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Queer Dissertations as of 6 November Author Year Institution Program Title The Good Gay Citizen: A CrossCultural Analysis of Gay

Male Rhetoric of Good Citizenship Manifestoes: A Study in Genre Past Lives and Contemporary Longings Refusing to Get the Story Straight: Cultural Rhetorics and Queer Identities The Issue Culture of the Gay and Lesbian Religious Controversy in the Age of AIDS: Moral Argumentation in American Mainline Religious Communities as a Symbolic Contest Between Competing Interpretations The World Made Queer: Implications for a Liberationist Imago Dei Performing the Not-me: Ethos in Four Portfolios The Subtle Kife: Writing Programs and Technology Organizing Discourse Under a Different "Sign" 1 Format Advisor Committee

Allison, Terry Lane Amidon, Stevens

University of California, San 2000 Diego University of 2003 Rhode Island University of 1999 Nebraska

Dissertation Dissertation

Reid, Roddey Schwegler, Robert

Archer, Deborah


Ferguson, Moira

Bacon, Jen S.

Rensselaer Polytechnic 2000 Institute


Gordon, Tamar

Bakelaar, Philip

1997 Temple University


Simons, Herbert

Balboa, Jaime Ronaldo Banks, William Paul

Graduate 2003 Theological Union Illinois State 2003 University


Compier, Don H.


Neuleib, Janice W.

Barrios, Barclay

2005 Rutgers University of 2001 Lousiville


Miller, Richard E.

Basham, Elizabeth


Dietrich, Julia C.

Queer Dissertations as of 6 November Author Year Institution Program Title Negotiating Cultural and Social Barriers Through Confrontation: The Textual Force of Liberation Theology and AIDS Rhetoric Keeping the Faith in Florida: Critical Teachers, Critical Teaching, and a Pedagogy of Elusive Particulars Transforming Experience: Negotiating Sexual identity in the Composing Processes of Gay Men Reinventing the Male Homoseual: The Rhetoric and Power of the Gay Gene Recitations: The Critical Foundations of Judith Butler's Rhetoric Zine Narratives: Subjectivities and Stories of Five Influential Zine Creators Format Advisor Committee

Bauer, Danny Alan

New Mexico State 1997 University


Herndl, Carl

Berger, Jeanette

Indiana University 2003 of Pennsylvania


Pagnucci, Gian S.

Berry, William

Union Institute and 2009 University


Chabries, Carole

Brookey, Robert

University of 1998 Minnesota


Campbell, Karlyn Kohrs Zita, Jacquelyn N.

Brooks, Christina

McMaster 2011 University

Dissertation Goldblatt, Eli Smith, Michael W. SheridanRabideau, Mary P. Davis, James E.

Buchanan, Rebekah

2009 Temple University


Hill, Marc L.

Queer Dissertations as of 6 November Author Year Institution Program Title Language Struggles in Gay Rights Controversies: How Anti-gay Discourse Shapes Contemporary United States Politics Writing an Examined Life: A Lesbian Feminist Educator's Inquiry Into Writing Autobiography Woman, Feminist, Lesbian: negotiated Identities in Working With Manmade Academic Discourse Conventions Re-mapping the Territory of "Youth": Youthgenerated Sites of Rhetorical, Cultural, and Political Practice Format Advisor Committee

Cahill, Sean Robert

University of 1998 Michigan


Herzog, Donald

Chase, Rebecca

1999 NYU


Sobelman, Marilyn

Cole, Caroline

University of Illinois at Urbana1997 Champaign


Kramarae, Cheris

Comstock, Michelle

1999 Purdue University

Rhetoric & Composition


Sullivan, Patricia A. McKee, Heidi Palmeri, Jason Peterson, Leighton Simmons, Michele Ronald, Kate

Dadas, Caroline

2011 Miami University

Composition & Rhetoric

Deem, Melissa

University of Illinois at Urbana1998 Champaign

A Theory of Civic Rhetorics in a Digital Age Dissertation Rhetoric on the MArgins of the Econd Wave: Feminism, Cultural Memory, and the Transformation of the Political Dissertation

Gaonkar, Dilip Parameshwar

Queer Dissertations as of 6 November Author Year Institution Program Title Style, Substance, Audience: A Qualitative Study of the Use of a Queer Text in Three Composition Courses The Making of a Pluralistic Egalitarian Society: Reconceptualizing the Rhetoric of Multiculturalism for the 21st Century Yelesalehe Hiwayona Dikanohogida Naiwodusv/God Taught Me This Song, It is Beautiful: Cherokee Performance Rhetorics as Decolonization, Healing, and Continuance Queer Adaptations of Classic Plays and The Precipitate of Change Queerly Remembered: Tactical and Strategic Rhetorics for Representing the GLBTQ Past Coming Out of the Closet: A Rhetorical Analysis Format Advisor Committee

Digrazia, Jennifer

2005 UMass Amherst


Harrignton, Anne J.

