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Denise Chan
Intercessory Missionary Worship Leader/ Director of The Isaac Academy
This months scripture Reading: 1 Samuel

This is CRIs base camp. Its located on a private beach in Lindenhurst

What I do!
Nissis Notes
Intercessory Missionary- Worship Leader- I am currently weaning off of the
sets that I am leading due to it getting harder to sing with baby Chan growing inside me. I am still accompanying on piano on a few sets and plan to do so until our little one arrives.

What an amazing few months it has been! Though I am pregnant and dealing with the ups and downs that come with it, I am not allowing it to hinder what I believe the Lord is calling me to do. Ken and I recently had the opportunity to join with CRI (Crisis Response International) on a deployment in Lindenhurst Long Island. CRI has been here since Hurricane Sandy left her mark. They are in the midst of the community helping to repair not only homes but peoples hearts. There is a lot of devastation here, and the people have been so grateful for all the help that is coming from CRI. I had the opportunity to minister in the HOPE tent, which means house of prayer and encounter. At hope there is food and coffee all day so the people of the community can come and take a break, eat, listen to worship, talk, or get prayer. It was amazing to see the community come in and see them so open to what the Lord is doing in their lives. I love what Sean Malone (the director of CRI) said during one of our meetings, its not about the quantity of what we do here but the quality of what we do and our relationships that we build with the people. After that we had a hope service where we invited the people of the community to breakfast to talk about their stories of hope. Sean then connected that to who is our only hope, Jesus. There were a few salvations that day. I think about the one part of CRIs mission statement; its to rebuild cities on the kingdom of God, and I got to see this first hand, one heart at a time!!! Praise the Lord!

The Isaac Academy The Isaac Academy is going strong. We are so amazed at what the Lord is doing. Read all about it on the reverse side.

Upcoming Events!
Every Friday Starts at 7pm with worship and a teaching CEC for children
If you know of anyone interested in The Isaac Academy please let me know. Contact me either at DeniseC@ihopeg.or g or IsaacAcademy@iho

You can watch me worship on the following days at MY SETS

Mon., Wed. 12-2pm, and Fri. 4-6pm (Fridays until the end of Dec.)

Baby Chan coming February 2013!!!

What I am doing at IHOPEG!

Crisis Response International
Ken and I are planning to take another trip out to Lindenhurst the end of December. We plan to be there from 12/26- 1/1. We feel that this is a crucial time because while we are celebrating our families and making wonderful memories in our homes, the people there dont have that luxury. We want these people to know that they are not forgotten during the holiday season. Please pray for us as we go, especially for the pregnancy since it can be long days. Pray that I would have the endurance to do what the Lord has called me to do during this season. We just thank the Lord that we have the opportunity to do His work!!
Ken and I in front of the HOPE Tent!

The Isaac Academy

I cannot say enough at how amazed I am at what God is doing in little hearts. Every lesson that I have taught the children has been totally Holy Spirit inspired and I am just honored to be a vessel for Him to pour out in these little ones. We have been teaching the children things we do in the Prayer room, and we have explained that it is all to engage our hearts with the Lord, and what He is doing. One of the activities we do is One of the children praying called, talking and listening to God. The children get a prayer prompt underneath the Wailing Wall. He was that helps them dialogue with the Lord and then they either write or praying for the persecuted church in draw a picture about what the Lord has said to them. I am blown away China!! by this activity because every time the Lord meets them. They are having deep encounters with the Lord at an early age and are creating a history with Him. I ask myself what this generation will be like when they get to be adults. What are we cultivating in them now that impact not only their lives but the lives of those around them. Ultimately, we are seeking Worship at our Capital for the generation to impact all spheres of society with In Oct, Ken and I joined with an organization called Davids Tent in righteousness and justice. But it starts at a young age. We are Washington D.C. We had the opportunity to minister before the Lord just following the commandment of the Lord, to teach the during two two-hour sets during that 40 days period. The vision of the tent was that there be 40 days of worship and adoration before the Lord ways of the Lord DILIGENTLY to our children. Thats are plan!!! at our capital leading up to the elections. It was not a time of intercession; it was simply giving God glory in the midst of our capital. The tent was located on the ellipse in front of the white house. It reminded me of the tabernacle of God that was set in the midst of the people, all to glorify Him. It was amazing and I was truly blessed to serve the Lord in this way!!! Urgent Prayer Request: I am currently in need of more partnerships to keep doing what I do. Please pray for those partners to come along side me. Also, if you know of anyone who you think would like to partner with me please send them my information! Thanks guys! J

Leading worship at Davids Tent!

All IHOPEG missionaries raise their own salaries in the form of missions contributions from the people who believe in the power of prayer. If you would like to join my partner team, either by way of monthly gifts or a one-time gift, all contributions are tax deductible. For tax deductible donations make a check payable to IHOPEG. For all other donations make a check payable to Denise Chan and mail to: 16 Kent Street Piscataway NJ 08854 #732-319-0549 - or by Paypal at or please put my name in the subject line.
Blessings and Shalom!!!

Partner With Me!!

Ken and I at Davids Tentthe tent was located on the ellipse in front of the white house.