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Strategy Guide for Barathum The Spirit

by boxoris (as of v6.60)

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Table Of Contents
• Introduction
• Hero overview
• Skill Descriptions
• Skill Build
• Item Build
• Items To Avoid
• Gameplay walkthrough
• Best Allies/Enemies
Its My First topic so it wont be perfect...but i will give my best shot!!!i want to apologize for any
grammar mistakes cause english is my second language.This guide is written from TheBadGuy
on Barathrum The Spirit Breaker.

Hero overview
An outcast of the Spirithoof clan, Barathrum retreated in shame to the Ethereal Plane, feeding off
wandering souls to sustain himself, and wandered aimlessly for centuries, alone and miserable.
Found and recruited by the Lich King, Barathrum's uncanny speed and wraithlike powers have
now been unleashed upon the Material Plane, his lantern able to project nether energy into
enemies, sending them backwards with sudden force. With the ability to close the distance
between himself and a target in seconds, Barathrum the Spiritbreaker is more than a match for

Skill Descriptions

Charge of Darkness

Barathrum fixes his sight on an enemy and accelerates towards it. As you increase speed, you
begin to merge with the shadows around you, becoming difficult to see until you stop the Charge
or hit your target. Upon leaving the shadows, Barathrum shocks his opponent into an immobile
state for some time.

Level 1 - Accelerates slowly, 1 sec stun.

Level 2 - Accelerates moderately, 1.5 sec stun.
Level 3 - Accelerates fast, 2.0 sec stun.
Level 4 - Accelerates very fast, 2.5 sec stun.

Cooldown: 40

Level 1: 120 mana, 40 sec cooldown.

Level 2: 120 mana, 40 sec cooldown.
Level 3: 120 mana, 40 sec cooldown.
Level 4: 120 mana, 40 sec cooldown.

Empowering Haste


Causes the Spiritbreaker to swing his weapon faster with higher movement speed, allowing him
to deal extra damage. His presence increases the movement speed of nearby allied units (500

Level 1 - Increases movement speed by 2% and damage by 4% of his movement speed.

Level 2 - Increases movement speed by 4% and damage by 8% of his movement speed.
Level 3 - Increases movement speed by 6% and damage by 12% of his movement speed.
Level 4 - Increases movement speed by 8% and damage by 16% of his movement speed.

Greater Bash


Gives a 17% chance to bash enemies across the ground, doing more initial damage and damage
as they skid.

Level 1 - 25 bonus damage, 140 knockback distance.

Level 2 - 50 bonus damage, 180 knockback distance.
Level 3 - 75 bonus damage. 220 knockback distance.
Level 4 - 100 bonus damage. 260 knockback distance.

Nether Strike
Moves you next to your target doing extra damage. Performs a greater bash hit. Casting range
improves per level.

Level 1 - 100 bonus damage on hit.

Level 2 - 200 bonus damage on hit.
Level 3 - 300 bonus damage on hit.

Cooldown: 75 seconds.

Level 1: 200 mana, 75 sec cooldown.

Level 2: 250 mana, 75 sec cooldown.
Level 3: 300 mana, 75 sec cooldown.

Skill Build

Level 1 - Empowering Haste

Level 2 - Greater Bash
Level 3 - Empowering Haste
Level 4 - Greater Bash
Level 5 - Empowering Haste
Level 6 - Nether Strike
Level 7 - Empowering Haste
Level 8 - Greater Bash
Level 9 - Greater Bash
Level 10 - Charge of Darkness
Level 11 - Nether Strike
Level 12 - Charge of Darkness
Level 13 - Charge of Darkness
Level 14 - Charge of Darkness
Level 15 - Stats
Level 16 - Nether Strike
Level 17-25 - Stats

I learn Empowering Haste from LvL1 cause i can creep block better and i dont need boots of
speed from start so i can carry ring of regen and ring of protection and that items will help me
stay in lane longer.i max Empowering Haste 1st cause its vital when barathrum need to chase
down a hero and turns part of your speed into damage.Greater Bash fits with Empowering Haste
and works great on hero ganking. i leave charge for the end cause its not a so vital skill on
startup.but after the core item build its crusial cause u can chase-kill in ganking fast and a combo
with nether strike no1 will escape alive!!!
Item Build
Starting Items