Downer, Christa

Texas Woman's 2006 University


Souris, Stephen

Driskill, Qwo-li

Michigan State 2008 University

Rhetoric, Writing, and American Cultures


Powell, Malea

Drorbaugh, Elizabeth Thaxter

2002 NYU


Munoz, Jose Esteban

Dunn, Thomas

University of 2011 Pittsburgh



Olson, Lester

Fala, Grace Marie

1993 Penn State


Queer Dissertations as of 6 November Author Year Institution Program Title An Analysis and Critique of the Vernacular Discourse in Selected Feminist Science Fiction Novels A Semester in Purgatory: At the Intersections of Pedagogy, Interpellation, Queerness, and Mourning Be-coming Subjects: Reclaiming a Politics of Location as Radical Political Rhetoric recovering Bodies: Rhetoric, Feminisms, and Addiction LGBT Students in the Composition Classroom Narrative Passages and Beliefs About Social Groups: Fiction Versus Nonfiction Speaking Our Truths: Literacy, Sexuality and Social Change Format Advisor Committee

Falc, Emilie

1997 Ohio University


Aden, Roger C.

Faunce, Robert Joseph

2009 CUNY



Kostenbaum, Wayne

Kelly, William F. Kruger, Steven F.

Fox, Catherine

Iowa State 2004 University


Herndl, Carl Price-Herndl, Diane

Friedling, Melissa

The University of 1997 Iowa Indiana University 2005 of Pennsylvania


Biesecker, Barabara

Furrow, Hannah


Bencich, Carole

Garst, Jennifer

Michigan State 1997 University


Goncalves, Zan

2000 UMass Amherst


Herrington, Anne J.

Queer Dissertations as of 6 November Author Year Institution Program Title The Globalization of Digital Technologies and LGBT Identities: The Turkish Collegiate Lesbigay Population's Access to the Internet and the Formation of Lesbigay Identities and Communities in Turkey Beyond the Binaries to Selffashioning: Identity as the Rhetoric of Social Style Rhetorical Secrets: A Genealogy of Gay Male Identity in Twentieth Century America Queering Composition and Identity: Moving Beyond Inclusion in Composition Classrooms and the Field Multicultural Alliances and the Politics of Difference: Writing, Power, and Resistance A Rhetoric of Androgyny: The Composition, Teaching and Ethics of Gender Format Advisor Committee

Gorkemli, Serkan

2005 Purdue University

Rhetoric & Composition


Sullivan, Patricia A.

Greene, Carlnita

2006 UT Austin


Brummett, Barry

Grindstaff, Davin

2000 Penn State


DeLuca, Kevin Michael Browne, Stephen

Gunter, Kimberly

University of Illinois at Urbana2001 Champaign


Prior, Paul

Hall, Kimberly Quinn

1994 SUNY Binghamton


Hewett, Gregory

1989 SUNY Albany


Knoblauch, C. H.

Queer Dissertations as of 6 November Author Year Institution Program Title Out in the open: Gay Identity and the Writing of Cultural Criticism Silent Readers, Silenced Readers: LGBT Student Perceptions of LGBT Representation in Composition Readers Writing, Identity, and Practice: The Role of Sexual Identity in the Composition Classroom Redressing Literacy Narratives in Composition Friendship and Citizenship in the Liberal Imaginary Teaching Trouble. Performativity and Composition Pedagogy: Composing Connections The Cultural Rhetorics of Deviance: True Crimes in Postwar America Seduction Rhetoric, Masculinity, and Homoeroticism in Wilde, Gide, Stoker, and Foster Format Advisor Committee

Horrigan, Patrick E.

Columbia 1994 University


Hudson, John Henry

University of Illinois at Urbana2007 Champaign

Language, Rhetoric, and Composition


Mortensen, Peter

Ilyasova, Ksenia Alex Inayatulla, Shereen

Michigan Technological 2007 University


Grim, Nancy

2010 UW Milwaukee Northwestern 2005 University


Gillam, Alice Gonkar, Dilip Parameshwar

Kaplan, Michael


Kopelson, Karen

2002 Purdue University

Rhetoric & Composition


Sullivan, Patricia A.

