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"The Sedona Method" Hale Dwoskin; "Minimum, Target, and Outrageous (MTO) Approach" Raymond Aaron; "The Solutions Focus" Mark McKergow; !'Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANT$" Daniel G. Amen, M.D.; "Stomping the ANTs"

Doug Bench; "The Passion Test"

Janet Bray Attwood and Chris Attwood

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8*ttegr**!mg ?hc &axw

cpf &f*r*****a:: Tqble of Confents

Course Two:

ntegroting f he Lqw of Afirqcf ion .....................................


l: Expond

the Self ..........

......................7 ......................8


Clarify Your Life Purpose ....................9 Review Your Life Purpose Daily ....... 11 Move Your Emotions Up the Emotional Scale ......................12 List Actions That Make You Feel Good......... ...... 13 Identifz Your Hidden Feelings ........... 15 Tum Around Your Limitins Beliefs ..................... 16
Guidance from Jack

Canfield.... Guidqnce..........

............... 18

Session 2: Integrote

............21 ....................22


Meditation: The Evening

The Sedona



Method Internal Guidance System Stomp Out Those ANTs

Guidance from Jack

.................. .....................26



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Eftoriless Suecess

- ecurse


- Tcble o! Contents - 3


ftr* Laqru sf &ftrexcficn:

Tqble of Confents

Session 3: Empower


............31 ....................32


The Passion



Life Purpose, Vision, Goals, and Passions............................. 39 Breakthrough Goal..... ......4I The Appreciation Game .....................42 ......................45 The Victory Log........... .........46 The Mirror Exercise .....47 Expressing Gratitude...
Guidance from Jack

Canfield.... Will


Session 4: Access

.....................51 ....................52


Ask: Set Intentions. ..........53 The Hour of Power... ........54 Believe: Raise Your Level of Expectancy.............................. 55

Guidance States

..............56 ..........57
................. 58

Receive: Create Positive Emotional

Actions..... Making Requests...

Prioritize Daily
Guidance from Jack

...........59 ...............60



Efforfless Success - Course Two - Tqble of Conlents

www. [eorningSf rotegies,corn

&FFSKYLg$S ${,3&6S &Ugege&*K


Xx$rneltce $ruwth







clf &t$r***ic*$?:


To lnfegrqte the


Lqw of Attrqction
In this second course for the Effortless Success program, you will be guided along four pathways to help you expand the self,
integrate guidance, empower intention, and access will. By now

you are well aware that you are always attractingthe events and circumstances of your life. You are bringing into your life what
you think about, feel, and act upon.

fully expect the food you order at a restaurant to arrive exactly as you ordered it, you willfind that the Law of Attraction works the same way in your life. During your day you are constantly placing orders, whether you are aware of it or not. If you say, "I get so frustrated with Tom. He never does what I ask him to do," you have just placed an order.
Just as you

If you


"I'm a caring, nufturing person, and I'm now attracting

meaningful, loving relationship," you have just placed an order. In either case, the universe will bring you what you have requested.

Following the four pathways in this course will ensure that you consistently place orders that are in your best interest. You will learn many practical processes that you can apply daily to make sure the Law of Attraction brinss vou what vou reallv want.
To gain the greatest benefit from your Elfortless Success program, be sure to listen to the supporting audio recordings that come with
Course TWo. Listen to the Paraliminal Believing several times

during the first week of study, then once a week thereafter. Listen
to the Effirtless Success Meditations CD as instructed to further guide your progress, and use the Fast Finish recording for a quick

review of evervthins vou learn in Course Two.

www. !"esrnin gStrcf eg i*s. cerR

ffortless Sereeess * Course Tws * S

$n?*6r*?**6 ?h* L*wr a$ &9trqx**i*n;




- tforiless $uccess - eourse Tws

www" Leqrn ingSf roteg ies.eo!n


Integrc*ing ihe Lcqv o{ Attncetion: l: Expond fhe Self


On Exponding the Self

In this session you will learn about three methods to use to:

. . .

Clarify your life purpose

Raise your vibration

Restructure limitins beliefs

These tools

will help you develop skills required to live in

harmony with the Law of Attraction. The clearer you are about

your purpose, and the more your emotions and beliefs are aligned with it, the more likely you will attract whatever you desire.

& * fforfless $uccess - Course Two

www" Leq rni ng$trcteg

lntegrcting tlre



o{ Atircetion: Expond lhe Self

Clqrify Your Life Purpose

Step 1:

CD l, Trock 2, 00:03:20

List two of your personal qualities that others most appreciate about you (e.g., enthusiasm, creativity, joy):

2) Step 2: Describe the way you most enjoy expressing each of the two

qualities listed in Step


(such as singing, building things,

I most enjoy expressing quality Number


I most enjoy expressing quality Number 2 by

Step 3:

Visualize your perfect world. Specifically, envision how people close to you are interacting, and imagine how you feel living

in such

world. Then write a statement in the present tense describing this perfect world of yours-how it looks, feels, sounds,

smells. tastes. etc.:

www. !"eo rn i n g9f reite

g les.


Etfortless $uccess - Course Two


8aa*egro*!mg *&"le



X,ww,r erf A.ttrcetlon: Expond fhe Sell

CD |, Trock 2, 00:03:20

Clqrify Your life Purpose

Step 4:

Draw upon everything you thought, felt, and expressed in the first three steps to state your life purpose:

"My life purpose is

to inspire and empower people to live their highest vision in the context of
love and joy."

My life purpose is

lf I were to draw, paint, or sculpt

it would look like:

an image of my life purpose,

life purpose at this point, that is all right. You have taken an important series of steps. This exercise can be repeated anltime.

