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Southside Services

Annual Report 2011

Agency Accomplishments Board of Directors
Officers/Directors Marge Hartfel, Chair Program Manager, 3M Food Safety Department Bryan Marker, Vice Chair President, Professional Pension Services Greg Vedder, Treasurer Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, Minnesota Department of Rehabilitation Services Bill Allexsaht, Secretary Employment Counselor Goodwill Easter Seals Ernest Dial, Board Member, Liaison, Hennepin County
During the period of January 1, 2011 to December 31, 2011, Southside Services served 165 unduplicated adults with disabilities living in Hennepin County (primarily in and around the South Minneapolis area). Key 2011 agency accomplishments included:

Community Connections

This program provided highly individualized advocacy, life skills coaching and navigation services that connected 64 participants to community support systems that enabled them to continue to live independently. A wide variety of services were offered including: housing assistance; connecting to food support programs; assistance in applying for publicly funded programs; shopping, budgeting, financial and application assistance; home visiting and home management skills; access to medical support and follow-up on medical directives; and employment and volunteer readiness and placement. 90% of participants made progress on their goals.

Therapeutic Wellness

This program served 109 individuals and provided 203 small and large group activities during the year. Wellness outings reinforce physical activity, healthy lifestyles and community integration, and transportation is offered for all activities. These activities serve as an important vehicle for reducing social isolation and building friendships and support.

Organizational Capacity Building

During the year, Southside Services made strides in a number of areas including securing a Otto Bremer Foundation capacity building grant, initiating the Charity Review Councils Meet Standards accreditation process, rebranding program names, and launching its website. Key capacity building goals in 2012 include: (1) reconfiguring staff and board responsibilities, (2) substantially increasing the number of non-waivered participants served; (3) maximizing the agencys ability to achieve Hennepin County contracted revenue and outcomes; (4) expanding board membership; (5) developing new partnerships; and (6) completing the Charity Review Councils accreditation process.

Contact Us
2019 East Lake Street, Suite #2 Minneapolis, MN 55407 Phone: 612-721-1696

Southside Services
Annual Report 2011
2011 Financial Position
January 1, 2011 to December 31, 2011
Southside Services ended its fiscal year with a $15,699 surplus in large part due to higher than anticipated State Waivered Services and Contributed revenue. Heading into 2012, Southside Services anticipates a significant reduction in Hennepin County contract funding due to contract changes that allow the organization to bill for non-waivered participants only. Steps have been taken to reduce expenses in anticipation of less revenue in 2012.

ASSETS Cash and cash equivalents Fixed assets less accumulated depreciation Prepaid expenses Security deposit TOTAL ASSETS LIABILITIES Accounts payable Client deposits wellness activities Payroll taxes payable TOTAL LIABILITIES EQUITY Property and equipment fund Restricted fund Unrestricted fund TOTAL EQUITIES TOTAL LIABILITIES & EQUTY 2011 REVENUE Hennepin County contract State Waivered Services Contributions Hennepin County GRH grant TOTAL REVENUE 2011 EXPENSES Program Services Community Connections Therapeutic Wellness Supporting Activities Management/Administration Fundraising TOTAL EXPENSES CHANGE IN NET ASSETS

2011 Contributors
Contracts for Services Hennepin County State Waivered Services/DHS Hennepin County GRH Contributors Otto Bremer Foundation Minneapolis Riverview Lions Club

84,601 650 2,087 900 88,238 0 227 106 333 650 55,720 31,535 87,905 88,238 206,115 42,888 5,150 5,087 259,240

Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Minneapolis Community Education Minnesota Special Olympics St. Paul Adaptive Recreation

123,536 89,090 24,611 6,304 243,541 15,699