Kopp, Bryan

2000 Purdue University

Rhetoric & Composition


Harkin, Patricia

Kuzmanovic, Dejan

2003 Rice University


Lamos, Colleen

Queer Dissertations as of 6 November Author Year Institution Program Title Power and Marginality: The Politics of Writing About Black or Lesbian Identity LGBT Student Negotiations of Academic Literacies: The Building of Disciplinary and Campus Literacy Communities The Discourse System of America of American Lesbians and Gays Lesbian and Gay Reality in the Writing Class This Fierce Geometry: Uses of the JudeoChristian Bible in the AntiAbolitionist and Anti-Gay Rhetoric of the United States Maverick Ethos: The Principles and Practice of Postidentification At Risk in the Writing Classroom: Negotaiting a Lesbian Teacher Identity Format Advisor Committee

Lester, Jody Simone

1997 Yale University


Lewis, Brian Charles

Michigan State 2004 University

Critical Studies in the Teaching of English


Cushman, Ellen

Liang, Anita Carolyn

1998 UC Berkeley


Malinowitz, Harriet

1993 NYU


Mayher, John

Mazza, Michael

University of 2009 Pittsburgh

McKenzie, Charles B., Jr.

The University of 2006 Arizona

Critical and Cultural Studies Rhetoric, Composition, and the Teaching of English


Carr, Jean Ferguson


Enos, Theresa J.

Meaker, Irene

University of 1999 Nebraska


Brooke, Robert

Queer Dissertations as of 6 November Author Year Institution Program Title Negotiating the Closet: Cultural Identity Enactment and Communication Practices of Lesbian Administrators in Higher Eduction Composing Containment: Incorporating the Queer Into Professional and Cultural Rhetorics A Commentary on Aeschines 'Against Timarchus' 1-115 Writing for Transformation: Fiction and Consciousness. A Novella and Contextual Essay/Process Journal Voice-Over: Violent Serene (a novel-essay) "I am Your King": A Theorization of Rhetorical Femaleto-Male Drag Queer Commentaries: Subjectivity, Sexuality, and Writing American Literary Culture from the Depression to the Sexual Revolution Format Advisor Committee

Metzger, Elizabeth June

University of 1998 Denver


Mitchell, Danielle Mulkin, James Edward

The University of 2003 Arizona


McAllister, Ken

1999 CUNY


Nusholtz, Jody

Union Institute and 2004 University


Penn, Sherry Eve Sedgwick, Eve Kosofsky

Parsi, Novid Pake

1997 Duke University


Pauliny, Tara Suzanne

The Ohio State 2002 University


Halasek, Evonne Kay

Peele, Thomas B.

University of South 2002 Florida University of Southern 2005 California


Worsham, Lynn

Penner, James


Braudy, Leo

Queer Dissertations as of 6 November Author Year Institution Program Title Gran Fury and the Politics of AIDS: The Rhetoric of Visual Argument in the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement Focusing on the Family: The Rhetorical Construction of "Family Values" in Contemporary Cultural Politics "A Litany for Survival": Black Queer Literacies Transnational Matters: The Body Narratives of Transsexual Autobiography Corporeality and the Rhetoric of Feminist Body Art Rhetoric(s) of Rupture Risking Resistance: Rhetorical Agency in Queer Theory and Queer Activism Archiving Transgender: Affects, Logic, and the Power of Queer History Format Advisor Committee

Phillips, Julie

2002 Purdue University



Stewart, Charles J.

Platt, Carrie Anne Pritchard, Eric Darnell

University of Southern 2008 California

Communication & Journalism Composition & Rhetoric


Banet-Weiser, Sarah

Goodnight, Thomas G. Gross, Larry Hays, Sharon

2008 UW Madison


Brandt, Deborah L.

Prosser, Jay Damon

1996 CUNY


Miller, Nancy K.

Quinlivan, Raena Rallin, Aneil

2008 Penn State The Ohio State 1999 University

Dissertation Dissertation Lunsford, Andrea A.

Rand, Erin J.

The University of 2006 Iowa


Biesecker, Barbara J.