If you

are not completely clear about your


- fforless $uccess - Course


www. Leornln g$

!ntegroting fhe Lqw of Aftrqclion: Session l: Expond lhe Self


Review Your life Purpose Dqily

Revisiting your life purpose on a daily basis is very important to keep yourself on purpose. There are several ways you can do this:


l, Trock 2, 00:08:55

"When I created

from my life purposeinspiring and empowering people to live their highest vision in the context of love and joy-I drew this picture of a hand holding
a smiling heart, and on top

f tr

Type your life purpose statement into your computer in a large font size so it fills a sheet of paper.

Print your life purpose statement and post it where you will see it every day-on a refrigerator, bulletin board, mirror,
or workplace wall. Or make it into a screen saver on

your computer.

of that heart was a whole

group of people standing
and reaching upward


Draw an image that symbolizes your life purpose and post

it where you will


it often.

toward their goals."


Create a collage of pictures and words pasted on a piece

of paper, a big piece of art board, or a three-par1, foldable display board. Put it where you'll see it.


Create an artistic expression of your life purpose-such as

sculpture-that you can sing, , perform, or display to remind yourself of your life purpose and express it to others.
a song, dance, tapestry or

www LeorningSf rofegies,corn

Effortless Sueeess - Gourse nser


Xetfegrm*ing ?hc



X-sxw c3$ &*trm**i*xl: Expond fhe Self

CD l, Trock 3, 00:01:29

Move Your Emotions Up the Emotionql Scqle

The Emotional Scale below reflects an increasing level of energy vibration, from the low-energy feelings such as guilt, fear, and

joy, love, and passion in Level 10. When you learn how to successfully let go of the low-energy feelings of one level, you will uncover the feelings of the next higher level. As you practice and become skilled at this, your life experience will be more positive, and everything about your life will seem easier.

depression in Level 1 to the high-energy feelings such

Level 10: joy, appreciation, empowerrnent, freedom,

love. passion

Level Level Level

9: 8: T:

enthusiasm, eagerness, happiness

positive expectation, belief, optimism

hopefulness, contentment

Level Level
Level Level

boredom,pessimism frustration, irritation, impatience, feeling overwhelmed

disappointment, doubt

5: 4: 3: 2: 1:

worry, blame, discouragement

anger, revenge, hatred, jealousy, rage


insecurity, guilt, unworthiness, fear, grief,, depression, despair, powerlessness


- cffortless Suecess - Course Two

www. Leorning$f roteg ies,com

Integrcling the


Lqrw o{

Attrqetion: Expond fhe Self

Lisl Aclions Thqt Mqke You Feel Good

Instead of staying stuck in a negative emotion, you can do something that moves you up the Emotional Scale. In the space below, make a list of actions you can take to make yourself think
and feel better.



Trock 4, 00:01:21












www. Les rn i n gSircteg ies, eorn

Ef{ortless Suecess

- Course l\rvo - tr 3

tt i r:L }i.f: *'].: i..' i'i. $essiom !: &xpcrrd fhs Se!$


ill'; :'t i i r'r.{'il *



CD l, Trock 4, 00:01:21









Xgfsrff*ss Suc*s*s * *trrirsc ?w*

www" tecrning$?rct*gies,c6rn

lnt*grctimg the !.sw



I: Expond the Self


ldentify Your Hidden Feelings

In the space below, write your answers to the following questions.

CD I, Trqck 4, 00:09:43 "Your answers can give you wonderful insight into the
emotional pattems that may
be blocking your success and give you clear guidance on how to create positive

1) What feelings are you aware of that you have recently hidden or suppressed from others?

new directions."

2) From whom specifically

do you hide these feelings?

3) What do you fear would happen if you shared your feelings with them?

4) What does hiding feelings

cost you?

5) What would you rather have?

6) How could you get it?

wwr,v. [eo rn



es, co rn

Efforfless $uceess - Course Tws

- T5

ifl??eqr#flrrg *$h_ Session l: *h* fu*w-'*6 &**r*x*?i*n: ,,I. Expond lhe Self

Exercise TUfn AfOUnd YOUf cD r,Trock5,00:00:00 I timiting Beligfs

"This exercise teaches an imporlant skill that helps you purposefully and
deliberately take a belief that may be resonating
at a low energy level

This exercise has two pafts. First, use the space below to list your limiting beliefs.
Then retum to the recording. When prompted, return to this
exercise and describe the way each belief limits you and how you


would rather restructure it.

turn it around to raise its vibrational level to attract

what you truly want to experience in life."

Limiting belief #1:

How this belief limits me:

I would rather be:

Limiting belief #2:

How this belief limits me:

I would rather be:

6 * gffortfess

Success * Oourse Two

www. Lesrn ing$trotegies.corn

****gr*9*ng ?*r* Lsq*r *>ti &??rs*?dq*nr #X ..?FT Session l: Expond lhe Setf

Limiting belief #3:

How this belief limits me:

CD l, Trock 5, 00:00:00

I would rather be:

www ["eqrnin gStrof egies"eonn

Sffortless 6uceess

- Course


* ?7

*xfegrmting fh* Lx*v *f &9?r**ff**: Session I: Expond the Self

Guidqnce frorr! Jqck Cqnfield

have many forms through

r On ExpondinE lhe Self

Life purpose cqn foke mqny forms
Once you are clear about your life purpose, you

which I express my life purpose: I write, I speak,

will discover many

different ways to express it.

I create audio programs, I lead trainings, I coach, I consult, I'm on a board of advisors in a number of
different orsanizations."

Focus on your life purpose

You are born with a life purpose. It is the very reason for your existence-what you were put on earlh to do. Clearly understanding, honoring, and acting in alignment with your own unique life purpose is perhaps the most signiflcant undertaking of

your life. It is the means to living a totally engaged, positive, and fulfllling life.

