
information, press F9 ingame.
├G. Previous Versions' Builds┤
Buffet's FinalVersion1.0
Pete's Final Version 1.0
Final Version 2.0 Series
Final Version 3.0 Series

├H. Other Items┤
Gem of True Sight

Most of the times they are going to use it against you, so you'd better wait till they buy it, so you don't
have to throw out 750 gold out of the window. But if they go on with putting sentry wards around, or
you have many annoying stealth enemies or a goblin, then you'd better buy it yourself, so you can clear
up the invisible wards/mines and catch the stealth enemies.

The Items Needed for Being a Noob

Stygian Desolator and Maelstrom. You should never get these items with the Bone Fletcher! They don't
stack with your Searing Arrows, and losing 40 damage would be a very big mistake. Although the debuff
of the Desolator is very good, it's still better if one of your allies use it and not you. Maelstrom sucks,
because it will triger only, if you use no Searing Arrows and if you target the enemy creep/hero. Its
damage is also not too high, and you are already a good farmer with SA for not needing this item. In
early game you won't be able to farm as effectively without SA as with maxing it out. Creeps don't have
any form of magical resistance, and therefore the damage of the Searings are 100% damage on them.
By herolevel 7, you'll have a 40 damage bonus, and an easy way to harass your opponent thanks for the
Searing Arrows.


Very good chasing item. However I wouldn't recommend it as it reveals your location, when you try to
backstab an enemy hero. Even after Dr Aegis was totally screwed up you are better of buying
Butterfly+MKB and get some HP boosting and spell/physical resistance items. Also it's better if your
tank buys it to draw attention of the enemy team.

Sange & Yasha

It gives a slightly good movement and attack speed boost, some HP and a little damage. The maim
doesn't stack with your Searing Arrows. As it costs 5100, it's better going for a Heart of Tarrasque for
the much needed HP and HP regen. You are already going to have a high movement speed thanks for
Travel and Wind Walk.

Boots of Travel vs Power Treads

I won't go into much details. For an early performance boost Power Treads is a much better choice. You
will be a great ganker. However if you want to be more of a tower destroyer, then not upgrading your
boots for a long time and getting Boots of Travel later when you already have at least two major items
is the better choice. Especially when you are unable to hold TP Scrolls with you anymore, Travel will be
a precious item.

Black King Bar & Linken's Sphere

Linken's Sphere is not a good item on the Bone Fletcher. You don't need the Perseverance, because if
you need HP regen, then get two Ring of Regeneration and turn that into a Hood of Defiance later in
the game. You don't need the INT and mana regen much either, you should be able to stay alive with
the mana you have if you bought damage and health items instead of wasting your gold on mana. The
spell block is still quite weak in the current version and though it's useful when you block a disable, you
won't really need it because you are coming out of invisibility only after the fight is initiated by your

Black King Bar however is a possible choice as an avarage team fight is decided in 10 seconds and the
avatar lasts exactly for 10 seconds. That time should be enough for you to pump out a high amount of
damage thanks for your crazy DPS. Get this item after you have high DPS and loads of HP and you have
to fear the enemies' disables/nukes.

Hand of Midas

I used to buy this item because it helps in farming up for the expensive items and practically speaking
it gives a free 30% IAS. However it delays your ganking performances which is something you can't
afford anymore since the siege units were added and the creep waves get buffed earlier in the game.
Until its total cost remains this much you shouldn't buy it for the Bone Fletcher and basically to any

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