Rawson, Kelly

Syracuse 2010 University

Composition and Cultural Rhetoric


Himley, Margaret


Queer Dissertations as of 6 November Author Year Institution Program Title Hegemonic Heterosexuality, Moral Regulation and the Rhetoric of Choice: Single Motherhood in teh Canadian West, 1900-Mid 1970's Assuming a Body: Transgenderism and Rhetorics of Materiality Rupture and Repair: Literature, Genre and the AIDS Epidemic The Rhetoric of Future Harm: Representations and Figurations of the Child in Contemporary American Discourses of Catastrophe Teacherly Acts of Transgression: How Feminist Educators are Changing Composition Fictional Democracies: The Formation of Lesbina-Feminist Literary Publics the Rhetoric of the Manifesto Format Advisor Committee

Ritcey, Joanne

University of 2009 Alberta


Salamon, Gayle

2002 UC Berkeley



Butler, Judith

Sedberry, Jonathan

University of South 2008 Carolina


Madden, Norman Edward, Jr.

Sheldon, Rebekah

2010 CUNY


Reid-Phaur, Robert F.

Bianco, Jamie Skye Hintz, Carrie Kruger, Steven

Siebler, Kay

2002 Miami University


Ronald, Kate

Siesing, Gina Sinkey, Anne

1999 UT Austin 2009 Emory University

Dissertation Dissertation

Cvetkovich, Ann Goodstein, Elizabeth

Jordan, Mark D. Willett, Cynthia D.


Queer Dissertations as of 6 November Author Year Institution Program Title (Re) Conceptualizing the Role of Identity in Rhetoric: Queer Theory and Communication Studies Gertrude Stein and the Politics of Grammar Identifying Space for Diversity: A Phenomenological Investigation of Teachers' and Students' Perceptions of the Composition Classroom "Victims of Desire" and Other Fragments Toward a Genealogy of the Sexual Subject: Rethinking the Ethos of Gay Liberation Discourse Within the Rhetoric of Homo/Hetero Sexual Distinction Orderrs of Discourse in the Science-based Controversy Over "reparative Therapy" for Homosexuality Format Advisor Committee

Slagle, Ray Anthony Smedman, Lorna J.

The Ohio State 1998 University


Garrett, Mary

1996 CUNY


Miller, Nancy K.

Smith, Trixie

University of South 2002 Carolina


Thompson, Nancy S.

Spicer, Gregory Allen

University of 1997 Pittsburgh


Stewart, Craig

Carnegie Mellon 2006 University


Johnstone, Barabra


Queer Dissertations as of 6 November Author Year Institution Program Title The Virtual Activism of Intersex Persons: Countering Online the Norms of Medical and Gender Discourse The Defense of Marriage Act: gay and Lesbian Identity and the Rhetoric of Tolerance Silent Soldier: Rhetorical Constructions of Subjectivity in the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Army Recognition of the Transgender Self: An Examination of the Apologia of "The Pregnant Man" Mommy Queerest: The Rhetoric of Ambivalence About "Lesbian Mother" as an Oxymoron, 1970 to 1995 Rhetorical Interactions of Social Movement Organizations in a Movement: A Study of the INtersex Rights Advocacy Movement Format Advisor Committee

Still, Brian

University of South 2005 Dakota


Wolfe, Susan

Taylor, Matthew

University of Southern 2000 California


Hollihan, Thomas

Thacker, Dawn Stephanie

Arizona State 2008 University

Rhetoric, Composition, and Linguistics


Thomas, Erika M.

Wayne State 2011 University



Young, Kelly M. Trapani, William

Garrett, Mary Cherney, James L. Harden, Jacalyn D.

Thompson, Julie Marie

1998 Indiana University


Lucaites, John Louis

Topp, Sarah Suzanne

University of 2010 Kansas

Communication Studies


Parson, Donn W.

Harris, Scott L. Rowland, Robert C. Pennington, Dorothy Muchlenhard, Charlene


Queer Dissertations as of 6 November Author Year Institution Program Title Format Teaching Queer: Possibilities for Writing, Reading, and Knowing Dissertation Intervention: (Re) articulating LGBT Social-Movement Identities Dissertation Figuring Others: Toward a Transnational Feminist Rhetorical Analytic Dissertation Advisor Committee

Waite, Stacey

University of 2011 Pittsburgh Rhetoric, Composition, and the Teaching of English

Werner, Margaret MacGregor

The University of 2011 Arizona

Miller, Thomas P.

Enos, Theresa J. Licona, Adela C.

Wingard, Jennifer Leanne

Syracuse 2008 University

Composition and Cultural Rhetoric