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MIDTERM TEST OF FIRST SEMESTER MTs DARUNNAJAH Academic years 2012/2013 Subject Class Date Time allocation Teacher

: English : VIII : Monday, 08-10-2012 : 90 Minutes : Muhmammad. A.Zamzami, S.Pd

Direction: 1. Write down your name, your number, and your class on your answer sheet. 2. Check your question sheet before you answer it 3. Answer all the question, dont leave it blank. I. Choose the best correct asnwer by crossing A, B, C, or D

1. Rino : Can I help you? Doni : ., you are very kind a. No, you cannot c. I am sorry b. Certainly d. I am afraid 2. Dino.. every morning a. Taking a bath c. is taking b. Takes a bath d. were taking 3. Elsa did not her homework yesterday a. Do c. Done b. Is not d. Doing 4. Rara : .. to move this chair? Veni : Certainly, a. Please help me c. Yes, It true b. Do not help me d. No, I am not 5. Father: . You wont lie next time? Ubed : I promine dad a. Giving help c. Promise me b. Asking help d. Actually no. Text for question number 6-10 Spot is a regular house cat. He is an adorable cat. He has orange fur with white and black spots. I like to cuddle him because his fur feels soft. Every morning , I give spot milk. He likes to run around the house. He usually sleeps under sofa.

6. What is spot look like? a. Adorable cat c. Orange cat b. Hate cat d. Naughty cat 7. What is spot? a. Street cat c. Monster cat b. Jumping cat d. Regular house cat 8. Where does usually Spot sleep? a. On the street c. Under sofa b. On the roof d. On the table 9. What does spot like to do?.. a. Lying on bed c. Walking slowly b. Speaking d. Run around house 10.What does Spot drink in every morning? a. Coffee c. orange juice b. Milk d. Tea

Text for question number 6-10

Rafflesia Arnoldi Refflesia Arnoldi is the largest flower in the world. It has weight 7 kg (15 pounds) and grows only in Sumatra island of Indonesia. The petals of the largest flower are meter long. There are 16 species of Rafflesia in Sumatra, Malaysia and Borneo. The species is named after the naturalist sir Stamford Rffles and Joseph Arnoldi. 11.How is weight of Refflesia Arnoldi? a. 15 Kg c. 15 pounds b. 5 Kg d. 14 pounds 12. What is Rafflesia Arnoldi?........... a. The largest flower c. The smallest flower b. Good flower d. Smell nice 13.Where does Rafflesia grow?......... a. Malang c. Madura b. Sumtara d. Bali 14.Who did discover this flower?................ a. James bond c. Malaysia b. Borneo d. Rafflesia and Arnoldi 15. How many species of Rafflesia Arnoldi?...... a. 14 Species c. 16 species b. 17 species d. 20 species Dialog for question number 16-20

Paijo : What 16 we buy for Ms. Painah Birthday? Does she like Candy? Dono: Yes she does, but that is not very interesting Present. She likes house plants. Paijo :Oh, really??? Dono: Yes, 17 Paijo: Oh, it is OK.
Please 18. to buy house plant.

Dono : Yes, With Pleasure. Let me give you19 Paijo : What do you think about the smell of this flower Dono : The flower 20...
16.What is the word to fill the blank space?... a. Shall c. Forget b. Must not d. True 17.What is the word to fill the blank space?... a. She is not true c. I am lying b. You must do it d. I am not lying 18.What is the word to fill the blank space?... a. Let me c. I admit it b. Help me d. Must not me 19.What is the word to fill the blank space?... a. A hand c. Suggestion b. Rice d. Offering 20.What is the word to fill the blank space?... a. Really bed c. Smells good b. Admit a fact d. I did


Please write True / False on the blank space

1. He is Studying English; (..) 2. The function of Can is to deny a fact (.) 3. Did you recite holly Quran yesterday? ()

4. The function of Must is Necessity and Prohibition (..) 5. Fino will not spoken English with native speaker ()

III. Read the text and do every point carefully then answer question Gardening Mirnas hobby is gardening. She has a flower garden at the right side and also behind the house. She plants many kinds of flowers, such as roses, sun flowers, lilies, jasmines and orchids. The colors of flowers decorate her garden, especially when the sun begins to rise. It appears more beautiful. Mona loves her garden very much. She always waters them everyday. She likes to take care of the flowers. 1. What is Mirnas hobby?.................................................................................. . 2. Where is her garden? . . 3. How many kinds of flowers does she plant? . 4. What does she do with her flowers? 5. Does she plant papayas? ... ...

Kunci jawaban 1. B 11.A 2. D 12.B 3. B 13.D 4. A 14.C 5. E 15.B 6. B 16.B 7. D 17.E 8. A 18.D 9. C 19.C 10. E 20.B

21.E 22.A 23.C 24.E 25.B 26.D 27.B 28.A 29.C 30.D

31.D 32.C 33.B 34.E 35.C

I =B x 2 II =B X6