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+ DeEap Gens + Being a pairing of Adventures in which the Heroes must face the might and minions of Powers both dead and Undead, for the sake of Sigil, their own small Lives, and the very Multiverse itself. CREDI+S Designer: Monte Cook # Editors: Ray Vallese, Michele Carter Cover Artist: rk post # Interior Artists: rk post, Adam Rex, Josh Timbrook Cartographers: Dennis Kauth, Rob Lazzaretti Project Managers: Karen Boomgarden, Steve Winter Graphics Coordinators: Dawn Murin, Paul Hancherte # Graphic Design: Dawn Murin, Matt Adelsperger Electronic Prepress Coordinator: Dave Conant + Typography: Angelika Lokotz Playtesters: Carrie Bebris, Michele Carter, Bruce Cordell, ‘Ted Stark, Keith Stroh, Ray Vallese EUROPEAN HEADQUARTERS Wizards of the Coast, Belgium US, CANADA, ASIA, PACIFIC, €¢ LATIN AMERICA Wizards of the Coast, Inc. PB.34 P.O. Box 707 2300 Turnhout Renton, WA 98057-0707 Belgium +1-206-624-0933 492-14-44-90-44 Visit our website at 2631 XXX1501 Sr at Ease ay Rau ge, Menu Cnae Kane i of nn De he hay, coma trade intend Sea Canad regan dtr Disrbed welie ap ee = li<% TABLE @F CON+EN+S In which the Dungeon Master learns of the two Adventures in this volume, the means by which they might be made One, the nature of the Statistics and Poster map, and other Products both required and optional. @U+ OF +HE DARKNESS Istrapucris In which the Dungeon Master gains the full Background of the story, a summary Adventure, and valuable notes on preparing for Play yf the (Cuamree I: CnceaN Extnens In which the Heroes learn of reptilian Thieves that steal more than mere Wealth, and chase them across the Outlands and to the leafy branches of Yagdrasil itself to recover their strange Plunder. Charrix Il: Ceux In which the Heroes visit a Tree-town troubled by barmy ratatosk, discover a dark Corruption of the World Ash, and see with their own eyes the Violent effects of Evil’s taint Ivrea In which the Dungeon Master learns how a great Villain was raised from Astral slumber, how he restored his Fiendish servants to unlife, and how he divined a bloody Course for finding that which he had Lost. (Charen Il: Mask: In which the Heroes find the citizens of Crux not what they used to be, follow a Fiend to Baator to discover what it seeks there, and learn that the Faces of friends might be nothing but Masks. (Charter IV: Messace Fron THANaros In which the Heroes return to the Tree-town by way of a dead and ruined World, find that Yogdrasil is not yet cleansed of Evil’s stain, and learn the Chant by spying on a secret gathering of Fiends, c V: Tie BorvoM oF Te MuLtIVER In which the Heroes journey 10 the Cold Land, explore a peculiar and hidden Fortress of things undead, and stumble across a dark Prisoner with much to share — if only he could Remember. Ivtenvuoe tt In which the Dungeon Master learns how the Villain himself came to Baator to seize that which his Servants had sought, and of what he did when challenged by the greatest Proxy of Set. Charen Viz Tae Vauer oF tHe Dk In which the Heroes see cargo safely from the Abyss to Oerth, find the Vault of the dark elves torn ‘apart by civil War, and try fo gain the confidence of a Drow tho alone knows a terrible Truth. Gorseret Vil; Tue Burns oF Peo In which the Heroes seek passage to the dusty deserts of Arborea, relive a harrowing Adventure from the plane's distant past, and learn the nature of powerful Magic stolen long ago by the Villain