Listen fo your feelings

The conscious mind can prevent us from accessing an emotion when the emotion is connected to a painful experience from our past and we feel threatened by it. Remember, everything you have ever experienced was actually perfect. There was a reason for it, and you leamed something from it.


ighlen up-liferol ly

A great way to begin changing your feelings is to shift your posture, change your breathing, and change the way you hold your head up and physically look at the world. Identify the physical postures that help you feel good, and engage in them more often. Do exercises such as yoga that help you stretch your body and

All of these help you move toward a higher vibrational


& * nftorfless Suceess - Course ?wo

www" !-Es rn ing$?rof eg ies.corn





L*ws *9,&9$r**?*cly3:

Expond fhe Setf

Limiting belief #3:

CD 1, Trqck 5, 00:00:00

How this belief limits me:

I would rather be:

www" Lesrn


g6trof egies"eom

Stferfless Sueeess * Course &vel

* ?7

Nntegroting tlre $"sw ef &f*rs*?!sn: Session I: Expond fhe Self

Session 2= lntegrqte


When it comes to the Law ofAttraction, there are no solos. You do not
have to go it alone. You are always supported. Extraordinary guidance is always available from a source that transcends ordinarv thinkins.

You can integrate several forms of guidance. Meditation and

visualization will help you to create and to review each day of your life. Tuning in to your internal guidance system-messages from your body-will automatically guide you to wiser choices. These tools can fit into your life easily and naturally. Use them any time,
any place.

Exercises in the next session lead you to clarity about your life


purpose-and the very next steps to take for its unfolding. Over time, you can use your intuition, turning it into a precise and practical method. Use it to live each day in a rnore effective,
conscious, and loving way.

www. Leo rn lngSiroieg ie$,eom

Ef{ortless Suecess

- Course


- I9

i*f*gr**i*g th*

I: Expond the Self


*f &??rx*il**:


X& - g*fortless Sueeess - &ourse


www" Lesrn ingStrcteg ies"6srn

KFp&ffi?g"ss$ $&Je$s &q.,xxlxes*K



Integrote Guidonce


fix|}eri*nec $rllwttr

Taks &cti*n

lntegrcfing fhe !.erw of Attrsefion: Session 2: Integrofe Guidqnce


Exercises ....................22

Meditation: The Evening The Sedona Method Intemal Guidance



............25 ....,................26

System...... Stomp Out Those ANTs Guidance.............. Intention

Guidance from Jack Canfield On Integrating ......28

Session 3: Empower


"Every time I ask for

guidance about how to
create my day in the state

of meditation, I get very specifi c instructions that

maybe my normal awake

thinking wouldn't ever think to do."

www LeErnin gStrctegies.corn

Effortless Suecess - Course Two *


Lxx .*f &??rcx*fi**r Session 21 Integrcte Guldcnce




On Integrqting Guidonce
The primary tools of integrating guidance are:

. . .


Internal guidance system

These tools give you an amazing set of benefits, including

connecting you to the source of your guidance within and ownership of self-authority-considering and choosing actions
based on guidance and your highest desire or passion.

You have already learned meditation and visualization techniques in previous sessions, including the Creating Your Day meditation
and the Vision Board for supporting your visualizations. You can review these exercises in the Guidebook for Course One, Session
3. You also learned The Sedona Method for releasing emotions in

that session, and that process will be reviewed in this session. You will also learn a new process for ending your day-the Evening Review, which is a perfect expansion of the Daily Review that you learned earlier. Also in this current session, you will be introduced to new techniques for releasing Automatic Negative Thoughts (known as ANTs) and using your intemal guidance system to help

you make decisions.

These tools can

fit into your lifestyle very naturally. They can be

used quickly and easily anytime and anywhere.

32 -

gmortless Sueeess * Course Ywo

www. Leo rni ng$troteg

m9*grexfi*g f*'** *-q:iilid *f &9tres*?$*s?: Session 2: lnfegrole Guidqnce

The Evening Review
The Daily Review was described in Session 4, Course One. The Evening Review is an expanded meditation process to use at the
end of the day. During the Evening Review, you seek guidance about how to be more effective based on what you have learned

CD 2, Trock

I, 00:04:50

"Most of us go through a whole day and never

harvest the wisdom from our experiences, but it's

from your experiences that day. Begin by relaxing, breathing deeply, and closing your eyes. Then take the steps below.

important to go inside and

use this Evening Review to

help you do that."

or more intentional) todav?




Select up to three situations from your day, and visualize how each one

will olav out next time it occurs.

Situation #1 as it occurred todav:

As it will play out next time:

Situation #2 as it occurred today:

As it will play out next time:

Situation #3 as it occuned todav:

As it will play out next time:

[esrnin g$trc*egles.eoffl

ftfsrtless Suceess * Gourse Ywo - 23

$ntegnmt&ng the Lwc&{ *f &*?rrye*!*n: Session 2: Infegrote Guidqnce

CD 2, Trock 3,00:05:43 The Sedona Method, developed by Hale

The Sedonq Method

When you are not feeling good about an emotion you are experiencing, you can use the following method to release it: Step

1: 2: 3: 4: 5:

Close your eyes, go inside, and ask yourself what you are feeling.

Dwoskin, was introduced in

Course One. It's offered in
Course Two to give you an


Allow yourself to feel the feeling that you

have identified.

opportunity to expand and

deepen the skills you need


to focus more specifically

on raising your vibration

After experiencing the feeling deeply for a time, ask yourself, "Could I let this feeling go?" (The answer is almost always, 'oYes, I could.")
Then ask yourself, "Would I let this feeling go?" Give yourself some time to determine that you are truly

by climbing the Emotional

Guidance Scale.


willing to let the feeling go.


Finally, ask yourself, "When?"

Repeat the process as many times as necessary to feel completely

emptied of the feeling.


- cffor*less Suecess -

Counse Two

www. Les rni ng$iroteg les "eorn


t}te }-*xya a3{ &?tr*cf$*ar: Session 2: InfeErote Guidonce

Internql Guldqnce System

As you listen to the audio recording, Jack guides you through a series of calibrations with your internal guidance system.
Repeating the two sentences below and writing the feelings that
arise is one of the ways to develop this calibration. Use this exercise to help you tune in to how your body gives you guidance. Once you recognize your body's signals in this practice exercise,

CD 2, Trock 4,00:00:00

you can use this system for guidance in real situations whenever you face a choice.