Core Item Build

Luxury Items Afterwards

Optional Items After The Luxury

Barathum's damage is based on speed because of Empowering Haste, so he need items that boost
his speed.i choose Vladmir's Offering because it gives great bonus (life steal/devotion
aura/damage aura/brilliance aura) and its great for ganking and survability.Sage&Yasha give all
the stats barathrum needs and its the core item(Stats[Survability]/Speed[more damage with
Empowering Haste+Chasing ability]/more damage/15% Greater
Maim[Orb,Passive]).Hyperstone Gives huge attack speed which gives greater chance to
immobilize a hero with greater bash and after it can upgraded to assault cuirass.Boots of travel
gives u more speed which is great cause it adds damage to empowering haste and u have map
control.Hot gives u survability and also u can tank against nuke/dissable heroes easily.Now the
big question,Butterfly or Armlet of mordiggian?both items are very usefull to
barathrum,Butterfly gives damage/agility(Armor+Atk.Speed)/Extra 30% Atk.Speed/30%
Evasion.Now Armlet of mordiggian gives 9dmg/15Atk.Speed/5 armor/3Hp per sec and after
activation gives 40dmg/25% Atk.Speed/5 armor/3Hp per sec/25 Str at the cost of 25hp/sec.

Conclusion:Armlet is cheaper and gives better bonuses, i suggest it more than butterfly.Get
Butterfly only if u face Troll/Mortred Cause gives the bonus evasion and u have a chance to
avoid their attacks(Bash/Critical).

Items To Avoid

Bot Have 20%more Speed Than Phase and 25% Than Treads...

Why not bracer?S&Y is made step by step,and gives the bonus HP u need.So bracer is loss of
gold cause it takes you back from creating your core item S&Y.

This item is not for barathrum definetly.

Sata Over Hot? No chance.Hot gives more str and life regen,also Vladmir's give the life steal u
need and u got Sage&Yasha with 15%Chance to maim orb effect.

These 2 items are not for barathrum,their bonuses are really useless.
Dont even think about it.

Good item but doesnt fit here.absolutely not for barathrum.

Its -armor orb effect dont stuck with Sage&Yasha.

Loss of gold....

Really a crappy item here...I see fools getting basher on bara,useless cause it don't stuck with
Greater Bash.The Difference is that Greater Bash Knockback and Basher Stun...

Oh my comments.

Waste of gold.Sage&Yasha with Vladmir's gives better survability.

Gameplay walkthrough

Early game

I preffer to have a solo lane and lvl up fast doing last hit/deny on creeps with its crusial for you
and ur opponents.If u have solo lane wait the enemy hero to loose life and try to kill him using ur
ulti or call some1 for gang.If ur having a team mate on lane try to push lane as much as u can and
take advantage when enemy hero having low life to kill him.

Mid game

When u are finished with the core item build barathrum should look like this

now u can chase Agi/Int heroes and kill them easily,But beware of ganks u still have low life for
a str hero.Ganking now its ur favourite part of the game,in a gang 5v5 no1 will be able to escape
from you when he try to go back.Also ur team mates get aura from Vladmir's and Empowering
Haste.Try to Gank alot.

Late game

Barathum Should Look like this now

U are able to kill 1v1 almost every hero on the game now.When u detect a hero alone go near use
charge and chase him to death,beware of traps.Gank with your team and end the game fast if its
not over yet.

Best Allies/Worst Enemies


Treant Protector,Naga Siren and Geomancer can Root for some seconds enemies and u have the
chance to kill them easily without any resist.Traxex and Omni Slow enemy so u can chase-kill
every enemy trying to escape.Riki with smoke can help you kill your worst enemy TROLL!!!


Troll...The permanent Bash.Barathrum really need riki's smoke screen to kill that enemy
lategame.Ursa makes huge damage and he have big chance to kill u 1v1.Geomancer,Naga Siren
And Treant Protector Roots you to Ground and u cant escape,in a gank ur easy target against
them.Phantom Assassin makes great critical hits,he's too dangerous.Centaur with Blade mails
will let u die by hitting him...He's a great tank against almost every melee hero.

I Spend alot of hours trying to make this guide and share it with you.I Hope u like it and it helps
you using Barathrum!!!

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