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Evaluation Activity 1

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media product? (i.e. of film openings): I believe that our final media product includes a lot of different forms and conventions that media products in the industry have. Our task was to create an opening sequence of a featured film, this involved making a plot, post-production planning and research, and we also had to film the production as well as edit it after the filming was completed. The footage and editing had to be to the best of its ability and to a very high standard to enable it to be the best it can be; this was because we needed. The genre chosen for our production was a thriller; we decided to put our own individual twist on the typical thriller genre by making it less probable to the audience and trying to not give away the plot until the very end of the opening sequence. As a group we found it difficult to vary elements to the thriller genre that would make our production stand out from an expected thriller, we put a twist on the thriller genre by not indicating who the enemy was , we only briefly hinted the source of the information that the antagonist was given, which was given by his mobile device, via text message, from an unknown number, this builds up impact which would bring interests from people. The change that we put on the genre was very interesting, as it made us increase the individuality of our production by adding the twists, which add to the uniqueness of the sequence produced. Also having a USP, which was the twist, contributed to this too. Our target audience was fifteen plus. It appeared that the age we had chosen to stick by was quite familiar with the genre of thriller, due to the fact that the genre was very open and accurate, in a sense that it can easily be interpreted into a real life situation and has many conventions to it, which is why we found that our target audience of fifteen years old and above was very convenient, and also that this type of film is quite popular amongst young people. To understand the change into the production we detected other action thriller films such as, The Bourne Supremacy, Taken, The Expendables and many others, to gain a better insight to what the production can be. After doing research about the Narrative Theory, we as a group then decided to interpret the narrative pattern of Tzevtan Todorov, who introduces a villain and other main characters as well as setting the scene and adding a difference to the film. This narrative structure is very frequently used in mainstream films to help the audience have a better understanding to the plot much more easier.

Setting and Location:

Our final product Green Light did reflect conventions that usual thriller genre would involve. This is because we set it in an abandoned warehouse which had creates a thriller type surrounding the area in which the scene was going to be filmed in, this made it more realistic, which made the production even more clearer if it wasnt already the usage of a warehouse is because it would be a typical place where a capture would end. As the cameraman I chose this setting to add to the suspense, by using an abandoned area to the viewers as well as the anonymous victim. This made the plot easier as we knew what kind of vibe we wanted to portray which leaves the viewers with a sense of anxiety to wonder what is going to happens next. This setting clearly is seen as a mystery, which incorporate things such as a murder, tension in characters, hostages and a hijacking which is only momentarily hinted at the end when the production is left at a cliff hanger. These enigmas make it easier for our target audience to attach with this setting because they have witnessed comparable scenes in other thriller movies where hostages are kept in warehouses such as the James Bond movie this gives a sense of communication and understanding between the film and the target audience, as they are easily able to define where the location is and why it is set there, an example of this would be, flood lights which would be used in an interrogation and the gun which may not be suited in an ordinary day to day lifestyle. We as a group decided to use a place away from somewhere people would usually go to give an element of revelation and unexpected occasions, e.g. the infrastructure of a building.

Title Font and Style

Our opening sequence title is basic but helps present the simple thriller conventions used to make the product enhanced. The font incorporated for the title is clear and readable, we knowingly didnt choose fonts like Calibri (Theme Headings) which is a very obvious and overused that is sometimes set as the automatic font for a Microsoft Word document because it is mostly used for official documentation, we wanted to include a slightly more different font to be different from other productions produced, which almost looks as if it is glowing and glaring to illustrate the term that Green Light which is To give consent or a signal for someone to go forward with something. The green symbolizes safety and a way out but this is contradicted in the production as the victim is being held hostage which is the complete indifference to the title Green Light. We used a changeover that really helped to build up the suspense. Also, by including the title of the film at the end of the sequence, the title is more likely to be noticed globally, as it is right at the end of the film, which will allow the viewer to contemplate on why the film is called Green Light and recognize the title of the film in general.

Title of the film:

Green Light is the meaning to give permission or a cue for someone to go ahead with something, this immediately hints to the audience that the film is going to be about someone giving instructions, and if we put this into context, in a thriller film, a typical Gangster Boss or Mafia Leader would come to mind as they would order their assassins to kill someone even if they didnt want to. We also used this name to create an paradox for the audience, as it is first confusing but after watching the production they would understand the prospect of the title chosen for the production at the end and not at the beginning so that the viewer would have to watch the whole production in order to understand the true aim of the title, leaving the viewer more intrigued This leaves a sense of confusion in the audience and enables them to watch the whole production with eagerness. Props:

This was the prop with the most significance that was used in our production, as it is hinted in the title of the film itself, this is similar to how James Bond also known as Daniel Craig aims his gun at his rivals. This can be identified in the film Skyfall etc. This prop emphasizes the codes and conventions of an action thriller which is the look we were going for. The gun shows power and in James Bonds cases a profession. As it is a deadly weapon to kill, they are allowed to apply force.

Story and how the opening sets it up:

In the beginning of the opening sequence, the viewers are presented to Lucass face, in a close up shot. This indicated to the audience that Lucas is going to be a main character in the film. The actor, Jonathon Harwood The look that he is giving shows that he is worried lost in his own thoughts. The audience may interpret him as an outsider. Genre and how the opening suggests it: The production creates a lot of tension, which is what thriller films use to increase the shock at the peak or cliffhanger. Excitement and tension is built to a point where the audience is completely engaged in the film and want to see what happens next.