1) To experience your body's response to a negative proposition, repeat this sentence: I do not have an internal guidance system,

I am adrift in a random universe with no support

or direction.

I felt


positive response, say: I have a totally reliable, always accurate intemal guidance system, which is always available

to me and supports me in knowing exactly what is for my highest good.

I felt

2) Now that you have experienced both the positive and negative
responses of your internal guidance system, try

it out on a real

situation in your life (Should I accept a new job offer? Should I

buy a new house?).

The situation is

I felt

www" Lecrn



tfortless $uccess

- eourse


- 25




*$ &tfrexc:*iqlm:

Session 2: Infegrote Guidqnce

CD 2, Trqck 4,00:10:32

Stomp Out Those ANTs

To rid yourself of yourANTs (Automatic Negative Thoughts),

"When I do seminars, we'1l

use kinesiology and have

you can "stomp" them out by using the technique developed by neuroscientist Doug Bench described below.
For three days-including two workdays-record every negative thought that pops into your head, and then describe in writing the

people put their arm out to

their side and have them


a negative thought,

and they can't hold it up

when I push down. And

then they think a positive

way it makes you feel. To release these negative thoughts, use The Sedona Method taught earlier. You can record 15 ANTs here, or use a journal to capture as many ANTs as you can discover.

thought, and their arm stays

up stronger. We see that

the thoughts literally affect

ANT #1:
The emotion it creates

your physiology."

ANT #2:
The emotion it creates is

ANT #3:
The emotion it creates rs

ANT #4:
The emotion it creates is

ANT #5:
The emotion it creates is

ANT #6:
The emotion it creates is

26 -

gnorness Suceess - eourse ?wo

www. LecrningSf rotegies.corn

lntegrofing the [smE of Attrscfion: Session 2: lntegrofe Guidqnce

Stomp Out Those ANTs

ANT #7:
The emotion it creates is

CD 2, Trqck 4, 00:I0:32

ANT #8:
The emotion it creates is

ANT #9:
The emotion it creates is

ANT #10:
The emotion it creates is

ANT #11:
The emotion it creates is

ANT #12:
The emotion it creates is

ANT #13:
The emotion it creates is

ANT #14:
The emotion it creates

ANT #15:
The emotion it creates

www Leorning$f rafeg ies.corr

E{forfless $ueeess

- Course fwo - 27

*rxt*grex$*ng ?*r* 8"mw wf ,&?frmcgi*;:;

Session 2: Inlegrote Guidqnce

Guidqnce from Jqck Confield

, , r I

On Inlegrqfing Guidqnce
Medifqfe regulorly
Meditation is a perfect opporlunity to ask for and receive inspiration and guidance. You can ask specifically for solutions to direct questions you may have about issues or challenges. or, more generally, you can seek clarity about your life purpose and vision.

Visuqlize your desired oufcomes

When you visualize,you enter a state of imagination with deliberate intention. The process motivates you to take inspired actions necessary to achieve your goals. It moves you toward the vision that is in alignment with your life pu{pose.

leqve the doy behind

Live your life in day-tight compartments. When you are able to leave the day completely behind, you will be better prepared for the next. This opens space to allow more opportunity for
something far more creative to emerge the following day.

2& - emortless Suceess * Course Tws

www. Lecrnin g$trctegies"c6m

In{egrotlng tfle Lsw of Atfrsefie}n: Session 2: Integrofe Guidonce

Session 3: Empower Intention

Cerlain intentions can create an unstoppable momentum for positive change. Jack and Paul refer to these as breakthrough goals. Besides inspiring you, these goals can attract new opportunities for


In fact, a single goal in any one of these dimensions of your life can affect all the
other dimensions. The next session presents several ways to generate powerful intentions. One is to look for goals that meet The Passion Test by

success, health, relationships, and personal growth.

Chris and Janet Attwood. You can also list "markers"-things that would be present in your life if you were truly taking actions that align with your pu{pose and passions. Equally important is expressing gratitude for what is already present in your life. In the next session you will do exercises that guide you to appreciating yourself, building self-confidence, and

living fully in the present.

www" Leorning$tra*eg ies "eom

lforfless Success - Gourse 1\ro

- 29

l*?*grcx?l*# ?h* lxrv *9 &f*rx*ii**: $ession 2: lntegrote Guidqnee


3& * nf*orrcess


- &ourse ?wo

www, Leqrnin g$?rcteg ies"esm?

K p sff$$&Y$"ffi


$ei s s$




Empower Intent;on






!ntegrctimg the &cxv* of Attrsctian: Session 3: Empower Intenfion


Exercises The Passion ....................32



Life Purpose, Vision, Goals, and Passions............................. 3 9 Breakthrough Goal..... ......4I

Game The Victory Log........... The Mirror Exercise Expressing Gratitude...

Guidance from Jack Canfield On Empowering

.....................42 ......................45

.........46 .....47

Intention............ WiIl..........


Session 4:Access


"As you begin to more fully embody your life purpose, you're going to find that
you have more passion

flowing through you, because your actions and your goals and everything you're doing are aligned with this higher purpose."

www, !.ecrrn ingStrotegies"e6m

Effortless Suceess - Csurse Two

- 31

!r:**pn*?**g th* {-x*v *f &t$rsx****sr: Session 3: Empower Intenfion


On Empowering Infentions
The pathway of empowering intentions runs between forming

intention and taking action. To empower your intentions, you will

use five primary tools:

. . . . .

Identifying your passion

Setting your breakthrough goal Feeling appreciation

Building your self-confidence

Expressing your gratitude

Once you form intentions for your life, you

and vision. The tools


use the five primary

tools to empower your intentions to help you achieve your goals

will prepare you to effortlessly complete the obvious action steps you need to take as well as additional action
steps that come to you through inspiration and meditation.

