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Dear Comrades,

This has been a long semester with lots of challenges and experiences. From the workers strike, to students strike and the SOMU elections notwithstanding the extension of the semester which I believe was budgetary strenuous to many. I Would like to thank all those who exercised their democratic right to vote and particularly those who believed in me and voted for me. Politics is a mutually exclusive event and is also an inclining journey. The SOMU elections were a stepping stone and a first step to the journey ahead. I can therefore comfortably equate them to an afternoon walk in the pack( you know what I mean). In future, comrades should push for an independent body to oversee the SOMU elections so as to avoid irregularities and to ensure a candidate wins and Maseno wins too for choosing their preferred candidate in a free and fair exercise. I would also like to take this opportunity to apologize to anyone who I might have wronged in dids or words during the campaign period knowingly or unknowingly. It was politics. As we go for the December holiday, I would like to wish all comrades a happy jamuhuriday, chrismasday, Boxing Day and a prosperous new year. And also, a safe journey home. Let us be useful during this festive season and be cautious not to drink and drive and also to abstain from drugs and substance abuse. And lets not forget, AIDS IS REAL. Take control of your life. As we approach the general elections, lets be in the forefront in ensuring peace will never be compromised despite our ideological or political differences. We have a right to believe in certain parties or leaders but lets not allow the antagonism of the same to make us compromise the rights of others. We should always be united as a nation and join hands in enjoying our cultural and ethnic diversity. Finally, I would like to urge all comrades to register as voters. In a reply to an email in request for extension of voter registration period, the IEBC didnt guarantee extension of the period though it didnt rule it out if 75% of the target 18million will not have registered. To be safe, those finishing their exams on 17th and will not make to arrive at home on the same day should register here in Maseno so as not to be locked out of the process. During the elections on 4th march, it is not yet clear whether we shall be given an official break to go and vote. However, I am of the opinion that on reporting in January,we should budget on going to vote in our respective homes so that we can participate in the development of our constituencies through electing good leaders. If you vote here in Maseno ,you shall elect an MP of Emuhaya or Luanda constituencies and you are only here for 4 years or less thus you wont be a beneficially of his term. May God bless you, may God bless Maseno and our beautiful country Kenya. Yours Zachary Githaiga, xpresidential aspirant