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Transnational Retailer (TNR) and Domestic Organised Retailer

You are supposed to play the role of either a TNR or an Indian Organised Retailer. The choice between a TNR already in the market in another form and a fresh player is to be made by the team playing the role. However, you must justify the choice (recent publications at IIM Ahmedabad can be referred to in this regard). The Indian player chosen will have to be one not already having a tie-up with a TNR. The firm represented will have to be a typical firm with a chosen background, examples of which are: an Indian Organised Retailer without a partnership with a TNR, a TNR with an existing operation in another format. Following brief for these roles give some pointers for your role during the war game. You are free to incorporate additional information that, you feel, will add value to your arguments. TNR While playing this role you are expected to come up the most likely course of action for a TNR, with analysis. The profile may be that of a new-comer or of an existing player in the market. The strategies that a TNR is likely to adopt, given the conditions attached to FDI can also be discussed given the importance in the operations of these conditions. Some of the ideas on which your plan will be based are as follows (non-exhaustive) list: a) Projections for market size and market growth of the Indian market can be looked at. The same may be compared to the opportunities available elsewhere. b) Relative ROI in various markets can be considered along with projections. However, given the limited amount of time it is recommended that a large proportion of the discussion should not focus on number-work. c) What approach will the TNR have as regards to investment and why? d) You may like to consider political and social uncertainties while working out your plans and strategies. e) Other criterion such as real estate availability and suitability for compliance with criteria can also be considered.

As a typical/representative TNR you must bring out all the important considerations facing them when deciding on their strategy to enter multi-brand retail. Feel free to choose additional arguments in addition to the ones above which are provided as guidelines. Your role play will be judged as per the quality of your analysis. Domestic Organised Retailer You are to represent a domestic firm which does not already have a relationship with a TNR in another retail format. You must bring out the most likely plan of action for such a player given FDI in retail and the reasons for your belief. Your role play can be based on finding answers to the following leading questions (a non-exhaustive set): a) What are the likely financials of a typical firm? Are they able to take on foreign retailers on their own? Is there likely to be any consolidation amongst themselves? b) Who are the key people running the operations for a typical local player? What is the extent to which they need to depend on a likely TNR partner for becoming competitive? c) What are the factors that you should incorporate while working out your competitive strategies. d) What will be your considerations with respect to the other stakeholders in the retail canvas? e) How will you use the fact that FDI comes with many restrictions to your advantage? You have to consider other factors that are important while formulating your role play, in addition to those mentioned above, which are indicative in nature. At the same time you should bear the time restriction in mind and not be over awed by excessive information available on the subject.