The benefits of empowering your intentions include a higher

integration of your goals, so that your goals fit into a bigger picture of your life with your family, community, and the world. Other
benefits are an increased openness to what emerges and a greater trust that the world is on your side-feeling the support and the

love of the universe.

32 * e*tortless $uccess -

Course ?wo

wvrw. LEorn ing$lroteg ies.csm

Xmfegroting the {.sw sf &ttrsef{&m: Session 3: Empower Infention

The Pqssion Tesf

Use Chris and JanetAttwood's Passion Test to create a list of ten things that would make your life and work ideal-things you are most passionate about experiencing. If you were doing these ten things, you would be feeling fulfilled and complete.

CD 3, Trock

I, 00:05:50

"Getting in touch with our passion often comes from


very deep, quiet space




6) 7)




wwvu. Leq rn

gStroNe g les " eo m

Effortless $ueeess - Csurse nrvo *


3n?egrw*img fhe Lmw of &ttrse**sm:

Session 3: Empower Inlenlion

CD 3, Trock I, 00:05:50

The Pqssion Test

Now rank your top five passions and enter them on the designated lines. Passion #1 is at the top of the list and Passion #5 is at the
bottom. After you have recorded the five passions, rate them from

to 10, indicating the degree to which they are present in your life. Circling "0" indicates the passion is not present in your life at all. Circling 'o10" means it is fully present.

My #1 passion is

My #2 passion is

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 I 9


My #3 passion

| 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9



My #4 passion is

I 2 3 4 5 6 1 8 9


My #5 passion is

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9



1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9


34 * rr*ortless $uecess - Course Tvvo

wriwy. Leo rn

gSf rc*e g i es. co n:

!nfegrmfing ?Ere Lcxw sf &ttr,ryeffism: Session 3: Empower lnfenfion

The Pqssion Tesf

Next, describe three to five markers for each passion-things that would be occurring if this passion were fully present in your life.

CD 3, Trock

|, 00:05:50

My #1 passion is
Markers for this passlon:

2) 3) 4) s)

My #2 passion is
Markers for this passion:



www, Les rn lng$ircteg les,com

Eftorfless Suecess

- Course fwo - 35

Sntegrctimg the Lsw of &ftrsct*osr: Session 3: Empower Inlenfion

CD 3, Trock

The Pqssion Tesl

My #3 passion is
Markers for this passion:

I, 00:05:50

2) 3) 4) s)

My #4 passion is
Markers for this passron:


4) s)

My #5 passion is
Markers for this passion:



36 - rffortless $uccess - Course Two


Lesrn lngStrcteg

Xntegncti*ng *he &qxw p$,&,ttrseticn:

Session 3: Empower Infention


The Pqssion Tesf

Finally, write a paragraph for each of the top five passions,
describing in detail what would be occurring if that passion were

CD 3, Trock

|, 00:06:50

fully present in your life.

My #1 passion


When it is fully present, my life looks like this:

My #2 passion is
When it is fully present, my life looks like this:

wwvr. Le<rrningStrcrteEies,com

Effortless Suceess' Gourse nvo *


!nfegrcf[mg fhe Laxw sf Attrsetlsn: Session 3: Empower Inlenfion

CD 3, Trock

The Pqssion Test

My #3 passion is
When it is fullv present. mv life looks like this:

I, 00:06:50

My #4 passion is
When it is fully present, my life looks like this:

My #5 passion is
When it is fullv oresent. mv life looks like this:

3& * fmormess Suceess * &ourse


www. Leo rnlngStroteg

tr:tegrm?ing t?r* $"*xsry *f &?*rwettp:*; Session 3: Empower Intention


Life Purpose, Visionn Gools, qnd Pqssions

Review your life pu{pose, your vision, and your goals in the dimensions of success, health, relationships, and personal growth,
and check their alignment with your passions. Is your purpose and

CD 3, Trqck | , 00: | 5:1 5

"My life purpose is to

inspire and empower others to live their highest vision in the context of love and

vision consistent with your passions? Will achieving your goals put you in closer touch with your top passions? Rewrite them in the following spaces if you need to do some revisions.



have not yet recorded your life purpose, vision, and goals,

take time to do so here.

My life purpose stqfemenf:

My vision of how lhe world qround me will look os I unfold my purpose:

wwrv" [eorningStrofegles.eoK'r

Etfortless guceess - Gourse nruo *


lntegrct!mg the &sw of Attreetlocn: Session 3: Empower Inlenfion

CD 3, Trock | , 00:l5:l5

Gools, qnd Pqssions

Success Goql:

life Purpose, Vision,

Heqllh Goql:

Relqlionship Goql:

Personol Growth Goql:

40 - grto*less

Success - Course Two

www, Les rning$trnteg ies.eom

&ntegrmf$ng *he !"aqnr *f &**rscti*rx:

Session 3: Empower Infention

Breqkthrough Goql
Create a breakthrough goal for yourself, a single goal that

CD 3, Trock 2,OO=O3:22

quantum-leap you to the next level. It's a great way to generate

limitless opporlunities in your life. Your breakthrough goal could be in the area of success, business, and money, or it could be in the area of health, relationships, or personal growth. Choose your breakthrough goal, and write it below. Then take a moment to visualize akeady having achieved it, noting how your life has
changed, what you are doing, and what you are seeing and hearing.

"What we want to imagine at this point is how to best

use the Law


to inspire and atfiact

opportunities that generate something much more embracing, much more

formative-re ally

Breakthrough goal:

bringing and generating

an unstoppable passion

you to do something that

chanses vour


What I will experience after I achieve my breakthrough goal:

www LesrningStrcf egies,c6m

Effortless Suecess * Course ?wo -


of Atfrseticm: Session 3: Empower Infenlion

8at*egr**ix'ag ?he Lmw

CD 3, Trqck 3,00:04:35

The Appreciqtion Gqme

The Appreciation Game can help you empower your intention, so

that you can effectively take the actions that abreakthrough goal
and your other goals are going to require. Follow these four steps

to play the game: Step Step

1: Identif,z ten things you appreciate about yourself.


