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NAME DATE OF BIRTH SCHOOL SEX AGE DATE OF ASSESSMENT INFORMANT RESIDENCE REFERED BY :Sherebanoo Bookwala : July 29 ,2000 :Convent of Jesus and Mary (Special School) : Female :10 years 11 months :July 22, 2011 : Mother and Grandfather : Mazgaon , Mumbai :Dr. Rukhsana Ayaz

REASON FOR REFERAL Sherebanoo has been studying in a special school since past 3 years. She has been comfortable and been able to cope with the studies of her school. The family were curious to know the Intelligence Quotient of the Child and if any noticeable change in IQ was present. BACKGROUND INFORMATION: Sherebanoo is an 11 year old girl living with her mother , grandfather and two siblings. She one elder brother and has one twin sister .Her parents have been divorced for over 10 years. No delay in developmental milestones was reported .She was unable to cope with her school studies and was referred to a special school. She is currently studying in a special school since past 3 years . Her brother has also been facing academic and intellectual difficulties and he too studies in a special school. Her twin sister has not shown any problem with intellectual functioning.

TEST BEHAVIOUR: Sherebanoo was casually and neatly dressed. Eye contact was good. Speech was clear and coherent .Attention and concentration were adequate. Memory was good. Her mood was Euthymic and she seemed to be in pleasant mood. Test conducted: Wechslers Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC-Mahendrika Bhatt's Indian Adaptation)

The Wechslers Intelligence scale for Children is the most commonly used intelligence scale all over the world. It assesses the abilities and processing skills across a wide range of verbal and non-verbal domains. One of its main advantages is that it gives a separate verbal and performance IQ. It has 12 subtests. Verbal Tests Verbal Tests S. S. Relative Explanation of Subtests Strength s/ Weaknes ses Relative Assesses the childs range of general weakness factual knowledge. Relatively Average Relative weakness Relative Strength Relative weakness Relative Strength Taps reasoning in social situations. Taps computational and numerical reasoning skills. Taps abstract verbal reasoning. Assesses knowledge of words and language development. Taps auditory short term memory.

Information Comprehension Arithmetic Similarities Vocabulary Digit Span

4 6 5 7 5 7

Performance tests

Performance Test

S. S

Picture Completion Picture Arrangement Block Design

9 5 6

Relative Explanation of Subtests Strength s/ Weaknes ses Relative Assesses visual discrimination, visual Strength alertness and observational skill Relative Weakness Relative Strength Assesses temporal sequencing skills and social alertness Taps spatial visualization nonverbal concept formation. Measures visual spatial organizational ability. Taps visual accuracy. memory, speed and and

Object Assembly Coding (Mazes)

Relative weakness

8 -

Relative strength

Assesses spatial organization, planning ability and paper-pencil skills

Verbal IQ: 85

Performance IQ: 79

Global IQ: 79

Interpretation: Here, the Scaled score(S.S.) is the standardized score (i.e. his performance with relation to his age) Relative strengths and weaknesses are indicated i.e. relative in terms of his total score.. Sherebanoos Global IQ of 82 places her in the category of Borderline intellectual functioning.

Her relative strengths as indicated by his overall performance on WISC are: visual discrimination, visual alertness and observational skill visual memory, speed and accuracy short term memory

Her relative weaknesses as indicated by his performance on WISC are: range of general factual knowledge. visual spatial organizational ability computational and numerical reasoning skills knowledge of words and language development

Recommendations : Working on involving her in more group activities Involving her in puzzles and mazes to improve visual organizational skills Working on enhancement of vocabulary

Wishing Sherebanoo All the Best!!!

Neha S. Bhansali Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Rukhsana Ayaz Psychiatric Counselor