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Reconstruction of Rural Biogas Plants in Earthquake Affected Area of Sichuan Province

Sichuan Provincial Rural Energy Office . Sichuan . Chengdu 2012.11

Welcome to Sichuan

Sichuan has a long history, beautiful scenery, rich products, pleasant climate, famous with the reputation "Land of Abundance".

Traditional Domestic Enengy

The rural population in Sichuan :
48 million

In the past: - Large amount of energy consumption in rural areas - Low energy efficiency - Energy-use structure was not reasonable

Hometown of Biogas
As of October 2012, Total number of domestic biogas plants reached 5.75 million Sichuan started large scale biogas development the earliest in China Diverse scopes and ways of biogas construction Large scale and higher construction quality


On May 12, 2008, Sichuan province encountered an disastrous earthquake,during which 524,100 biogas digesters in the province were damaged,and the direct economic loss is 1.6 billion yuan.

Biogas reconstruction
AFD and IFAD to provide the preferential emergency loans to Sichuan by a sum of USD 80.47 million,supporting 16 heavy disaster counties for reconstruction or new construction of 155,300 biogas digesters. and all costs of the construction of the biogas plants covered by IFAD and AFD .The other damaged biogas digesters are aided for restoration and reconstruction by the domestic post-disaster reconstruction fund.

Project implementation
Project completed within three years in close cooperation with partner organizations and under strict management for quick construction and reliable quality.

Housing reconstruction

Energy recovery

production recovery

Advanced technology
the body part of biogas digester is made of bricks or concrete structure, and the gas holding dome part is made of mold-pressed glassfiber materials.

Polymer materials ,mechanically molded, comparing with the ordinary biogas digesters,the gas production increased by more than 26 %. The construction quality of glass fiber digesters is vastly improved. Avoids the multifarious process,save the time to build biogas digester,thus greatly improving the project progress.

Construction way
The organization of professional construction teams , installation line operation can avoid the process cross and delaying time limit of building biogas digesters in the projects. Mechanization Excavation Professional Construction factory products Standard installation

Biogas service system

The village biogas service networks

county-level biogas service stations

Carbon trading
Planning Class Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Project of Sichuan Rural Middle-Low Income Family Domestic Biogas Digester Construction.

The AFD and IFAD biogas projects, not only solved the life energy-use for the earthquake disaster area and helped the disaster area to resume the production as soon as possible, but also in biogas construction technology and management field we broke convention, developed ideas and innovated concepts for future domestic biogas construction and sustainable development to explore the new mode, to realize the new span and put up international cooperation new bridges, attracting much attention of the parties both at home and abroad.

Development Goals of Sichuan Province


quantity large-scale Construction quality standardization Construction content diversity Biogas utilization efficiency Management and service socialization

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