Go deeper and explain why you appreciate those things about yourself.

Step Step

3: Recall one recent challenge that you experienced. 4: Identify what you appreciated about
to develop?
the challenge.

What did it teach you? What skills did it help you

Use the worksheets on the following two pages to play the game.

,43 - gfforfless Success - Sourse


wwvrr" LEsrn

ingStrof egies,eom

lntegrcting t|"le &ow of AfNrsetion: Session 3: Empower Intenlion

The Appreciqtion Gqme

On this worksheet, do Steps

CD 3, Trqck 3,00:04:36

I and2 by listing

ten things you

appreciate about yourself and why.

1) I appreciate


I appreciate

3) I appreciate

4) I appreciate


I appreciate


I appreciate

7) I appreciate


I appreciate

e) I appreciate


I appreciate

www. LeorningStroteg

Ef{ortless Suecess

- Course


- 43

Infegroting fhe Lswr 3fu Session 3: Empower of &ffrsction: t\SX Infention


CD 3, Trock 3,00:04:35

The Appreciqlion Gqme



A challenge I recently faced:



What the challenge helped me learn:

44 - g*ortless

Suceess - Course Tlso

www. !-ecrnin gStrategies.c6m



The Victory Log

The Victory Log is a simple technique for building self-esteem and

CD 3, Trock 4,00:00:55

thereby empowering your intentions.

tr tr



at the end of the work

day-record all the

successes of the day in your 1og.

Whenever you are not feeling confident, go back and read

your victory log.

www. !"esrnin g$?ro*eg les.c0m

Ef{orfless $uceess * &ourse fwo

- 45


*}t* Lmw sf &ttvsction:

Session 3: Empower Intenfion

CD 3, Trqck 4, 00:02:35

The Mirror Exercise

Mirror Exercise every night before bed. Repeat it for at least forty consecutive days.
Use the

"Now don't be surprised if when you do this the first few times you have some
reactions. It's very normal. They might include feeling



Stand in front of the mirror and appreciate yourself

silly, feeling embarrassed, feeling like crying. And,

people actually do cry sometimes. I actually
had one person say that

for all the things you have done that day. This builds up your self-esteem. It also brings your attention to an important principle of the Law ofAttraction: Focus on
what works, and don't focus on what does not. Step

2: 3:

"I want to appreciate you for doing this, doing that, doing this, doing that...."
Say to yourself,


the mirror talked back. I said, 'What did it say?'


about time you said

somethins nice to me."'

At the end, look right into your eyes and say, "I love you." Then pause,take a deep breath, and let that in. For many people that's very challenging to do. But we know that to the level that you can say I love you to yourself and let that in, you are going to actually open up your
ability to let in more love from other people, because
you cannot let in more love from others than you are able to receive from yourself.

,*& - c*rortre*s $uecess * Ceurse



Leo rn


gStno{e g ies. corn

&m*egrotielg *he


*f Attraati*n:

Session 3: Empower Infention


Expressing Grqlitude
The exercise on expressing gratitude, repeated every day, is

CD 3, Trock 4,00:09:08

It consists of the following questions. Fill in the blanks here to give yourself practice. Do this exercise for the next forty days.
an effective method for empowering intentions.


had a consulting

with a big executive in a large company in the Twin

Cities, and he had a sign on his wall: 'There is nothing
that you cannot do that you cannot achieve if you don't

What are you grateful for?

mind who gets the credit."'

Why are you grateful for it?

How can you express your gratitude?

What specific action can you take to express your gratitude?

When will you do that?

www. l"eornin gStrcfeg

Efforfless Success - Course fwo -


f$r* Lmw *f &gfr**f***"e: Session 3: Empower Intenlion


Guidqnce from Jqck Confield

: On Empowering Intention
Stoy open fo inspired qctions
When you empower your intentions and align your goals with your higher pufpose, the universe works to supporl you. Trust your relationship with the world around you. Remain flexible and responsive to the emerging guidance and directions from your higher self.

Apply lhe Rule of Five lo your breokfhrough goql

When you identify a breakthrough goal that is life altering, even transformative, do not let anything keep you from achieving it.

Apply the Rule of Five. Take five specific action steps every single day that will help you attract new opportunities and experiences to your life. Your unstoppable passion will allow you to make
quantum leaps in any area of life you choose.

4'& * gtgor*less $uccess * Coetrse


rlww. &ec rn ! n gSf rcte

g i es



Integrexting fhe Lsw pf Affrsc*}em: Session 3: Empower Infenfion

the gap.


Access Will


Many people stumble into a gap between forming intention anc actually experiencing personal growth. Accessing your will bridges

The next session presents many options for accessing will. You

will do exercises that recap

the tools you have learned so far, from

creating your day in the morning to celebrating your successes

at the day's end. These activities about the "hour of


take you through the whole

cycle of Asking, Believing, and Receiving. You will also learn

powe1"-a cornerstone of Jack's own daily

practice-and ways to set priorities for taking action.

One master key to activating the Law ofAttraction is feeling the

difference between


and willpower. Discover a source of inner

guidance that allows you to effortlessly take action that aligns with

your life purpose and vision. When you activate this deeper level of the Law of Attraction, the results will surprise and delight you.

www lesrning$

Effortless Success

- Course ?wo - '49

s|4,_ !ntegr*?ing the Lsw of Atfrccflcn:


Session 3: Empower Intenfion


S8 - xffsrtless $uccess - tEurse Tws

www. l-es r n i n g$trcte

g ies " ee


g g:Fffi


st e$s

&{,"$, ms


INTEGRATING THE IA\fif OF ATTRACTIOhI $ession 4: Access Will


,,'''i '''if

6n ':rjry


g $


' hf, firowth:ry g

Int*gncting ?fre Lsw

CIf &ftrsafiepn: Session 4: Access Will

Exercises ....................52

Ask: Set Intentions ...........53 The Hour of Power... ........54 Believe: Raise Your Level of Expectancy.............................. 55

Guidance States

..............56 ..........57 ................. 58 ...........59

Receive: Create Positive Emotional

DailyActions..... Making Requests...

