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Airport Operations

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1. Airline Representation

Contract negotiation and administration. Supervision and evaluation of contract compliance. Inventory management.
Financial responsibility.

Airline Representation:
Contract negotiation and administration.

Airport use agreements.

Ticket counters. Common use facilities and services. Gate and jet-way use. Incentives and fee waivers.

Bulk purchase programs.

Passenger services Catering supplies. Bag tags. Ramp services. Into-plane fueling.

Bundled services.
Outsourcing above and below wing services.

Airline Representation:
Contract Compliance

Station Manuals.
Preparation and maintenance of Stations Operations Manuals implementing customer standards and requirements. Training of all airport contract personnel.

Performance standards and daily monitoring.

Ground handlers. Passenger services.

Quality control.
Periodic check rides to verify performance of vendors.

Financial compliance
Auditing of services and invoices. Budgetary controls.

Airline Representation:
Inventory Management

Inventory controls, budgeting, purchasing and warehousing:

Boarding passes. Bag tags. Lost and damaged baggage claim forms. Catering and toiletry supplies. Alcoholic beverage controlled storage. Cabin supplies. In-flight magazines and related items. Portable equipment (laptops, printers, etc.).

Airline Representation:
Financial responsibility.

Pre-payments and deposits.

Budget and cash flow forecasting.

Reconciliation of vendor invoices.

Audit and verify ramp services invoiced per turn/flight. Audit and verify fuel uplifts and into-plane fees. Verify catering costs and services per enplaned passenger. Customer financial reporting for operational management decisions and fiscal planning. Auditing of passenger fees, airport fees, & taxes.

Escrow accounting services.

Account reconciliation by flight.

2. Passenger Services

Airline branding and visibility. Airport staffing Delay Amenities. International flights. Catering. Customer service.

Passenger Services:
Airline Branding & Visibility

Airport signage.
Arrival directional signage. Ticket Counter. Gate

Airline attire for contract employees

Provide attire with airline logo or other identification.

Provide graphics for flight information data system for airport operations.

Passenger Services:
Airport staffing

Passenger check in/ticket counter.

Reservation system compatible equipment. Boarding passes. Baggage tags and excess baggage collections. Manifest reconciliation (show, no-show, go-show). Upgrade sales and add-collects as required. Operator-participant agreement compliance (charter requirement).

Gate personnel.
Boarding procedures and announcements. Passenger manifest reporting.

Passenger Services:

Delay amenities.
Policy and procedure implementation.
Meal vouchers. Hotel and transfer vouchers. Shuttle buses. Re-accommodation on other airlines.

International flights.
International departure/arrival procedures. Security compliance.

Passenger Services:

Budget and cost of goods by flight. Menu and vendor selection. Supplies and inventory control. Snacks and meals. Beverages. Alcohol sales. Flight by flight reconciliation. Arrange for crew meals as required. USDA regulatory conformance for international flights.

Passenger Services:
Customer Service

Baggage service.
Customer care for lost and damaged bag claims via toll free number and e-mail. Coordination and delivery of misplaced bags.

On-line (web bookings). Call center operations. Software customized to customer requirements for yield, loads, manifests, accounting and management.

3. Ground Services

Aircraft ramp services.

Baggage. Push back and towing. Ground support equipment. Into-plane fueling. De-icing. Cleaning. International flights.

Ground Services:
Aircraft Ramp Services

Loading and unloading of baggage into or from the aircraft. Baggage handling and transfers. Assist in weight and balance issues.

Aircraft push back and towing.

Tugs and tow bars for customer aircraft. Aircraft marshalling. Aircraft parking: hard stand and RON.

Ground Services:
Aircraft Ramp Services, contd.

Ground support equipment.

Air conditioning Air-start Ground power unit (GPU).

Into-plane fueling.
Fuel release coordination. Tracking/auditing of uplift receipts. Price monitoring for competitive cost.


Ground Services:
Aircraft Ramp Services, contd

Cabin cleaning. Lavatory servicing.

International flights.
Arrival/departure gates. Waste management.

4. Flight Operations

Flight Tracking Communications Support Services Load Control

Flight Operations:
Flight Tracking

Customer aircraft.
Monitor all customer aircraft by satellite and station reporting to determine down line decisions, delay tactics and sub-service, if needed.

Related aircraft
Monitor aircraft of other airlines who are on the call list for sub-service to determine best options quickly in the event of a mechanical.

Flight Operations:

Airline and station messaging.

Establish procedures via SITA, e-mail, fax, phone and radio.

Regulatory agency reporting.

APIS. Passenger manifest.

Issue airline operational schedule to ground handlers, passenger services contractor and airport officials.

Update flight information for reservation center and down-line stations.

Flight Operations:
Support Services

Landing Rights.
Arrange and coordinate international landing rights and approvals foreign governmental agencies, US Customs, US Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Immigration and Naturalization Services (INS).

Route Planning.
Assist airline dispatch with most cost effective options considering crews, fuel, customs, etc.

Crew Service.
Crew accommodations and airport transportation.

Flight Operations:
Load Control

Weight and balance.

Participate in and/or make decisions regarding weight and balance issues on flights. Arrange for transport and delivery of any passenger baggage removed due to operational reasons.

About Aviation Advantage

Aviation Advantage has existing relationships in:
75+ domestic airports. Caribbean and Central America airports. Aruba Costa Rica Dominican Republic. Puerto Rico. Bahamas. Virgin Island (British/US). Martinique. Cayman Islands. Mexico Belize.