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Behavior Intervention Plan Students name: Satira M. Date of birth: 06/15/1997 Parents or guardians: Adrianne J. and Eric M.

Date of Meeting: 04/04/2012 Teachers name: Mrs. Shaw Principals name: Mr. Danner School: University Place Middle School

TEAM MEMBERS NAME Adrianne Johnson Eric Mattix Mr. Danner Mrs. Shaw Mrs. Hartley Mr. Parrish Mr. Trayvick Mrs. Banks Ms. Duncan ROLE Parent Parent LEA/ Principal Special Education Teacher Science General Education Teacher Social Studies General Education Teacher Math General Education Teacher Language Arts General Education Teacher Behavior Specialist

Students Classification or Diagnosis Satira has a specific learning disability in accordance with Alabamas criteria for special education eligibility. Description of Problem Behaviors Satira was referred for problem behaviors that were typically describes as disrupting to her and other peers learning. Satiras problem behaviors consisted of the following: 1. Non- compliance behaviors: Leaving class without permission, not following requests or directions of teachers, and inappropriate behaviors toward teachers such as raising her voice, arguing with the teachers, or the way she responds to a request or directions from a teacher, being aggressive with requests or responses to her teachers. 2. Off-task behaviors: drawing or doodling on her papers, looking around the classroom, putting her head down on her desk, playing on her cellphone, listening to music on her cellphone, getting up out of her seat and walking around the classroom, not completing her work, not participating in class time 3. Disruptive behaviors: arguing with other peers, blurting out answers in class, hitting other students, talking to other peers during instructional time, shouting at the teachers for help Based on information collected during the FBA, the better behavior support team (BBST) decided to generate strategies for reducing Satiras problem behaviors and increasing appropriate problems behaviors. The data strongly indicated that Satiras problems behaviors were related to attention and approval from peers, escape work that she is not interested in, and to take a break from working. The BBST determined that the problems behaviors were related to environmental

and teaching conditions and therefore, decided that there should be modifications made in her general education classrooms. Functional Behavior Assessment Summary The following statement summarizes the conditions associated with Satiras problem behavior. Summary Statement from the FBA Setting Events When Satira is sitting in her general education class Antecedents and she is not interested in the work or other peers are distracting around her Behavior she participates in disruptive, off-task, or non-compliant behaviors Consequences to avoid work, receive attention or approval from peers, or to take a break from work.

Competing Behavior Model

Setting Events
Sitting in her general education class during teacher led, whole group instruction

Not interested in the work Peers are distracting her Tired of working

Desirable Behaviors

Replacement Behaviors

Remove self from situations

Complete work Pay attention and participate during class instruction

Current Behaviors
Noncompliance Off- task Disruptive

Lower voice level when talking to peer Ask teacher for break when Satira is tired of working Talk in appropriate manner with teacher when having a request


Consequences Escape or avoid the work and have a verbal reprimand from teacher Verbal reprimand from teacher for distracting self and others

Teacher praise Tangible or intangible reward

Behavior Change Plan Setting Event Strategies Two strategies were selected to address setting events that are likely to affect Satiras behavior. These strategies include (a) having small group work and (b) having the teacher start with instruction right away in all of her general education classrooms. Antecedent Strategies Three strategies were identified to address antecedents associated with Satiras problem behavior. The strategies include having (a) Satira sit around peers that are not distracting to her (b) having the work that is hands on and involving for Satira (c) having Satira take breaks from her work and notify teacher when it is needed. Teaching Strategies and Replacement Behaviors Several teaching strategies to increase replacement behaviors and reduce problem behavior include (a) teaching Satira to ask and respond to request in appropriate manner (b) learn how to communicate with peers in the classroom in an appropriate manner (c) teaching Satira how to communicate and respond in different settings. Consequence Strategies Consequences strategies for reducing problem behavior and increasing the appropriate behaviors include the teacher (a) providing Satira with a treat such as candy when she has completed her work (b) helping Satira and guiding her through the work when she needs help (c) providing genuine praise to Satira after class when the appropriate behavior is exhibited (d) responding to Satira when she asks for a request appropriately.

Crisis Management Strategies (Intervention Strategies) If Satiras behaviors become severe and do not calm down with verbal reprimands, then strategies will include (a) removing Satira from the group of students she is working with (b) removing Satira from the classroom for a little while (c) allowing Satira to go to Mrs. Shaws room for a cool off moment. Satiras behaviors have improved, but sometimes warrant these management strategies. Monitoring/ Evaluation Plan A data collection sheet will be used to monitor the occurrences of Satiras problem behaviors (i.e., non-compliance, off-task, and disruptive) and replacement behaviors. Data will be collected daily by Satiras teachers and reviewed every week by the teachers and behavior specialist. Weekly meetings will be scheduled to discuss Satiras progress and to determine if changes in his support plan are necessary. All members of the BBST will meet monthly to discuss Satiras overall progress and the effectiveness of the behavior intervention plan.

Example of Data Sheet for Satiras BIP Class and Time Removed Self from peers if needed? Yes No Yes No Completed all work tasks? Yes No Yes No Asked for help in appropriate manner? Yes No Yes No Noncompliant (list any) Off- task (list any) Disruptive (list any)

Language Arts 8 am-9 am Math 10 am- 11 am Social Studies (12:301:15) Science (1:20-2:15)

Yes No

Yes No

Yes No

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