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Table of Contents
1. Executive summary 2. Situation Analysis 2.1 Customers 2.2 Competitor Analysis 2.3 Company 2.4 Context
3. Marketing Opportunities and Issues 4. Objective and goals 5. Sales Forecast 6. Strategy 6.1 Tools 7. Target Markets 8. Positioning 9. Marketing Mix 9.1 Product 9.2 Pricing 9.3 Place 9.4 Promotion 10. Review and Control 11. Contingency Plan 12. Observation and Recommendations 13. Conclusion 14. Appendix 15. References Page No. 4 5 5 6-7 8 9 10 11 12 13 13 14 15 16 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25

First of all we are much thankful to almighty Allah who blessed us with knowledge like blessing, which is undesirable gift of Allah .to humanity, this is the real gift due to which man has been created and honored with such glossary. After this we would also like to mention his last prophet (Muhammad peace be upon him), the shear love of whom guide us at every dear step. Then we are very thankful to Mrs. Samreen khan provide us the opportunity of showing our selves. We would like to mention here worthy Assistant Manager Mehboob Sultan and Muhammad Usman (Unit Manager) under whose kind supervision we have prepared the marketing plan of six major products. We are also very thankful to the administration of the P&G in Faisalabad. Last but not least, we would like to thanks our beloved parents, who always inspired us & provide us with the best possible help. They always encourage us .may Almighty Allah blessed them with unsound &unbound joy throughout their lives. (Aamin)


1. Executive summary

We are the students of MBA who prepared marketing plan for the purpose of learning and experience under the kind supervision of Miss Samreen Khan. We have analyzed each and every thing regarding marketing plan such as situation analysis, sales analysis, competitor analysis, marketing mix ,contingency plan etc. We also analysis the expected problem in future and their solutions with observations.

2. Situation Analysis

Companys current market position is 35% and has aim to increase by 5% more within one year. To achieve this target company is focusing on customer oriented strategies and providing just in time delivery in all over the world. Company is doing personal selling publicity in magazines and one to one marketing in Pakistan to retain their customers. Promotional campaign will be considered more. This work is done by engineering, sales and marketing departments. This plane will be carry on 1st July 2009 and will finished on 31st June 2010. 2.1 Customers: Company will receive 12% revenue of total sales from existing customers.5% new customer will be created within 1 years. To retain the existing customers company will use following tactics. Improve contracts with existing customers. Will use frequency program. Identify and more contact with new potential customers. Objection handling will be encouraged become campanile constraint that 2/3 ideas come from over customers. Will concert profiteer customers will more pollinate customers. Company considered that customer is always the king of the market and more sensitive to quality and prices at a time.

2.2 competitors Analysis

Unilever 4

In the 1890s, William Hesketh Lever, founder of Lever Bros, wrote down his ideas for Sunlight Soap his revolutionary new product that helped popularize cleanliness and hygiene in Victorian England. It was 'to make cleanliness commonplace; to lessen work for women; to foster health and contribute to personal attractiveness, that life may be more enjoyable and rewarding for the people who use our products'. Enjoying economies of scale Good will in the market Strong financial position Well-known brand name Well brand image Committed employees Good Resources Relative large market shows Large captive customers in same group Good quality Suitable Prices Strong sale force Wide product line extension Maximum market share

Weaknesses Still manual system Less qualified staff Weak communication skills Internal operating problems 5

No one to one marketing

Opportunities (For us) Our new product can gain market share at their expense. We can expand over distribution area.

Threats (To us) `They have the resource to Develop product quickly of sales increase more they will above to support back up science. They have resource for large per motional campaign Wider range of product line. Grater market share Large number of distributers Large budgeting for advertisement Smuggled brands of CHINA New competition in the market Increases in taxes

2.3 Company (P&G)

In 1837, Procter and Gamble was founded in Cincinnati by William Procter, a candle maker, and brother-in-law Gamble, a soap maker. Their joint venture started one of the most influential companies in all American industry. The company's first product was Ivory soap, introduced in 1879. For generations, Procter and Gamble has been built by scientists and consumer researchers; the latter finding out what the public wants and needs, and the

former improving upon old products or inventing new ones to match these needs and desires. Three billion times a day, P&G brands touch the lives of people around the world. The company has one of the strongest portfolios of trusted, quality, leadership brands, including Pampers, Tide, Ariel, Always, Whisper, Pantene, Mach3, Bounty, Dawn, Gain, Pringles, Folgers, Charmin, Downy, Lenore, Iamb, Crest, Oral-B, Atonal, Duracell, Olay, Head & Shoulders, Walla, Gillette, and Braun. The P&G community consists of 138,000 employees working in over 80 countries worldwide.

2.4 Context
The market share of the company is 35%.The chances of growth rate is 5% more is expected in Pakistan. The heart of a companys business model is the game-changing innovation. This is not just the invention of new products and services, but the ability to systematically convert ideas into new offerings that alter the very context of the business.

The company has made an investment of $ 6 million to triple the production capacity of its plant at Hub. "This is aimed at increasing the volume of the exports of our products, the quantity of which at present remains small from our plant in Pakistan."

