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Social Networking Website Specifications

Current Platform

This document is to describe high level of the architecture and design of a social connectivity site targeting different communities of collaborators and rank them based on their contributions. Some information of the project: Platform: Linux/Apache Server Programming Language: PHP 5 Database Server: MySQL 5.3

Functionalities: The site capabilities would be as follows:

1. User Profile a. Name & Location i. First, Middle, Last ii. Location 1. Country 2. Zip Code b. Contact Information (Can be made private) i. E-mail address ii. IM client iii. Phone iv. Home Address 1. Street 2. Address 2 3. Address 3 4. City 5. State (drop down) 6. Home Province County 7. Postal Zip Code 8. Country (drop down) 9. Region c. Upload profile picture
[Following fields with red color are applied for profile completeness after successful registration]

d. Professional Summary i. Title or headline ii. Industry of Expertise e. Summary or Professional experience, short personal bio f. Specialties g. Work Experience - Positions 1

Company Name Title Job Time Period 1. I currently work here v. Description of role vi. Company Address vii. Company Phone viii. Company Web Address h. Education i. Country ii. State iii. School Name iv. Degree v. Field of Study (major) vi. Date attended vii. List activities and Societies viii. Additional notes i. About Me and Profile Settings i. Why Im here 1. I can offer a. Career advice b. Career opportunities c. Information about my company d. Information about my region e. Introductions to people in my network 2. I would like to a. Get career advice b. Find career opportunities c. Meet new people ii. Demographics 1. Gender a. Male b. Female 2. Birthday 3. Ethnicity iii. Send me an e-mail when 1. someone requests a friendship with me or confirms as friend 2. I have new messages 3. Someone post a comment in discussion board I have Joined 4. I have new classified ad iv. Subscribe to Newsletters v. Privacy Settings 2. Contributions Account Activities 2

i. ii. iii. iv.

a. Members contributions can be measured based on different activities such as no of wall postings, no of friends, total donation amount etc. b. Members contribution can be shown on their profile 3. Ranking Profile Score a. Members ranking can be derived from the total profile score achieved by them b. Members can give a rank to each other 4. Wall Comment area a. Displaying the feeds & activities performed by the members 5. Friends list a. Add member as friend and manage friend list b. Friends can message or poke among each others 6. Chat live messaging a. chat with multiple users using chat room 7. News Website published announcements a. News title appears rotating in homepage / inner pages and details can be seen on the news details pages b. Members can post their comments from news details page 8. Discussion Board a. Create topics & start discussion and other members can post comments if wishes 9. Classified Ads a. Members are able to list and offer textbooks and other things to each other. The idea for this is for members to get best deals from their nearby location. 10.Donation a. Members are encouraged to donate online for great causes b. Members can pay via PayPal / 2Co / ( any one payment gateway integration is included in cost. ) 11.Internal Messaging a. Ability to send e-mails to other members or on friend lists i. Discussion Board ii. General Emails iii. Classified Ads 3

12. Search and Browse Functions for members a. Front Page i. Guest search by name ii. New members search by name b. Search members i. Find by 1. Key words (name, locality, etc) 2. Friends 3. Region 4. State 5. Area 6. Profession 13. Ability for members to upload, store and share photos. Only shared with those in the friend network. a. Photos b. YouTube Videos