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4. Diagnosis of typhoid fever is confirmed by culturing salmonella strain. WOTF is correct statement? A.

(+) blood culture in 40-60% patient during 2nd week of illness B. most stool culture (+) during 1st week of illness C. most urine culture (+) during 1st week of illness D. bone marrow culture is less sensitive E. bone marrow culture is the most sensitive since it less influenced by prior antimicrobial therapy 14. soalnya lupa, pokoknya mendiskripsikan penyakit DBD, pertanyaan : causative agent nya? a.lupa b.lupa c.lupa d.lupa e.single stranded RNA positive --> ini kayaknya jawabannya 42. Trichrome stain indicated the presence of intestinal pathogenic protozoa. WOTF statement is correct for lifecycle of all intestinan pathogenic protozoa A. Infective stage occured in soil B. Encystation in lower ileum C. The most frequent primary sites are caecum and rectosigmoid E. Cysts and trophozoites may be found in liquid feces For question number 51 until 53, refer to this option: A. Negative B. Primary Infection C. Secondary Infection D. Invalid E. Primary and secondary infection 51. C-Line and M-Line are pink color 52. C-Line, M-Line, and G-Line are pink color 53. C-Line, M-Line, and G-Line are white color 118. WOTF characteristic of Dapson? A. it inhibits protein synthesis B. resistance can emerge if very high doses are given C. the combination of dapsone, rifampin and clofazimine is not iniatially recomended D. Dapsone is well tolerated E. Dapsone can not be given to renal failure patient 125. Side effect permethrin A.bad odor B. C.pruritus D.itching E. 136. Manakah diantara obat di bawah ini yg menghambat sistesis ergosterol? a. Allylamine b. Polyene c. triazole d. Inidazole

142. A 40 year old woman came to the doctor due to high grade intermittent fever for a week. Typically it was started by chills, followed by high fever and sweating. She also had headachen myalgia, nausea, and vomiting. The patient has just come back from the P.falciparum endemic area. Which of the most appropriate combination antimalaria should be added to amodiaquine? A. Quinine B. Mefloquine C. Artesunate D. Doxicycline E. Chloroquine 168. A 26 year old obese female presents to the clinic with scaly erythematous patches on the grain. Skin scrapping in taken from the lesion, for microscopic examination. How is morphologic pattern of the etiologic agent of that case when you observe using KOH solution? A. Spaghetti & meatballs appearance B. Long branches septate hyphae & arthrospore C. Pseudohyphae D. Long branches non septate hyphae E. Yeast cells with budding 171. 27 years old athletic male. White patch of skin mainly on axilla, back, trunk. No itching. Multiple hypopigmented macules covered by fine scales. Woods lamp : positive yellow fluorescence. Diagnosis : tinea versicolor. WOTF fungus cause disease? A. Microsporum canis B. Malassezia furfur C. Trichophyton beigelii D. Epidermophyton werneckii E. Epidermophyton floccosum