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Importants of Studying Zohar

Through the Study of Zohar the Final Redemption will Come About Through Mercy and Not Through Suffering

-It says in the Zohar Parshat Naso "Due to the fact that in the end of the days Yisroel will get to taste from the book of the tree of life which is the Book of the Zohar they will merit to leave exile in Mercy, and then the following verse shall be fulfilled "G-D shall will establish the nation to stand by itself and there will be no harsh judgments on Yisroel"

Meaning: the prophets and the sages all predicted that that the end of the days and the finel redemption will come about only through much suffering. The Zohar tells us however that if the nation of Yisroel as a whole starts studying the Book of the Zohar then this will cause great purification and there will be no more need for the redemption to come about through suffering. In merit of the Zohar the redemption will manifest in the way of mercy.

Studying Zohar Causes Nullification of the Klipot

-Know that the main intention of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochi by writing the Zohar was to cause great unifications in the upper realms. Also the study of the Zohar will bring about the the nullification of the Klipot and it will lighten the heaviness of our exile, it will also silence all our prosecutors.

The external forces fight with all their energy during every second of the day against the attributes of holiness as well as the energy of the divine names. They try to overtake the Nation of Yisroel which is now in exile amongst the nations, which are referred to as snakes, lions and bears. Through the study of this Torah arrows, swords and spears will be thrown at them to save us from their evil. The Zohar will be revealed at the end of the days to gather support

for the Shichina. All those who study it will merit redemption. This easy job of studying the Zohar in our generation is in ways more important then all the great sacrifices brought by the earlier generations. (Chesed Lavrahom, Mayin 1, Nhar 24)

Studying Zohar Protects as at Times of Danger

-The study of the mysteries is what protects the nation of Yisroel; it will take them out of exile and redeem them from much suffering. Studying Zohar is what protects us at time of danger and throughout exile. (Ben Yehoyda, Brachot 63A)

By Studying Zohar One Sweetens the Judgments and Chases away the Klipot

When one studies torah especially the Book of the Zohar and he sees the mysteries of the Torah which are as sweet as honey, he causes all Judgments to become sweetened. The light of the Zohar transforms a person into a new man and it sweetens all the Judgments, it cuts off and chases away all the Klipot. (Netiv Mitzvotcha, path of Torah 1, Ot 10)

Studying Zohar can cause a person to have children life and food

If people would only listen to me. In these generations before Mashiach when the evil is extremely powerful people should spend all their days studying the Book of the Zohar, Tikunim and the books of Kabbalah. By doing this they draw light into all the worlds and even simple necessities like Children, Life, and food can be brought down.

(Notzer Chesed, Chapter 4, Mishna 20)

By learning Zohar brings one to know of the Greatness of G-D

The study of Kabbalah, causes a person to recognize the greatness and mightiness of our Creator may his name be blessed for ever. A person can not even achieve a percent of the awareness of Hashems greatness from other studies as he can from Kabbalah. Especially from the study of the Zohar and the Tikunim.

Also a person sees in the rest of the books on Kabbalah the way the varies universes manifest from the lower worlds to the upper realms until no end. From this he can gain a small drop of awareness of the greatness and aloofness of G-D may his name be blessed. This is the main job of a man in this world to calculate and search for the greatness of G-D may his name be blessed. Also a person soon begins to respect the greatness of our holy Torah. For a person sees in the books of Kabbalah especially in the Zohar and the Tikunim the great explanations of our Torah, and how it contains many great hidden mysteries. Some times learned out from one word or even one letter. A person also sees mighty mysteries learned out of even the shape, the vowels and crowns of the letters. From all this a person can grasp some understanding into the greatness of our holy Torah. From this he then comes to love the Creator may his name be blessed for ever. For through the Torah one comes to grasp some of G-Ds greatness, since G-D and the Torah are one. This is why the Holy Zohar and Tikunim in many places praise the value of studying Kabbalah.
(Yesod Vshoresh Havodah, Shar Hnitzoz)

How Strong is the Power of this Great Tree the Study of Zohar!

My brothers and friends, if the Zohar is so great that it stands like a strong tree, with its roots in the ground ready to redeem all the oppressed ones from this bitter exile, how is it possible that a persons heart will not burn to listen and act as all those who set aside a part of their daily schedule to study Zohar, the Tikunim and the books of Kabbalah.

(Yesod Veshoresh Havaoda, Shar Hanitzoz)

A person must establish a daily session for the study of Zohar

A person should see to it that every year he should complete the full Zohar, Zohar Chadash and the Tikunim. However a person should refrain from trying to do the zohar of the weekly portion every week, since there are a number of weeks that are extremely long. Instead he should set aside time every day to learn three pages of Zohar. This way he can complete all the Zohar and Tikunim every year. After this he should set aside some time to study the rest of the books of Kabbalah. He should go through book after book until he has gone through all the Kabbalah books that are available. However the Zohar and the Tikunim he should be careful to complete every year. (Yesod Veshoresh Havaoda, Shar Hanitzoz)

There is no limit to the good that can result from the study of Zohar

I am commanding every one of my disciples to every day read over some pages of Tikuny Zohar. This is very healing for the soul and one must be very careful to not fall back from practice. There is no way to comprehend the great results that will come from this and all the Judgments shall be sweetened. (Igrot Shomri Emunim 15)