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How does your media product represent particular social groups?

Our media product has been produced to meet the likes and interests of a very wise social group. Due to our research, we were able to use some codes and conventions of Action Thriller films such as the actors. We carefully linked our main character with a famous classic character for a long period of time, James Bond.

This is Jonathan Harwood who acts the role of Lucas Caine. The opening sequence of the film leaves the audience suspended in their minds on who is the clear antagonist and who is the clear protagonist. Jonathans dress code is smart in a black suit and white shirt. This classic looking slick image carefully links to the ideal comparison of James Bond whose dress code of vintage and classy. In this film, Jonathan is not the victim of the killing, but the figure who kills; this shows his power over the other characters in the opening sequence, which is ideal.

This character is James Bond who, as you can see has a very vintage, tidy appearance. At your first glance, you can identify his high power and status due to his clean, tidy suit. In the majority of the James Bond films, Bond is the original victim of the film, but also without fail, manages to perish his killers. This character is very predictable after the number of films he has produced. This show of James is an establishing shot, which ideally presents himself to the target audience. Appearance and first impressions make a key engraftment in the audiences minds, which allows the produces to shock them. Daniel Craig has a mysterious presentation which adds to the element of suspense in the films he stars in. Similarities Both Jonathan and Daniel Craig have many matching elements of presentation which we researched in our primary research. The dress code of the two actors is very similar wearing the plain black suit. The plain black suit was chosen to avoid giving too much of the character away which leads the opening sequence onto the full film. The hair style of both actors is almost identical at the fact that they are plain, simple and slick. This benefits the actors profession in the film as is accompanies the profession on the character.

Differences We as a production company chose to eliminate the tie from Jonathan Harwood to give him a depressed, rough look towards the film as his facial expressions presented an uncomfortable, indefinite look on what he was about to do. James Bond on the other hand is a very active actor who demonstrates a lot of movement in his character rather than Jonathans steady paced walking and slow gestures. James Bond is a very comfortable and confident character as he places his roles but on the other hand Jonathan has more of a fearful, horrified look on his face in the opening sequence. This could all change during the rest of the film but for now it will be left as suspense.