3. Marketing opportunities and issues

Procter and gamble has more than half of the world's 6.7 billion consumers. They want to reach another billion in the next 2-3 years, and much of that growth is going to be in the emerging markets, where most babies are being born and where most families are being formed. We see growth across our entire portfolio. . It creates new categories that are a source of sales and profit growth in the future. It brings consumers into their stores to try new products, and it brings consumers back to their stores, where they can get products they trust. 8

For Sales growth they need highly intensive distribution and strong promotions P and G is facing competition from unilever as on the base of different brands market share P and G has to maintain its difference from other brands as creating unique values that others are not giving with core product. Sales growth is possible when product remain at fixed price for a specific time period and this depend on cheapest raw material handling and its transporting

4. Objectives and goals

Insert for growth improve competitive position Selling existing product into new market New product into existing market To increase sales of the product by sale market share 30% real terms coming 3 years. Sale volume will be increase at 5% discount to customer. Build existing core business into stronger global leaders Develop faster growing, higher margin with potential. Improve sales growth of top line brands Drive growth in key developing markets.


June 2007-June2008 June2008-June2009 June2009-June2010

58000000 Rs. 42000000 Rs. 395000000 Rs.

5. Sales Forecast Faisalabad



6. Strategy
1. 2. Find business articles from leading publications and journals. Designed to offer existing customers a wider range of products or services.

6.1 Tools Increase range of sizes /colures/material offered. Increase range of services offered Increase range of extra features



7. Targets markets
Procter and gamble targets the elite class customer Procter and gamble targets especially women and children Company will use about 10% cost to retain its customer



8. Positioning
Company will position itself as a value for money brand .Its appeal will be where your dreams come true with touching life, improving life.



9. MARKETING MIX 9.1 Product

Strategy Tactics Change product

Change product port folio. Expand product line to cover a wider market. Develop separate products for different markets. Acquire new products that complement existing products through the acquisition of new companies. Drop, add or modify products

Strategy Tactics

Drop marginal products. Launch a modified product. Develop new products to supersede old products. Change, design, quality or performance

Strategy Tactics

Establish a quality image through the development of quality products. 14


Distinguish your product from your competitors products in the eye of your customers. Establish a permutation for innovation. Create new uses for your existing products by adding exclusive features.

9.2 Pricing
Strategy Tactics Change price terms or conditions for particular products

Product price low and obtain maximum profit on spare parts. Use different prices and different price lists for different markets. Set price at 10% below market leader. Reduce price of product to maximize sales (to allow increased production and reduce unit production cost). Skimming policy

Strategy Tactics

Set price of new product at level 30% about previous products. Sell on new revolutionary design features and benefits. Be prepared to reduce price as volume if competitors enter into the market. Penetration policy

Strategy Tactics

Set low price for new product to discourage competitors from entering market. Increase turnover to level where product become profitable at this price level. Discount policy

Strategy Tactics



Offer quantity discount to encourage large purchases. Offer discount level for next year.

9.3 Place Strategy Tactics change channels

Set own distribution direct to stores Change distribution for area Increase number of warehouses for product. improve services

Strategy Tactics

Set up national service network.



9.4 Promotion Strategy Tactics change selling/sale force organization

Strengthen sales force organization. Reorganize sale force for particular area. Introduce performance related bonus scheme for sale force. Recruit additional sales personnel. Increase sales effort to increase sale to major customers. Increase sales efforts for most profitable products. Change advertising/ sale promotion

Strategy Tactics

Start new advertising campaign. Increase company image advertisement. Increase advertising for the product in specific market.



10. Review and control

Company will have simple friendly decision weekly monthly quarterly and annual reports focusing on Revenues and unit sales Expenses Customer feedback Stock Market share Discounts Advertising budget Employee recruitment and termination



11. Contingency plan

Company is much afraid of current economic condition of Pakistan as the company is willing to increase its market share and sales in Pakistan.

11.1 Solution:
Company should contact the head office for the strategic support to achieve its goal. Company should make huge expense on advertising to retain and create new customer. Company should held maximum seminars and meeting for the promotions and products of the company Company should cut the allowances and should accommodate for the important designations.

12. Observations


Communication skills are strong. More concentration on marketing concept. Cooperative employees. Strong management. Attractive packages. Positive attitudes towards outsiders. Strong DMBS. Maximum career opportunities for employees.

Improve the quality of pampers. Use cut price strategy to retain the customers. Provide frequency programs more and more. Increase its market share. Improve the packaging of Ariel more to compete the surf excel. Improve the quality of pamper. Provide tool free number for customer response.

13. Conclusion
Company is flourishing day by day but due to the recession in Pakistan it also suffering. Companys strategies are very suitable. Company should invest more on 20


advertising to retain its customer. Company should pay more attention to its issues and should review very well. Procter and gamble using the tool of depositioning very well to attain its customers.

14. Appendixes
For information we went to P & G office in Gulistan colony Faisalabad. We visit METRO to get information about placement of P & G Products. We also visit different sites to get more information about P & G. 21


We also visit EMS Marketing sales promotion advertising Direct Marketing and Marketing research.

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