Guidance from Jack Canfield
On Accessing


...... 60

Course Three: Applying the Law of Attraction................ ...... 63

"I really do live in that

place of... the best is still yet to come."

wvrrw Lea rn ing$trotegies,eonn

Effortless Suecess

- Course


- 51

&mfegrw?*m6 tk*x




Session 4: Access Will

"The last six letters
in the word attraction
are a-c-t-i-o-n."

On Accessing Will
In this section of the course you are going to travel the pathway of accessing will, which takes you from forming intention to
experiencing growth. You will walk through the Daily Disciplines

you leamed so far-from creating the day in the moming to reviewing your successes at day's end. You will also learn how to make use of the three-step model: flrst, asking and releasing, then believing. and receiving.
The primary tools you will use to access your

will include:

. . . .

Practicing the Daily Disciplines Taking action: prioritizing and timing

Asking for what you need and want Discerning the difference between will and willpower

Once you plan for the actions you intend to take, these tools help

you access and activate the power of your will so that you will be effortlessly taking action that is in alignment with your life purpose
and your vision.

When you take action from this deeper place, you find that your interactions with others will feel more connected and more effortless. You will also see that many of the things you want to create are going to come much faster than you ever imagined possible. Some things will occur that will even surprise and delight you, and you are going to have some amazing outcomes that even you would not expect.

52 - gf*ortless Suceess - Gourse


www. l"esrn ingStroteg ies.comr


*h* &mw of ,&ttrw*f*ors: Session 4: Access Will

Ask: Set Intentions

The "Ask" component of the Ask, Believe, Receive model helps

CD 4, Trock

|, 00:06:44

to clarify exactly what you want and to effectively place your

order with the universe. Every morning make use of the tools that

you have been acquiring to set your intentions and to release any
emotions that could block vou from receivins what vou want.
These tools include:

. . .


set your intentions for the day.

Visualizingthe day you would like to experience ("Creating Your Day"), using the meditation recording in this course to make it easy.
Releasing any negative thoughts or feelings that might get

in the way of achieving your intentions.

www Leorni ngStrofeg ies.eom

Efforlless Success - Gourse fwo -


Smfegrwffrmg *he &cxw, CIf &f*rsstlsr"x: Session 4: Aecess Will

CD 4, Trock

The Hour of Power

Jack recommends that you spend an hour each moming in the

I, 00:09:10

"A colleague in lndia

carried this massive book

following three areas:

with him, although he had really low vision. He would

carry that book wherever he was, and he'd find a minute
here and a minute there

. . .

Twenty minutes meditating Twenty minutes exercising Twenty minutes reading

during the day and he'd

move that book in front

If you think you cannot do an hour, do something. If a full hour seems like too much time for you, consider thirly minutes, with
ten minutes devoted to each discipline, or 15 minutes broken into


him, and he'd finish these

massive books."

five-minute segments. You might even scatter the three disciplines

throughout the day. For example, when you are standing and

waiting in line, you can do some exercises right there on the spot. When you watch TV, do some exercises during the program-or during the commercials. Something is always better than nothing.

54 -

gffortfess $uecess * Coulrse


ww!v, les rn i n gSf rcte g I es corn


Sntegnc?ing the &exw of Attrsefisn: Session 4: Access Will

Believe: Roise Your Level of Expectqncy

Believe-the second component of the Ask, Believe, Receive model-is to raise your level of positive expectancy so your actions and experienes will give you the result
The purpose of

CD 4, Trock

l, 00:l2:55

"If I don't


something is possible, then

you want. Use the following strategy to accomplish this:

tr tr tr

Visualize your long-term goals.

Feel the feelings you would experience reached your goals.

I won't take action, because I don't think it's going to work. So literally, when I take action and when you
take action. what's going

if you had already

to happen is that it deepens your sense of belief.

Someone once said, 'Faith

Notice when you are not in a positive emotional state, and

identify any thoughts that create this state. (You can do this throushout the dav.)

tr tr

Substitute positive thoughts for negative ones.

Use The Sedona Method as many times as necessary to release any feelings associated with negative thoughts. Take both obvious and insoired actions.

without action is despair.' And so faith, true belief, true positive expectancy, is
backed up with action."

www. l"esrnin

Etfortless Success - Course lwo

- 55

Snfegnmtialg flre Lsw o{,&**rse?isn:

Session 4: Access Will

CD 4, Tlock 2, 00:02:54

Dreqm Guidqnce
Do this exercise to get a jump-start on the process of Creating Your Day:


Set your intentions for the next day before you go

to sleep so you can receive guidance during your

dream time.


2: Before lying down, drink half of a full glass of water and say, "I will remember my dreams."

Step Step

3: Set the half-filled

glass next to your bed. and

4: Drink the remainder of the water in the morning say, "I am remembering my dreams." 5: Write down the dreams


and guidance immediately to

ensure that vou don't forset them.

56 - rffortless

Success - Ceiurse Two

www. Leorn! n g$f re$eg ies "com

lntegroting the Lsw o{ Attrsc|ion:

Session 4: Access Will

Receive: Creqle Positive Emolionql Stqtes

Your prerequisite for realizing the third component ofAsk,


Trqck 2,00:08:06

Believe, Receive is to create a vibrational or emotional match to what you want to attract into your life. To do this, practice creating positive emotional states every day.
Some of the tools vou can use are:

tr tr

Express gratitude for all that occurs each day, and be

grateful for whatever shows up.

Express appreciation to people for the things that they are

contributing or have contributed to your life, and appreciate the good that you have experienced and the successes that you are having.



