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FIRSTSEMESTER DATABASE MAIIAGEMENT SYSTEMS Time:3 hours (EM) Max. Marks:60 r .. Answer one euestion from eachunit. Answer all units. UNIT- I 1. a) Discuss DBMS Languages. the b) Draw a neatdiagramto illustratethe main phases ofdatabasedesign. 6M 6M 6M 6M 6M 6M



2. a) What arethe advantages rlsing DBMS? of b) Describethe conventions notationsofER diagrams. / 3. a) Discuss knowledge representation. b) Discuss structure the ofleafnodLsofa B* treeoforder .p,.


4. a) Describe U.MLclassdiagram specializationgeneralization for / corresponding enhanced to relationship. .. ' _entity b) Explain the Operations files on UNIT _ III b) Discuss basicdatatype; availablefor attributis. the

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6. a) DiscussOuterJoinswith eueries. b) Discuss viewsin SeL. the _ UNIT-IV 7. What is Normalization?Explain diflerent normal forms with examples.

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8. Describe Stepsofan algorithm for ER _ to * the Relationalmappittg. UMT-V 9. a) Discussthe rules of shared and exclusivelocking scheme. b) DiscussACID properties.

10.a) Discuss Isolationlevelandthe violationof Serializable. b) Discuss Transaction States.

Model Question Paper K.L University, Guntur V Semester 2011-12

Course Code& Title : 09-EMC301 Database Management Systems
I a) Define the followingterms:

Branch: ECM


I . Metadata 2. Virtualtable 3. Datamodel 4. Entity 5. DML 6. Superkey 7. Weakentitytype . 8. Normalization 9. Cardinality ratio for a binaryrelationship 10.Safeexpressions I l. Functional dependency l2.2NF 13.Losslessjoin property a decomposition of 14.NaturalJoin | 5. Diny read 16.growingphase a relation of b) A.nswer following: the 18.Delete information the employees the of from the tableEmployee usingSeL.

I 9' write a tuplerelational carculus expiession find ail Lmpt'oy"", o.I .iuf to *t above I{s.20,000 Employee in relation. -, 20.Retrieve Fname,Lnimg attributes Employee the SSN from relation using relational algebra.


Answeranv 5 questions:

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I .a)Discuss advanrages DBMS? the of b) .cnema-ar"iit""tur" dataindependence a neatdiagram. and wirh [3M] 2'a)Expalin highrevel the datamoder a data for base design witha diagram ilrustrating the mainphases. b)Explain integrity the constraints a relation. over I3M]


3.a)Expalin relational the algebra operations settheory. from D)Expalrn thq[risic queries SeL. in


) 4.a)Expalinhow to map ER model to relations. (8M) b)Define3NF and BCNF. Explain with an examplehow BCNF is more stricter than 3NF.


b; whajt u ,run.u"iion is i i-il-and explain ACID properties transacrion. ,(f#i of a 6.whatisaserial schedule a seriarizabre and r"n"aui"z, and exprain atgo.iihrr' the to testtheconflictserializability
of a schedule un with ""urnpi". (l6M) 7.a)Expalin following: the l. Conversion Locks of 2. Deadlock starvation and b) Explainconcurrency controlbased timestamp on ordering. (8M) (8M)

5.a)Explainmulti valueddependencies.

09 EM 301

TII/ IV B.TECH. DEGREE EXAMINATIONS - NOVEMBER 2O1I FRISTSEMESTER Time:3 hours !, DATABASEMANAGEMENTSYSTEMS Max. Marks:60 Answer questionNo.l and any five from the remaining. Write your answers sequentially. 1. Answerthefollowing: (a) Define a datamodel anda datadictionary. (b) What is an applicationserver?How is it different fiom the database server? (c) What is the differencebetweenlogical dataindependence physicaldata and independence? (d) What aremultivaluedattributesin an ER model? (e) Definea participation constraint. (0 Whatdo you meanby specialization generalization? and (g) Defineaggregation association. and (h) What is a safeexpression relationalcalculus? in (i) Givethe syntaxfor DROPTABLE commandand list the two behaviouroptions, five aggrcgate functions SQL with fheir syntax. in 0) List atleast AnsweranyFIVE questions: , t .* 3. (a) Discuss different components the DBMS with a neatsketchand the of explainthe interactions. (b) Explainwith example how UML class diagram notation be usedto car represent conceptualschema. the 2. (a) Discuss main characteristics a database the approach how it differs from of and traditionalapproach. (b) Write aboutthe 3-schema architectue. (c) Define and explain the two typesof dataindependence. 5 x lOM 10 x lM r

(Turn Over)

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5(a)Writetheu'L'"**;'"5-tonowe+:"aeood-re1:::H:J::-':tlt" dependencies:of or closureaset runctional itu *" fi ffi;;;;;;

whentwo transactions problemsthat may be encountered of 6. (a) Discussthe tlpes runconcurrently' the (b) Discuss usesof serializability' shadowpaging?Explain' (a) What do you meanby 7. algorithm' theARIESrecovery 19 Dirc,,ss join lossless decomposition' 8. (a) Write in brief about phaselocking technique' (b) Write in shortabouttwo