Celebrate all the victories and successes that you and the others around you are having, and take time to acknowledge your victories by doing things like the Mirror Exercise and the Victory Log.

www. Lesrnin gStrotegies"corn

Effo*less Suceess * Course nr'ro -


&Nttegra?i*"*g the Lsw *l* &tfrcefism: Session 4: Access Will

CD 4, Trock 3,00:05:43

Priorifize Dqily Actions

Once you have a plan for the day, it's time to act. But first decide

"Michelle James, who is

a coach and a teacher

which action comes first, which comes second, and so on.


improvisational theater,
doesn't use to-do lists. What she creates is

ta-da list. Every time an

item gets checked offon her list, she says, 'ta-da,'

because what we really

tr tr tr tr

The five actions for your breakthrough goal come first.

Next come the actions related to your other goals.

Rank all the actions in order of importance. Complete the most important action before beginning the
second in importance, and complete the second before starting on the third, and so on.

love to do is celebrate the accomplishment."

58 -

effortless $uocess - Oourse


www, LesrRingSlrotegies"corn

!ntegroflng fhe Lcw

eff Attrqx*f**m: Session 4: Access Will

Mqking Requesls
After you have outlined your daily actions related to your goals, think
about what requests you need to make during the day to facilitate

CD 4, Trock 3,00:14:31

achieving those goals. Then answer the following three questions:

"If you apply to Harvard

and don't get in, you

Step 1: What do I want to ask for? Step Step

2: Whom do I want to ask?

weren't in Harvard before you applied; you're not in Harvard after you applied. More than likely, you've
spent your whole life not


When will I ask?

Tips for moking requests

going to Harvard, and you

. . . .

When you ask for something, assume you assumption creates a positive vibration.

will get it. This

know how to handle that. If you don't ask, you already

Be clear and specific. ("I want a $5O0-a-month raise," not,


have a no. So at least give the universe a shot at

like more money.") Ask a person who can grant your request, not a person who lacks the authority or resources to do so. Ask repeatedly, perhaps altering the form or timing of
the request.


by asking."




Effo*less Success - Gourse Two -


*n**grexfin6 ?h* *"mw *f &ttr*c{***; Session 4: Access Will

Guidqnce from Jqck Cqnfield

: Oh Accessing Will
Build little hqbits fo big resulls
What separates people who create extraordinary success from other people are the little extra things they do, the daily habits or disciplines they build into their normal routine. It is not about making some sudden transformation or riding a tidal wave in the stock market to become an instant millionaire. It is the daily doing

of small things, such

as planning

your day or visualizing your

successful outcomes, that over time builds up until one boom!-you achieve incredible results.


Live your purpose qnd gqin the energy of will

When you are in full alignment with your true purpose, you have access to wiil, and "your will" and "high will" become one and the same. Then you experience a movement of energy that is far more potent than what is normally referred to as "willpower." This powerful energy is the Law of Attraction moving through you and attracting to you the resources you need to take the actions required

to reach your goals andreahze your highest vision'

6E - ct*orttess $uceess - eourse Two

rcrlnrw, Leann

ing$f rateg ies.eoff1






Session 4: Access Will

On Accessing Will
Engoge in ihe Askn Believe, Receive model
Continually look for ways to acknowledge yourself and celebrate your victories-and for ways to acknowledge and celebrate other people. Make this one of your Daily Disciplines. It may only
require looking at yourself in the mirror every night and telling


yourself how proud you are of your accomplishments that day or simply telling a coworker at the office "Great job!" When you engage in gratitude, it opens up the channel for the flow of energy into your life. You complete the cycle by receiving it, acknowledging it, and celebrating it.

Persisl in qsking for whqf you wqnt

Many people are afraid to ask for what they want or need because

it makes them feel vulnerable. Yet asking is essential to your success, and it is an art that can be perfected. Be sure to identify
the person who can most effectively help you. Do not assume the

other person knows what you want. Always be specific and clear in

your request. Eliminate any fears you have of rejection-if you do not ask, the answer is already a no. If you persist long enough, you


get what you want.

www Les rn ingStrciegies,c6m

ffodless $uccess - ourse nrvo - 6n

Emtegnex?*aag ?ke $-aw sf &ttrse*i*rn: Session 4: Access Will


On Accessing Will
Consider incorporating the following Daily Disciplines into

your life:


Write in your gratitude journal for five minutes every morning when you wake. Experience your feelings with a
deep sense of gratitude.

tr tr f, tl tr

Meditate for 15 minutes, visualizing and affirming all of your goals and releasing all negative thoughts.
Engage in some form of physical exercise or workout for at least twenty minutes. Read for another twenty minutes, focusing on materials that feed your soul and encourage your vision.

As you go through your day, notice and release any

negative thoughts, and create better ones.

At the end of your day, acknowledge how the Law of Attraction keeps working in your life. This deepens your
commitment to the Daily Disciplines.

63 * g*torttesE Sueeess - Gourse


www Leorning$f ruteg ie$"cor?r

Nntegrating ffre Lsw p{ &*trsafion: Session 4: Access Will

Course 3: Applying the Lqw of Attrqction

As you complete this course , take a moment to celebrate how far you have progressed in understanding the Law ofAttraction. The first steps in your journey were to activate this law with some basic
practices and integrate them with your daily life. Next, rn Effortless
Success: Applying the Law of Attraction,learttmore about creating


new results in specific dimensions of your life. The first session in the next course shines a spotlight on success.

This is the material dimension of life. It includes intentions

related to work, money, and possessions. Progress made toward
a breakthrough goal

in this dimension can instantly affect other

dimensions, including health, relationships, and personal growth. Remember that effortless success does not always mean "smooth

sailing." Progress toward any goal can create challenges that catch you by surprise. The next session offers tools for overcoming
obstacles and "surfing" the waves of disruption.

To gain full benefit from Course TWo, remember to listen to your Paraliminal, meditation, and Fast Finish CDs.

wwu, Leqrnin gsf rotegles"conn

Effsrtless Success - Course Two *